Chapter 17: (Training Day) Being cautious

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After a whole night of reworking on his abilities while using the other half of the night to sleep. He woke up tired and sweaty and he didn't even have a nightmare.

And as a predicted he sees both gatomon and saber asleep on his bed. "Sigh you guys have beds too..." but they didn't hear him so he brushed it off and got up.

As he got up Gatomon woke up and rubbed her eyes "you smell shower first". Were the first rude words from her mouth.

Ashura grumbles and says "You have a bed you know"

"Don't change the subject because you're touchy" she said

After calming down after a nice shower, slowly puts his clothes on and leaves the door.

As he leaves he sees D'Arcmon run towards the bathroom and pushes Ashura aside

"Ahh" he would have blushed if he hadn't been pushed "Again your naked!" He yell as the bathroom door already closed

"If I didn't transform then I'd be drippy with hair all over your bathroom and you don't have time to clean it up" she stated with a logical reason

"I ...WELL...fine just ask before you run in" he talks outloud through the door.

"How's it different between you and your battles" she said with a smirk which he can't see due to the door.

"Because I have to literally pay for this place along with the money from aunt kushi." He then leaves

"Fair point" but he didn't hear her reply.

After Breakfast. He thought about preparing food for Vermillion but...

He looks around 'huh I guess she left early' he thought as he decides to leave her meal in the fridge with a note.

I got some time before training, I might as well give my pay. He starts to get off his seat and brings an envelope with him.

He then leaves his apartment to head to his landlord's floor. So on the main floor he walks past the lobby. Which leads to Henrietta's floor and door. So he knocks and waits.

The door opens revealing a drowsy Henrietta

"Ashura what are you doing here so early " she said but she was too drowsy too notice her pajamas were a little...loose

"Um, uhh" he blushes "I came to give you this months rent early cause I had a good morning "

"I see" she takes the envelop

"Alright" Ashura prepares to go but says "oh also I should tell you " he makes a button up gesture with his hands and goes out.

Realizing this she blushes and closes the door.

At the digital world, Ashura steps onto a valley

Behind him are Saber and Gatomon and Ashura lends Saber one of the wooden Katanas from Kushinas teaching days.

"Today we are facing a slightly higher digimon"Gatomon said

"You mean champion level"? Saber said

"Yes we can't rely on fighting grunts frequently" she looks serious ", this war has zero grunts almost all are mega if not ultimate so you need to keep your head on your shoulders, both figuratively and literally." She reminded him of his previous reckless endeavors.

"Don't remind me" Ashura said as he rolled his eyes in a embarrassed tone. "So where are we heading today?"

" we're going to test you to attempt you ultimate form again" she stated

He looks Suprised" But I thought..."

"That it would be easy to just access the next evolution like champion? She said in interruption.

"Think Ashura have you seen been able to access more then once?" She said

He opened his mouth but realized it...

Right after training in the dojo before meeting Taichi and Hikari

In the yard during his previous training in outside, he decides to go outside to the digital world.

"It's only a matter of time before Berserker shows up again" Agumon starts pacing around the grass" his master just walks up to you like your a not even a threat" he starts to sweat a bit at the worrying. While Ashura gets him to hold him down

"Woah relax I'm sure if he avoid him while focusing on other competitors we could manage to stay alive." He says with a smile plus we got access to metal greymon we have a chance"


"Great speaking of which let's test the form out" Ashura said as he raises up his digivice. Saber "CHOU SHINKAI!" he yells out




"Eh?" He waits then checks the divice he shakes it but nothing

"Well" saber said as he waited to change but..."I feel nothing" he simply said.

He shouts again but still nothing...and again and again until they got tired and returned home to cook for both Gatomon and Saber

Ashura then looks away from her 'shoot! She's right again' he thought in a upset state of mind so he looks at her.

"But I somehow did it last time" Ashura reminded her

"Well that's probably because of that near death situation and the sudden adrenaline might have given you a aura like burst of extra energy." She said "In other words a fluke."

"It had to be something else more then that" he deadpans

"Regardless you can't rely on situations are miraculous strokes of luck to keep saving you" she said "We need you to be experienced and more careful of your surroundings to keep yourself alive."

"So how should we retain that ability then?" He says ready to hear a solution.

She was suprised "You mean Mavis didn't tell you yet?" She said "Well she must have thought you already knew since you transformed your digimon in front of her" she mumbles so she says "You'll have to keep training with your digimon."


"Because" Gatomon a bit upset didn't like being interrupted " Building the bond and physical experience with your digimon can increase the chances of digivolving back into metalgreymon again."

