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Chapter 1: Himura Kenshin and the Scene Part 1

When I get lost in the woods, I panic like any other person in my place would. I may tend to have an outburst of frustration. I tend to kick and punch things at random. Which, explains why I stop every five to ten minutes to kick the ground for not just magically moving me back home.

Heck, I even threw a rock at another rock. I have thus concluded that I am not, and never will be an outdoors girl. Screw the outside world, a bed is what I need in life.

I got hungry six hours into being lost and ate all the food I had originally bought for Mom out of frustration. I just started eating and I couldn't stop. Well, actually when I had searched my bag some more I'd realized that there is still two pieces of beef jerky left. Though, really, just think about it. She won't be getting it anytime soon before some of it melts or goes spoil, soooo why not?

I'm actually starting to think that maybe if I hadn't saved those two pieces of beef jerky that maybe I wouldn't have run into a wild animal that looked ready to eat me. When I had tried to back away slowly that didn't work quite well because the animal ran at me. That's when my training kicked it. The entire thing, from start to finish, seemed like it slowed down. From the moment the animal pounced at me, life slowed down.

In reality, it all happened so fast, all I had to do was snap the things neck and done.

I did, however, suffer one injury from that little encounter. My ankle was sprained a bit, probably is going to worsen as time goes on unless I can find some way to treat it. Which, by the way, I can't. I have close to zero sense of medical knowledge. Even when Mom and Jun tried to help me it just doesn't click in my brain. Basically when I tried to wrap a sprained ankle that Jun had gotten during practiced it came out wrong like a cry for help.

The lack of water and nutrition doesn't help my case any more than before either.

I looked up at the now dead animal and felt sad. Sad that I had ended another's life. Even if it was only an animal and not a human, it feels foreign and wrong. I decided that I really don't want to kill again, except insects such as mosquitoes. Especially flys and other annoying insects.

I sighed sadly before turning my back to it and started to limp away with a little trouble. I walked, paying close attention not to put much weight on my hurt ankle.

I tried backtracking my footsteps but even then it just seemed like I was getting deeper inside the forest. I frowned, feeling like giving up but then wanting to try again. "Oh man, oh man, I really don't want to get stuck in this forest forever." I sang swinging my arms back and forth at my sides.

I looked up at the sky.

It's indeed late at night, a very dark and silent night. The moonlight couldn't seem to be able to drift through the thick trees that tower and leaned over my head. I have no flashlight to help me, so whatever light the moon provided for me I was grateful.

I sighed heavily. "Just how long have I been out here?" I asked. Obviously, nobody answered my question.

I felt a nasty chill crawl up my spine when the wind blew softly. I jumped slightly when I heard the tree leaves ruffle against each other. I hit myself lightly on the head for being so scared over a bunch of leaves stuck to a tree rubbing against each other.

Silly Amonda.

I sat down on a rock to take a rest, where I didn't see any dangerous objects at and took a deep breath in. I let it out slowly, closing my eyes I began to try and relax. "I am a strong, young, lady with courage! I have the Lord with me wherever I go and I place my life in the Lord's holy hands! I pray that no harm comes to me, dear Lord." I said looking up to the night sky that could be seen.

I felt a lot better after praying.

The stars out tonight look beautiful.

Half an hour later of just sitting there quietly, praying nothing jumps out and kills me. Occasionally something would move in the bushes and I would get startled but nothing would jump out at me. I tried not to blink much because I'm scared if I blink too long something will actually jump out at me.

Even though I have pretty quick reflexes I don't want my heart to leap into my throat and I lose ten years of my life from fright.

"I wish so badly right now that Jun or someone is here with me. I'm so lonely right now. It's so quiet, peaceful and dark." I whispered leaning back on the rock. I kicked my legs out a few times but got bored of that and just sat there humming a soft tune.

"I'll get some rest tonight and I'll continue looking in the morning," I said yawning. I stretched my arms above my head and laid down flat on my back. I began to feel uncomfortable so I rolled over onto my side but that didn't work. I tried counting sheep but sleep still could not reach me.

Maybe I'd get so sleep deprived that I won't be able to function properly, then I'll get attack by some animal again or human. I most likely wouldn't win either because I've only trained a few times while I was sleep deprived, and I suck each and every time.

