Chapter 2: Love and Anger Part 1


"Demon voice or rather Overlord voice and also Tensa Zanetsu voice"

"Shiro voice and Samel voice"

"Satan voice"

Rias pov (Before the reunion with Ichigo and The Gremory houshold without Rias of course)

"Where is she?" said Rias as she was panic about her friend Akeno that didn't come to their activity club and also with other. "Well at least she was not out from my range sense." But then she felt it, one of her dream the pressure coming from him and she felt with lust in her eyes, but why she felt with full of lust and love by this pressure and also the demonic power by him.

(After the reunion)

"I n-n-n-need to find this power, it felt like onii-sama but stronger or maybe better than other onii-sama friends." Said Rias while she clench her chest to stop the heart beat that were fast like it's gonna pop out from her chase. So she start to walk out her club room but stop when she heard an angry voice by Akeno's and the voice of confuse by Asia's.

'Why is Akeno angry and also why is Asia confuse?' Rias mutter the words but then she jump from the thought by the door open when she saw Akeno angry expression and Asia with confuse expression.

"Akeno why are you angry and also why Asia look very confuse like a child?" Rias said while making it a tease joke but didn't come through by it when Akeno walk by past her and start to make some tea to try to calm down herself.

"Oh hi buchou, well nothing happen but for Akeno well she was harassment by from our classmate and she also got teased by it too." that was lie but the truth because she and Akeno just found out about a certain person who call himself the 'Overlord ' and also 'The future husband to Rias '. This also make Asia sweat dropped that she lied to her friend but not just a friend but also a King to her peerage that make her into a devil.

"Well if you say so, then will be it. And also Asia-" this make Asia goes 'eepp' and this make Rias confuse more what just happen to Asia to feel this way." where are the others Kiba and Issei?" Rias continue her words but suddenly Akeno put her tea on the table that were occupied by the club room and also it smells to good to go to wast. Without hesitate Asia and Akeno start to drink in one gulp in just a second.

"Kiba were training in a dojo, while Issei i don't know about him?" while Akeno put her up her sleeve to cover her smirk when she said Issei's name. This action make Rias more confuse and curious at the same because, why are Akeno and Asia were angry and confuse?

"I think Issesi is peeping again at the girl's changing room with his friends." Asia said while she have a thought when she fine him with another woman than herself. But then, they heard two boys name and it was Kiba and Issei the knight piece and pawn piece. The door open and saw them and Issei said "We're here, and what today's club activities bucchou?"

"Well today we just gonna relax and have some information exchange with others, because I feel weird to and before Akeno and Asia make their way to the club room, I feel lust and horny towards a devil and i felt it and it was calm, kind and protection just by feel it." this made Rias face to turn red as tomato for what she just said and also the other girls. By then they heard a foot steps that walk toward the club room and they saw Kaneko, a 1st year in the academy.

"Well hello there senpais, what are we gonna do to and also are there any sweets that a can eat?" by then Kaneko stomach growl with hungry and Akeno went to find some sweets for her. " Well today we just gonna relax and have some information exchange with others." answer Asia.

"Okay then let's start then the meeting, but first some information for today?" said Rias with questioning face.

"Well for me today were as usual as everyday, go to school and after school's finish I went to dojo for some training, but I when i was training I felt some devil pressure that equally to your brother's Rias." while taking some sweet that were offered by Akeno and through out the conversation. But then they all feel it and they went to theirs knee until they went on the floors.

'What the hell , with these pressure so much pressure and i can't breathe from it. It just like breathe under water while chase by a medallion' thought everyone, but for Rias she stand still while being push by the pressure, but she felt it was nothing of it, but then she remember her dream where she met Ichigo her long last brother that ran away from home but she could not know why.

By then she collapsed and everyone got up fast to catch her before hit the floor. Kiba manage to catch her but when he does, he saw Rias's face was smiling and happy about something and saw tears came out from her eye.

