Prologue: My arrival

In a single night in in the town of Shijuku, in the tokyo region, in the big city stands a single young man alone in the loud rain holding an umbrella walking out of an employee station.


"I got rejected off a job today" thought the boy in a dull tone

He is a young brown haired boy his sideburns are so long that they are bradded in sports tape. with a white bandana wearing a white trench coat with white pants and black shoes with gold buckles and blue lines.

He looks down at the always moving puddles and the constant stream running towards the drain.

"Usually I'd run toward home but I promised myself that I should buy a certain game I've been getting me hands on. I might as well buy something to keep myself from thinking about the hardship I just went through" he heads into the end of the sidewalk and across the street lies the videogame store

"Id jaywalk to head there faster but I can't afford getting a ticket." He thought as he starts to repeatly press the go button.

For some reason a cop drives over with his car, as he drives slowly he points at the boy saying nnnnooooooo... slowly and drives away.

The boy feels weirded out but just shrugs it off "It just goes to show that there are some weirdos in town even in authority" "Gosh darn it change you stupid light." "I also hate getting sick"

He eventually walks the road as the light finally goes green thinking if there could be a sequel to the game he wants. As he heads into the store... he turned his head and thought he saw something, but brushed it off and went inside.

He walks out of the video store and holds a bag of snacks plus a videogame of digimon world next quest.

"I've always been a fan of digimon, I got into the genre for about two years now. Now wheneverI think of an adventure, I think of the adventures of digimon." He thought as he is farther away from the store about out of sight and later out of mind.

He later stretches unaware that he raised his umbrella so high that the tip was used as a conducter for electricity. In short his umbrella attracted lightning.

"AAH...!" He felt shocked by surprise and literally shocked, the pain only let him scream for a two seconds, and he couldn't even hear his voice. Next thing he knew, he saw his new game glow as the lighting destroys the bag holding it. But still hangs onto it. He got strick for about seven seconds.

"HOW AM I NOT DEAD ALREADY?!" he thought as he didnt realizedthat the lighting already stopped.

He thought for a moment, and waited another moment to think about how hes not dead. But he also noticed that his clothes aren't dirty from the hit.

"Hmm...?" As he noticed a white blur, two flashes in one day, to him it wouldn't which be a coincidence. But the white blur later moved out of sight without a second thought.

"uggh! If my vision wasnt so blurry I would have noticed it."

But before he could be frustrated, he witnessed a envelope. He walked towards it and noticed that the the raindrops werent affecting it but its not dirty but the strangest part is when the game glowed with it. But as he picked up the envelope, it gloweed brighter like the game.

"Should I open it?...well its rude to read other people's mail but theres no one in miles and the glow makes it strange so"

just as he opens it a light floats out of the letter and hit his game in a second.

"Hey! I need...that...wha?

He got shocked but more suprised that the mail and game turned into a yellow bright spiral and went above him making a portal that looks like a tear in the sky. And sucked him.


While in portal,

"WHOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA!" He yelled as he floats in the endless stream of time and space.

"Uggh...agh...whaa?" He slowly wakes up in a location but he cant see much due to things still being so bright for a bit.

"I see your awake" said a new voice

His eyes slowly open and sees a small bipedal white cat with purple stripes and yellow gloves standing on him.

"Nice to see that you got my note...Ashura."

"Im I dreaming or is there a gatomon on me" "What a second how'd you know my name?"

"You look like an ashura" she joked She laughed a little while he deadpan at her "really?"

"But seriously I checked your phone." She said as she held it.

"Wait what?" He searched his pockets but his phone is not there. He swipped it back as she jumped off him and he started cheking if she did anything weird to it.

"If you thinking if I messed with your phone, I merely took photos with it." She said with a dull look

"can she read minds?" he thought

"No but Im good at stating the obvious" she said with a smirk

"Aah!" He stepped back in shock

He had a few moments to collect himself but He realized some things, he just experienced things that only kids, fans even otakus would die for "Umm..?"

"What is it?" She questioned as she tilted her head


"Don't stutter and just spit it out." She said which he thought was rude

"Alright alright...I have three questions..." he said as he took off his jacket revealing a white jacket with blue lines and a light blue shirt with an angel wings necklace.

"Shoot" she said as she point her finger at him

"Are you really a gatomon?" He said with a confused face

"HHmm?! What are you blind? Of course Im the real deal!" She said

" least Im not dreaming since no ones that rude in my dreams."

"HEY!" she shouted

"Sorry kidding" he giggled a little "So as for the second question, why do you have my phone?"

"You dropped it when you arrived. And I wanted to see one upclose" she answered "WFI you should really put your phone in a new tighter pocket."

"first piece advice I was giving in weeks" he thought since he doesn't know much people

"you had one question left?"

"Huh? Ooh right? Where am I? And what is this place?"

She smiled and said "your on a hill...and on the digital world!" She said he turned around and saw the magnificent view around him.

As he awwed in sight she continued "and where you are right now is the grand valley section of the digital world." She said as they are standing on a grand luscious green land with great hills. With very long river streams with lengths that even rival the Nile river. The mountains are even bigger that the shadows cover large quarters of the area and there is still plenty of sunlight around. The trees look like pine trees but are twice the size of the average tree. As he looks in the sky, there are no clouds but a yellow sun brightening the valley with its warmth. Heck he even sees small child rank digimon running and playing around.

"If your done sight seeing, come with me" she said

"Huh where?" He said as he starred back at her

"To meet my benefactor"

"Benefactor?" He thought confused

"A benefactor is someone who..." she started to explain but interrupt

"I know what it means! But why?"

"Because hes the one who told me to give you the note."

"Ooooohhh...I almost forget about that" he said as he walked "So you were the blur from the lightpost?"

She looked confused "No I just arrived after the lighting. Maybe you saw a bird." She said as she continued walking

He stopped and wondered "If digimon could exist, maybe ghosts could?"

40 minutes later

"Why would he be in here?" He said as he walked in a cave. Apparently, gatomon lead Ashura an open cave behind the mountains which looked like a monsters that was a long walk

"So why is he in here?" He questioned

"He prefers to stay secluded, and why do you suppect its a he?"

"Hey you said he too and...wait a minute I thought digimon had no genders"

They both stop in thought. But just shudder "lets just drop it" "agreed".

"Is this it?" He said as he looked around

"Yes" she answered as they arrived

They look to see a wide open space where all the walls and celing are blue with little stalagmites and stalactites, theres even a mini throne surrounded by small ponds with a stone bridge as the only way to cross.

"So when will he be here?"

"In about five four three two one" she said as she counted her fingers.

They look back at the throne as it glows brighter and brighter which leaves a flash "II'd close your eyes if I were you" she warned and he covers them

As everything clears he sees a person standing infront of the throne.

"Its nice to meet you at last Ashura" said a mysterious women dress in monks clothing

"I am Sanzomon" said the new named digimon

"Woah" he said as said as he never saw this digimon in tv series and now wonders what will happen next.