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I have made mistakes in my life that I do regret. This particular one here as to be the worse of them all. If I'd known what was going to happen to me just one hour after accepting the request to help find a frog; I wouldn't have accepted.

I made the kind of mistake that you wish you can rewind and change. That one mistake which haunts you every day someway or another. For example; like the mistake of putting a banana on top of a strawberry milkshake when you asked specifically for a cherry instead. A very serious offense and should be treated with the utmost attention. Food is very important; should be dealt with in a certain way.

My bestfriend, possible crush, asked me to help a fellow human out. I, however, did decide that I didn't want to partake in this event and wisely wanted to leave. It's not because I'm a bad person, I just didn't want to help. Everyone has that moment in their life when they just don't want to help. However, that dumb friend of mine, Jun, just wanted to be a good citizen and help children.

Bless his kind, giving (annoying) soul, however, I on the other hand just wanted to go home. I speak from experience, unfortunately.

It's only natural to win and lose some games. It was the way of life to win and lose, we followed that pattern unconsciously. We accepted this with a closed mind or simply chose to ignore it. I'm one who would rather have a closed mind. Then again I'd have a closed mind to various things. Especially life, a challenge I've yet been able to grasp and control. Life would throw things my way, never seeming to stop like I'm the only one life chose to push around.

"I you really do make me mad sometimes. You know that right?" I said glaring up at him highly annoyed. I adjusted my grip on the plastic bag in my hand carrying the snacks Mom had told me to go get for her earlier this morning.

I can't lie and say I'm not tempted to open at least one of the snacks and eat it. Especially the cherry flavored kit-kat. When my family moved to Japan four years ago, I was amazed by how different Japan was from America. Especially the variety of flavors in the snack section in stores.

"Careful, I might start to think you're confessing your love." Jun said leaning onto my side. I had to place my feet more firmly on the concrete, so both of us don't go falling to the ground. He smiled down at me, having being at least a foot taller than me. I frowned at him and elbowed him in the side, it was only half-heartedly though.

I ignored the way my heart picked up when he came in contact with my shoulder.

"Love and dislike are two different things!" I said pointing my finger at him. I suddenly moved out of the way. So either he would have to fall or support his own weight.

"You're still going to help. You know I'm the least qualified to handle children." Jun said scratching the back of his head. He does that so often I am beginning to wonder if he has fleas or an extremely dry scalp.

"Too bad, I'm not feeling like a generous person today," I said turning around ready to just head on home with the snacks in my hand.

"Flat-chested rat woman..." Jun mumbled. I heard him clearly, I sent a roundhouse kick towards his head but he blocked my leg with his arm. I knew he didn't mean what he said and just wanted to get a reaction out of me but that didn't stop me.

"Nice underwear. The lace is really cute." Jun said with a approving smile on his lips. I blushed deep red and quickly pulled my leg free from his hold. He didn't expect the punch I delivered to his solar plexus.

He grunted and bent over.

My eyes widened and I immediately started to apologize. "I'm so sorry Jun! I didn't mean to hit you that hard!" I bit my lip in worry. Though any regret I'd felt vanished when I realized Jun had started to laugh.

I spun around on my heel and walked off. "Go jump down the Bone Eater well and vanish." I said referencing to the well in Inuyasha.

Jun easily caught up to me, grabbing my shoulders turning me around to face him. I glared at him annoyed fighting to keep the blush off of my cheeks. Even though we've been friends since I moved to Japan I'm pretty sure Jun still doesn't see me as an actual girl at all. Besides he likes Kikyo, one of our friend in high school with us. Besides the point doesn't this guy know anything about personal space?! I willed my heart to calm down.

"Come on Amonda! is there really anything you could think of that'd be better than helping out a fellow citizen find their friend's frog?" Jun asked throwing his arm around my shoulder.

I hummed thoughtfully thinking back on the earlier events of today that had gotten me into this mess in the first place.

Two hours into the past ( ~ * . * ) ~

I'd only gotten home from school an hour ago. Jun, my closest friend I have, decided to come over to my house and hang out.

I turned onto my back letting my dyed red hair and head hang off the side of my bed as I watched Rurouni Kenshin in my dark room with Jun. Jun decided that he wanted to lay down on the couch inside my room little ways from my bed and watch the screen bored. I never could never fully wrap my brain around the fact that Jun doesn't like Rurouni Kenshin. The poor, confused soul he is.

I continued to stare at his face from upside down forgetting about the anime playing on my TV screen and focused on every detail of Jun's face structure.

