After wined the Thousand Year War with the quincy, Ichigo s life has been normal than before. He do not care about hunting hollow anymore, or the with The S.S or even the hueco mundo because he is the king of Hollow, and The Gods Of you ask that it s simple really, he is hybrird in everything which was Hollow, Shinigami, Quincy , Devil , Fallen Angel and also Angel.

He is also the Royal Guard to The Soul King palace, he also got the honour to train with the soul king in his palace to train his new power which were Devil, Fallen Angel and Angel. He also been train non-stop from morning to midnight, also he sometime training to control his wing which were incredible beautiful at the same time terrified by other. Why you ask? Because no other being (except from ichigo) has 16 wing, 8 each were angel wing and the other 8 were devil wing that were black.

Ichigo sometime meet his family of course, to see his beloved twin sibling are Yuzu and Karin at that time they were 3rd year middle high school, also means they are senior and for the last time to been in middle school for 3 met them, Ichigo got suprised by the Soul King in his human form and to inform him to transfer to Kuoh Academy, to Ichigo it's dosen't have meaning to transfer him to another school because he got another year to finish his school and go to colleges and to replace his dad and to became a famous doctors around Japan and also the Ichigo protested the idea to transfer to another school, Ichigo have a memory line there he was he was with a little Rias running around to catch a beautiful butterfly, but anyway he made a promise to her little Rias to live together forever but he could not remember of it but to Rias it feals like yesterday.

Ichigo being Ichigo, He angry because he made her wait to long so he began to let out some of his devil power to her and also her peerage also feel it but cannot be to Ichigo he knew about her than anybody even her best friend Akeno.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Line Breaks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

At the same time:

"Akeno did you feel that?" said the woman with crimson hair that were smooth to touch while she staring at the window at their school club old building. By at that time, the woman said her name Akeno walk through the door while having her smirk wide."

"Ara ara buchou, are you curious about something that make you so curious over something that you never seen or heard before." Akeno chuckle by saying this and made buchou face to turn red while her eyes wide open. :Wh-wh-wh what are you saying Akeno!?" this made the crimson hair girl panic to see her best friend a.k.a Queen of her chest pieces teasing her.

"So it s true that you interested in and to find out?" said Akeno while walking to the small little kitchen while making some tea.

But then the demonic power just vanish to thin air and its just vanish without a trace. "It s true, but for some reason I cannot sense it anymore. It s like to try to find a legendary treasure but cannot be seen or heard by anyone." This said the in her eye were disappointment and also excited? But whatever it is, it s strong and it can take on her brother or 'Onii-sama' she call it and can take his peerage to any and without a thought make the crimson girl t turd even more and have some steam of heat above head.

"One of this day I'll fine you and make my life even more helpful" she said with determination and truthfulness in her word while stare back the the window to see a beautiful sight of half an hour she and Akeno went back to her 'home' or perhaps more accurate 'underworld' home but she didn't the most bother was when she got to her home, all the maids stand and bow to her with load "Welcome home princess" She go annoy the but why? She was the heir of the family of Gremory and the only remain of one of the 72 pillars of hell so yeah it's a big deal to her family but to her she was annoy it as hell man.

She walk past all the maids and make through the door and make her way to her room and start to strip nude and jump to her bed but only past few second she was in a deep slumber and she about to scare in her dream because of that person, and that person was none other than Raiser Phenexe of the Phenexe Family with their son to become a prodigy but with arrogant attitude. She start to scream in her dream but came out nothing but the suddenly stop make her ease to sleep in she past out to slumber she muuter 'Thank you'. These make very weird to everybody in the of Gremory House before they went to sleep.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx In her dream xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

She was running from her fiance or so call it because he was a womanizer with 10 wife of the remain of 72 pillars. But short to her run, she was strip and fell to her knees and try to stand back up, but to her fear she was pinn down by other than her fiance or Raiser Phenex of the Phenex Family one of the strong family in the pilars and Raiser was a prodigy son. But she hate it becasue she want to love has Rias not Rias as Rias Gremory of Gremory Family and also one of the Maos's little sister. She was sad, scare and try to be strong but it make it worse. She try to call help, but no-one answer her call. Suddenly she fell her cloth to tear up and to see her nudity and make her cry for help. Rasiser being 'Rasier of Womanizer' , he start to lick her neck.