I took deep breaths and instead of freaking out I decided to move my thoughts to a more positive place of thinking. I can just try to tough it out through the night. I sighed before tucking both of my arms underneath my head, I laid my head down onto my crossed arms. I experimentally shifted my hurt ankle and sure enough, it still hurt. Maye even more than earlier.

I allowed my eyes to look at the sky filled with stars that had the full moon reflecting light down onto my face. The sun has long since fallen completely and left only the pale bright blue full moon. It's so quiet, closing my eyes; I breezed out and in calmly. Focusing on nature I could hear animals and rushing water once I finally cleared my mind. There must be a river close by, in the morning I'd go check it out.

I hope some of the things I could hear are not actually there. Like the hissing of a snake, I hoped that isn't actually anywhere near me. Snakes and I don't get along, and never will.


When a rock moved out of place I would lift my head up and search around the forest clearing wildly, searching for danger. When I found nothing I laid my head back down onto my arms. Although whatever thoughts of sleeping I'd had would be completely gone, replaced by fear.

"Oh, screw you Nature. Nature, you will have no nature babies." I mumbled, annoyed, not caring if that made no sense. I just wanted to lay in a bed, under warm covers, in a safe place. A safe place I called home, the place I knew to be comfortable and mine.

The wind would blow the trees and give me mini heart attacks. I could hear hard breathing patterns, probably my own. Strange buzzing sounds in my ears, just bees or whatever. I let out a yawn, which leads to more yawns appearing.

My eyes closed against my will\ after what felt like hours of not blinking.

I do not recommend getting lost in the woods. It isn't pleasant and I wouldn't recommend getting lost in the woods. I say it again, do not get lost in the woods.

The next time I woke up is to having a pressure feeling in my side and the warm sun beating down on my face. I was confused but then all the events of yesterday came rushing back and I shot up from my position on the rock. My body protested against my sudden movement because I got dizzy and fell back.

I waited to feel the rock hit my back but that never came. Instead, I felt a pair of arms catch me gently, helping me sit up straight.

I blinked the fogginess out of my eyes and looked up at the pair of violet eyes that held deep concern reflecting. I was taken aback at first.

"Miss are you okay?" The mysterious violet-eyed stranger asked me.

I slowly took in his full appearance. He had a small, slender build and with a youthful, feminine face. He looks about my age, eighteen years. Mid-back length red hair tied in a thick ponytail and a cross-shaped sword scar on his left cheek. His hair is thick and abundant, with all of the shorter frontal hairs falling across his face as bangs rather than being in the ponytail at the nape of his neck. and wears his hair evenly at about chin length. His eyes, too, are unusual, being a deep violet

Wearing a plain men's kimono of cheap, red, worn cloth with a white umanori hakama, zori and white tabi. My eyes zeroed in at the sword worn under his obi at his left hip in a black, steel sheath.

My thought immediately went to the famous Himura Kenshin that I've watched so many times on my TV screen. I blinked my baby blue eyes up confused at him.

"Um, what's your name might I ask?"

"Himura Kenshin. And your's might I inquire?" the stranger identified himself as Himura Kenshin.

"Amonda...Amonda Terron." I said absentmindedly.

(~ 0 o 0 )~

How does a girl go down the path of generosity and compassion end up in my situation? All I did was try to help find a frog for some child.

She doesn't, you don't just end up in my kind of situation. These kind of things aren't normal, at least for me, to happen to a semi-average high-schooler. I woke up in the morning, bath, brushed my teeth, dressed, and went to school.

Completely average morning routine. Well, some people may do their morning routine differently but that's how I do mine. To be honest I really wish I had a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a really long shower till I'm clean. A fresh change of clothes. Oh, and I would absolutely love to be in my freezing room under my thick covers napping in late.

After school, I finished homework that I wasn't able to finish in school. I hung out with Jun must of all the time. After all of that, I trained in various styles of martial arts because I have a paranoid mother who thinks I'll be kidnapped and raped.

Jokes on her I guess. I didn't even have to get kidnapped or raped. I'll just get so lost in the forest that I can't even find my way out anymore. I have a sprained ankle and my pride hurt. Well, what little pride I did have anyways.

If you're wondering I'm still staring at the supposedly Kenshin Himura. I think he was beginning to get uncomfortable with me staring so intensely at him. I couldn't bring myself to care much, the cosplayer was getting on my nerves. Something about the smile on his face made me want to punch it straight off. I think it is because of the fact that I'm cranky right now or I just could not like his smile. The sudden urge went away almost as quick as it came.