Ranging from his cheekbones, eyebrow, skin tone, eyes, and lips. I hummed thoughtfully tapping my chin with the DVD player remote. "Surprisingly, you look terrible from upside down," I said plainly and went back to watching the anime.

Jun scoffed and turned his head a little to stare at me. "You would know so much about that." He retorted before turning back to the TV.

I sat up on my bed, grabbed the pillow I tossed the pillow at his head. "You need to get your eyes checked out. I'm like a princess." I gloated flipping my hair with sass.

Jun snorted, "Maybe the frog, but not the princess."

I threw the remote at his head which he caught with ease. He tossed it back at me and I reached out my hand to catch the remote but for some odd reason my timing was off. The remote smacked into my face.

Groaning, I held onto my sore nose feeling the tears well up in the corners of my eyes. I shot Jun an annoyed look when he laughed at my pain.

"Assault!" I said. I turned over on the bed so I was lying on my stomach ready to yell at him for being an idiot when Mom burst into my room looking worn down and tired.

Jun and I stared at her and she stared right back at us. "Darling could you go to the store for me?" Mom asked after a minute had passed into the staring contest we just had. I lost because I blinked.

Jun grinned at my disdain of having to get out of bed. "Mom~, I just got out of school an hour ago. It's basically the weekend already! My suffering was supposed to end, then start back up on Monday," I whined.

Mom shot me an unamused look at me and leaned against the door frame. "After all these years I've had to raise and nurture you and I still don't see any respect." Mom said crossing her arms.

Frowning, I realized that Mom was right. "What do you need from the store, Mother?" I asked. I felt guilt and ashamed of myself for behaving in such a way towards my mom.

Mom looked at me with understanding in her eyes. "I knew I could count on my favorite daughter. I'd like for you to go pick up my groceries from Kaoka's Convenient store. Mrs. Kaoka already has my groceries because I called and asked her to gather them up for me. Of course you'll need the money to pay for them. Come dear." Mom said, motioning for me to follow her.

I got up from my bed and followed Mom down the stairs into the livingroom. Mom went over to the couch where her purse laid. She reached inside and pulled out ¥5146.12 to pay for the groceries. She laid the money into my hands. I put the money in my school jacket pocket.

I remember how it took me two full months to fully understand how the japanese currency worked. I couldn't stand learning it. Heck just learning the japanese language took me two YEARS!

"If possible bring your dear Mother back some of those white chocolate flavored kit-kats." Mom said then hugged me close. "Don't be gone longer than necessary darling. Straight to the store and back." I nodded my head.

"I'll be fine Mother. Thank you for worrying about me."

"Just to be sure..Jun! Come down here and walk my daughter to the store!" Mom shouted up the stairs. We only had to wait a minute before he was down the stairs and ready to go.

Turning around, I walked out of the house not waiting on him.

"Wait on me Amonda!" Jun shouted running after me.

I stopped. "C'ome then slow-poke. I'm not gonna wait forever! I'm already losing years of my life just standing here." I complained.

Jun caught up to me and dropped his fist on the top of my head. "I only took five seconds tops to catch up!"

"Five seconds turned into ten years." I said smoothing back down my hair. "Watch it mister, if you keep messing up my hair I might just tell Kikyo that you lay hands on women." I said slyly.

Jun sighed and clasped his hands in front of himself. "Ahh my beautiful angel Kikyo! She's the sunlight in my grey skies and the snow to my hot summer days!"

I clasped my arms together, blinking my eyes rapidly. Using a sugary sweet voice I said,"Aww great you're in love!" I then shoved him out of my way from standing in front of me. "How gross for everyone. Move outta my way." I grumbled marching off.

"Wait up!"

It didn't happen too much longer after we had grabbed Mom's food and was headed home when we came across a young girl about the age of seven or eight holding a see-through container used has a cage for animals. She was crying. I groaned when I saw the look in Jun's eye. He grabbed my arm not holding Mom's food and all but dragged me to her. I dug my feet the best I could into the ground, not wanting to go over to the girl.

"Hey little girl, why are you crying?" Jun gently asked to the little girl. I guess he didn't want his large build to scare her away. Though I'm sure using a gentle voice won't make him seem less scary.

She sniffled and I sighed. "My friend told me to hold her frog *sniff* while she went into the store but I lost the frog and….she..she doesn't want to be my friend anymore!" the little girl all but turned into a puddle of crying mess. Jun started to pat and rub her back smoothing.

