Chapter 1: Pregnant

This chapter takes place before Dory was born. I decided to write this story, because I needed something else to work on, while I think of more chapters for Dory's Childhood Days. And yes, they know they only have one egg. Don't ask me why, they just know. If you have any ideas for future chapters, please PM me. Anyways, enjoy! :D

Disclaimer: I don't own Finding Nemo/Dory.

It was a peaceful morning in the MLI. In the huge tank, there were two fish named Jenny and Charlie. They were eating breakfast, until Jenny had pain in her stomach. She clutched her stomach in pain.

Charlie quickly noticed. "Honey, are you okay?"

"No," Jenny said, still clutching in pain, "My stomach hurts."

Charlie took his wife's fin and rubbed it. "Maybe you ate too much."

"No, it's not that kind of pain. It feels like I have a cramp in my stomach," Jenny explained to her husband.

Charlie stroked Jenny's dorsal fin. "I think you need rest, dear," he told her, guiding Jenny to their house.

"Okay, Charlie," Jenny went into her house and lied down.

Charlie smiled and kissed his wife's cheek. "I love you."

Jenny grinned. "I love you too."

Charlie swam away, letting his wife rest.

Jenny yawned and fell asleep.

Later, Jenny woke up and she suddenly felt really hungry. She has never felt this way before. "Charlie!" Jenny shouted, sending her husband over.

"Jenny? What is it, honey?" Charlie asked worriedly.

"Charlie, I'm really hungry. Can you please get me some kelp?" Jenny inquired.

"This is getting weird," Charlie thought. "First she had pain in her stomach, and now she's suddenly hungry."

"Okay, dear, I'll get you some kelp," Charlie said, swimming away to get some kelp.

"Thanks, honey," Jenny said, grateful.

Charlie looked around and saw some kelp. He swam over there. As he grabbed the kelp, he finally realized why Jenny was feeling like this. "She's pregnant!" He said aloud. He smiled really big. "Oh, this is great!" He said as he swam to his house.

Charlie gave Jenny the kelp and smiled, way bigger than he usually smiled.

"Thanks, Charlie," Jenny said. Then she noticed him smiling. "What are you happy about?"

"Jenny, your pregnant," Charlie said, happily.

Jenny had a shocked look on her face. "Oh my goodness," she said shockingly. Tears of joy were forming in her eyes. "I'm gonna be a mommy."

"And I'm gonna be a daddy. Oh, honey, this is great," he said, hugging his ecstatic wife.

Jenny wiped her tears away. "I wonder how many eggs I'm gonna be having."

"Do you feel heavy?"

"No, I feel light."

Charlie gasped in shock. "Honey, you're having one egg."

"Only one egg?" Jenny said surprisingly.

"Yep. Kind of weird though, I know," Charlie said, chuckling.

"Maybe it's just a birth defect," Jenny said. "Oh, Charlie, I can't wait until I lay the egg!"

"I can't wait either," Charlie said, smiling.

A couple days later, Jenny's belly was getting a little bigger. Charlie noticed this and rubbed his wife's belly.

Jenny smiled as Charlie rubbed her belly. "I wonder what gender it's going to be. I really don't care what it is, though."

Charlie stopped rubbing Jenny's belly and giggled. "I really hope it's a boy," he said, joking around.

"Charlie!" Jenny shockingly said.

Charlie laughed. "It's just a joke, sweetheart."

Jenny laughed. "Oh, Charlie, you're so funny."

Charlie grinned. "I know I am." Then he sighed happily, placing a fin on his wife's belly once again. "I really can't wait to see the baby."

Jenny smiled and placed her fin on her belly. "Me too, Charlie, me too."