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Chapter 3: Love and Anger part2


Rias pov

'What the heck just happen and where the heck is me!?' I slightly open my eyes with a groan sound. After doing so I scan my surrounding and it was my room. 'Who brought me here and who ever it was please not be Issei' I know Issei with his pervert-attitude with Oppai-Harem-king wannabe, but it make me disgusted by it but who could blame the boy huh.

"Good evening buchou, finally you awake. I just about to go back home and to inform Sirzech-sama that you still a sleep." I turn my head to see the voice and when I see who it was, Akeno. Akeno then smile to me almost became a smirk for a reason?

"Why are you looking at me like that Akeno?" I said with almost fear for what to come from Akeno. But to my surprise it didn't but a hand cover her smirk with her long sleeve yukata.

"Oh just nothing." then AKeno stood up and walk out my room before saying, "Before I go your family was out at someone party but they didn't say who it was and why." Then a teleportation magic bellow Akeno's feet was glowing bright blue and then she vanish to her room and said 'Ja ne'.

"Ja ne, Akeno. Well now what I suppose to do now that my parent went out for someone party and didn't say who it was!?" I said with question and concern voice, because throughout my life my family will not keep a secret or two. This is seriously weird and I feel uneasy for reason but I shook any thought of any thing about my family doing at someone's party. Maybe it was another my arrangement!? No no no it cannot be. Maybe I should calm down and just have some drink or something to cool myself down.

After that I went to the kitchen to have some food or something, but when I arrived at the kitchen there was food on the table so many kind of food. But then I think about something or someone who just make some food for me. But then I realised who it was, it was Graynfia-sama, my Onii-sama's Wife and maid to our family.

'"Well let's digging in then." I said and eat the whole thing and after that I went to shower to clean myself. After that, I read some book and before I doze off, I went to my bedroom and dive to my bed and just for a few minutes or so I sleep in slumber with ease nothing could wake me from my sleep.

Normal POV

The Gremory family was walking to find Ichigo's house or mansion who he call it and after a few minutes or so, they was arrived at they location. In front of them was a steel golden gate with two horns on each side with two statue of him with a devil wings on the left side and right side was his angel wings.

"Is this the place?" said Sirzech because he could not believe this is Ichigo's place or mansion or what ever you want to call it. While the other was awe to see the mansion inside in.

"Yes this is the place no doubt about it." said the father. And then they saw a goddess before their eyes while the gate open without a warning or so. The woman was wearing a dark blue with white blueish stripe gown with a glassy colour. The woman was also tall she even though she was wearing a high heels, but without she still tall. Her hair was a ponytail with a colour of green of her hair.

Then the woman said, "You must be the Gremory family that my darling talk about. Well come on then let me escort you to the place." They just nod to the woman and then follow her just like she ask. When they are in the mansion, they was walking at the hall with a torch and slightly light from a chandelier across the hall. They come stop from the green hair woman and open the door, that was rather dozen of people who they recognize them such as the Phenex Family but only the father who come, Aisa, who they surprise and also Akeno was there as well and a few of them.

"Ah yes you guys make it, and thank you Nel for escort them to here." Ichigo said while approach them. When they saw Ichigo, they was stunned by the outfit of Ichigo wearing and and it was like meet a very known person but such a low profile.

Ichigo was wearing a white button-shirt with a black wast, black glassy pants with black glassy shoes. He also as a black tie that was loosen a bit just below his neck area with unbotton at the neck area as well. His hair was a the side almost has a glassy on it.

"Hmm guys what are you surprise about?" Ichigo said with playful tone almost has a chuckle on it.

Then the family heard and then then Venelana said, "Well it just that we didn't not see you in such an outfit and stunning handsome man though." almost made Ichigo blush. It was true they didn't not seen or saw any kind of outfit that Ichigo was wearing. Also the mother notice it that the outfit that Ichigo was wearing were almost like brand new to them. This made the mother curious about.

"Ichigo, son how much the cost of the outfit?" siad Venelana while the other also curious about the cost.

"Well it cost about 500,000 yen in total." The made the family eyes wide and jaw dropped to the floor. "C'mon it's not big a deal, it was my money and also I didn't steal or anything it was my own money." This made whole new level of jokes but they shook aside and thought where did Ichigo have that kind of money?

"Anyways it's time to enjoy the party and after that we talk again and I'm gonna resume my conversation about something." Ichigo said then wave to the family and the they went on their own ways of meet some people, have some conversation about their life not personal level, and maybe eating to full themselves.

