Penny was coming to visit the Fudo family and she was on her computer a lot which her adoptive mother had warned the family about, mentioning she was getting close with her new friend Cody from Australia with their adventure with the Rescue Aid Society of Bernard and Bianca.

"Hey there, Penny." Atticus smiled.

"Hi, Atticus..." Penny looked up for a moment.

Atticus looked over her shoulder slightly. "Of course, chatting with Cody... I think you like him."

Penny blushed. "Wh-Whatya mean?"

"You know what I mean." Atticus smirked.

Penny blushed slightly. "Okay, I think I do... He's interesting, and so brave and adventurous..." her eyes then sparkled.

"Yeah, he reminds me of myself at that age," Atticus had to admit. "Anyway, what's up with Cody?"

"He wants me to visit sometime, but I'm right here with you guys and he lives in Australia," Penny said. "And... I can't swim... He wants to go swimming..."

"You can't swim?" Atticus never knew that.

"Not really," Penny pouted. "I know this is silly, but I once had dreams I was a mermaid and we'd swim together around the Great Barrier Reef of Australia together like merpeople."

This gave Atticus an idea.

Darla walked into the room. "Hey, Penny, Maisy and Rufus are really getting along nicely."

"Oh, that's good," Penny smiled to that. "By the way, when do I meet those chipmunk friends of yours?"

"Well, the Chipettes are in Australia actually," Darla replied. "They're visiting their friend from the orphanage; Olivia."

"Huh, that's funny, Cody has an Aunt Olivia who's in college..." Penny replied.

"Who's Rufus again?" Patch asked.

"You see that older cat with Maisy?" Atticus pointed.

Patch nodded.

"That's Rufus," Penny smiled. "I've known him since the orphanage, he was my best friend."

"Ohh, yeah." Patch smiled.

"Hi, puppy." Penny smiled to Patch and pet him.

Patch smiled back and nuzzled against the girl.

Atticus came into the kitchen as his mother was preparing lunch. "Mom, do you think we could let Penny become a mermaid?" he then asked.

"It would be nice to have another mermaid in the family." Emily smiled.

"She is part of this family now after all..." Atticus smiled back.

"Have I taught you how to turn people into merpeople yet?" Emily asked.

"No." Atticus shook his head.

"Well, you have to get said person into the water," Emily bent down slightly to match his height. "And then, you kiss their forehead and since you gave them your kiss of being a merboy, they'll instantly become a mermaid or merman!"

"Well, um, what if I kissed a female on the lips?" Atticus blushed.

"Oh, the same result," Emily replied. "Oh! And they would also be able to talk and breathe underwater and meet all sorts of sea creatures. I did the same to your father so he wouldn't have consequences of casting a spell on himself to become a merman so he would be with me more before we got married. As you know, the witch/warlock/wiccan world can be cruel sometimes."

"Yeah." Atticus nodded.

"Why do you ask?" Emily asked.

"Um, well, I, uh..." Atticus blushed.

"Atticus... Do you want to turn Mo into a mermaid?" Emily asked since Atticus was getting shy and nervous about the question.

"Um, well, actually-" Atticus started.

"He already turned her into a mermaid." Casper smiled as he came in.

"Is that right?" Emily asked.

"Remember when Drell and Hilda took us to meet Wendy the Good Little Witch?" Atticus said. "Well, I did it then."

"Then who would you like to turn into a mermaid, Atticus?" Emily then asked her son.

"Well, I would like to turn Penny into a mermaid." Atticus said, making it obvious.

"Oh, how sweet~" Emily hugged Atticus around his neck and kissed his cheek noisily.

"Mom, not in front of Casper..." Atticus sounded slightly embarrassed.

"Oh, come on bro, we're family now, aren't we?" Casper smirked playfully before taking a picture.

"Casper!" Atticus said through his teeth.

Casper laughed. "I gotta show this to Wendy."

Atticus sighed and rolled his eyes. "So, Mom, can I turn Penny into a mermaid?"

"Of course you can!" Emily smiled. "She's part of this family now."

"Great! Thanks, but first; I have to go and stop a certain brother of mine." Atticus said.

"Go ahead, but no running in the house." Emily chuckled.

