Chapter One

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Waking up in a rather large forest was something I had not anticipated. In fact, it was the exact opposite of what I had anticipated. I was rather confused, laying there on a forest floor, gazing up at the canopy of leaves which barely covered the hardly viewable atmosphere. The last thing I had vaguely recalled was the amount of research I had been doing for the past few weeks. It was not "Normal" research, if anything it was decidedly "Not Normal" research. The type of research that would quite possibly have made the majority of people I knew before I ended up in a pile of deciduous leaves in the middle of nowhere, look at me as if I had grown a third appendage and been possessed by Satan himself.

The research I had been doing was quite possibly, and logically, considered impossible. I was very much aware of my open view of all things impossible. The existence of different deities was, scientifically, something one should not believe in. However, I myself had been quite appalled by that view. We could neither deny or confirm the existence of many things on this earth and therefore to blatantly say that the existence of such things was inherently not logical was, in fact, not very logical in itself. As a response to such, I began my own experimentation. Something that would have definitely, as a resident of a very conservative and southern atmosphere, would have had me chased down with metaphorical pitch forks and particularly unsanitary holy water.

As a side note I would like to point out that my experience with holy water was not very pleasing. The first time I came into contact with such a substance was during a Catholic service. While the majority of the congregation had been focused on being blessed, I myself was trying to figure out why the hell I was currently wet. My first hypothesis had been that there was a fire and someone had set off the sprinklers. This theory was quickly discarded after I quickly discovered there were no alarms, as well as no sprinklers and that if there were, the water on my skin would not have felt so disgusting. There was a distinctive slimy feeling that was normally something that came along with stagnant water and so I immediately began to look for the culprit who had the audacity to throw water at me. My eyes had immediately been drawn to a member of the catholic church who was swinging an aspergillum across the aisle, this immediately had quelled some of my annoyance. I was not going to suffer more embarrassment after I had so clearly narrowed my eyes at a priest who had slung a certain amount of not-so-very-clean water at me. Which, I had discovered on my way out of said church, came from the large ceramic shell near the exit. No one had told me that this was the holy water that had been slung at me, but I had deduced that the faint green tint to said water was the source of the gross texture now covering certain areas of my skin.

At the beginning, I certainly had no idea what I was getting into when I had begun to experiment religiously. The first thing I did, as a way of "broadening my horizons", so to speak, was to attend a yoga class. Terribly risky I know. A complete and utter sin in the eyes of Christianity, at least, that was what I had been told when I brought up the topic of meditation as a way to clear your mind of any negative thoughts. After I had been informed of such ridiculousness, I refrained from offering any helpful suggestions in the weekly Wednesday classes I was forced to attend by my mother. Most of the time I had to force myself to hide my emotions when attending such classes. The topics were regularly outright ludicrous and most often times I was forced to close my eyes breathe deeply in a forced attempt to either not roll my eyes or laugh at the idiocy that was normally present in such situations.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely may seem as if I have major religious issues… (ignoring the fact that I do, in fact, have religious issues) I do not have an issue with religion itself. As a twenty-year-old college student I was more than aware of the fact that humanity needed religion. This reason was yet another deciding factor in my experimentation. The majority of humans would most likely be unable to cope with life if there was no such thing as religion. The "purpose of life" was something many vehemently strived to discover. The "after life" was something that was sought after by almost every one. Personally, I felt there was absolutely no point at all and that we were here because we were. There was no greater meaning and there was no real purpose. We were here for shits and giggles and that is all there is to it.

My main issue with religion was the fact that even though many people claimed to be so devout, they usually ignored major parts of their religion and only accepted the fluffy parts while ignoring the bad parts and then judging everyone that thought in a different manner than their own. Despite the fact that the major religion in an area where a person is born is the religion they themselves grow up to believe in and so they also believe they are in fact the ones that are correct about the so called after life and therefore every other religion is wrong in their eyes.

Moving on.

