Food Glorious Food & Oliver Reaction

The orphans look so depressed as they enter the dining room. I don't blame them. It seems like they go through the same routine every day. What a boring life they seem to lead. I would if they ever get outside to play like normal children of if they are worked like dogs all day. The youngest orphan looks about five years old and the oldest looks about eleven of twelve. One innocent boy asked for more food. He seemed to be the oldest one... at that age it's no surprise that he asked for a second helping. Twelve is the age where they start to exprience growth spurts. Instead of giving him more food they scolded him. "What's his name?" asked Mr. Bumble. "Oliver." the other orphans chorused...and then they started singing a song about him.

"Curse the day somebody named him Oliver."

What a horrible thing to say.. he seems to me like a sweet young boy. I saw this as an outside observer mostly... I don't officially meet him until later on in Act 1.