But to Raiser and Rias to suprise, they feel a strong pressure coming towards them and it was coming fast because why? Rias skip a beat and her face began to turn red as tomato when she saw a 16 wings with both each side angel wings and devil wing with 8 each and has a demonic mask that had a 2 horns coming from its helmet-like-mask and also they heard a voice but was faint to heard but Raiser could hear it and he began to beg mercy? This being was like a Mous no wait more than a maou but overlord, it's like combine every present Mous and their ancestor Maous from the past and to make a ultimate Devil or even worse God of Devil, God of Overlord and such.

When this being stop in front of Rias she was happy but scare at the same time because the look of the mask or the power or even worse the pressure coming from the being. Suddenly this being turn it head towards Rias and she could feel her heart beat fast like it gonna burst from her chest so she press her chest to stop the beating fast and try to calm down. But it didn't help so she sigh in defeat and try to look at the being mask, but to her suprise the being speck with protective, determination, power, seductive voice."Are you okay?" while it held his hand out to help Rias got on her feet and she take it and she got up , before she could to said thanks the being said"Ichigo, Kurosaki Ichigo"."Rias, Rias Gremory, at your service." while bow her head down but stop mid way and she felt Ichigo hand on her chin and lift it up to stare in her eyes.

Ichigo see in her eyes and he could tell it by it's look, and the eyes were sadden, fear, scared, determination and happy? Why she happy, is it because Ichigo help her or she being happy because she happy to see Ichigo? It felt like eternity, and Ichigo spoke "I have to go, they need me now." Ichigo back his hand away slowly and turn the other side of nothing but some glimpse of Ichigo take of, he felt a hand on his hand and turn to see Rias and she was crying and said "Could we see each other again and again, so that i don't felt lonely again." She said it while staring down at nothingness, but to her suprise she felt a hug and the hug was not to tight or to loose but it was both.

"Sure why not, we could see each other but in the real world and we could play sometime together like old time, whaddcha say?" Ichigo said while kiss Rias on the forehead and it was a kiss that life depannes on it.

"Also Rias, it's time for you to wake and go to school and meet me in the real world and don't felt lonely anymore okay and also bring me something to eat i felt hungry for almost 300 years, damn need some hey, how can it help and also it is time for me to come visit you and to with you forever and that was the promise you made when your were child." Ichigo let go the hug.

"So long my younger sister and its time to come back."Before he vanish from her dream world.

Then suddenly someone call "Ri.. R.a. Rias" and then she saw an arm try to pull her in reality again.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Back to the Rias Room xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Morning, and she could feel a soft hand on her forehead and then she shot her eye wide open to realise it was a dream and a dream that felt real and she could feel the hug. The hug she felt it was to real for her and if she told her parents that what being that could be stronger than her brother and combine with his peerage and combine with all presents Maou and the past Maou.

"Good morning, my beloved daughter Rias" she could tell by the words and soft spoken woman she realise it was her mother while caring her forehand that was sweat from mother could tell by the looks on Rias it was scared, fear, sadden and happy? Without a word come out there was a knock from the door and her mother said "Come in" and the door open to see her 'Onii-sama' and go to hug brother that was life depannes on it.

Sirzechs look confuse a bit after that he understand quickly it was the arrangement marry on her and with her so-called-fiance, but then she felt it from her heart that the being called Kurosaki Ichigo from her dream came and she could feel it and it was at the Kuoh Academy and instinct she let go her hug from her brother and went straight to the bathroom so she could meet Ichigo.

This make Sirzech confuse more than before and also her mother."What was that about?" said Sirzech and before he could say another word, he felt it to and the pressure was coming from Kuoh Academy and also all through out the underworld could feel the pressure and also her mother could feel it too."Did you feel that? My son." said Sirzech mother and before she could stand from the bed, she felt the pressure again but this time it felt like warm, protective and kindess and not from before."Yes I feel that too mother and also it is time to see him in Kuoh Academy." this gain attention the whole house hold including the maids because they knew it was him.

"Yes its time too see him in his glory after the 'Thousand Year War' and also he defeat Aizen before becoming a monster and aslo to sacrifice his power to stop it, and its hurt to see him that way." and she was right Ichigo was like a son to her after giving birth to Sirzech.

"Well its time to him mother and aslo can i give any regards from you?" Sirzech said and heard a soft chuckle from her mother. This scene was only been seen by him and her family and that it.

"Well just tell him that, 'we wait long enough for this'." she said with a small smile.

"Okay and i be get going then, and after that i sent regards to him." Sirzech aid while making a circle teleportation magic to his office and then to the Kuoh Academy because he is the 'Principal and the Headmaster' after all and also 'Lucifer' by title.