After a rather large portion of yoga classes, and a beginning level of meditation, I moved on to the next step of spiritual cleansing involving meditation. Spiritual Chakra. It was common, in most forms of meditation to cleanse the chakra centers located at different portions of the body. When people think meditation, and then they think yoga, and then indie, the first image that would most likely form in their mind is the common image of a human outline on a t-shirt with many colorful balls lined up perfectly from head to crossed toe. These colorful balls are the chakra centers. It is common belief that regular meditation and spiritual cleansing of the chakra centers would lead to a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally.

And so began my studious attempts at cleansing my chakra centers as well as increasing flexibility and strength. As my new hobby became regular, I became quite the yogini. My seven chakra centers, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye (Brow), and Crown, were quite bright if I do say so myself. When I say bright, this is all mental imagery and is something I could definitely say was a great way to improve mental health and filter through negative emotions.

After I had worked on meditation enough, (it took quite some time, an expert in the art could literally control normally uncontrollable bodily functions at will. An example would be blood pressure and heart rate as well as quite a few other things. This level of meditation took years for an individual to achieve, much to my disappointment) I began my research in elements. I had no real agenda when it came to what I was going to look into. I just started with what felt like the right thing to start with and "went with the flow" from there.

These elements were something that were, normally used in Witch Craft. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit. The main purpose of this was for protection and is also the five things essential to human life. Contrary to popular belief, the pentagram, which was used for such purposes, was in fact not evil. This pagan symbol was something that was most commonly confused with evil. The Greek roots of said symbol being Penta: Five and Gram: A letter. It is most commonly referred to as a form of protection and the number five also has many religious attachments. Five elements, Five orientations, Five planets, Five virtues. A great example of this would be the poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight:

"It is a symbol which Solomon conceived once

To betoken holy truth, by its intrinsic right,

For it is a figure which has five points,

And each line overlaps and is locked with another;

And it is endless everywhere, and the English call it,

In all the land, I hear, the Endless Knot."

After thorough research on the elements, I was lead to sigils. This was probably the most difficult and most annoying thing I have ever learned. One wrong move and the entire sigil could change. Of course some would argue that intent is a large part of sigils, but if you put water and fire in the same one your sigil isn't going to be balanced and so it will probably do the exact opposite of what you originally intended. It took months to get my own style and even longer to get it right. In the end, I was proficient, but not enough of an expert to use a single sigil to do something extremely powerful. The most I used it for was cleansing my tools and engraving my candles. This however only increased my ability when involved with the elements.

And so, my path to my predicament was sealed. I did not know the consequences of my actions. In fact, I had so studiously picked apart every section of every skill in such a way that, to my delight and surprise, actually began to work. Logically this was not possible. However, everything I did proved that despite the logic I was normally consumed by, it was in fact, possible. You are probably wondering what skill it was that had caused this to happen to me, I myself was trying to figure out what the hell went wrong. If you haven't guessed by now, with the meditation and the eventual elemental experimentation, I had moved on to a skill known as Astral Projection.

In this skill that I was so certain I could master, your consciousness could literally leave the body you inhabit. I was pretty certain that I would have this down to an art form due to my advanced ability with deep meditation. How stupidly wrong I was. In the act of Astral Projection, because ones' spirit leaves the body, you could potentially travel anywhere in an etheric and secondary body composed of spiritual energy. The bad part is, that if you do it wrong and get lost, well, you're pretty much as good as dead.

Needless to say… I fucked up. Big time.

I'm not sure how long I spent lying there on the forest floor. I just knew that I needed to move. I had no idea where I was. What I was doing there. How I even got there. And why I had the mother of all migraines. Groaning, I sat up. In this process I noticed that my torso, as well as my limbs, felt uncharacteristically light. My stomach felt rather empty. I took my time adjusting to the new position I was seated in. Everything around me seemed abnormally large. Frowning, I looked down at myself and felt my eyes grow far larger than they were meant to be. My body… The thing that I was currently inhabiting, was approximately that of a two-year-old.