AN: Alright I figured id push this out a little earlier then normal cause i have the opertunity. This is the Trailer for Battlefleet Gothic Armada's Space Marine DLC. As the trailers only a good minute and 45 seconds it will be a bit short. In case you didnt know i dont own the rights for it, those belong to Focus Home and Tindalos. I highly recomend watching it cause Spire's voice actor is beyond amazing. Uh on the topic of WttW, that will be updated around 4-5 US central. oh next chapter might be some ArmA 3 BS or Life of Boris, not really sure on witch. Let me know where I fucked up so i can advoid it next time, Thanks.

A few day had passed before the team received any real down time. The girls had been bored and decided to see what other videos were on it along with any other media. Weiss was the one who chose the video that day. They had gathered in the wings almost unused common room. The four dragged the love seat and pair of arm chairs in front of the room's screen. Yang had made some popcorn while Ruby gathered some sodas. Sitting next to her sister on the mini couch, she handed her scroll to Wiess.

Weiss began to look for an interesting title. Skipping over any of the videos with a PTC like the last two, as she would like to avoid shedding any tears. Finding one that looked a bit odd, She asked "How does that one sound?" Pointing to a title labeled BF Gothic SMT. Krauss really needed to lay off the acronyms.

Ruby deftly pulled the video up and onto the common room's wall screen.

"Ready girls?" Getting a series of yeses, she tapped the play button.

The group was greeted by a yellow square with a white twelve on it.

"Pegi 12"

"Hun what's that supposed to mean?" Asked Yang.

Blake supplied an almost immediate answer. " Probably a rating. Most likely age based." Yang nodded in understanding. "Like you should be older then twelve to play?"


The video truly started. The scene was dark. A man in a blue and gold uniform was slumped at the base of a throne. At the top a double headed Eagle was set in brass. His fur lined cape was draped around him, obscuring his form with shadow. The camera zoomed out to reveal he was in a vast room bodies lay everywhere. A man started speaking, presumably the injured one, as the words 'A game by tindalos interactive.' Appeared in the lower half of the screen.

"Chasing the Arch-Heretic and his planet killer have been the greatest task I have I faced, but my soul is armored in faith."

"Weiss! You said you wouldn't pick anything scary!" Winned Ruby.

Weiss let out an indignant "hmph. How would I know the man titles everything in random acronyms!"

Blake mumbled under her breath."Arch-Hereticā€¦"

The camera continued its journey, accelerating as it left the room to revival it was the part of a massive cathedral floating in space. "The Imperial Creed guilds me,"

The view changed angles showing the "cathedral" was actually a ship. A Massive starship. Everything below the bridge was a flaming twisted wreck. Smaller ships of a vastly different design floated nearby. "Banishing all doubt or regret. The Emperor stands with us and I have felt the purity of his righteousness."

"That doesn't look good for that captain." Said Yang.

The camera completely abandoned the doomed ship in a white flare.

"I have witnessed His glory burn away the darkness."

A fleet of pale blue and yellow ships that had a snarling wolf held on them flew by, blue thruster plums trailed for miles behind them. They were different from the the first ship, but held many similar features. Spinning to revile the bow of a tailing ship, they saw a launch bay with several fighter craft streaming out.

"I have seen the Imperium's indomitable ferocity unleashed upon its countless enemies."

"Hey doesn't that emblem look familiar?" Asked Ruby. The girls looked closely at the

wolf's head. It was very similar to a particularly well know group of fanus.

The view was now a top down of a fleet engaging an unknown force. The ships were of the same pattern as before, but as the camera swooped down to the side, they could see this new forced used a massively different color scheme of gold with blue highlights. This fleet had a omega symbol on their ships.

"I saw courage and honor displayed in the Emperor's name. I saw the unwavering loyalty and righteousness that He inspired." The man's voice took on an almost pleading tone.

"This guy really likes this Emperor." Said Yang.

