It was an ordinary day. Joey was lying on the couch with his laptop, which was supported by a fluffy grey pillow, placed on his thighs and Wolf lying by his feet. Daniel was out watering the flowers in the garden with Storm running around chasing the jet of water from the hose.

"Joey!" Daniel yelled, "can you call Storm to you?"
"Storm, get in here!" Joey called from the house.

Storm didn't react to the command at all and kept his eyes at the spraying water. Joey then quickly got up from the couch to go out and get Storm, but just when he stood up the whole room started spinning, and it took a couple of seconds before he could let go of the armrest, he had clung too, and headed out into the garden. Out in the garden Daniel turned around and looked at Joey.

"You look a little pale sweety are you okay?" Daniel asked concerned.
"Yeah, yeah I just got off the couch to fast", Joey replied.

Joey then stood and looked around in the garden for a while. He looked at the white wooden fences, which surrounded the entire garden, and suddenly he felt very enclosed.

"I don't like how the garden feel", Joey said.
"Excuse me?!" Daniel exclaimed. He had used a lot of hours decorating and planting a lot of colorful flowers around in the garden.
"No, you have done an amazing job with the garden", Joey quickly corrected himself. "I sometimes just feel like I am in a cage, there is not enough view".
Daniel went over to Joey and hugged him. "Well we can have that, can we?" he said and thought of a solution. "I'll bet if we just build something, which is higher than the fences, we could get a good view over the city".
Joey looked at Daniel with a funny expression on his face, "if WE build something?"
They both new Joey wasn't the handy one of those two, and Daniel then looked at him with a big smiled on his face, "if I build something", he grinned, "how does a planform on the roof sounds?"
"Do you wanna build a planform on the roof? It is not gonna be too hard?" Joey asked.
"I will do anything to make you happy", Daniel said and gave Joey a quick kiss.

Daniel then ran over, got the water hose and sprayed a little water on Joey before continuing watering his flowers. Joey giggled, grabbed Storm and went inside, so Daniel could finish his work.