Joey was always busy with planning his next video. It had been a long time since he had filmed a collab-video with Daniel, which made a type of galaxy DIY perfect for a next week's video. As Joey was setting up for the video he let out a big yawn. Daniel was already sitting at the white crafting table and looked up from placing the stuff needed for the video.

"How can you be tired? You've slept 10 hours, and you properly had slept more if I hadn't woken you up", Daniel said.
"It is just a yawn!" Joey snapped at Daniel. "And I have to be able to stay awake for the award tonight, and since I have been so tired lately some extra hours of sleep can't hurt".

Daniel was a bit confused, since Joey very rarely had such a short temper even if he had not gotten much sleep. He didn't want to upset Joey any further before filming a video so he just sat silently and waited for Joey to finish setting up the camera.

Joey: "Ahh, good day everyone! And welcome to today's video. Today I'm here with Daniel".
Daniel: "You indeed are. Hello".
Joey: "Today we are going to make a galaxy flower! You need a type of fake flower. I got a rose and Daniel…".
"I got a marigold", Daniel said as he winked to the camera.
Joey: "You also need glue, glitter in galaxy colors and…", Joey stopped as he again let out a yawn. "Let's take that part again".

As the filming continued both Joey and Daniel made their galaxy flower, but Daniel noticed that Joey needed to do more retakes than normal, either because he yawned or simply just lost track of what he was talking about several times doing the shoot.

Joey: "Hope you enjoyed this video and if you did please give it a bit thumps up. I will now go wash all this glitter of my hands and suit up for the award, and I will see you soon in another video! Good damn bye".
Joey put his hand at the camera lens and turned off the camera. He then stroked his forehead and let out a long sigh of discomfort. He stood up and immediately felt very dizzy, as he did a few weeks ago. This time he had nothing to hold on to and nearly fell over before Daniel got a hold on him.

"Joey I nearly didn't caught you! You gave me a huge shock. Look at me, what is wrong?" Daniel said.
Joey's eyes flickered as he tried to focus on Daniel. "I don't know. Throughout the video my head gradually started hurting more and more, and then I got all dizzy. I thought some water would help, but when I stood up everything just started turning", Joey said with confusion in his voice.
"Are you sure you are up for going out tonight?" Daniel said in a very concerned voice.
"Daniel I'm nominated for an award I have to be there, I'm fine, my blood sugar is probably just a little low, I have not eaten a lot today", Joey said determined.
Daniel then supported Joey down the stairs and carefully placed him in the couch.
"I'll make some food for us, you just sit and relax", Daniel said.

Daniel then started cooking two courses to give Joey something to choose between, since he didn't knew what he felt like eating now that he was feeling ill. In the meantime Joey, as instructed by Daniel, relaxed on the couch. He would do anything to be ready for a fun night out, where he even could win an award if he was lucky. Both Wolf and Storm were lying peacefully on the floor between the couch and the table as if they knew Joey needed some peace.
But no matter how badly Joey felt, he could not resist taking his vlogging camera and start on today's vlog, as the time before, during and after the award show, of course, had be documented.

"Hey guys I am laying here feeling a bit sorry for myself, because I don't feel that great today, but hopefully I'll feel better in a couple of hours when I have to stand on the red carpet at the Teen Choice Awards! Right now I am waiting for…", Joey continued while Daniel stood in the kitchen and listen to Joey vlogging. He was very worried about Joey and actually didn't want him to go to the show, but on the other hand he knew how much it meant to him, so again he acted like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. He filled a bowl with vegan chicken and rice, put the bread for the other course in the toaster, took the bowl and went over to Joey.
"…I'm very grateful for everyone, who has voted for me, and even if I don't win an award tonight I already feel like a winner because I got you guys, so thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll check in with you later at the awards", Joey finished off while putting on a big smile. Daniel then sat down next to Joey, smiled and stretched the bowl towards him. But it didn't take long before he saw Joey's face turn white.

"What is that?" Joey asked as he held a hand to his mouth.
"It is chicken and rice?" Daniel replied slightly confused.

Joey then pushed the bowl away from him, rose from the couch and ran to the toilet this time not only feeling dizzy but also extremely nauseous. Daniel put down the bowl, ran after him and was at first met by a door in his face, which Joey unconsciously had slammed in distress. Daniel opened the door and found Joey, who had his knees on the floor and head in the toilet. Daniel went over and supported Joey's head and upper back. He could easily see that Joey hadn't got much food down during the day, since the fluid he threw up was very liquid.

When Joey again got his head up, he had tears in his eyes but looked calmly at Daniel.
"I feel fine. I've been feeling bad all day and now I feel just fine", Joey said as he wiped his tears away and stood up. "No more dizziness. No more headaches. I'm fine".