Well, this is a one-shot I wrote when I listened to the song "Drive Darling" of Boy for the first time. It inspired me right away and I knew I wanted to write a fanfic from what it made me feel. However, I only wrote this opening to the story and never finished developing the rest, so I decided to only share this part. Hope you like it. I recommend listening to the music while you read :)

Drive darling, drive darling, drive

She looks across the car's window shields: snow, white and clean, as you'd picture an angel.

Nothing in view, not in front, not behind, not by the sides. Only trees going through her sideway vision, and yet, the only thing she can think is…

Drive darling, drive darling, and drive.

Her vision starts to get blurry. With the back of her hand she rubs her left eye, and blinks hard to try to get rid of the water forming in her pupils. She glances to her side… She tries to throw a smile.

I'm smiling on the surface, I'm scared as hell below

-Please, please… hold on just for a while more.

The man beside her looks deeply pale, he is as you'd picture an angel. The snow around them only serves to make her realize how paler he looks by the second, how innocent he might one day have been.

-I'll get us there. Just please… hold on. We're going through the border.

As he doesn't respond, the tears go streaming down her face. Transparent water, so clear they could reflect her object of fear.

His black t-shirt has already blended with the scarlet hidden behind his right hand, resting on his stomach. And the stain only got bigger.

And when we arrive, the hardest of goodbyes

-Look, we're going away, as you wished… So please, open your eyes.

Her white pearls search thoroughly for an option, something, anything that could help. She takes her right hand of the wheel and takes his free… A mix of sensations runs across that touch. Gelid as the temperature outside, warm as the wet embrace of death. She closes her eyes for some seconds, not caring that she might crash, and squeezes, without response.

Somehow you're always by my side, the one who holds my kite

Where was his warmth that held her tight for so many days? Where was that strength that used to comfort her? His silence has never been so cruel.

And watches all my flights

-S-stop Sasuke! Stop! Stop bleeding! Stop getting cold! Stop resting! –She yells hitting the panel. –Stop… fading away. Come back to me, darling.

She shakes her head from side to side, refusing to accept his defeat, refusing to accept his choice, refusing to let him go. Didn't he promise not to leave her? Didn't he promise to protect her? How could he hold his word when her greatest terror was happening now?

-You promised! I'm doing what you asked! Just please… Stay, Sasuke, stay.

No response. Her own lips start trembling, her whole body starts shaking. Her foot hits harder the accelerator, and while she can't see clearly, she keeps on and on. Not faltering from her path, only her body can't follow the determination of her mind. "Hold yourself together. We need to get there. We're almost there." She shakes, she directs, she hits, she speeds, she yells, she holds his hand.

And no rear view could picture what we leave behind

-Wake up, goddammit! Sasuke, wake up!

As if time was slowly stopping, she finally sees him move an inch. Then another. Finally, his lips, the lips she loved to savor so much, were moving.

-How did we get here?

Drive darling, drive darling, drive.

It's very short, at first I wanted to work on it with the full lyrics, but then I liked this format.

If you guys like it, leave a Review and maybe I'll finish the whole story :)

Thank you in any case for taking the time to read some of my words.