Ichigo POV (after the reunion and before a dinner with the Gremory family without Rias)

When Asia and Akeno walk out the office, I tried to speak but cut off by Sirzech. "Ichi-nii, before I gonna put you in Rias's classroom that were entire girl in the classroom. Why did you return after 20 years?" this question was about the same question from the whole Gremory, Sirzech hug Ichigo one more time but this time it was happy hug and a soft hug too.

"Let's just say that, someone remind me about a promised that i made and almost broke it and its hurt to see her cry in front of me and you know too right." while Ichigo pat his little brother on the head slow and softly and then smile at him. This smile make Sirzech gone to blush because that smile is not something that could seen by other people except the Family.

"And who was the person to remember your promise to her?" the father said with full on curious face because, who might be the person or thing that could they know about the promise between her and Ichigo.

"Well if you want it to, why don't come over for a dinner with me and my friends?" This make the the father raise his eyebrow and start to curious about his friends.

"Sure why not, and can she come as well? Because she want to meet you so badly after all these years." his mother said with her hand to cover her face to hide her smirk from his son.

"No, i can't" This make the the father to be angry but the cut shot when ichigo speak again, "I want to surprise her tomorrow when I was in her classroom." These make the family to smile by his idea to suprise her daughter to meet his lover and future husband.

"Okay that settle it, what time can we come?" said Sirzech to write the time. "Before 9 and also I will invite my other friends to come over, they are from another land." This also got everyone eyebrows to raise and with curious about Ichigo's another friends from another land. "Okay thats is all, I think you should go back home mother father and also text me or something when you guys on the way home okay?"

"Okay my son." with that the mother make a teleportation and follow by Grayfia while she bow at Ichigo and Ichigo bow back.

"Son, before I go we need to talk about something." while the father glare at Sirzech and he know about something that will make Ichigo mad even more.

"Yes what is it father?" the curious and confuse that make from Ichigo's face were priceless.

"After you ran away from her life and our's, we felt guilty from it." the father's eye were sadden , fear and the burden from him. Then he continued "When she in 2nd year in the academy-" the father look in the with guilt even more and continue "we made arrangement with one of the remain 72 pillars-" but was cut from a heavenly pressure from Ichigo's.

Ichigo felt anger with each word his father said especially the word 'arrangement."Who are the family who make the arrangement without my permission!?" and his eyes turn red blood and the other were dark eye with yellow pupils. But then the pressure was gone because Sirzech hug his big brother from the back while his head buried on Ichigo's back.

"Oi kingy you need to stop to be angry it's gonna rain any moment, and you you know that we HATE rain in here. So stop be angry idiot and just confront this Riaser boy to force marrying your Queen." Shiro said in Ichigo mind.

" Yes he's right Ichigo, we just confront this Raiser boy and stop the arrangement" this time it was Tensa Sangetsu said.

"I think we just kill Riaser boy. Because what I heard about him, he was a prodigy devil and also an arrogant attitude with 10 wife from the remain 72 pillars" This time it was Samael with a huge smirk on his face.

"But it's your decision my friend and we will follow and obey your decision. I also heard that the father of the Phenexe Family agree the arrangement but then realise it was a bad idea and I don't know why is that." This time is was Satan himself in Ichigo's mind.

"Okay but i want some explanation and information. And also we can't kill Raiser boy right now, we must have some proof of this." thought Ichigo while closing his eyes and heard "Yes/Yes/Yes!" and then they vanish from his thought.

"Ichi-nii, please let father finish his word and let me explain why we did the arrangement. And yes when I said 'we' I mean Me and Father made this arrangement with the Phenexe Family and with their son Raiser Phenexe whom was a prodigy son that will help Rias happiness." Sirzech let go Ichigo from the hug slowly not to make him angry more.

But it was worse from the time Sirzech let go, they could feel the ground were shacking and almost entire school could feel it but quickly die down. They got up to their feet slowly and when the want to face Ichigo's face they feel fear, fear that will make them remember until they die.

