Anna woke up with a startled expression. She wasn't in the habitat. Instead, she was in her jungle and it was raining.

"Huh?" she questioned. Then a loud boom was heard and it wasn't thunder. Gun shots. Anna gasped and scrambled to get up and run. The mud under her formed into chains and kept her down. Pulling her in like quicksand.

"Let go! Let me go!" She screamed and growled.

The gun shots were getting louder and Anna couldn't break free. She looked at her paws. They were red. Stained with blood of the humans she killed to protect herself.

The gun shots were getting louder.

Anna looked up to see blinding headlights. "No…." The headlights got closer and Anna was now covered in mud. The only thing left up top being her head. "Help!" she screamed, "Help!"

Someone grabbed her from behind and began pulling her from the mud. She struggled with them wanting to run away.

"Anna! Anna wake up!"

"Get off!" She opened her eyes to see Alex was shaking her awake.

"It okay… just breath.." He told her.

Anna's eyes narrowed and she yanked away from Alex. Her surroundings came back to her and she began to cry.

Alex watched with a saddened look, "Hey…. It was just a dream." He carefully walked over. He gently set his paw on her shoulder. She flinched but it brought her back. She went in for a hug and he wrapped his arms around her. It was a bit odd at first, but then they settled.

"Hey it's a new day. Chin up." He smiled.

Anna looked up at him before breaking away and rubbing her eyes. She nodded just as the bells began ringing.

"Oooh, the people are coming!" Alex looked to Anna, "Try and Have fun." With that he left.

Anna was left with an odd feeling that began to rise in her. She had just made a new friend.


The feline walked around her enclosure and poked at all the plants and rocks. They were real but they weren't like anything back home.

"Mommy look!"

Anna's ears perked up and she looked over to see a little boy and his mother standing at the edge of her enclosure.

"That's a tiger dear. They had planned on her coming since back in January." The mother said.

"She's really pretty! Oh and she's looking right at me!"

Anna realized she was staring and she looked away before hiding quickly.

"Aw.. I must have scared her..."

Hearing the disappointment in his voice tugged at Anna's ears. So she moved silently close to the edge. Making sure the boy hadn't left yet, she got as close as she could and popped out with a loud roar.

"EEEEEEAAK!" The boy and his mother yelped.

"Cool! She can play hide and seek!" The boy smiled.

Anna smirked and hid once more for the next child.


"Alex the Lion!" The announcer called and the lion finished his traditional roar.

"See ya! So long!" Alex waved as the people were being escorted out.

He climbed down his rock and looked over into his friends habitats. They too were settling down after a busy day. Then he looked over to the new area, which Anna was in. Looking around, he read the time on the clock and smiled.

"Hey, Anna?" Alex asked having hopped in her enclosure. "Hello?"

The moment he finished saying 'hello', Anna popped from the bushes and roared, scaring Alex as he fell back on his rear.

"Whoa... I didn't know tigers could roar like that. I didn't know they could roar at all?"

Anna giggled, "I've been doing that all day to the smaller humans walking by." She held out her hand for Alex.

"It definitely makes a impact." He brushed himself off, "Guess you had a good day?"

"It was... interesting... Nothing I really want to get use to but I'll make due till I'm able to leave." She looked down.

"Its not too bad during the day. Friday's are usually the busiest. Saturday being the second and the we're closed on Sunday." Alex paused and looked at the tigress in front of him, "Is everything alright?"

"I..." Anna began and hugged herself. She turned away and sighed. Then she turned to Alex, "I'd like to come to the party tonight."

The lion beamed with joy, "Awesome! I'll come back and get you later. They're about to feed us soon. Whistle when you're ready." He nodded.

"Alright. Should I bring anything?" Anna shrugged.

"No, no, no... You're new so I'm sure Marty will cut you some slack."

"Oh ok... Well... Then see you later?"

"See ya later!" And Alex left back to his area.

After he left, Anna was met with large portions of steak, which she didn't finish. She was so use to eating so little that she just couldn't eat another bite. So she pushed the rest away from her and hopped in the pond in her habitat. Taking a bath before going to the party. And perhaps she would make something for Marty anyways.