Chapter 1: Welcome to The Job

Author's Note Part 1: Alright guys, welcome to my second attempt at this kind of story, with a few key differences from my first attempt, which I never uploaded… Like many other stories on my account. That aside, If you couldn't tell from the categories that this is gonna be placed in, then this is not gonna be like the other FNAF stories on this site. Hell, I haven't even looked to see if there are any other stories in this crossover category at the time that I'm writing this Author's Note. But that aside for now, I guess that I should explain how this is gonna play out, seeing as it goes against "canon".

(Moved this to regular FNAF category due to lack of SAO elements present during this first story)

See, for those of you who don't know, the "Canon" for the FNAF storyline is that all the events in the offices are actually dreams that the child from FNAF 4, who wasn't the victim of the Bite of '87, was having at home, until the last one, where he's dreaming of his house, while he's actually in the hospital. Sorry about the spoilers, but I figured it would be common knowledge by this point. And for those of you who want more info on this, and haven't already done what I'm about to suggest, go and watch The Game Theorists on YouTube for a better explanation overall.

Now, another thing for all of you to know. There's gonna be a very, very big change to this, if you couldn't tell from the title, and possibly the summary, I've changed the "Toy-Animatronics" in a drastic manner… I'll be putting up a link on my bio (since I've found out how to do that the correct way) to pictures of how I've written them out, but for those of you who are continuing to read through this before you go check the link, I'll just say it this way.

Think of Miku the Vocaloid, and apply that "rule" to the "Toy-Animatronics" in this story. In other words, they're gonna be a lot more human-like in this, and more. As for my OC, like my many other OC's that I've made for similar crossover stories, mine will also have gone through certain events in his past. However, as opposed to many of the other stories like this on my profile, this will take place in the exact same universe.

Anyways, there's not much more for me to say here, other than I hope that you guys enjoy the story. Welcome, to "Freddy Fazbear's Animatronics"!

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(Also, big thanks to two authors on this site, who's stories were the inspiration for some of the events in the story you're about to read, with the first being the one who actually inspired me to start the story. The first is the author of the story "Camera Angles", and his profile name is Donrocs1. As for the other, his FNAF series takes place around his OC Alex Redding's (Who my character's name is not based off, seeing as I actually started to read his stories shortly after starting this AN) the first story in his series being titled "Five Nights at Freddy's: Battle for the Pizzaria". The author for that is called Freelancer Josiah So, thanks to the both of them for what's coming, and I hope you enjoy the outcome.)

3rd Person POV:

It was a dark and stormy night…

No, I'm just fucking with you. There's no way I'm starting this story out in a cliché manner like that. In all honesty, the sky was pretty clear the night this story starts. Although thanks to the pollution pumped out by factories around town, you couldn't really see the stars above. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. So, introductions are in order I believe.

Hey, the name's Alexander Kirigaya. Although most people just stick to calling me Alex. Up until a week before this story starts, I'd been living in Japan with a family that had all but adopted me, hence why I use their last name. However, thanks to circumstances in terms of money, I'd been forced to head back to the good old US of A, and find a job, seeing as no one in the area wanted to offer me one thanks to my past… More on that later.

Anyways, back in America, I had the same amount of luck finding a job as I did in Japan. At least until I found an ad in the paper. Surprising, really, seeing as hardly anyone actually looks over the newspaper anymore what with the local news broadcasting everything you need to know throughout the world. But, I digress. It was a small ad, offering the position of Night Guard at a local pizzeria. Apparently, it was a very, very old one that was re-opening thanks to modern technology. In case it wasn't obvious from the new name they gave the place.

Freddy Fazbear's Vocaloid Pizzeria

Just the name alone told me what I needed to know… In a way. It was a pizzeria that was probably something of a Chuck E. Cheese rip-off in the past, which was now able to turn into its own thing because of the new introduction of Vocaloids. Granted, the small businesses were only given something of Prototype models, so while they were all pretty much human, they still had a few things that separated them from being completely flesh and blood. But, that would be explained to me later.

That aside, I decided to try to get the job the second I saw it, figuring I'd be turned away yet again thanks to circumstances I'd been involved in… Circumstances that I had no control over at the time. But, once again, I digress. Needless to say that when I walked in and talked to the owner about the position, I'd been given the job practically on the spot. Once that was done and I'd filled out the application, He'd given me a tour of the place, and introduced me to the Vocaloids that were there for entertainment.