"I must say it's a strange site to see a young lady like yourself out in the woods so early. By any chance did you get lost?" Himura asked me. I learned that cosplayers prefer it much better if people actually addressed them like they were that character. I learned that through reading a fanfiction once. The author gave a very detailed description too.

"Yes, I was searching for something the other day. I believe I lost track of time and wandered off too far into the forest. I tried going back the way I came but that obviously didn't work." I scratched the back of my head and laughed. I may have been a bit embarrassed. "I guess you find out strange things every day, haha."

Himura laughed with me and offered his hand out for me to grab. I smiled and accepted his hand. Pulling my weight up and using my good leg to support the majority of all my weight. It didn't take me long to get into a comfortable position on my feet that caused the least amount of pain. I nodded my head. "Thank you for the help up," I said dusting off my clothes of any dust. Though I doubt it really actually helped any, I haven't taken a bath or changed my clothing. Dust is probably the least thing on me that I should be worried about.

Himura nodded his head smiling at me. "It was my pleasure. If you do not mind Ms. Amonda, where are you from? I'm sure you couldn't have gone very far from your home in one day." I really did like how he is trying to be so optimistic, it's really sweet.

"I'm from I'm originally from America but my family and I moved to Tokyo a while back. I live near to the forest I guess." I said scratching my head. Himura's eyes widened a little bit before he smiled widely at me.

"It's not every day that I manet an American girl lost in the forest, that I don't. There's a city quite close by. A day's journey. It might be where you live miss." Himura said good-naturedly.

My smiled widened and I dipped my head just a bit. "That you Mr. Himura very much! Would you mind accompanying me? You see I have a horrible sense of direction." I said really hoping he'd say yes. I know this cosplayer might have better things to do with his time than to basically babysit me.

Himura laughed. "Of course! I'm actually needing to buy some supplies, I was already planning to stop there.."

I sighed in relief. "Thank goodness. Disaster avoided!"

"Are you sure you don't want to just ride on my back Ms. Amonda? I really do not mind." Himura asked me again concerned because I hissed when I accidentally put too much pressure on my hurt ankle.

I blushed and quickly shook my head. "It's okay Mr. Himura, you're already doing so much for me. I couldn't trouble you more."

Himura nodded his head and turned back around, acknowledging my desire to walk instead of being carried. I know he wanted to persist some more because he kept glancing back in my direction. I also knew that he slowed down his pace so I wouldn't have to strain myself like I was when we first started walking.

Since we started three hours ago I've taken a total of five resting periods because my ankle was bothering me too much. I don't care, even if Uncle Grandpa has to come get me on a rainbow-farting tiger. I will make it to this town. Besides I can just think of this as some more training.

Sometime in the Future~

I sat down at the small clearing with some help from Himura. I was careful to sit down properly when wearing a skirt. I wish I was wearing a longer skirt or some long pants. The mosquitoes were really starting to bother me. I had to stop and itch my legs every few seconds now. I'm seriously not an outdoors person, I believe I'm meant to be on the inside of a house.

When I looked up I saw Himura pull out something wrapped in a green cloth of some sort. When he unwrapped it to reveal what was inside my stomach grumbled loudly. I placed my hand on my stomach and blushed a deep shade of red when Himura looked at me. He seemed confused for a second before realization seemed to hit him. He smiled and offered me three of his rice balls. I gladly accepted them. "Thank you very much."

I then placed the food down onto my lap and clapped my hands together in front of myself, bowed my head and prayed to the all mighty holy Lord to forgive me for anything I may have done or said that would hinder my prayer. To bless my food so it is beneficial to my body.

When I finished praying I picked up a rice ball and took a bite out of it. "These are really good! Thank you very much for the food!" I said delightfully. They probably tasted so good because I'm so hungry, heck anything edible would probably taste good.

Himura smiled at me. "I'm glad that you enjoy them."

I took another bit out of my riceball and swallowed. "May I ask you a question?" I asked.

Himura nodded his head, taking a small bite from his own riceball. "Yes."

"How come you're in the forest? Are you lost also?" I ended up asking two questions instead of one.

Himura paused, thinking about he should answer my question. "I'm a wonder, that I am. In a way kind of I am lost."

I nodded my head at his short and sweet answer. I noticed how he shortened his answers down. I decided to change the subject. "I hope this town is the place. If not I don't know what I'll do!" I said with a light tone of voice despite how scared the fact of this town not actually being the right one.

