Okay so I had this ama-Zhang Idea of making this story after watching Youtube videos on this stuff so I really just own some of the memes and the dialogue with the characters.

Authors notes will be in Bold.

The Memes will be in Italics.

And the dialogue will be Regular.


Piper: *channel surfing*

Radio: "Oh, she got her head in the clouds and she's not backing down!"

Piper: "Oh no!"

Percy: "Piper change the channel before-"



*incoherent screaming*

*heavy breathing*

Leo: *throws open the door*

Leo: "This is my Jam!"

Leo: *sets himself on fire*


Leo: "Okay everyone this never happens!"

The 7 (minus Leo): "Everyone hears you at one in the morning blasting that song at full volume in the engine room."

Leo: "Okay prove it!"

Annabeth: *pulls out her phone*

Piper: *grabs Annabeth's phone and turns on the song*

The 7 (minus Leo): *Sigh*

Annabeth's Phone: "Oh, she got both feet on the ground and, she's burning it down. Oh, she got her head in the clouds and, she's not backing down."

Percy: "Help us please!"

Frank: "Don't set me on fire."

Leo: *sets himself on fire*

Leo and the Radio: "THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!"

Leo and the Radio: "THIS GIRL IS ON FIRRREEEEE!"

Piper: *turns off the song*

Jason: "Tell me that is not you screaming at the top of your lungs 'This girl is on fire!' while on fire!"

Leo: "I can explain!"

Percy: "The explain that to us!"

Leo: "Okay so when I was in the Wilderness school they would not stop playing that song you remember that Pipes right?"

Piper: "I kind of do."

Leo: "Okay right, so they would keep playing and playing the song over and over again. And it grew on me because-" *Lights his finger on fire* "- This girl on fire! So I can relate to the song."

Hazel: "But your not a girl." :/

Leo: "Or am I?"

The 7 (minus Leo): O_O

Leo: "Naw I'm just kidding I just really love the song!"

Okay that was the first chapter of Demigod Memes! If you want more be sure to R&R and F&F!

Anyways I will put where I found the Meme or The name of the youtube video!