Everything was on fire and it was all Adrien's fault.

Not that it was a bad thing, far from it. He loved seeing the flames reaching for the sky, wrecking everything in their path, but not caring, just growing, devouring...

"Nice night, isn't it mon Chaton?"

His head snapped around to lock eyes with the silver-clad figure, as she stroked her knife against her cheek in a way he figured she must have found to be seductive. Lady Luck herself.

"Do you like playing with fire, Miss Fortune?"

"Only yours, love," she said, slowly meandering towards him, leaning in for a kiss that he quickly pushed away.

"Not tonight, Lucky."

She pouted at this, folding her arms. "You know, I have guys begging me to date them. Wait too long..."

"And you'll get snapped up by some idiot detention rat?"

"Don't be so insecure, beloved," she giggled, batting her lashes in a way that made Adrien dizzy. "You're still my only."


The flames rose higher, and suddenly, Adrien heard something he didn't like very much.

A siren.

"Listen, Lucky, I hate to leave you, but the damn firetruck is here, which means the show's basically over. Also, I have school, and so do you. Probably." He honestly didn't know anything about Miss Fortune's normal life, but everyone went to school, right?

"Buzzkill. Fine, but we're still on for the Agreste Manor at dusk, right?"


She grinned, and leaped of the building in a graceful backflip. She was undeniably beautiful... but Adrien had his gaze locked on someone else.

As the transformation washed over him, the thick leather jacket and ripped jeans made themselves known. Chat Blanc's persona disappeared, leaving Adrien Agreste, Gabriel Agreste's rebellious disappointment. With a grin, the boy pocketed a knife, and strode into the College Francoise Dupoint.

Three hours late.

He strolled through the hall, and rounded a corner to collide with-

His face split with a huge smile as the dark-haired beauty glared at him, blue eyes cold. "You," she hissed.

"Indeed, my beautiful Princess," he smirked, grabbing her hand and pulling it up to his lips.

That hand was quickly yanked from his grasp, and became a fist, which collided with his nose.

Laughing, Adrien stumbled back. "That hurt, Princess!"

"It was meant to, jerkass," she smiled sweetly. "I don't have time for idiots like you."

His hand fluttered to his heart. "Your words are so cruel..." He grabbed her, pulling her into a kiss. "But your lips, so sweet."

She looked him in the eye, smiled, and screamed. "HELP ME! PLEASE! SOMEONE!"

Adrien let go instantly, but not before the teacher rushed out of the room and interpreted the situation.

"Mr. Agreste! This is not okay!"

He moaned softly. "Did you have to, Marinette?"

The teacher shook her head. "Of course. Miss Dupain-Cheng. Figures you'd be tied up in this."

She put on doe-eyes instantly, nearly feigning tears. "He was k-kissing me! And I didn't want it! Please, Mme. Bustier, keep him away from me!"

Mme. Bustier sighed. "Both of you, go to the principal's office."

"What? Why me?"

"I doubt Mr. Agreste's nose started bleeding of its own accord."

Pouting, Marinette trudged down the hall with Adrien. "Why were you in the hall, anyway?"

"Cut the first few hours to watch that gnarly fire on the other side of the city, you?"

She frowned. "... Same, actually. I heard Chat Blanc caused it?"

"With Cataclysm to a stick of dynamite."

Marinette smirked. "It sure would be a shame if he decided to hit your house, wouldn't it?"

Knowing that was exactly what would happen that night, Adrien arched an eyebrow. "If that happens, I'm sure my beloved Princess will be right there to comfort me."

"Hmm... with pepper spray, maybe."

They reached the office and entered, smiles playing across both lips.

"Agreste, Dupain-Cheng, I'm shocked. Sit down," the secretary rolled her eyes.

"Thanks, Lucy!" they chorused.

"Mme. Andreas to you two hooligans."

The hooligans in question collapsed on the couch for the hundredth time that year.

Adrien studied the rings on his hands, seven of them, and grinned at the simple silver one that adorned his right thumb. The ring that granted freedom beyond measure. Chat Blanc's ring.

"So, you know you're really not allowed to kiss a girl without permission? Or did you have that shitty an upbringing?"

"I had that shitty of an upbringing," he smiled. "You know that better than most."

"Do you know how pathetic it is that the girl you harass and who beats you up is the one who knows you best?"

He sighed. "Yep."

She looked away, and folded her arms. "So, how are things going with your dad, anyway?"

"I think he's starting to realize that I'm not something he can control. The detentions and suspensions certainly help with that."

"Good. You're getting better at kissing, by the way. Still awful, but better."

"Thanks. Oh, and what about you? Have yours changed at all?"

She shook her head. "Nope. My dad still only cares about my report card and extracurriculars, and my mom still keeps me at an arm's length unless she's pissed."

"Sucks. Think my predatory ways will activate any protective instincts?"

"Worth a try."

They sat in silence for a minute.

"I still hate you."

"I still want you."

She rolled her eyes again. "And you're never going to have me."

"You know, some girls would literally jump off the Eiffel tower for a kiss from me. Wait too long..."

"And you'll get snapped up by some psycho with issues worse than yours? Can't wait."

He was flooded with a sense of deja-vu, but shook it off. "Nah, you're the only one for me."

They were called in, and Adrien offered an arm.

"No way, prettyboy."

That night, he met Miss Fortune at the Eiffel.

"Hey," he said, swinging down.

"Hey, mon Chaton?"


"Can we... There's a guy in that house called Adrien, and he's a... friend of mine? Sort of? Whatever, just, can we not hurt him?"

"What, are you a fangirl or something?"

She looked at him, clearly disgusted by the idea. "Ew. No. I'm in love with you, duh. He's just... a classmate. That's all. Look, is it possible or not?"

He raised an eyebrow. This was the first time Fortune asked not to hurt someone... and it was him. And apparently they were classmates.

"Hmm... it's doable. But you know I'll find out who you are at this rate."

"Maybe you will."

They exchanged a wry grin, and with that, Adrien broke down his own door.