"Jesse where are you?" Miles thought angrily at his little brother.

Miles was splitting wood for Pa. Even though the family was immortal Pa's back still ached from time to time.

"If I only drank that water about 20 years later I'd be a spring chicken all the time like you boys."

Pa laughed at this, but being his age forever could really take a toll on you. His back was aching today because he overworked it after clearing away a few trees in their front yard. Miles had volunteered himself and Jesse to finish for Pa. But as usual Jesse seem to be conveniently missing.

The two brothers had a complicated relationship. Ever since they were young they would fight. They were just very different people. Miles was practical and grounded, where Jesse was always day-dreaming and couldn't keep his feet on the ground. Neither of them would admit it but In a weird way they needed each other.

When Anne and Thomas left Jesse was the only one who was able to bring Miles out of his deep depression. Miles found comfort in his brother because he reminded him so much of Thomas. Jesse and Thomas were kindred spirits. When Anne was expecting Miles always pictured a son who was a miniature version of himself. But when Thomas came into the world he came out as Jesse. He had to smile,

"Of course I'd have a son that was exactly like my annoying little brother."

Thomas followed Jesse around like his shadow. Jesse while reckless was always aware of Thomas' presence and tried to be the best role model he could. Teaching him the things that all Uncles taught their nephews.

Jesse had taught Thomas recently how to climb trees. That's what they were doing that day they realized they couldn't dieā€¦..

"Uncle Jay wait for me!"

Miles looked up and saw Thomas teetering on a low branch trying to keep up with his brother.

"Thomas, you're not to go as high as your Uncle. Uncle Jesse likes to push the limits and someday he will fall down and split his head open."

Jesse swung down behind his brother and jumped on his back.

"Geez thanks big brother."

He ruffled Miles' hair and jumped off. He ran over and helped Thomas down off the tree and put him on his back.

"Comeon Tommy. I found the best tree just a little bit into the woods here."

Thomas and Jesse looked back at Miles asking for permission.

"Pa...can I go?"

Miles and Jesse looked at each other for a second. Miles silently reminding Jesse how careful he should be with his precious boy.

"Yeah go ahead. I'll be right here. Just don't go too far that I can't hear you."

"Let's go Uncle Jay!"

Miles watched as they ran and laughed into the forest.

That was the last normal memory Miles had from his life. Just an hour later Jesse would fall from the tree and brake his neck...or at least that what we thought...That was the very incident that pulled them out of their happy normal lives.

Miles wiped a tear from his eye and continued to chop the wood. He heard a twig snap behind him and he turned around suddenly. Swinging the axe as he turned, logging it into Jesse's stomach.

"Ow! Jesus Miles! If I was immortal I'd think this might be an extreme case of sibling rivalry."

Miles rolled his eyes at his brother and pulled the axe out of his gut.

"Where have you been? We promised Ma we'd get this done while Pa took a little rest. Or were you just going to let me do it all while you climbed trees all day?"

Jesse sat down the the stump Miles was using to split the pieces of wood.

"You're going to be happy I was up in those trees! Those loggers are getting closer and closer to our cabin every day. And once they get here it's only a matter of time before they find the spring."

Miles looked down at his brother.

"How close?"

"I'd give them another week or 2 before they are breaking through the trees on the outskirts of our land."

Miles knew they were going to have to deal with this sooner or later. He just wished it was later.