Freddy Fazbear, the one that the establishment was obviously named after. His appearance wasn't all that surprising to me. Black shoes, black dress pants held up by a brown belt, a white button up shirt with a brown vest over it, a yellow flower present on the left side, a black bow-tie, and to top it off a black top hat. Physically, he looked like a human with Caucasian skin, blue eyes, short brown hair… A brown bear ears. Just to drive home the fact that this used to be a restaurant with animatronics in the past, further proving my "Chuck E. Cheese rip-off" theory.

Bonnie the Rabbit, who despite the nature of the name, was actually a guy rabbit Vocaloid. Although, his outfit and appearance definitely made it questionable when you looked at him. Light blue shoes, dark blue dress pants, a vest that was light blue near the bottom but turned into a dark blue in the chest area, before going back to light blue for the short sleeves, sitting over a white button up shirt, and a red bow-tie. As for his physical appearance, he had Caucasian skin, green eyes, short blue hair, and blue rabbit ears.

Mangle, who was named as such due to the fact that she was a bit on the "malfunctioning" side. She was probably one of the most surprising. Black shoes, white and pink stripped stockings, black shorts, and something that looked close to being a pink trench coat over a button up shirt that was a lighter shade of pink, with a bright pink bow-tie to top it off. Her physical appearance included having very pale Caucasian skin, Yellow eyes with her pupils being slits, short white hair with another pink bow on the right side of her head, with white fox ears poking out of the top of her hair, a white fox tail that was present at the small of her back… And an extra mechanical head that came out of her back that I was sure had sent a few kids into tears.

Chica the Chicken, the only other female Vocaloid beside Mangle, who was present up on stage to sing with Freddy and Bonnie, was probably the most surprising. Yes, she was the only "main" female character of the establishment, but I didn't expect what I saw when the owner first pointed her out to me. She was wearing yellow shoes and black stockings that went up to just above her knees. Above that she had on pink cut-off shorts, and I mean shorts, which were also apparently overalls if the straps over her shoulders were anything to go by.

Then, she had on a yellow T-shirt that only just managed to cover her bust, and over that was something that looked like a custom-made cooking outfit, if the white frills were anything to go by, along with writing on the front that read "Let's Party!". She was also wearing black fingerless gloves, and held in her left hand was a tray with a single cupcake with pink frosting, and a single candle… And blue eyes. As for Chica, she had Caucasian skin, bright blue eyes, and long yellow hair that was styled to look slightly like the top of a baby chick's head.

Balloon Boy, a young Vocaloid, who would blow up and hand out balloons to kids when they put a quarter into a slot beside him was probably the most "human" looking out of them. He appeared to be a young boy around 14 years old wearing brown shoes, blue pants, a T-shirt with vertical red and blue stripes, and a hat with the same blue and red stripes, with a small light brown fan on top. He had Caucasian skin, blue eyes that looked more "human" than the other Vocaloids, and short brown hair.

And finally, the Marionette, who handed out prizes at the Prize Counter. This one… Was a bit tricky. With how skinny it was, I couldn't honestly tell if it was a guy or girl, and the fact that it was silent also didn't help matters. However, it was tall, very skinny, and like I said, never spoke. Although, I guess that kinda fit its role as a puppet… Even though it was supposed to be a Vocaloid… Meh, wasn't really my place to question it, I guess.

All introductions aside, I guess I should get to the actual important parts of my story. Starting with my first shift as the Night Guard… And the one that led me to now. My fifth, and possibly final night, At Freddy Fazbear's Vocaloid Pizzeria…

3rd Person POV:

At 11:45 PM, front doors to "Freddy Fazbear's Vocaloid Pizzeria" opened, and in stepped 19 year old Alexander Kirigaya, the new Night Guard to the establishment. He was dressed in the stereotypical Night Guard outfit, with black shoes, dark blue pants, a blue vest over a white shirt, the Night Guard badge on the left side, and a blue Night Guard cap. His physical appearance included Caucasian skin, black hair, and blue eyes.. After locking the door behind him, he makes his way through the establishment towards the office in the back. As he goes, he sees the Vocaloids all plugged in, and in their "sleep mode". He takes the time to look them over, noticing how they looked, well, asleep, when compared to earlier that day when he'd seen them moving around.

Shaking his head to clear it, he makes his way out of the main party area and down one of the halls, passing a few of the party rooms, including Mangle's room. On the other side of the establishment were the bathrooms, the arcade, a couple other party rooms, and the Prize Counter where the Marionette was. When he arrives at the office and takes a seat, he takes a quick look around. There was a desk in front of him with a few drawers, and a large glass window in the wall above it that allowed him to look out into the hall that led between the two sides of the building.