'Alright how did this happen to me, because the last time i was at my room doing my homework like usual' Ichigo thought while he was in front of a mansion rather a mansion it's like a fucking castle. "What the hell are you doing here soul king!" while walk through the gate of his house."well I was making a deal to you see you another family again after what 20 years, and they wait long enough to see you with their beloved daughter who is promise by you if she was older you came back and live with her forever and never broke the promise." while Ichigo open the castle-like-door open and the inside it's like a fucking noble person who live here.

'Oh wait i was a noble family once but didn't know that until my dad tell the truth' Ichigo sigh as he remember about his dad told him that he from a noble family but 2 noble family just in case any happen to him, Isshin had a back-up plan to sent him to the other noble family."So here I am al last after fuck up shit happen to over the 20 years of my life that I am literally 400 years old that look like in his teen's, damn you soul king at least make me I have 20 abs of steel damn it." with that he went to the living room and it was fucking huge it like literally could hold a fucking 40 people at least.'Damn this is impressive soul king' while a wide smirk that resemblance his made the soul king sweat dropped because that Ichigo is like to his son.

Ichigo went to his room and was more shocking was that, his room have a double size king bed with the smoothest and softest bed in the world. The window was huge it was like a king's room,'oh wait I am a king huh, man is feel like forever but it was only 20 years damn time flies very quickly.' Ichigo thought was interrupt by a shout from his gate house who was calling who is the owner of the house and want to meet him/her and want to be friendly with them.'Man, I was here for about few hours and then somebody want to meet huh I guest it's can't be help then.'

Ichigo shout back from his room and to their suprise it's like A king shout back to unpack some stuff and then open the door and to see a certain tall boy who are standing 6'3 with long orange hair that was past his neckline and cover his ear and his body were build with his seen-through-shirt that can see hsi 6 abs of steel and also the body that was in 2 major war with him win the war and stop chaos to its peak."He-he-he hello, it's nice to meet you. I am Issei this is Asia." while Issei point at himself and to Asia when her name came out."Oh I'm Ichigo. Nice to meet you too." ichigo said while heard some chuckle from Issei from the name who has 2 meaning.1 is one who protect and 2 is strawberry, and how he hated the nickname strawberry.

"I know what you gonna say but it mean 'one who protect' and it not mean strawberry okay." Ichigo said while he shake their hand to be more polite.'Wow he is handsome, lean-build body, if anyone want to beat him may be in hospital for weeks or even worse month from broken bone' Issei thought as if he heard a load cry of fear men run away from the felt his shiver from the thought and maybe friends with him and maybe learn a bit more about this person.'"So which school are you going?" said Asia who is curious about the man in front of him.

"I going to Kuoh Academy to meet a certain person whom you know him/her as the 'King' and she is on her way to the school by a teleportation magic whom learned from a uncertain person whom she promise to meet and live forever with i have to say you guys sure are loyal to the person who peerage you, maybe i can meet the person who peerage you into devil and make them their peerage and also Asia why are you so curious about me so much I am a human being just like everyone else." ichigo said while Issei and Asia were shock to heard a person whom call himself human being even though they didn't believe any about the human being part.

"Who are you and how did you know that we are devils and also we have been peerage to a certain person who are 'King' from and also is very important person in my life as well!?" said Issei while going defence position and about the summon his Ddraig dragon Boost but to everyone suprise, it didn't work fro some reason and when Issei about to say spoke with ruthless warrior,"That won't work on me boy, because I know Ddraig is afraid of me and for you Asia. I am suprise to see you on none any position and could you tell me something that made me curios on you guys more than me?" Ichigo said while his eyed to Asia who was feared, scared and about to cry because of what? Ichigo didn't do anything bad but before he could say a word.A phone vibrate from his pocket and to his suprise it was Sirzech who massage him and also he were late for the homeroom and the massage went to like this:

To Ichigo

It's been 20 years seen we last saw you Ichigo-nii and also I also have some regards from mother that she misses you so much from the past 20 years and also you late from homeroom class you have 10 minutes to get your ass and the 2 devils here at the school or you will got detention on your first day of school.

p.s Rias is grow up now but she seem sad that you didn't made her promise to came true.
p.s.s If you late another a minute i'm gonna punish you for being late on your first day of school.

