Chapter 26: Playdate

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Abigail held Kyle's little fin. They were on their way to Dory and her family's home. Kyle had been begging his mom to take him over there to visit Dory. Abigail saw that he wanted to spend time with the small, baby fish, so she took him to the tangs' home.

The adorable little family was having a nice breakfast: seagrass. They all ate peacefully.

Dory stopped eating to see a little speck of sand floating around in the crystal blue waters in the huge tank that enclosed them. The tiny tang lifted a little fin and tried to grab it.

Jenny stopped eating to see what her curious baby daughter was doing. She then nudged her husband, who was chewing his breakfast.

"Charlie, look at our daughter," she said.

Charlie's violet eyes that were then looking at his breakfast, were now fixed on his sweet little baby. The father tang smiled softly as he saw his little miracle trying to catch the tiny grain of sand that was floating around in the blue water.

"Our little girl." He looked at Dory lovingly and continued smiling.

"She's curious," Jenny commented. "She's wondering why that little grain of sand is floating around, and yet, she is trying to catch it, playing. She's such a joy."

Jenny must've known her daughter so well because she actually wondered why that little speck of sand was floating, and not staying down to the ground like the others.

Baby Dory then seemed to have forgotten the tiny sand. She went back to eating her breakfast.

Her mommy looked out into the distance. She squinted her magenta eyes to see two discus fish heading towards them. It was Abigail and Kyle.

"Oh! Charlie! It's Abigail and her son, Kyle!" Jenny exclaimed.

The two fish swam to them.

"Hi, Jenny! Hi, Charlie!" Abigail greeted. She hugged them.

"Hi, Abby!" Jenny returned the hug.

"Hello, Abigail," Charlie said nicely.

Kyle smiled brightly at the two blue tang parents. "Hello!"

They both gave him a smile.

Dory babbled and swam up to him.

"Dory!" The young fish hugged her.

Dory cooed and nuzzled him gently.

Jenny giggled. "Aww. Looks like Kyle is happy to see her."

"So, what brings you here?" Charlie asked.

"Kyle has been begging me for the longest time to go have a playdate with Dory. He wouldn't stop," Abigail answered.

"Dory would love to play with him," Jenny said grinning.

Kyle tickled Dory's belly, and she responded with a laugh.

His mother looked at his son fondly. "He'll do just fine with her. I'll let him stay here to play for a few hours."

"Alright. We won't do much today anyway," Charlie said.

Abigail swam over to Kyle. "Sweetie, Mommy will pick you up in a few hours. Now, be good with Dory, and have fun. Okay?"

"Okay, Mommy." Kyle hugged her.

His mother kissed him. "I love you."

"I love you too."

She patted him on the head before saying goodbye to Jenny and Charlie. She swam away.

Kyle turned to Baby Dory. "Let's play hide and seek!"

The young, forgetful baby tang didn't listen to him, as she was distracted by the pink corals.

"Dory! I said, let's play hide and seek!"

Dory looked at him and nodded.

"Okay. I'll count and you'll hide." He covered his eyes with his fins, and he started counting.

Poor Dory was already forgetting about the game, so she played in the sand.

As Kyle was finished counting, he uncovered his eyes and immediately saw the baby tang playing in front of him, kicking up sand with her tiny yellow fins in the process.

"Ugh! Dory! I told you to hide!" He was a bit angry on her forgetting about the game.

Baby Dory just giggled at him, completely unaware of him being angry on her. She was just enjoying the sand.

Kyle sighed. "Okay. How about we play tag?"

Dory clapped her fins and giggled.

Kyle smiled. "I'll be it. I'll go easy on you though since you're only a baby." He stroked her.

Dory cooed.

He nuzzled her a little. "Now, swim away! I'm gonna tag you!"

The fry didn't listen, but instead, she swam behind one of the pink corals, giggling.

"Dory! Please play with me!"

Baby Dory still didn't listen. This was the second time that she had forgotten about them playing a game.

"Ugh! This is so frustrating! You always forget what games we play! I'll just play by myself!" Kyle said angrily. He swam away near Jenny's and Charlie's creamed coral cave to go play.

Charlie swam to Kyle. "Kyle. How come you are not playing with Dory?"

"She always forgets what games we're playing! I'm mad!" Kyle complained.

"Well, Kyle, you have to understand that she can forget things. It's a condition that she will have for her whole life, and it will never be cured. That's why Charlie and I are trying our very best to take care of her. We don't know what she will be like on her own when she grows up," Jenny explained.

The young, yellow discus fish looked up at her, understanding a bit. "Oh, I'm sorry, Jenny."

"It's okay, hon," Jenny replied.

Charlie patted Kyle on the head. "Hey, how about you two play in the sand together? Dory loves the sand."

"I saw her do that earlier! Great idea, Charlie!" Kyle swam to Dory.

The baby fry was playing in the sand. Her fins touched it, feeling its soft, squishy texture, and giggled loudly.

"Hi, Dory," Kyle said. "I'm sorry I didn't understand you. I was mad that you forgot about the games we were playing."

Dory's big, pink eyes looked up at him, and she swam her little blue body over to him. She nuzzled him.

Kyle chuckled and stroked her. "Can I play in the sand with you?"

Dory nodded. She continued to play in the sand.

Kyle joined her, giggling. "This is fun!"

Kyle was glad that he got to do something fun with Dory. They both did what they enjoyed together: sand. Just like Dory, Kyle also liked sand, and he would sometimes play in it on his own. He was a bit sad that Dory could forget things, but he knew that they would remain friends until the end of time.