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Chapter 2: Coming to terms

On my drive into the city, I couldn't help but draw comparisons between Bella Swan, now Cullen, and myself. Both of us humans that landed ass-first into the most amazing thing that could ever happen to a human (despite what Edward and Rosalie seem to think), and both of us 'talented', though I couldn't help but feel a tiny bit smug at just how talented I was.

I was drawn out of my deep thoughts by a screaming car horn, followed by the vehicle in question cutting me off, which was something I was used to having grown up, and lived all my life until very recently, in one of the largest cities on the planet. So it was not the action of being cut off that caused my hands to tighten on the wheel, but the large New England Patriots sticker on the back. It was like the people of Boston knew I was born and raised in New York City, and took every opportunity to raise my blood pressure. I calmed myself with the hope that I wouldn't have any blood, let alone blood pressure, for much longer.

After putting my car in a municipal parking structure, I took to the streets on foot in the vibrant downtown area. Much as the native New Yorker in me wanted to hate this city, and everything/one in it, I did have to begrudgingly admit that this was a very nice place. I hardly noticed where I was going as I walked around, trying to decide what, or even if I wanted to eat. My mind was racing, as it often did lately. So much to process, and yet more to discover. I knew Matthew didn't want to involve Carlisle in trying to help me given the massive target he and his family only recently shook off, but I couldn't help but feel like that was going to be our only hope of success, "the vampire surgeon extraordinaire," as Jacob Black had once referred to him.

I ended up at one of my new favorite haunts, Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park. I always loved being near the water, which I guess came from growing up a 5-minute walk from an ocean beach. I was never athletic, another similarity between myself and new the new Mrs. Cullen, but I was at least coordinated enough to get by without any accidents, and I was never one to pass up a change to go swimming.

It was in that vein of thought that I began to let myself realize just how much I was going to be losing. Sure, I was undoubtedly getting far more in return, but I would also be losing some stuff too. Those who knew me used to find it a bit odd, but I've always been something of an adrenalin junkie. I loved to scuba dive, and ski. Had it not been for how worried Margaret was for my safety, I would have already gone sky diving, but I decided to cancel that off my bucket list to put her fears to rest.

Someday soon I would have no more adrenalin. No more blood. I would be I would be...come on Adam, time to admit it to yourself, you're going to not be human any more. That's as far as I was willing to allow myself to go down that particular rabbit hole. It still amazed me how well Matthew and Margaret took that first big revelation, but to be fair I took their existence pretty well myself, so it shouldn't surprise me all that much.

I was also forced to admit that it wasn't only parts of myself I was going to lose. I was also going to lose the people, the humans, in my life. Being a more talented liar than anyone gave me credit for, I got them to buy the mysterious new job and move to Boston with ease, and at the moment I was keeping in touch with my friends and family via social media, but at some point in the near future, all that was going to come to an end, and it was going to hurt. Them and me. Them for thinking I was dead, and me for having to watch the fallout from a far. There was no way to avoid this outcome. The only comfort I had at the moment was the thought that if any of them was in my position, and I one day found out the truth, I'd like to think that I wouldn't have held it against them, but again, I was a talented liar, even to myself.

I decided to change gears, and to fantasize about how much my life would change for the better when Matthew figured out a way around my problem. The strength, speed, and senses were great, so was being drop-dead gorgeous forever, not that I was vane, but if you've got it, flaunt it, right?

None of those things, even together, were the best part though, far from it. The say that history is doomed to be repeated, by those who do not understand it, or something like that. I always found that idea odd, seeing as so much of history was lost, forgotten by the human race. We don't know what the average Roman citizen on the street thought about feeding people to lions. Well, those people who don't live with someone who lived in the ancient Roman empire don't know, and those of us who are in the know aren't exactly at liberty to discuss it publically.

That's what so got under my skin about Edward and Rosalie from what Bella told us in her memoir, their worlds ended at the tips of their noses. They've spent so much time wrapped up in their own little worlds, wallowing in their self-prescribed misery, moaning about how much life sucks and how much they've lost without seeing how much they've gained. Towards the end of the story, both of them seemed to realize how truly blessed they are, due in large part to Renesmee naturally, but they still didn't seem to get it. They get to see time become history. They get to watch how the actions of today will shape tomorrow and beyond. I guess I'm something of an optimist, not to mention a history buff, and sure, the digital age has made recording the general thoughts of the population effortless, but given what I've seen of how easy digital records are to change, who knows if that data will make it to future generations intact.

"Where's your tin foil hat Adam?" I couldn't help but mutter to myself under my breath before checking my watch and realizing how late it was, I decided to head home, Maggie will get worried and Matt is probably itching to get back to work, so with another joint-cracking stretch, I got to my feet and headed back to the car.