Ichigo's face was cover by a hollow mask with two horn that were point downwards and also has a red blood tattoo around on it that was come out from the head, also has three orange fur across his neck , arm and wrist . The eyes were more scary, because on the left it was red as blood with no pupil and on the right were dark with yellow, but the most shock were his entire body where cover by golden and red armour across his chest to his stomach area and also his lower part. His left arm were cover by red and golden sleeve, while his right arm were cover by a black tattoo that were twirl again his skin. And lastly where his 16 wings on each side if his back.

"Please onii-chan, please forgive us that we make a false decision to arrangement to a Phenexe Family, please onii-chan!" Sirzech shout to his brother that was angry at his father for not telling him anything through out his conversation with the family. By then Ichigo snap out and deactivate his power and run to Sirzech and his father to a hug and to apologies for his action just now. The father and Sirzech forgive for his action.

"When will the arrangement to begin?" Ichigo said with fury but control himself."The arrangement will be after Rias graduate from school and after finishing collage, but-" Icihigo curious about the arrangement.

'Why are there 'buts' in the arrangement, it didn't make any sense. But wait unless-' Ichigo's thought were cut off when he heard his father speak again.

"but she protest the arrangement and against it, but Raiser kept telling her that the time almost came to an end for her, and will be his wife." this made Ichigo fury because he hate the Raiser boy to make Rias his wife even if she protest it. "But if he very impatiently, he will force her to marry him at the same day. But if she protest it again, they will be fight in the 'Rating Game'." This make Ichigo almost insane to kill Raiser for making Rias cry and force to marry him.

"When will Raiser come to the human world father?" Ichigo said with determination in his words.

"He will be coincidence come after school activities." said Sirzech with fear in his words because he know that Ichigo gonna kill Raiser for making Rias cry.

"Okay then see you guys tomorrow and don't forget about the dinner at my place okay I' will give the address to you, and also Sirzech come with me for a moment." Sirzech raise his brow about a quest from his brother or rather 'Overlord' then the father make a teleportation to go back home and get ready their dinner with their son for so long.

"Okay then, follow me." Ichigo said while walking through the principal office and it was already sunset, he also followed by his brother from came to a stop and Sirzech almost stumble by the stop from his big bro.

"Where are we going, Ichi-nii?" said Sirzech when they almost at the school gate and then he saw three figures at the school. When they completely at the school gate, Sirzech could feel the pressure coming from the three figures and it feels like the Satan's level. Sirzech was sweat dropped when the meet the three figures.

The first figures were wearing a white hakama with long sleeve that were also cover half its face. The eyes were blue like ocean sea colour and the hair is yellowish colour combine with orange. The hakama was tight to wear it, so you could see the burst from the outline cloth. She also have a two short dagger that resemblance a shark tooth on each side her waist. She almost short but tall 5'10 and when she look at Ichigo, she must tilt her head up to see his face. You also could see a tattoo on her left cheek at the lower part of her eye.

The second figures was also tall as the first figures. But she has a long green hair that were tided up ponytail and she wear as same hakama but she it was uncover at her stomach area. She also has a number 3 tattoo on her whole back. Her eyes were the colour as her hair and as 2 short line colour just down at her left eye. She also carried a short sword from her back at the waist area and she as a broken mask skull on her upright face just below her head area. She and the first figures was like a feminine and also a beautiful girl.

The last figures was short from the the other two, but she was more cute than the two figures. She also wears a white hakama but has a skirt just below her knee. She also has a long sleeve pun cut short on the left side. She has two different eyes colour, the left were red with red eye line colour and the right were greenish colour. But the different was she has a small burst that barely seen through the hakama.

"Well hello there my queen." Ichigo bow with his right hand on his left shoulder that show respect to his 'queen'.

"That's enough my king you will not call me by my title at the human but instead call my name." while pull up Ichigo face to stare at her into the eyes and also this made her blush and the other two were jealous.

"Okay my dear Tia. So what are you guys doing here as well Apacci" Ichigo look at the short figure was Apacci and then stare at the green-hair girl beside her. "Nel" This make the two blush and Tia just smile and chuckle a bit by the action of her 'King'. For Sirzech just watch with confuse and awe by the action of his brother.