"It's okay we'll help you find that frog." Jun said motioning to both of us and I shot him a disapproving stare.

I never said I would help! He can't just sign me up for these jobs without my say so!

Back to Present Time ( ~ * . *) ~

"Yes, there is a lot of better things I could be doing right now." I said finally after thinking back on today's events. Jun sighed and shook his head in disappointing.

"Poor, poor Amonda! Instead of practicing your bad habits of being lazy-"

I cut him off by whacking him over the head. "I'm not lazy!

"-you should spend your time looking around for a child's frog! Can you really live with yourself knowing that you refused to help out a fellow human? A little girl at that!" Jun said continuing his sentence as if I didn't even interrupt him. He was doing wild and dramatic movements with his hands.

"Yes," I answered quickly. "Look I told Mom that I was just going to the store and right back! If I don't do just that, then that'll make me a liar!" I said firmly.

"Just look at this little girl! If you were her wouldn't you want someone to help you?" Jun asked pointing to the little girl's tear and snot soaked face.

I broke. I sighed and closed my eyes. "Fine! What does this frog look like?" I asked the little girl. When she smiled brightly and her eyes lit up I couldn't help but smile back.

"How in the world did it come to this?!" I wondered out loud looking around the forest I had walked into in hopes of catching that stupid frog. I had only just spotted the frog not even two minutes ago before it hopped into the woods directly behind it.

The frog may or may not have ran away because it doesn't want to be a pet for a little girl. I can understand the displeasure of wanting to be owned by another one but if it causes me this much trouble just to catch a small, slippery, and nasty frog then I don't care if it wants to be free.

I continued to search the forest, mindful to keep track of how far I was going in, and It doesn't take me long to spot the frog again. The stupid green, slimy frog is perched on a leg staring at me and I stared back in disgust.

I I don't really like frogs, but I don't have anything against them either. Though this whole event doesn't help me like for frogs anymore than I already do either. I should just go home now and save myself the trouble of catching that frog in a forest. Attempting to catch a frog in a forest and not in a clearly spaced area is just stupid and has a low probability of success anyways.

I turned my back to the frog. However, I stopped when I thought back to when I told the girl I'd help. I sighed in defeat, I'm sure the girl will scream and cry for the frog.

My inner self argued that it'll take a highly lucky person to be able to catch that frog. I'm not lucky, I'm strong, and not really that fast. Jun is the fast person, there is no way I'd be able to catch that frog in the time period it would see me coming then hop away.

I turn my head a little to stare at it. "You know I wasted a lot of time looking for you. You owe me at tops an hour of my life back. That includes this talk we're having, or I'm having with you to explain this. I plan to collect that time frog." I know I must sound crazy talking to a frog that can't even talk back. "One way or the other, if you can not repay that gift than just give me something better." I turned my head back around by instead of moving forward I slowly crept backward. If I could just get close enough to that frog to catch it then it'll be easy to catch it.

"So I see you're not going to answer," I said and turned around completely to find that it had indeed started to jump away. I reached to grab the frog out of mid-air but my fingers missed it. I grumbled when I ended up tripping over the log the frog had once been on. I tried to get up and walk out of the forest the way I came in but found that the log I had tripped on is no longer in front of me. In its place is now just flat ground covered in green grass and the sun is no longer high in the sky.

I began to freak out. I groaned and started to run my hand through my hair. I should know better than to just run into the forest after animals. Dang it! What was I even thinking about? I should've just left the stupid frog where it is and have been on my way home. Heck, I could have been sleeping in my comfortable bed by now instead of out here in some part of the forest I don't know about.

I quickly reached for my phone with shaking hands. I tried to turn the phone on but it wouldn't come on. I frowned heavily, I was positive my phone was fully charged when I took it off charging. It couldn't have died this quickly.

I breathed in and then out. Okay, calm down Amonda. Just use your training. You got this!

Okay so I know it was about eleven when we first started looking for that frog. I had been looking for the frog for approximately one hour before I spotted the frog in the forest. That would still only make it twelve p.m. The sun definitely wouldn't have disappeared from the sky so quickly once I tripped over a log!

Okay just calm down girl. You got this, I probably just passed out and didn't realize it when I fell down. Though that still doesn't explain how I got so far away from the log that I don't even see it in my surrounding area anymore.

I checked again, looking to my right and to my left. I still couldn't see the log or any specific landmarks that would have pointed me in the direction back to town.

I suddenly got a strong urge to just curse, scream, and rip my hair out. Okay well, maybe not the hair part. My hair is fabulous.

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