Ichigo mutter 'Oh shit i'm screwed if im late on my first day of school and damn you Sirzech for being the Principal and The Headmaster'."Hey guys we gonna be late for the school gonna start so I'm being blunt as usual you guys need to run to the school ground from now on also you guys have another let say you guys have another 6 minutes before the homeroom start."

After that they began to run like being chase by a bull dog from behind and the made to the school ground in just 2 minutes damn they are fast."Umm where is Ichigo, i think Ichigo gonna have a punishment from the principal because late for his first day of school also being late for the homeroom class."

"Who said i'm late man you guys are so slow." Ichigo jsut walk pass them casually it just like never had and Asia have their eyes wide opena and awe it just like they seen a ghost or a teleportation magic just like Rias could do."Are you guys gonna catch on or are you guys gonna get a detention on you first day of on guys lets go!" Asia and Issei just shock their thought away about this man Ichigo and walk through the gate and saw many woman saw or sees Issei the just ignore him or call him 'Stupid frog, 'Pervert' or even worse 'Oppai will never give to you'.At that Issei what heart shatter and heartbroken by they name him the Trio Pervert with 2 other friends which are Mastuda and Motohama.

"Hey looks like we got a transfer student or a new student and look at him, he just look like a model!" a brown girl whisper to her friend and they all agreed.

"I think he is taken , and who might it be though." to all suprised it was the Principal Sirzech said while walking towards Ichigo Kurosaki also know as Ichigo-nii."Well hello there, Kurosaki Ichigo right?" said Sirzech said with fake question on his face and Ichigo was onto it too."Yes that's me and you are the Principal and The headmaster of this Academy?" with a small smirk on his face that can only seen by Sirzech alone because he know him better that anyone except Rias of course."Yes that would be me, and come to my office and also bring your friends along the way." Sirzech said 'friends' it's like he know them to soon as the devil and also have a peerage with Rias also know as the King, just like the piece in chest.

"Okay, hey guys do you want to go with me or you want to go to the homeroom?" said Ichigo it's like a question than and Issei look each other a nod their head together and it seems it's like they know each other than anyone else."We like to go with you/We want to go to the homeroom." Asia look at Issei as in his thought 'Shit i'm fuck than and my plan has blown'."Okay Asia come with me, and for you Issei you can go to the homeroom and also don't go peek at the girl's changing room.I heard that if you stare at that room you will curse be a mysterious girl who been rape by guys in her class, and i heard that all the guys who rape her die on next day by unknown yeah don't look through the hole or you to stubborn to get a hit then a warning is warning so be careful when you peaking okay."

Everyone that heard that, they began to pale as white as sheet paper and damn they take their jokes so serious damn.'Well alt east he and the other two wont been peeking the hole about another week if they can resist'."Is it tr-tr-tr-true?" said Issei with his face began to pale even more and was speechless about the curse and the rape part but Issei been Issei he would die as a stubborn than die with no stubborn."Okay that's enough of the joke Ichigo and now let's go to me office in private with Asia. Asia are you okay with this?" Sirzech with worried face to Asia, but to Asia she was confuse by the looks on the Rias Brother known as 'Lucifer'.So they start walking to the Principal office with a guest waiting them with impatiently and have sweat on her forehead because she and her husband the Gremory Family to meet him after 20 years of not coming home from the 2 most known war through out the Three Fraccious also Graynia Sirzech's wife to company them and also a bit curious about a certain man who could be more powerful than her husband also combine together with the Mous.

"What do you mean by that Sir- I mean Principal? Why are you worry about me?" said Asia with a twitch on her eye because she know something had been bad that she made her decision to walk with them to the Principal office.

Suddenly they arrived and for some reason Asia could feel fear because inside that office, a family of 72 pillars of hell and also known as the Gremory Family was inside that office and suddenly she could not feel fear anymore but instead she became more terrified about a man she was curious this morning and also because how a human being can feel so terrified and not terrified the feelling is unimaginable and also,she thougth the Gremory Family has one son and one daughter.


Sirzech open the door and he could see the whole Gremory Family here except Rias in the O.R.C also known as Occult Reserch Club to having a shower, she would shower about 3 time per day 2 time the family house and once at the club back to do office Asia and disbelief the whole Gremory Family except of course Rias, but what most shocking thing was when Ichigo snap his finger and thumb together they could only see ichigo's eye that were red with no pupils and also he has fangs that so sharp that could pierce through any object or anything. Ichigo also got twirl by a black and red demonic power that could level that past maou or even past that level to the level of devil god or simply overlord.