I looked down at my food and furrowed my brows as my thoughts headed south. I'm sure if it was possible there would be a rainy cloud right over my head right now.

I wonder what Mom is doing. I'm positive she's going crazy right now. I've never been gone this long unless it was a sleep-over, even then I'd call Mom once I arrive at their house and when I'm going to bed. My mom always knows where and how long I'm going to be gone, She's probably called the police.

I wonder what Jun's doing right this second. Is he thinking about me? I haven't been thinking that much about him but I have a valid reason because I'm trying to stay alive in a huge forest. Jun might be running around entire Tokyo looking for me.

I sighed deeply and slumped over. I took a huge bit out of my rice ball and just sat there mopping. "I miss my Mom and Jun," I said. I closed my eyes and sat there in my own thoughts for what felt like years. Himura, thankfully, sat on his side of the clearing and left me to my own thoughts.

I took another bite out of my rice ball, which finished that one off. I picked up another one, my last one, and took a small bite out of it.

When we arrive tomorrow in town, where could I start? What if it's the wrong place? What if I was tricked by this man who claims to be a fictional character? Can I truly trust him? Even though he is a kind man, as I've seen so far, it could all be just an act. I opened my eyes and stared at the wonder who was staring peacefully into the fire. I shook my head and closed my eyes again. I can't just judge him without seeing this through completely. What do I do then? Do I even have to do anything, can't I just let life do whatever?

I closed my eyes, deciding to think and clear my head. For some reason, I couldn't remember what happened after that. It was all just dark and quiet.

I don't know how long I was out, but I can assume that I'd fallen asleep. I was awoken to the sensation of being moved gently. I groggily opened my eyes, I saw red strands, I realized that was hair and a purple clothing. It took me only a few seconds to realize I'm being carried on Himura's back. I lifted my head and checked my surroundings. The grass and ground I've been seeing for two days turned into concrete. There was a concrete wall that turned into a wooden fence near the top. I looked to my right and saw a small stream.

Today was extremely foggy too.

My transportation ride suddenly came taan halt. "Ms. Amonda you're awake now," Himura said. I blinked at him in confusion. "I'm sorry, you were sleeping so peacefully and I didn't want to wake you." He turned his neck slightly and smiled back at me. I nodded my head and laid my head back down onto his back.

His back vibrated with his laughter. "Comfortable are you?" I nodded my head and yawned. "You're back is very much comfortable Mr. Himura," I mumbled. I don't have the energy to even try to get down, I forgot all about my embarrassment of my weight in case it was too much for him to carry. He does look pretty weak if I have, to be honest. Though he seemed to be handling my weight just fine.

"Do you mind helping me down Mr. Himura?" I asked tiredly.

Kenshin lowered his body so he was closer to the ground "Not at all miss." I slowly got off of his back, mindful of my hurt ankle. I used his shoulder as a steadier.

"Hold it right there!"

I jumped startled, turning my head quickly in the direction that the voice was coming from. I saw a girl holding a wooden sword, her eyes were narrowed and she looked ready to strike at any moment.

I blinked in confusion.

"Don't move Battousai the Manslayer!" She pointed her wooden sword at Himura. My eyes widened and Himura perked up and turned to look at her confused.

I completely forgot! I was interrupting on a cosplay kind of thing aren't I?! Omg, I was so sleepy that I forgot completely!

So that means that girl with the black hair must be Kaoru Kamiya's cosplayer. I must admit these cosplayers are really good. Heck, even the best I've ever seen.

"I finally found you. You're much weaker than I'd thought you'd be manslayer." Kaoru said gripped her sword with two hands. She started her charge at Himura. "Prepare yourself, manslayer!"

I moved over to the side in a hurry. Himura jumped at the last second to avoid being hit. The jump was so fast my eyes was barely able to follow his movement. Unfortunately, his cool image was shattered when the crates he'd landed on broke and he let out a pathetic little scream.

I giggled when the dust cleared and I saw the position that Himura was in.

"Are you the Battousai's woman?"

I looked up and was shocked to see that Kaoru was pointing her wooden sword at me, a curious glint in her eyes.

I pointed to myself for good measures. I looked left, I looked right, nobody else besides myself was standing over here. "Wah! Me?!" I exclaimed. "No, no, no!" I said waving my hands dismissively. "I was lost in the forest and this kind man helped me is all., I said.

