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Jess's P.O.V.

A knock at the door of my apartment wakes me. I roll over lazily checking the clock, it reads 2:48 am. I grumble in protest as I stand to get the door. I walk into the front room to see Amanda opening the door. A worried looking Finn is standing there impatiently.

"So you can't even go ten hours without seeing Amanda." I joke. He doesn't laugh, he doesn't even smile at the joke. He looks worn down and scared.

"You need to grab all the stuff you need. Then we have to go. You have ten minutes, everyone else is in the van. We have to hurry." He says. His voice is low and rushed.

This is serious and I know we can't joke around right now. Amanda and I share a look before rushing to our rooms to pack. I grab my duffel bag from the bottom of my closet and pack as many clothes as I think necessary. I then grab a few things from the bathroom. I grab my bag off the chair in the living room and shove my laptop, phone, and chargers in it. I make sure my money is tucked safely in my bag before following Finn and Amanda out to the car.

Finn quickly gets in the van. I stand there for a moment wondering what is going on. I get in the back next to Charlene. Everyone wears the same worried expression.

"So what exactly is going on?" Amanda asks looking towards Finn.

Finn shifts his gaze towards Maybeck. Maybeck's hands tighten around the steering wheel.

"Last night I was helping Jelly close up Crazy Glaze for the night and these three men came in. I was in the back but I could hear them talking.

Flashback: Maybeck's P.O.V.

I was finishing up putting the last of the clay back when the door in the front jingles announcing someone's arrival. Before I can venture back to the front of the store a person is talking to Jelly. I press my ear up to the door.

"Is there a Terrance Maybeck here?" A man asks.

"Yes, why do you ask?" Jelly questions. I crack the door open to see three men in suits towering over my aunt. There is something off putting about them and I know Jelly can sense it too.

"We were sent to speak to him about a special project." The man snarls. Jelly looks concerned for a moment before speaking again.

"I'm afraid that he isn't home right now." She says in a sickeningly sweet voice.

"Ma'am you just said he was here." The third man begins to look around the room. I close the door to the point I can barely see.

"I meant he lives here, he isn't home right now. He is um at a friends house." She attempts. They don't seem to accept that as an answer. I let the door fully close and slip out the back of Crazy Glaze. I run down the block to the gas station.

Thirty minutes later I rush back to the store. There are no cars out front so I assume it is safe to enter. I push the door open to see a worried Jelly trying to clean the store. The lights are off and the store is trashed. There is pottery strewn across the floor and tables overturned. I stare in horror.

"They did this?" I ask. She nods slowly.

"I thought they would find you for sure. You need to get out of here. It isn't safe." She cries. I take a step towards her and see a deep gash in her arm.

"They hurt you."

"They will do worse to you if they find you. Before they left they said something about the other Keepers. You're all in danger. I saw them they have guns. They are coming back tomorrow to check for you again."

"I'm not leaving you to deal with them alone." I tell her.

"I'm gonna stay with some friends for awhile you need to get the others and run. Don't come back here." She gently hugs me.

"No I can handle them."

"Terry they have guns, I saw it. They will stop at no cost to have you all. You have to pack your stuff and leave. I have a friend who works at an impound lot. He can get you a van that will fit all seven of you." I finally give into her plan and grab my bag. Twenty minutes later i'm at the impound lot starring at the van.

"Be safe Terry." My aunt says while hugging me tightly.

"I will." I am at a loss for words.

"I love you."

"I love you too Aunt Jelly." I tell her as I get in the van.

Present: Willa's P.O.V.

I push my bag onto the floor before shifting my attention back to Maybeck.

"We don't know why they want us. All we know is that they are dangerous and we have to get away." He finishes.

"So where are we going to go?" Philby asks.

"For now we just need to get out of the state. We will worry about everything else later. We can come up with a plan once there is some distance between us and them." Finn tells us. Everyone agrees and I lean my head on Philby's shoulder. He wraps a protective arm around my waist.

"What about our families? What if they find us again. What if we can't escape them?" I ask him quietly.

"I honestly don't know. But I can promise you this no matter what I will protect you." He tightens his grip on my waist and presses a light kiss on my forehead.

For right now all we can do is hope we can get far enough away. There is no point in worrying right now. Around me almost everyone else is beginning to dose off as well. Finn sits alert in the passenger seat talking to Maybeck about where to go. I finally let my eyes close and I drift off into an uncomfortable dreamless sleep.

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