Tsustar Week 2016

Disclaimer: I don't own Soul Eater or any of it's characters.

Chapter 01: Soul Mates

What is a soul mate?

Most people would say it's the person you are meant to be, the person who your souls knows deep down that you belong with.

But then the question arises how do you know who your soul mate is?

Was there any way to really know?

When Tsubaki was just a small girl her town held a fair. She had wandered away from her parents and found a fortune teller.

The woman was elderly and kind. She looked at into her palm and smiled.

"You have a wonderful life ahead of you." The old woman told her with a kind smile.


"Yes, my dear. You are going to grow up to be beautiful kind young woman. You will be brave and righteous. You are going to have many loyal friends." She sighed, "Your life won't be easy, there will be a great trial from inside your own family but you won't be alone. There will be someone by your side. Someone loud and abrasive and just difficult to deal with. They will love you dearly though."

Tsubaki didn't really understand it but it sounded pretty good.

"Is that everything about my future?"

"There is one more thing, you love life. You soul mate will one day find you. "

Tsubaki grew excited hearing this, she always heard about souls mates in fairy tales and that those people would be happy together.

The old lady continued, "He will love you. He will love you more than he loves himself… even if that doesn't seem possible."

"How will I know when I meet him?"

"That hard to say." She told Tsubaki. "But you will know one day. He will love you more than you thought was possible. To him you will be as beautiful and wondrous as the stars in heaven itself."

The young Tsubaki couldn't help but blush, would there really be someone who thought she was so beautiful. She was just the camellia blossom that no one noticed.

Years later when visiting her family she sat outside with Black Star. They stared up into the sky.

Black Star looked up into the sky, "If I'm the dark night sky then you're the shinning stars."

Tsubaki turned to him shocked at his kind words. She vaguely remembered the old woman's words.

She smiled softly, she didn't need those words to prove to her that Black Star was her soul mate but it certainly didn't hurt to hear.

Author's Notes: This is the start of Tsustar week on tumblr. Today's theme is Soul mates. So I wrote this cute drabble. Leave a review telling me what you think. I'm going to try to write one drabble day.