The Tuck family never asked for this "gift". Some might say it was a wonderful miracle. Others would see it as a horrible curse. But the family just kept being. There was no beyond for them. They weren't living because living would require dying at some point, but the Tucks couldn't die.

In searching for a new life they never thought they would "end" the life they knew. It all started with one drink from a spring. They didn't realize it for many years, but when Jesse fell from the tree it was unmistakeable that something was wrong. He should have died, but he lived. Years passed and they never changed.

Miles Tuck was hit the hardest by this. He tried to live a normal life, but when you are not living how can you start a life? He was married to a beautiful girl, Anne and had a son named Thomas. They lived for many years as a happy family in Treegap, but it soon became clear to Anne that something was different about Miles. He was never ageing. She was certain he must have traded his soul for eternal youth. Wanting to save her and Thomas from internal damnation she left Miles without a word or explanation from him.

Miles thought about Thomas often, if he remembered him, if he wondered why his mother ripped him from their happy life. As years passed Miles could only guess that Thomas became an adult, then old man, and by now would have passed into what next. A place Miles could never get to, he could NEVER see his son again. And he had an infinite amount of time to think about it. The family would spend a year together in Treegap every ten years. Even when they were together Miles often kept to himself, and spent time in his head.

Ma worried about her eldest son, and kept a watchful eye on him. It pained her to see him like this. He deserved love and someone to share his life with. It was true they all had each other, but her boys would never have an opportunity so live a life. To have children, grow old with someone, and watch their grandchildren from a rocking chair on the front porch.

This didn't seem to bother Jesse he was happy to live a life forever as a 17-year-old boy. But Miles was ready to live a life when this happened to them. But something was about to happen that would change all of this…