Kaoru looked at the fallen red-haired manslayers on the ground in confusion. She walked up to him and leaned on her wooden sword. "Could it be possible that you're the legendary manslayer? I heard you killed three more people last night at once!"

"I'm a wander. I'm nothing but a wander. I'm merely a wandering swordsman, that I am." He grabbed his sword and held it up for Kaoru to look at. "Do you honestly believe I could kill three people with this sword?" Himura asked smiling up at her.

Kaoru grabbed the hilt of the sword with hesitation before pulling it out. "What's this?! The blade is on the wrong side!" Kaoru exclaimed.

"That's a reverse-blade sword," Himura explained.

Kaoru's huge eyes blinked in confusion. "Reverse-blade sword?"

"It can not slay anyone. And there's nothing about that sword that looks like it was ever used to slay anyone, is there?" Himura said standing up. He patted his butt clean off the dust. Though from the angle I was standing in, it just looked like he was pulling up a wedgie or something.

"You're right there isn't a scratch on it," Kaoru said turned the sword in her hands to look at it in different angles. "This sword looks as if it's as good as new." She held it out in front of herself.

Himura smiled and adjusted his kimono back into the correct placement on his shoulders. "So I've proven my innocence?"

Kaoru suddenly advanced on him with the sword and she pointed her finger out at him. "Now you listen to me!" Himura's eyes widened in surprise and he let out one of his signatures 'huh' in a comical voice. I realized that the sharp part of the sword was very much close to cutting his forehead. (A fact I hadn't realized watching the anime)

"The one they call Battousai has been murdering people on these streets every night!" She started to tap the sword impatiently. "If you walk around carrying a sword at this time of day anyone would suspect you! And you know this is the Meiji Era and it's forbidden by law to walk around carrying a sword in the first place!" Kaoru said.

She looked ready to continue lecture until a whistle cut through the air. She looked in the direction the whistle was coming from. "There's something going on! It might be him!" Karou tossed Himura's sword into the air and took off in a rush.

I'd just been standing here watching the whole scene unfold in front of my eyes. It's much more exciting in real life instead of watching drawn people. I furrowed my eyebrows thinking.

"Ms. Amonda do you think you can run?" Himura asked me. I stepped on my foot experimentally. The feeling had reduced a great deal. I nodded my head. Without any warning, Himura took off and I quickly followed behind him.

This must be the part when he saves Kaoru's life. I wonder how these cosplayers are going to fake the part where the fake Battousai killed those police officers.

We followed the sound of the whistle. When we rounded a corner, in front of myself I could see Kaoru about to cut down by the fake Battousai.

That's when the Himura in front of my eyes disappeared and he reappearance holding Kaoru in his arms. I recoiled in shocked. How the hell had he moved so quickly?! My eyes must be deceiving me! There's no way!

The fake Battousai readied himself to swing at Himura but the sound of a whistle and more hurried footsteps convinced him that it was his cue to leave now.

He ran in my direction. "I am Battousai the manslayer! I use the Kamiya Kasshin style of swordsmanship!" His cold eyes turned to me and I took my defensive stance but he ran right by me and turned. I stared at the direction that he ran down warily.

Those eyes...they were so cold. They held no compassion whatsoever, no interest, I saw greed and malice intent in those eyes.

I slapped both of my cheeks. "Pull it together Amonda! This is only a cosplayer thingy going on right now!" I whispered to myself. I ran over to where Himura was now holding an unconscious out Kaoru in his arms.

"Is she going to be okay?" I asked.

Himura nodded his head. "She over exhausted herself."

I nodded my head. My eyes wandered to the police officers lying still on the ground. I looked at them in confusion. I bent down to my knees and lightly tapped the man closest to me on the shoulder. I expected him to get up, but when I shook his shoulder and his head turned I screamed.

His eyes were dead and his face wore a terrified and pained expression, showing that he suffered before he died. I looked at all the other men and I realized with horror that they all had dead eyes and they too aren't moving.

I finally registered the wet feeling on my hand. I looked down at my hand still touching the man's shoulder. My once olive color hand was now red.

I fell back onto my butt and backed away from those men. My heart beat loudly against my chest. I heard alarms go off in my head loudly.

I vaguely heard Himura calling my name in a worry. I saw the offices staring at me in concern...though I saw the eyes of the dead officer staring at me with that expression of misery on his face before my eyes rolled to the back of my head and I fainted.

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