Atticus then smirked and went to chase after Casper. "Get over here, McFadden!"

"It's Fudo now!" Casper laughed as he ran from Atticus.

"Whatever! Just give me that picture!" Atticus laughed.

Casper laughed as he kept running to avoid Atticus.

"Oooh, you're gonna get it!" Atticus challenged.

Meanwhile in the Other Realm...

Drell was looking through his crystal ball and pouted. "Oh, poor clownfish, his girlfriend just got eaten with all the eggs..."

Penelope soon pointed to one egg that survived.

"Hm?" Drell looked to her and looked over.

The egg that survived from the barracuda attack had a small crack in it, but it was still functional and moving. The clownfish then cradled his last surviving egg and decided to name it 'Nemo' since it was what his beloved would have wanted.

"Looks like we know what the next adventure will be." Penelope smiled.

Drell nodded, then stood up and walked behind Skippy and slapped him on the back. Skippy yelped and accidentally dropped the salt shaker right into the pot he was pinching into.

"Alert my magical students," Drell told him. "These kids are going to the ocean."

Skippy sighed before he nodded.

Drell patted him on the head, then took out a ladle and tried to broth and spit right into Skipyp's face. "Too salty!" he then walked off.

Skippy sighed once more.

Atticus decided to take Penny to meet Cherry and Mo.

"I really like your puppy, Atticus," Penny smiled. "He seems so brave and smart."

"He sure is." Atticus smiled.

Patch smiled smugly to that.

"Don't get carried away." Atticus then warned as he saw that.

Patch stuck his tongue out teasingly in response.

"You two act like brothers." Penny smiled.

"So I've heard..." Atticus chuckled.

"Welcome to the family, Penny." Patch smiled to the brunette girl.

"Thanks, Patch." Penny smiled back to the dalmatian puppy.

Casper was coming along as he didn't want to be left out on what he sensed would be an adventure.

Cherry opened the door as she was visiting the Brown house and saw her best friend, his new cousin, puppy, and new brother were at the door. "Oh, hey, guys."

"Hey, Cherry." Atticus smiled.

"Hey, you here to see Mo?" Cherry highly assumed.

"Yep." Atticus nodded.

"Figures..." Cherry replied.

"I'll visit you too!" Atticus's eyes widened in worry of her mood.

"Hmm..." Cherry hummed as she let them inside her family's home anyway.

Casper soon gave Cherry the picture of Atticus and his mom. Cherry took the picture and then laughed slightly.

"Hey!" Atticus glanced to his little brother.

"Hey, I had to let someone see it." Casper shrugged with an innocent smile.

Atticus sighed and rolled his eyes.

They all then came into the house and joined Mo in the living room. Mo was teaching Junior how to walk on his own as he was now at that age. And where Junior seemed to be able to do it on his first try.

"Good!" Mo cooed to her little brother. "Good, JJ!"

Junior smiled to his big sister as he then leaned against her as she sat on her knees to match his height.

Mo smiled and hugged him back. "Oh, you're growing up so fast..."

Junior smiled at her and then looked to see the others. Mo then looked up.

"Aw, no, I missed it!" Cherry groaned.

"Don't worry, Cherry, he got it on the first try." Mo smiled as she held her little brother.

"That's great." Atticus smiled.

Penny shyly hid behind Atticus as she held her teddy bear close, feeling a little shy and nervous.

"And who do we have here?" Mo smiled as she noticed Penny.

Atticus stepped aside. "This is my little cousin, Penny... Well, go on, Penny, Mo's not gonna bite."

"Um... Hello..." Penny smiled shyly to the tomboy.

"Hello." Mo smiled.

Penny nervously walked over.

"Oh, you look nice and strong, how old are you?" Mo smiled.

"I'll be seven in June." Penny smiled softly.

"That sounds like you'll be a big girl then." Mo smiled.

Penny smiled.

"Oh, I like your friend," Mo pointed to the teddy bear in the girl's arms. "What's his name?"

"Teddy." Penny replied.

"And what a lovely name." Mo smiled.

Penny giggled. Atticus smiled that Penny and Mo were getting along so well and felt like nothing could possibly ruin this moment. They were then suddenly teleported to Drell's office.