Daniel and Joey was sitting together in the grey sofa in the living room. The light was dimed and Across the universe was rolling over the screen. Daniel had his arm around Joey while Joey's head was resting on Daniel's shoulder. Joey suddenly sat up and winched as his whole body tensed up.

"Something wrong?" Daniel asked and took Joey's hand.

Joey squeezed Daniel's hand for a few seconds before letting go.

"No. No that has happened several times this week. I just don't think my body likes all this weight in the front", Joey said and exhaled deeply.
"Sound like you could use some massage tonight", Daniel said in a flirtatious tone.
"I wouldn't say no to that", Joey said as he looked into Daniel's eyes. "But right now, I need you to pull me up, I got to get a snack."
"Shouldn't I just get something for you?" Daniel asked.
"I can still walk", Joey said a little offended. "But I can't get off this couch."

Daniel stood up, pulled Joey up from the couch and sat down again to watch the movie.
Joey went to the kitchen, at got himself a bowl of cereals. The way back he had to stop and put one hand against his lower back as a sharp pain rushed through, which made him moan a little. He nearly dropped the bowl but managed to keep in his other hand. He then sat down besides Daniel again.

"You're sure you are okay?" Daniel asked.
"Yes… I told you I'm fine", Joey said and took a spoonful of cereals.

Twenty minutes later Daniel looked over at Joey, who was fast asleep but miraculously still had managed to balance the empty bowl on his belly. Daniel then took the bowl away and carefully moved Joey to a lying position on the couch. He then took a soft white blanket and covered him with it. Just before heading to the bedroom, Daniel lifted the blanket aside a bit to expose Joey's stomach. He gently stroke the warm bump and gave it a soft little kiss.

"I can't wait to meet you", Daniel whispered before covering Joey's torso up again.

When leaving the room both Storm and Wolf were lying on the floor beside Joey, which made Daniel smile and go to bed with a calm mind.

"Good boys", Daniel whispered.

In the middle of the night Joey again started having waves of pain. Now they were so intense that they spread all the way from his lower back and down to his feet. He tried changing position but it didn't help at all. Upstairs, in the bedroom, Daniel was fast asleep when Wolf jump up on the bed and started pushing him.

"Wolf… Down…", Daniel said in a drowsy voice, and tried to get Wolf to leave.

As Wolf continued, Daniel sat up, and then heard some strange noises coming from down stairs. He got out of bed and rushed down. On the couch, Joey was crawled up, covered in sweat and shivered.

"Joey, what is wrong?!" Daniel said and ran to his side. "Why didn't you yell for me?".
Joey looked up at Daniel and breathed heavily.
"I… I couldn't… the pain", Joey stuttered just before letting out a big moan of pain.
"I'll call for an ambulance, just stay there", Daniel said and grabbed Joey's phone from the table next to the couch.

Daniel took Joey's hand and looked him in the eyes as the phone called up.

"You just squeeze my hand as hard as you please, okay? The help will be here soon". Daniel said as Joey started panting next to him. "Hallo? I need an ambulance my boyfriend is in severe pain, come quick".

Daniel hung up the phone and stroke Joey over the forehead.

"Oh sweety you are burning up", Daniel said in a worrying voice.
"Really? I feel so cold. Something must be really wrong… The baby…", Joey said quietly.
"Shh… It's gonna be alright", Daniel whispered.

After a few minutes the doorbell rang. Daniel let go of Joey's hand and opened the door. Two men rolled in a stretcher and carefully placed Joey on it. Daniel again got a firm grip of Joey's hand and didn't let go all the way to the hospital, even when Joey on the way lost consciousness.

When the doors opened a team of doctors was ready to receive Joey, but Michelle or Mark was not among them.

"Male, 25, complained of strong abdominal pain…", the ambulance driver got interrupted by Daniel.
"The only doctors he need to see is Mark or Michelle", Daniel said.

Just before he driver got to react to Daniels outburst Michelle appeared from behind the other doctors.

"Daniel, what is happening", Michelle asked concerned.
"I found him in the living room all curled up and shivering", Daniel answered.

Michelle grabbed the stretcher and rolled Joey into an examination room for tests. After some time, she looked worried at Daniel.

"We need to take him in for an acute C-section, and we need to do it under anesthetics since he is in such a poor condition at the moment", Michelle said.

Daniel teared up and looked at Michelle.

"Is it gonna be safe? For both of them?", Daniel asked.
"It is the only thing that can be done", Michelle said and put his hand on Daniels, which were still holding on to Joey's. "You need to let him go now".

Daniel hesitated for a second before giving Joey a kiss on the forehead and letting go of his hand. A nurse stood back with Daniel as Michelle rolled Joey to the operating room.
The nurse followed Daniel to a private waiting room and got him some coffee and biscuits, but Daniel didn't touch it. Minutes felt like hours for Daniel, but he had not been in the room for more than an hour before Michelle stepped through the door. Daniel stood up and took a deep breath.

"Is he?" Daniel asked.
"He made it. He is strong", Michelle said, smiled and moved closer to Daniel. "And so is your baby. Congratulations"
"I have a… baby. I'm a dad?", Daniel said excited as he gave Michelle a big hug. "Wait, wait. Boy or girl?".
"Go find out for yourself", Michelle said and blinked at Daniel.

Daniel entered a room where the rising sun was shining bright orange outside the window, and on the bed in the corner Joey was sitting, holding and talking to what from a distance only looked like a white blanked. Joey looked up, as he heard Daniel's footsteps, and smiled.

"Come here. Our daughter wants to meet her second dad", Joey said.

Daniel went up beside Joey, who handed the tiny newborn girl to him.

"A girl… We have a daughter", Daniel said and carefully placed the baby in his arms.
"For once you were right", Joey said and giggled a bit.
"I am always right and here is the prove", Daniel said and looked down at the little girl, who had thin dark brown hair on her head and rich red lips. "But maybe you'll guess right the next time".
"Next time?!", Joey exclaimed. "Next time it will be your turn to carry it".

They both looked at each other and laughed. Daniel crawled up beside Joey in the bed and placed their daughter between them. Right in that moment she opened her eyes for the first time and got her fist peak of what a wonderful adventures life she had in store.