"He sounds ready to die for him." Stated Blake. She could not help but think back to Adam and what he was turning them into.

With his next sentence his conviction returned. "No Fortress could withstand the Emperor's wrath." A pale yellow ship with a armored, clenched fist fired a salvo from the massive broadside guns on its flanks as brilliant blue shields flared to intercept the return fire. A dozen crudely made ships pounded it with cannon but those shields held. "No fury could overcome His protection." A massive cannon shell burst across the bow shields.

"Wow that things really taking a beating, those shields must be really strong." Said Ruby

"With all his talk about faith do you think those shields are powered by it." Said Blake.

As dark red ship took the screen, his voice became almost desperate. "The Emperor's light cleanses even the darkest corruption." The camera spun around to the front showing the rest of the fleet. They were completing some sort of orbital strike mission, as lasers erupted from the bellies of the ships. "Sunders even the strongest curse!"

"Is it just me or does he sound like he's given up?" Asked Weiss.

"It kinda sounds like it." Supported Blake.

Dark green ships floated over a sprawling base that was built into an asteroid. The man's voice took on a convinced tone, as if he believed in his Emperor again. "His glory brings salvation to those who embrace His ideals." The camera rotated again around the lead vessel showing its emblem was a set of wings with a sword plunged through the center. "Even the fallen are offered a chance of redemption through the Emperor's serviceā€¦"

"Why does it feel like there's a double meaning there?" Asked Blake.

Once again they were back on the bridge of that ruined ship. They got a closer look at the Admiral. He was quite young and had painful looking tubes and wires running from the back of his head. His voice became tired and accepting of his fate as one of the enemy ships slowly slipped into view. "...though death."

The ship began charging its turret mount. "Sacrifice, duty, honor. These are what the Emperor requires of us." At this point the weapon mount glowed a fierce red as a high whine filled the air. The screen turned black as and explosion went off.

"Why does Krauss have so many videos about people dieing!" Yelled Weiss. "Does anything good happen on earth ever!"

The screen returned to life to the surprise of the girls. The wreck of the Chaos ship slowly dissipated. Behind it was a ship from the previously showcased fleets. A vastly different voice took over, it was much deeper and slight robotic. "I have located Solar Admiral Spire, he is gravely injured."

"Yay! He's alive, and has a weird rank." Said Ruby.

"That is an odd title, but this is set in the future from the looks of it." Said Weiss.

The view zoomed out so they could see Spire, still slumped at the base of his seat. The camera slowly revealed a sword clasped in a fist of a massive man in golden armor with wings of the purest white. He stood over the crumpled form of the Admiral. "Send the sanguineus priest immediately. We cannot allow Abbadon to escape."

Wow! Look at the size of him." Said Yang.

"He's probably taller than even Kurass." Backed Blake.

"That armor is incredible! It even incorporates a gun and wings! Is he a Fanus?" Said Ruby noting the cannon strapped to the forearm.

"Those look like their metal not flesh and bone." Said Blake.

"Let our enemies tremble, for the angels of death have come come to joint the hunt." He spat the remaining words out if they were a poison. "WE Shall Know No Fear."

The screen folded over to show the words "Battlefleet Gothic Armada." And off to the side "Space Marine DLC"

"Wait this was a trailer for a DLC?" Asked Ruby.

"What is a DLC?" asked Weiss. The group looked at her in shock. How could Weiss Schnee, Heiress to a company that produces almost everything, not know what a DLC is?

"Have you ever played a videogame?" Asked Blake.

"No! Why would I waste my time with something so childish."

Yang was astonished. "Holy crap you really didn't have a childhood."

"What is that supposed to mean you brute."

"Seriously you produce games like crazy and you've never played one before." Yang picked a game lying next to the Schneestation a fellow team had left nearby. "Not even Call of Grimm?"

"It means Downloadable content. Usually something you have to pay for after purchasing the game." Said Blake trying to defuse the situation. "Let's watch something else. Yang you get to pick this time."