Srizech then meet some various people but the most surprise was he meet Ichigo's sibling which is quite cute to meet them. Their name was Yuzu and Karin they were 16 years old and also a transfer students to the Kuoh Academy. Yuzu was a caring, kind and almost like a mother type person, while Karin opposite of that. She was an protective, stubborn just like Ichigo, and also a Tom boy-ish type person.

"Is this true that Ichi-nii is your second family and also you are one of the remain of 72 pillars of hell also you known has 'Lucifer' in your underworld?" said Karin with amuse face on.

"Yes, we are Ichigo's second family and also the one of the remain of of the 72 Pillars of hell. And also known has 'Lucifer' in the underword. But how did you know all of that and also how much did you know?" Sirzech said with amuse tone because how do they know all of this.

"Well Ichi-nii is 'The Overlord' so we curious about who are the underline of his command and we also know him as a shinigami but Ichi-nii was not ordinary shinigami, he is known as the "Gods of Shinigami'." this time it was Yuzu said and also she and Karin was not stun by the reaction of Sirzech give them.

"So you guys who is he from the start or what?" Sirzech said with curious tone to have them know their older brother is the 'Overlord'. And they just nod and then they just have normal conversation just like others. Like how their dad or 'Goat-chin', when did they agree to follow Ichigo transfer and so on.

After the Party

Almost over, almost everyone has gone to their home except Lord Phenex, Aisa, the Gremory family and Akeno. After that almost everyone has gone. Ichigo then walk to the people who was waiting at the living room while curious about something that Ichigo want to talk about and it was kind serious too. They also see 5 women behind him and they were curious who is this people is.

"Well now the party is over and everyone is relax, we could continue our conversation and also introduce ourselves then." Ichigo said while the women behind him were each beside him and then they bow to the people on front of them. They then head up to introduce themselves to the people.

"My name is Tia Harribel also known as the 'Queen of Hueco Mundo and also Ichigo's wife."they were shock because she is a Queen of Hueco Mundo and also Ichigo's wife. But to the most surprise was the Gremory family because Ichigo made a promise to marry and live forever with Rias and he broke the promise.

"Before this get out of hand, I married her because she has feeling for me before she became a Queen and the second was I didn't broke the promise okay" Ichigo said like he just read the Gremory family's mind. Tia then said, "It's true what was Ichigo said and please understand this because I really really like him." Tia said with truth behind her words.

"Okay we accept this and the others who married to Ichigo please step forward." said the father and all the women step forward. Sirzech then surprise and shock to see what was he saw.

"Really Ichi-nii, you married to your own sibling this is surprise." Sirzech then smirk and the others was shock about the information from Sirzech. Yuzu and Karin then blush deeply because how they married to their own brother.

"My name is Kurosaki Yuzu and this is my twin sister Kurosaki Karin we are half devil half human hybrid because we has the devil blood from Ichigo because we make a promise." Yuzu and Karin bow to the people and they knowledge this and they bow back. They went back in line and other three people went forward. They see the green hair woman who known as Nel but didn't know the full and the other two they didn't know who so they began curious to are they wife to Ichigo's.

"My name is Neliel Tu Oderschvank or just call me Nel and this two are, Cyan Sung-Sung and Loly Aivirrne. Sun-sung is Tia's fraccion or personal bodyguard and Loly is Ichigo's." then they bow and went back to the line. The people was curious how on earth Ichigo has two beautiful woman who is Ichigo's wife not only that they are like goddess, he also has personal bodyguard as Nel call it and he also married his own sibling. What just happen to him from the past 20 years. But then Ichigo step forward.

"My name is Kurosaki Ichigo known as 'The Overlord' and also the first son of the Gremory Family." this said, Ichigo's eyes turn blood red while the other has black iris and yellow pupils. He also cover a glimpse of black and red demonic power. Then all people knee before him except the Lord Phenex who didn't believe this.

"No a mere human being cannot be a overlord. It's impossible." then Lord Phenex launch at Ichigo and the father see this and shout to stop the action, but to their surprise, Lord Phenex was stop from Ichigo's wifes. But to they more surprise was Yuzu and Karin take action but was transform into devil.

They has 4 wings, 2 each sides with 2 normal katanas on each hand with a red dragon paint on in with white stripe on from the hilt. The rest was in resurrection. They were stopping Phenex-sama by target or point at his throat and then they release some of they on power. By this Phenex -sama was on his knee by the pressure from the girls and they retreat their weapon and return they normal form.