To his left was the doorway he entered through, and he notes the "Door" and "Light" switches beside it, pressing them experimentally, causing a solid door to drop from the ceiling and seal the room, while the light illuminates the area directly outside the door, thanks to most of the establishment being pitch black. Looking to his right after raising the door, he sees a small ventilation shaft situated into the wall just above the floor, with a similar "Light" switch above it, and behind him was the same thing. Swiveling the chair back around, he takes a glance around the office again, raising an eyebrow in confusion when he sees a lack of computer terminal, despite the multiple cameras he'd seen earlier.

Maybe I should have asked the owner more questions… He thinks to himself, especially when he remembers how the cleaning crew that had left right when he was showing up had looked at him, before shaking their heads as if they were watching him march off to an unwinnable war… Which slightly unnerved him. However, he's broken out of his musings when he hears a faint ringing, and after looking around the office, he notes that the ringing was coming from one of the draws in the desk in front of him. Opening it, he finds a flashlight, and a tablet, which was the source of the ringing.

Raising an eyebrow, he picks both up, placing the flashlight on the desk in front of him, and then taps the button that answers the call on the tablet. When this happens, a voice comes from the other end, which Alex identifies as male, even if the reception wasn't all that well due to the faint static that was present, and distorting the voice speaking to him. "Uh, Hello? Hello, hello?" The voice asks, and Alex leans back in his chair, propping his feet on the desk, as he answers.

"Hello, this is the new Night Guard, Alex, speaking." He answers.

"Well, hello, and welcome to your new summer job at the new, and improved, Freddy Fazbear's Vocaloid Pizzeria. Uh, I'm here to talk you through some of the things you can expect to see during your first week here, and help you get started down this new and exciting career path." The man continues, making Alex frown a bit, since as a Night Guard at a pizza place, he didn't really expect much except for maybe a few of the local kids trying to break in and mess around… Although thinking about it, the Vocaloids would be pretty valuable to steal…

"Alright, so what can I expect in this place? I can already think of the local "trouble-making" kids trying to get in, or maybe a few people trying to get to the Vocaloids…" He admits, and the guy gives a bit of nervous laughter over the call.

"Uh, right, well… I guess you're not exactly from around here if you're expecting that…" The man mutters, making Alex frown as he places his feet on the ground, eyeing the clock as it ticks over to 12:05 AM.

"What do you mean?" He asks, getting more nervous laughter in response.

"Well, it's nothing really, just a few things that happened in the past… And I mean around 40 years ago back when there were still animatronics, and before the introduction of Vocaloids. But, those events are behind the company now, and with them happening so long ago, they're really not worth mentioning." The man says, making Alex fix a confused, and suspicious, look on the tablet in his hands. "Anyways, a few things to know about the Vocaloids in there. They're a lot like the others that you see around, except that these ones were programmed more for children entertainment, than singing." The man states, and Alex decides to let him off the hook… For now.

"Yeah, I kinda figured that much. Anything else about them that's noteworthy?" He asks the man, and he can hear the guy clear his throat over the call.

"Well, they've all been tied into some kind of criminal database, so they've been given the ability to spot a threat a mile away… Hell, we should be paying them to guard you." The guy says in a joking tone, and Alex snorts out a laugh.

"Yeah, true enough… If they weren't "sleeping" that is." He states. However, in response to his words, the call goes silent for a few seconds, before the guy on the other end clears his throat.

"Uh, yeah… About that actually. See, with the extra systems installed in them, that means that there are also bound to be some… Kinks as well…" The man says, and Alex raises an eyebrow, before glancing out the window as he hears a noise outside, except that he's not really able to see anything besides the wall decorated with posters across from his room. "You see, you're only the second guard to work at that location. See, the first guy finished his week, but complained about… Conditions. Uh, we switched him over to the day shift, so, uh, lucky you, right?" The guy asks, before coughing into the call again, making Alex turn his attention back to the tablet in his hands.

"Yeah, lucky me. But… Conditions? What kind of conditions are we talking about here?" He asks in confusion and suspicion, since the way the guy said that, it didn't seem like he was talking about the normal kind of conditions that a Night Guard would expect…

"Well, mainly he expressed concern that the Vocaloids tended to… Well, move after Midnight. With a few attempting to get into his office." The man states, making Alex's eyes widen at the news, before they fly to the buttons on the wall to his left, his left hand immediately slamming into the "Door" button, and causing the solid door to slam down to the ground in response, before he turns his attention back to the tablet in his hand, looking it over as the man on the other end continues to talk.

