The next day back at Nemo's home. Nemo was catching up on some sleep.

"Time for school! Time for school!" Marlin beamed as he attempted to wake up his son. "Get up! Let's go! Go!"

"He sure is enthusiastic today." Mo smiled.

"Just as it should be," Drell said. "I'm impressed, you guys, this took shorter than I anticipated."

"Cool." Atticus smiled.

"All right, I'll be right back, you guys." Drell said before swimming away as he was going to find a way to take them back home.

Nemo and Marlin were soon seen racing to school. This made the others very happy to see as they decided to see this day of school until they would leave the ocean.

"I'm gonna win!" Marlin smirked.

"No, you're not! I did it!" Nemo laughed.

"Oh! My own son beats me!" Marlin smirked playfully.

"Climb aboard, explorers!" Mr. Ray smiled to his students.

Atticus and the others were happy for this day.

"Looks like things are wrapping up nicely... I wonder what's next?" Cherry replied until she got a buzz in her phone and she took it out after it was made water-proof.

"Notification?" Atticus asked.

"Yeah, it's from the Sugar Rush Speedway app game I downloaded after we met Ralph and Vanellope." Cherry replied.

"Cool." Mo smiled.

"Is there a new level?" Atticus asked.

"Uh... Guys? I think we need to check this out on land once we leave." Cherry said.

"But what about Dory's parents?" Penny asked as Dory still didn't have her family back.

"I have a feeling this won't be the last time we see Dory." Patch said.

Penny pouted.

"Don't worry, Penny, I'm sure we'll see them again." Atticus soothed his adoptive cousin.

"Okay..." Penny sighed softly.

"Well, hello, Nemo!" Mr. Ray smiled to the young clownfish. "Who's this?"

"Exchange student." Nemo smiled back as he came with a familiar young sea turtle.

"I'm from the EAC, dude!" Squirt piped up.

"Sweet~" Mr. Ray replied.

"Totally." Nemo and Squirt replied.

Marlin was seen making a joke with the other adults. Unlike the last time, they seemed to actually laugh at it because he told it right.

"But seriously, Marty, did you really do all the things you say you did?" Bob asked after they shared a laugh.

"Uh, pardon me," A familiar voice said before they turned around to see that it was a shark with his friends. "Hello~"

And where this caused one of the adults to let loose some ink.

"Don't be alarmed." Bruce told them.

"Oh, we just wanna make sure that our newest member got home safe." Anchor added as he showed Dory.

"Thanks, guys." Dory smiled as she swam out from the shark trio.

"Well, we'll see you next week." Bruce told Dory.

"Keep up with the program, Dory." Chum smiled.

"Remember, fish are friends." Anchor told her as he and the other two sharks swam away.

"Not food! Bye!" Dory smiled as she waved to them.

"Hold on! Here we go! Next up, knowledge!" Mr. Ray said as he soon went to swim with his students.

"Bye, son! Have fun!" Marlin waved.

"Bye, Nemo!" The group smiled.

"Bye, guys!" Nemo smiled back as he was on his way to school until he soon looked back to his teacher. "Oh! Oh, Mr. Ray! Wait. I forgot something."

Mr. Ray then stayed put and Nemo soon swam back quickly and hugged his father.

"Love you, Dad." Nemo smiled.

"I love you too, son." Marlin smiled back as he embraced the hug.

The hug seemed to be a little longer than how normal hugs would be. Cherry hid a small giggle to this.

"Uh, Dad? You can let go now." Nemo said.

"Sorry!" Marlin replied once he then let go. "Now go have an adventure!"

"Goodbye! See you later, dudes!" Squirt beamed as he went with Nemo with Mr. Ray and the class.

"Bye, Elmo!" Dory smiled and waved.

"Nemo." Atticus corrected.

"Nemo!" Dory then said. "Bye, Nemo!"

"See you after school, Dory!" Nemo called back. "Bye, Dad!"

"Bye, son!" Marlin smiled.

"Alright, looks like now might be a good time to go." Mo said.

"Just what I was thinking." Drell's voice replied.

The others looked around to find him, but a bright light soon briefly blinded them and they were now all back to normal and were on dry land together.

"What the-?" Penny asked.

Cody soon came over to the beach and smiled. "Ah, Penny!"

"Cody." Penny smiled back to the Australian boy.

"What are you doing here?" Cody smiled.

"I could ask you the same question." Penny said.

"Well, I thought I'd come out for a swim... I was hoping you and I could maybe swim together sometime." Cody replied bashfully.

"I'd love to." Penny smiled back.

"Oooh~" Cherry teased.

Cody and Penny looked over to her.

"What?" Cherry shrugged innocently.

"Um, could we have a moment alone?" Penny and Cody asked.

"What?" Cherry replied.

"Sure, kids, you have some fun," Atticus smiled. "We have some grown-up business anyway."

"Yay!" Penny and Cody cheered.

"Be careful now!" Atticus called.

"Don't worry, Atticus, I'll keep an eye on her!" Cody called back as he went to go swimming with Penny.

"He sure is going to be in for a surprise." Mo smiled.

Drell soon came up behind them to come and see them.

"But what does Vanellope want from us?!" Cherry cried out.

Drell hid a small smirk as this was the end for right now, ending on a cliffhanger.

The End