Darkness and that's all he knew. Sherlock won, he fell into darkness.. Into pain and suffering. So much pain and rage..

Darkness and screams and fire..

That's all he knew and that's what he became. Rage..

He became Rage.. A stoppable force with powers.

His knew boss like this revenge oh and he was going to get it.

He look into mirror and smirked.

Same old suit but better..

"Did You Miss Me" he sent out smirk played from his lips.

"Oh this world is going to burn"

"DEAN DEAN WAKE UP" shouted a voice and something hit him. He groaned and woke up with start.

Sitting up yet still sleepy, Dean Winchester half glared at his brother who already was dressed In his usual plaid and yawned yet again.

"I'm awake.. Now let me sleep" he mumbled falling back into the bed. He put pillow over his head and tried to sleep but his brother took pillow.

"Sammy I love you but" Dean groaned and finally got out of bed.

"Dean get dress and grab your passport" Sam threw the bag at him making him Catch it .

"Pastport" he mumbled and started to pack his clothes not really sure what's going on.

"Cas is going to be there with guns and everything we can't take on plane " Sam said looking around and than looking at his phone.

Dean groaned and looked at him confused.

"Quit the bullshit and tell me what's going on" getting annoyed and not wanting to be on plane. He swallowed at the thought of getting on a plane.

Sam pulled out his phone and showed the text they got just moments before. Deans eyes went wide and started at the phone.

"She quit why would she.."Dean asked making sure he had everything.

"I know but this is is going to change the world"Sam swallowed little fear in his voice.

They headed down stairs once dressed. Sam already packed things and put them in the car.

They didn't want to miss the flight do Dean drove as fast as possible and didn't take them to Long as they got on the plane.

Cas mean whole put as many things they would need in bags that he could carry. Knowing that they probably needed as much help and as much salt as ever.

He grabbed all the bags and headed to the met up.

He arrived at the dressed, making sure he wasn't seen knock on the door.

"Come in here dearie" she said pulling him into her flat and locking the door.

"Now I'm not your house keep I'm hunter and when need all help we can get" she said with serious look on her face.