"However, from what we know, that should be impossible, since the Vocaloids should be in "sleep" mode at that time. However, our engineers decided that the best explanation for this is that they were never actually given a proper "sleep mode", and at the start of the new day, 12 AM, they would activate for a few hours, before going back into "sleep mode" until the building opens up." The man explains as Alex sees that the tablet has a couple other apps on it, including internet, a messaging system, and the one that connected to the cameras around the establishment.

"So basically…" Alex begins as he opens the Camera App, looking at the scene shown to him, which happened to be the main area with the stage. And on it, the three Vocaloids were standing there instead of leaning against the wall "sleeping" as they charged. However, he wasn't really given the best view of them, and from what he could tell, standing there was all they were doing… At the moment at least. "What you're telling me is that for the entirety of my shift, the Vocaloids are gonna be active? And trying to get to me… Why?" He asks, getting another cough from the other end of the call as the man starts to respond.

"Well, the working theory is that since they're "awake" at this point in time, they're trying to do what they're programmed to do, and entertain. However, since there's no one around but you, it's thought that they're trying to go there in order to do just that." The guy explains, making Alex raise an eyebrow in confusion.

"But then why would the last guy complain? I mean, from the sounds of it, they would've been given a free "concert" or something while they worked. So what's with the concerns?" He asks with his suspicion outweighing his confusion. In response, the guy on the other end gives a nervous laugh.

"Well, according to him, uh, well the Vocaloids weren't acting like themselves. From what he said, apparently they tried to get into the office in different ways. Whether it was through the doorway, those vents, hell, he even said one of them tried to get in through the window. But there were no marks, so it wasn't very believable… Then again, we did make it bullet proof…" Alex almost didn't hear the last part, but at this moment, he was now turning on the lights in the vent to check for the Vocaloids in question.

"Now, we do have a temporary solution for… One, of the Vocaloids. On the tablet is an added App that'll allow a music box in the Prize Counter to wind up and make the Vocaloid that's present there, stay there. So just, every few minutes, switch over to the Prize Counter feed, and wind up the music box in there." The man explains, making Alex immediately switch over to that camera feed, and see that the circle showing the Music Box's time was only about an eighth gone. Still, that didn't stop him from winding it all the way once more.

"For the other Vocaloids, the easier solution is just to stay in your office and stay away from them, just in case anything the first Night Guard there said was true. However, if they do manage to get in there, we've given you a Freddy Mask in the top right hand drawer in your desk." The man on the other end of the call says, making Alex open the drawer in question, and find a small mask with a string that could be wrapped around the back of his head, and make him look like an animatronic version of the Freddy on stage.

"One last thing to mention is the layout of your office. With the renovations done to this place, it was changed a bit from last time. The last version had doors on either side leading out into hallways. This time, there's only one door, and a couple vents in place, while a large window was put into the wall in front of you, so that you weren't only staring at either the tablet, or a blank wall for six hours… Uh, anyways, that should be it." The man tells Alex, who's now looking through a few other feeds, seeing the three Vocaloids on stage now in their "active" modes as they look around the large room. Luckily, it seemed that Mangle and Balloon Boy were still "sleeping", while the music box kept the Marionette in the Prize Counter.

"Uh, check the cameras, keep the music box running, use the Freddy Mask if you need to, you should be golden… Oh, uh, one last thing. From what the boss said, Chica seemed to take an interest in you earlier when you showed up. So, if they do head towards you, and you end up seeing her more than the others, don't be surprised. Anyways, that should be it. So, have a good night, and I'll talk to you again tomorrow." With that, the call was cut off, and Alex was left alone in the pizzeria.

With the exception of the Vocaloids that possibly wanted to kill him…

"Fuck me…"

Author's Note Part 2: Alright guys, so here's my FNAF x SAO crossover! Although, I'll admit I took a bit of the Vocaloid route with this as well, as stated in the first Author's Note. And honestly… Not much else to add, other than the fact that you guys are probably already able to tell one reason I chose this route instead of having the normal "Toy-Animatronics". Although I do have a few other reasons that you'll learn down the road.

Anyways, this chapter was more of a prologue to it, even though it's around 4K words so far. With that being said, It's now just past 11:30 PM, so what I'm gonna do is that I'm gonna go to bed, and then when I wake up tomorrow, I'll look over the chapter one more time, and then post it for you all to read. Expect more of this story to come over the next few weeks, cause I'm currently on an RV trip with my family…

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