Ashura looks at saber and as they both nod they agree

"Good attitude, with this attitude you may even head the path to mega evolution someday."


"I said maybe" Gatomon smirked. While Ashura pouted at her face.

When they stopped walking they heard a sound and Ashura slowly puts his head on the ground to hear better and notices were the sounds are going.



"Do you hear that?" Saber said

"It's heading towards our location." Ashura said as they hear the footsteps getting closer. And after seeing the ground slowly shake they soon see the cause as they now see a big digimon

It looks to be a giant shogungekomon which looks pretty upset with its loud noise caused by its horn.

*BLOOWWWWW!* (the noise of it's horns)

"There's a good opportunity for you to test your training" Gatomon points to the opponent "Get ready" she warns him.

"Okay" Ashura and Saber run towards it

Ashura runs around the digimon to find closer cover while Saber blasta two pepper breaths to draw its attention.

"Think cautiously think cautiously " he repeats himself in a mantra as he avoids some blast that pushed him off the air a bit. And rolls to recover "Second wind!" He yells and continues running while uses his pixelated ability to throw a bunch of pixels in in the opponents eyes but it just dissipates in thin air.

"What?" He sees in shock and the monster sees and blasts to his area luckily Agumon grabs him and dodges the attack.

"I don't get it it should have worked"

"What should have worked " saber was curious

"It's my ability, it was supposed to blind him but it did bupkid" the dodged another attack "woah!" As the had a hard landing

"Well do you remember when you had no problems ?" He suggested his opinion

"I guess Gah!" They dodged another hit. "I guess when. Attempt to harden or create something " he remembered weapons. Agumon picks him up as he jumps high to think of an answer.

"I think besides physical enchantments you have to focus on what you're making or else it may mess up" he said then Ashura thinks about sabers answer

As they landed Ashura now gets it, "okay gotcha saber" he then thinks of something "I know what we should do"

He takes out his digivice Saber Shinkai!

Then he becomes Greymon but instead of asking him to charge,

"Greymon use your tails to blind him with dirt!" He says a command

And Greymon nods as he uses his tail as a shovel to throw dirt at shogun gekomons eyes

"Better be quick" Ashura then focuses and images a very long spear then how hard and how dense and finally the size and the pixels from his hands quickly growz into a spear " Greymon grab this!" He gets Greymon attention

"Great work Ashura" he runs towards and grabs it with his mouth and Ashura climbs on Greymon "now charge!" And Greymon runs toward the enemy but as the enemy removes the dirt from its eyes i . Grabs the charging Greymon and thr two struggle but Ashura is nowhere in sight

But up in the sky, here comes Ashura becomes the clash between the two digimon let him jump with an extra boost due to his pixel powers.

"Better act quick!" he mumbles and in the sky he thinks 'I need something useful something sharp but silent something like...' he then thinks of Archer

'That's it, swords like his' he then focuses with the limited time as he slowly grows glowing lines 'please give me swords like his'


So the sudden rush to build his weapons and quick thinking made a flash unfortunately for the enemy it was too late for him to notice the loud noise as Ashura land down "Raaah!" Like a two bladed spear


He landed and after a moment the enemy fell defeated and slowly disappears.

Ashura slowly gets up and reveals to have the same Blades that he once saw Archer use.

Then he suddenly hears noises but with no voice





"Huh?"he then heard some buzzing in his head but as it slowly faded away he buzzed it off he then sees Gatomon walking towards him and Greymon turns back to agumon

"So what do you think Gatomon " he makes a cool pose with theses blades "Did I pass"

Gatomon thinks and..."So-So"

"SO-SO"? Ashura says in disbelief as he drops his blades

"Do I hear an echo?" She mocks

"That's basically means half done!" he complains "I just defeated that digimon "

"We" agumon corrected

"We defeated that digimon" Ashura rephrased "what went wrong "

"Well you did well on evading and kudos for thinking of distraction and blinding your opponents" she praised "But you gave yourself up to by charging in towards the enemy not to mention you left yourself defenseless in midair what if it saw you in time" she scolded him

Ashura thinks about it "sigh you made your point"

"Come on lets go take a break on some shade then continue to a different spot." She suggest she then takes out the boxed lunch for the group and leads them to head to a safe spot.

"Sigh fine" I could use a nap under a tree"

Mell Teleportation Guy (ending theme)

Well Ashura now has more control and some blades to back it up

Sorry for a short chapter but I'm keeping it at a pace or else I fear I may lose interest again.

I'm now back and excited in dedication for the new Digimon show.

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