'What was this demonic power, such power and such destruction but it feel warm and also protective." while covering her eyes between her hands and to much for Asia suprise when all Gremory Family's start to change their true form, a devil form that is and also through out the school ground, almost the devils with the pillars or not change into theirs true form even Rias almost she had power to overpower Rasier but that didn't last forever when the demonic power began to slow down bit by bit. And then vanish to thin air.

When the demonic power stop twirling against Ichigo, the gasp from Asia was simply speechless and also shock to see the man change dramatically and when she saw she has the biggest eye wide open because she see a man who was here before and then gone just like that.

Ichigo new form was like combine with everything from from shinigami to hollow to quincy to angel to fallen angel to the lastly devil. His shinigami power he wear his shikai only to a broken shikai when he fight with Ulqi also his Hollow power was his mask that same fight but this one he can control without fail and his Quincy power he can summon his bow and can shot 30 000 arrows per second and the second person who can do that after Quincy king Yhwach and his hair were black when he fight against Aizen also his mouth were cover by the mugetsu. And the lastly were the three power which are the angel, fallen angel and also the devil. He has 16 wing which were a lot beside Sirzech that only have 12 with 6 each side of his back, but not Ichigo he was different and why ask? His right side of the 8 wings were angel's and his left side also 8 were the devil's. Also Ichigo as some fallen angel sword that was not been used by thousand years ago.

After that change, an familiar also unfamiliar voice echoed through out the office room that was barried by Sirzech with a spell that kido can't do that.
"How are you mother, father , brother and also nee-san, are you guys in good health?" Ichigo raised his eyebrows and also he spoke with a tone that on maou's and a veteran warrior could understand that voice, because that voice is a voice that have gone to many war and almost die in the process and also ichigo bow to them before he walk to the mother and father and knee and they were confuse by this action.

"I'm truly sorry about the day i left all of you, and of course Grayfia didn't know much about it and also please forgive me that I almost broke the promise that I have to live forever with that person." Ichigo said with sadden and scared that he will be punish, but to his suprise the mother bent down and embrace him a hug and also burst in tears that she almost fail as a mother to protect their children and the father did the same but he spoke "We forgive you Ichigo after what you did and win 2 major war and had become the king. And also Rias was upset that she remember the promise you guys made and you almost broke it when you almost die many times now and now you have to rest little one." the father spoke the truth only the truth and so the mother loose the hug and spoke "I miss you so much Ichigo, I know you have to ran away from home from 20 years ago and I know because a certain person to stubborn to see his brother to ran from home just to keep the family safe and its brave and you are the king just like father said okay son."

After that Ichigo satnd up and turn to see Sirzech who about to burst in tears, but then Ichigo hug him that he will never be doing that again and also Ichigo is a king to unknown who know what king he is, but the Sirzech spoke while to stop crying "Don't-don't-don't do that again ichigo-nii okay don't do it again." Ichigo know to well and then spoke "This time i will never ever do i again because i made a promise to that person so yeah i have to take this family like use to take my own family before okay." Sirzech just nod and Ichigo rub back of his little brother like a little baby.

"Asia." this made Asia 'eep' and start to get scare than Ichigo spoke with kindess "Can you keep this promise from anyone when I'm about to tell and when you leave this place your mouth will keep safe as foe mine okay?" Asia just nod

Ichigo let loose the hug from his little brother and when he does this, he spread all wings across the room and when the wings retract ichigo spoken in a demonic voice but felt kindess inside it."From my adventure from the past 20 years, I have became 2 king at my place and became a royal gueard to the soul king-" ichigo was cut by everyone to scream in 'EEEHHH!' at the same time and when everyone quiet ichigo spoke again "And also have 3 or more sacred boost and aslo the majority is was Maou's boost sacred from the past and then I became their wielder, these wielder- but before i continue-" Ichigo look at Sirzech and then the whole people inside the room and then he continue "- I became a wielder of Samael, Gilgamesh, The pasts of Maous are Lucifer, and Satan himself-" Ichigo was cut again but this time the office door open with force and is was Rias best friend Akeno who were listening from the beginning and Ichigo knew about but let it go and and the shout 'EEEEEHHHH/WHAT!'

