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Chapter 12

Before they were to eat dinner, Izzy knocked on the room Ron and Harry were sharing, expecting Hermione to be there with them. Her suspicions proved to be correct when Hermione answered, awkwardly shielding the door.

"Hello Isa-Izzy, did you need Ron or Harry?"

Izzy, rather than respond, attempted to peer into the room, and glimpsed Harry and Ron huddled upon a letter. She nodded her head in their direction. "That from Sirius?"

Hermione frowned and hissed, "Don't call him that! And keep your voice down! And, forgive me for being straight, but that's really none of your business." Hermione straightened, crossing her arms.

A lick of rage flared inside. "Excuse me, but it very well is my business, seeing as Padfoot revealed himself to me first, and I'm the one who took care of him for months while you all were flitting around in your perfect trio. So excuse me, for wanting to know how my friend is doing." And with that, Izzy pushed past Hermione to run inside, and snatch the letter from Harry's hand, quickly climbing on a bookshelf and perching upon the top to read it in peace.

Ignoring the protests and yelling from the Trio, Izzy read through the letter, pleased to hear Sirius was safe and in hiding. Only after she had read the letter thrice through did Izzy descend from her perch atop the bookshelf. The three glared at her, taking back the letter. Her deep blue eyes glared back. Ron went to close the door, and Izzy snorted.

"What is this, an interrogation?"

Harry was seething. "What makes you think - how? How do we know you can be trusted?"

Izzy made herself comfortable, ignoring the stab that his last line was, strolling over to the cot and sitting cross legged. "I told you all that day in the infirmary. I took care of him for half a year, as Padfoot of course, when I saw him roaming the grounds. He shifted to Sirius in front of me one day and told me everything. You want to know I'm trustworthy? Trust Sirius. He told me everything. About how it was Pettigrew who killed those people all those years ago, how he escaped by transforming into a dog and he was so skinny he was able to get through the bars, how it wasn't Lupin, but Peter who was the traitor," she looked at Harry when she said this, "I'm sorry he got away. I know what that would have meant for you." Izzy spoke, her voice softer now, Harry looking torn.

"He talked about you all the time. Sirius, I mean. I knew him as Sirius for only a month or so, but he loves you. He did all of this for you. And the stories he told me, about your parents...they sounded like incredible people, Harry. I don't know if he told you any of them, but I would ask him to repeat this one really sweet one, where they were all in 7th year, and he woke up, and James wasn't in bed. He got up and went out into the common room, and he saw James sleeping on the couch with a throw put on top of him, and Lily asleep on the floor, looking like she had been there most of the night. He found out later when James woke up what had happened.

"James had fallen asleep on the couch, and Lily had walked in late from the library, and caught him in the middle of a nightmare. She woke him up and talked to him and stayed with him until he fell asleep."

Her voice had gotten raw, recalling her own parents' stories in Harry's.

There was a quiet moment, where Harry looked like he was going to crumple. Both Ron and Hermione had a hand on him, as comfort. It was too tender a scene for Izzy to keep looking at, feeling like an intruder and suddenly upset at herself for being there.

Time passed in silence. After awhile, Izzy cleared her throat. "So, are we alright? You can ask Sirius to confirm all of this if you don't believe me, but once you do, please, keep me in the loop."

Harry sniffed, clearing his own throat. "Yeah, we're alright. Just, don't steal anything again."

Izzy scoffed, and began walking out of the room. "Right. I'll see you all at dinner, I suppose."

Her back was turned, so it came as a surprise when she heard footsteps and a tap on her shoulder. She spun. "Mm?"

Harry fidgeted, while Ron and Hermione stared. "Thank you. For telling me."

Izzy inspected his eyes. Emerald green, like Lily's, Sirius had said. "I'd want all the stories of my parents, too. Believe me. Don't thank me, thank Sirius," and with that, Izzy went down the stairs to Fred and George's room.

The first night back, she and the twins went to the kitchens to celebrate a new year for themselves, buzzing with the news of the Triwizard Tournament and brainstorming ways the twins could get past the age barrier. They were about to polish off the butterbeer they had gotten from Hogsmeade when Bibble pushed her way to Izzy.

