Chapter 7


"Very well. I see no reason to send you as of yet. However, I ask that you continue your impromptu class. It seems that to break it apart now would only cause a disturbance. Your popularity seems to have only made you better at evasion as well."

Ugh. Don't remind me, old man. I'm never going to get any peace because of this.

"Thank you Hokage-sama."

"Enjoy your day. Dismissed."

Many of you probably think that I've adjusted pretty well to my situation and just completely accepted that my fuck up put me in a kids' body and just not thought about what went wrong.

That is a lie.

Well, Sort of. Mostly I have been avoiding my problems and pretending everything is fantastic, and that I haven't killed myself by accident, and that most of the personal information from my past life faded away. I remember the fucking Pythagorean theorem but not what cake I had on my fifth birthday. My theory is that since I was in an astral body when I messed up like I did, the "spiritual umbilical cord" that attached me to my earthly body severed. After it severed I went flying into a random area, and for my own survival part of my spiritual chakra split off to recreate another body for me to inhabit. Don't get me wrong, I'm somewhat glad that I've lost everything not relevant and kept what I could actually use. Everything useless, except for my extra strong emotional memories is gone.

Probably because during those times I learned that not everything is puppies and rainbows and that people are pretty shitty.

High School. Where people steal your things, pettiness is at an all-time high, and because you're young, your bullshit meter is about as large as the popular dudes' micro-penis.

My fourth birthday (Which was placed six months before the day I appeared, so February) was something I normally wouldn't look forward to. Normally I would hate it. But this time I'm actually a bit excited. Because this time, I'll be spending time with the current team 7. I am a little sad that Sakumo will miss it though. He's leaving for an extended mission tomorrow so I'm stuck being baby-sat by Kakashi, Rin, Future-Tobi, and Future-Fourth. Hopefully, Obito never becomes Tobi. But I can only do so much.

"Keiko-chan, get back here!"

"Nope, I'm perfectly fine doing what I am currently doing. Running. Nope, not stopping!"

"Give me back my goggles!"

"Goggles? What are these goggles you speak of? Can they fly? Do they breathe?"

"Be serious for once!"

"Heh, look who's talking!"

"…Kakashi… aren't you going to stop her? Obito is going to end up falling on his face…"

"Mah, he should have known better than to irritate her. I told him before not to do anything that would cause her to go after him, Rin. And then he gets cake all over her training clothes… the baka."

"…am I the only one bothered by the fact that a now four-year-old is as strong, if not stronger than Obito and I physically?"

"Probably. Most of the village just takes her in stride thanks to her weekly training sessions. I guess prodigies are just a Hatake thing now. The elders have been trying to pressure her into joining the academy earlier but she's managed to hold them off. She doesn't even need Tou-san's help to handle them."

"…Your sister is scary Kakashi…"

"She's been practicing her chakra control when she thinks we aren't watching. She hasn't fallen in water for about a week now. She's been training harder than I do and her knowledge is way past genin level. I asked her once why she trained so hard. I wasn't expecting the response I got though."


"What was her response?"

"I didn't know you were here Minato-sensei!"

"Just got here Rin-chan. Kushina-san had wanted to have a conversation over ramen. I'm sorry I'm late."

"Mah, later than Obi-baka for once."

"You should be nicer to your teammates Kakashi."

"Maybe, it seems Keiko-chan is handling tormenting Obito for now."



"Because I actually train in my free time and don't chase four-year-olds over goggles."


"What was that? Enhance my muscles with chakra to run faster? Okay, If you say so "sempai" Ahahahaha!"

"Okay… well, back to the subject at hand then. What was her response? She's still very young. I can't think of a response that would be too surprising."

""Onii-san, I am under no illusion that the life of a shinobi is a glorious one. Great shinobi are praised for their skill in the shinobi arts. When their skill was not gathered for praise, but for survival. To fail in training when on the path of the shinobi is to accept death and then blame others for your failure, despite the fact that you were the cause of your own failure. One mistake and your life could end. We are tasked with the choice between the few and the many. Life or death. Kill or be killed. Mercy or torture. Choosing to slack off when you have such heavy choices, to disregard all of the work that was put into the village to stop war and bring peace, is to spit on Hashirama-samas' grave. So I will train. And I will survive. And I will take care of my precious people, because I cannot sit on my hands when I know that my friends are out there fighting for a better life of peace.""

"…Seems like the epitome of what Hokage-sama calls "the will of fire…"

"I'm still not sure why she pushes herself so far though. She isn't even in the Academy yet and she trains as if the world will end tomorrow."

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