"Yes also I am more capable wielder them all so yeah you can call me Ichigo, but when we are in the battle or the rating game i will be my Full name-" cut again but this time spoke from Akeno "And what the Full name was we should call you-" Akeno Queen to Rias peerage was cut of when she heard Sirzech mumbling about something but she just curious also the others too and ask, "Lucifer-sama what are you mumbling about?" said Akeno with her worried face. Sirzech was confuse and aslo scare because Ichigo want to put his full name on the battle and the Rating Game there will be once more one man army again just like last time when he saw Ichigo's body bruises and lot of cuts from the sword because he was stronger then Sirzech and on that Sirzech blame himself for Ichigo to go through.

Then Sirzech spoke when a hint of fear "You not going to say that name again and you will never will be under my command okay! Do you understand Overload-sama!" there is was the name that suppose not to spoken after 20 years and that name came back and, Sirzech just fear and his hand was shiver from the night Ichigo got back home from the mother and the father know about this but it cannot say the full name of Akeno was a curious cat spoke "Overlord? Him, Overlord you serious right him, the human being a Overlord is not acceptable!"

"I know Akeno, I know,but did you know the 'Full Name' of my title?" At this moment Sirzech run towards to Ichigo but the confuse by Akeno was priceless,'What did he mean by he Full Name that cannot speak by both Sirzech and The mother and Father of Gremory'.Sirzech hand cover the mouth Ichigo's to not slip out his Full Name or Title. Ichigo stare at Sirzech eyes and he see burden, sadden, and fear. The fear part he understand pretty well because the war 'him vs the whole angel and the fallen' all them die by his hand when he head home he see Sirzech burst into tears and Ichigo hurt by it and he know to.

"Look they don't need to know the 'Full Name or the Title you carry, it will be more hectic and there will be another one man war again so please Ichiog-nii please don't remind me about the day of the war 20 years ago, please?." Sirzech was about to burst in tears when one of the memory of he's when he saw a cut from the of Ichigo's back and to this day the memory will haunt him until Ichigo tell pull back his hand a let loose beside his hip.

"I have to are not they will be found out sooner or later, so let me tell my 'Full Name' or Title to them and if the war start again then will bit it. I will be the one man army again and bring justice again even I have to sacrifice my power to keep my closest thing keep safe.""Just tell me the Full Name or Title or what is it, are not i will force out of it!" Akeno said with fury."Okay but first i have to permission my father and my mother to have the Full name." Ichigo look at their parent and give them a nod and Ichigo approve then he start it again but was cut again by Sirzech but shock from Akeno for Sirzech said Ichigo's nickname.

"Ichi-nii please no please just don't, that one name and if the name at the Full name of your's the war will begin just like 20 years ago." Sirzech was hesitate to give a nod and speak again with anger but not to fury about it "I wall not allow it by any circumstances and will never be it!" but then his anger gone to fear a bit.

Akeno and Asia want to know Ichigo's full name while they so impatiently to know then Ichigo spoke with determination "My full name or title is Ichigo Kurosaki King of Heroes, Gods of God Demon among Demons and lastly Overlord of The Overlord-"

This make Akeno and Asia their eyes wide open almost pop out from their eye socket. But from Grayfia has a different reaction it was confuse from the beginning of the conversation or reunion than confuse and curious.'How could this be! This Ichigo or devil or whatever you wanna call it, cannot be stronger than my husband or Lucifer!' Gyrafia thought.

"and also future husband to Rias but not as Rias Gremory but as in Rias a normal human being." Ichigo said with protective while the name Rias call out. This make more Confuse by the 2 peerage Rias's while said "What!".'Oh man Issei gonna be piss about this, oh man Ichigo gonna cry like baby' thought Akeno with anger, meanwhile Asia was like 'What' more confuse thing.

"And also, tomorrow on I'll be in Rias class and also be joining the O.R.C so that I can visit more often with her." Ichigo got a nod from Sirzech and transfer him to Rias made Akeno more mad than ever because Rias have Issei now, but she cannot protest it because Sirzech approve immediately from the Ichigo's quest.

"And so that move on-" Ichigo sanp his finger again to turn normal again with Kuoh Acedemy uniform."- so we will continue this conversation. Mother , Father and brother do you want to come over to my house or rather mansion for some dinner?" said Ichigo with question on his face but cut short by quickest answer by the three person "YES!". "Don't bring Rias to come over I want to suprise her tomorrow at school."

With that they walk out from the office room and it was about to finish school and so Akeno and Asia went to their O.R.C club activities. Ichigo went back to his mansion and make some dinner or rather a full cuisine of food with the most delicious food ever made. 'This gonna be fun night ever.' Ichigo thought while a smirk came on his face.

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