"Bibble!" The warm feeling in her stomach pushed Izzy to her feet, lifting Bibble up with her and spinning her around in a hug. "I missed you! How are you?" Izzy set her down, still beaming as the twins watched, reaching slowly towards her bottle of butterbeer while she's distracted.

Bibble hiccuped, visibly overwhelmed by the affection, but happy to receive it nonetheless. "Missus Izzy! Bibble has missed you too, I is doing well! Mister Dumbledoor asked me to deliver this to you," and she handed Izzy a small scroll of parchment. Without looking up, Izzy smacked away the twins' hands from her butterbeer.

Opening the scroll, she read:

Meet me in my office, if you'd please.

-Professor Dumbledore

Izzy groaned and got back on her feet, picking up her butterbeer and chugging the remainder, before turning to the twins. "Headmaster is calling me down. Think he knows about this?" she gestured to the stolen Hogsmeade stash.

The twins shrugged. "If he did, we'd have notes too."

Izzy moaned, not wanting to be apart from them their first night back. "Ach, alright, I'll see you two tomorrow. And as for you," she gave Bibble a hug, holding the elf close. "Thank you for the message. I'll come and visit often, I promise. Take care of yourself."

She took off, clutching the note in her hand in case Mrs. Norris or Filch caught her and wanted a reason as to why she was out after hours. Izzy had every right to be out, but even so, she kept her footsteps light to avoid it if at all possible. Finally, she came upon the stone gargoyle.

"Erm...peppermint patties? Lemon drop. Toffee. Chocolate frogs. Sherbe-"

The gargoyle spun to reveal the staircase. Pleased, she found her way up the stairwell. The last time she had talked to the headmaster had been in first year, she recalled, when she had asked to stay at Hogwarts over summer. The door was left open, and she strode in, finding Dumbledore waiting for her at his desk.

"Hullo Mrs. Griffiths. How was your summer?"

Izzy sat across from him, looking at the familiar blue twinkle in his eyes.

"It was well, thank you. And yours?"

"Busy busy, but never mind that. Things are always busy, don't you think? It's nice to let loose every now and then," he smiled knowingly. Izzy eerily got the feeling he knew somehow that she was mildly smashed, but she did a very good job acting sober.

Izzy nodded politely. "If you don't mind me asking, Headmaster, why am I here?"

"Ah, yes. It has come to my attention that Professor Snape has been giving you extra lessons for potions, and that you seem to be exceptionally gifted. He speaks highly of you."

Izzy fought the blush wanting to rise. "Any progress I have made is entirely due to his guidance."

"Yes, well regardless of whether it is his tutelage or your talent, he would like to continue lessons. He would have sent for you directly, but I wanted to have a word with you." His tone shifted slightly, from conversational to more serious.

Izzy straightened. "Yes?"

"I have been informed that you were present at the World Cup. Due to that, I presume you know how Voldemort's supporters are becoming more vocal?" Seeing Izzy's slight flinch at the name, he continued, "Isador, fear of the name increases fear of the thing itself."

She nodded, absorbing each word. "I was there, and I know, yes. And, I understand. But, sir,-" she hesitated, "-what's V-Voldemort's followers have to do with me?"

Dumbledore spoke gently, so as not to anger her. "As a member of Slytherin house, and a muggleborn, I imagine things have not been easy. I simply wanted to let you know to keep your guard up. This year, I imagine, things may become more difficult, and you are welcome to come to me with any troubles."

Simultaneously, they realized the last line was the wrong thing to say. Izzy's face went slack, devoid of all emotion. "Right. Because things have so far been a walk through the picnic. Thank you, Headmaster, but I have been doing alright. If that changes, I'll be sure to contact you." It took all her self control not to drip sarcasm into her words.

The Headmaster looked older and more tired than he had before, and Izzy almost felt sorry for her tone. Almost.

"Right, well...You're free to leave Ms. Griffiths. Get to your dorms, and tell the Weasley twins to do the same."

Not at all surprised that he knew, Izzy just nodded, and padded out of his office into the night.