"Well actually we were to accompany Tia- I mean The Queen when she said that she want to go to the living world to accompany her King and observe his majesty behave." answer Nell. Ichigo have a blush on his face bit didn't notice by other.

"Do you have a place to stay my Tia?" while look at Tia whose face was curious about something.

"No we don't have a place stay." answer by Apacci but she said with annoying tone. This make Ichigo chuckle and turn his head to Apcci and kiss her forehead and then follow to kiss Nell on the forehead but to Tia, he kiss on her cheek. This make all three girls to blush like a tomato.

"Wh-wh-why d-d-did yo-yo-you d-d-do th-th-that!?" Apcci startle to speak but stop when she felt her lips against something warm. It was Ichigo who kiss her with passionate and deepen their kiss until Nell push them apart.

"What it was a my 'welcome kiss', why you don't like it?" Ichigo almost sadden by Apacci's.

"N-n-no, I didn't said 'I hate it', wait what I'm saying!" Apacci blush even more for what she just said.

"Hahaha, I'm just joking, but somebody is jealo-" Ichigo got cut off mid sentence and he felt Nel kissing with same passionate with Appaci.

"Of course Itsygo, who will not get jealous when they got a kiss from a King." said Nel with a 'hmph'. Suddenly Ichigo feel another lips attack his but it different from the two. It felt like an ocean just came across his lips with sweetness.

"Well that was passionate and also who are more jealous than the other two." Ichigo said after Tia apart from Ichigo's.

"Who wouldn't, because you are my King so I have to be jealous." Tia said and all them start to chuckle by the action of their Queen.

"Ahem, so Ichi-nii who are this three beautiful woman who are beautiful as our Rias's?" question Sirzech to Ichigo while cross his arm on to his chest.

"This three beautiful and cute girl are my Fraccion and also-" Ichigo point at Tia and said " She is my queen in the other land that I talked about for a dinner." Sirzech eye's almost pop out his eye when Ichigo said the word 'Queen' and 'Fraccion'. "Oh by the way this is my little brother Sirzech Gremory and also maou by the title 'Lucifer', there are another 3 Maous but there are busy." said Ichigo said and the three bow to Sirzech because they heard the name 'Lucifer' and Sirzech bow back.

"So this is Ichigo's brother and he his a 'Lucifer'. Oh how coincidence." Tia siad with bloodthirsty with a grin on her face. This make Sirzech sweat drop and feel fear from just by her words. "Calm down Tia , even if he is the 'Lucifer' he isn't evil just like 'The Lucifer' from before when we met.." Ichigo halt Tia from getting a mess.

"Wait you met Lucifer before but not just Lucifer but 'The Lucifer'!?" Sirzech said with shiver on his knee because how The Lucifer was. The Lucifer was evil than Satan himself, but then Sirzech have some thought but then quick realise what he said by his name before. Sirzech eye were wide open again but almost like a cd size circle size.

"Yes he is my peerage along with Gilgamesh, Satan, Samael and Gabriel because she was thrown by other angels, so yeah Lucifer take over Satan place after, Satan fall from grace from the war that I help Satan to win the war against angel and fallen angel but, he die after the war. After Satan death, Lucifer gone mad and almost kill any devil among them because either protest or disobey his plan or command." Ichigo got cut mid-sentence by Sirzech

"You helped Satan to win the war against angel and fallen angel! Not only that Lucifer was your peerage along side with Gilgamesh-sama, Satan-sama himself, Samael-sama and also an angel not just an angel but fallen angel that is Gabriel-sama. But even worse that Lucifer take over Satan place and then gone mad about his doing to almost kill devil among him!?"

Sirzech didn't believe it because 1. He didn't know Ichigo has a peerage let alone Lucifer, Gilgamesh, Satan and Gabriel, 2. was he help Satan to win the war against angel and fallen angel, and lastly 3. Lucifer gone mad about his power of ruling his devil but almost kill them.

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