"Why are you so protest by this?" Ichigo voice booming the mansion that made Asia and Phenex-sama so shiver by the voice and they start to shake fearfully and terrified at this. But Akeno was well lets say she was 'wet' how about that.

'What is happening to me yesterday I was protesting him and then I'm okay now. What is going on!?' Akeno thought and she has a train of thought and many question as to why this happen.

"N-n-no, just I didn't know that The Overlord is you." Phenex-sama was nervously and still knee before and then he heard Sirzech voice.

"Yare yare Ichi-nii, at least show him that you have Satan and Samael in your inner world." Sirzech then went to his feet and start to walk to Ichigo and stop in front of him. "And maybe have the arrangement cut off then." Phenex-sama then went to his feet to and start to agreed the arrangement but then he thought of something.

"Overlord-sama, do you know about the arrangement that were made by me and Sirzech-sama and his father?" Phenex-sama said with fear in is voice and this gonna be bad for some reason and it will not end well.

"I know about the arrangement and also I protest is because nobody inform me about it, And also the agreement was You, Phenex-san and my Father and Sirzech-kun made. Also I heard that you protest it but didn't tell about your arrogant son Riser." Ichigo said with anger in his voice but was control by his Tia's and Yuzu and Karin's hand on his hand grip it tightly to make show his anger control.

"Yes it's true that I protest the arrangement, because he already married 10 others pillars. But I didn't tell him yet if not, he would force the married by that time. And I'm sorry about this Overlod-sama." Phenex-sama said with apologetic tone in his words too. He then knee again but this time he said with unregretful words, "I apologise my mistake and also punish me for my mistake Overlord-sama"

This gain attention from the people inside the living room but to most surprise was Asia, because she never saw one of the 72 pillar's make a quest and also to be punish just by his mistake. The Gremory saw this and sigh from Phenex-sama. But then they feel an awful heavy pressure and they start to breath heavily by this and then almost choke to death.

Then he saw four people appeared before them. They eyes were wide about and their jaw open and stun by this. This four people almost three of them they know who. The first person was tall 7 foot with long grey hair just like Sirzech. He has two red horn and with 8 wings, 4 each side, with a red like-vast clothe. He also appeared just like the Devil with his claw hand and feet. He has a 2 swords, 1 one his back with nothing attached to it and the other was in his waist. He has red amour on whole his body with the colour red. His eyes were the most shocking thing because it was red just like Ichigo's. He then stare at Phenexe-sama and then look at the other people. He also has a muscular body.

"Hello my comrades, My name is Satan. I'm Ichigo's weilder." The made Asia, Akeno, Phenex-sama and the whole Gremory's knee before him. Satan again, "Well what do we do about the arrangement and also about his punishment to take Ichigo-sama." This gain shock from them because Satan himself respect to Ichigo and also said 'Ichigo-sama' make them more fearful to not make Ichigo mad if not they will feel his wrath.

"Yeah Ichigo-sama, what do we do about his punishment. My name is Yhawch" said the second man. This man smirk but was cover by his mask that look-like a devil mask with 2 pointy horn came out from his head and towards him with a twirl red stripe. The mask has white bankai form with a black fur around his neck area. He eyes were plain grey and he has a black hair with a mask on his left head just above his eye brow. He also tall has Ichigo but a but taller with 6'5 with lean-body almost has a muscular body. He as a pointy black glassy shoes and he also terrifying.

"Why don't we just kill him and take him to hell in the 5th level of hell, also why don't we also make Riser brat just like his father. Because I hate him for making the Queen cry." this time it's was the doppelganger of Ichigo's but completely white. His eyes was also the same as Ichigo's eyes with black iris with yellow pupil. He was wearing a white shikai with his big butcher knife on his back while wrapped by white cloth on it to make it stand. The people was in fear for what to come next. Ichigo's doppelganger was chuckling and laughing like a maniac person. "Also my name is Hichigo, nice to meet you." he then bow to them and they bow back.

"Yeah I agreed with Hichigo with this. Just kill the pest and also kill his son Riser brat and make him suffer because making our Rias cry and suffer of this ridiculous arrangement." this is the last person for saying. He was like a dragon with 2 big white plain eyes with 4 little eyes on each side. The dragon has red scale along with a sharp tail that can pierce to anything. The front of the body was covered by black scale that make who ever touch it will crush and die instinct. The dragon also has a sharp teeth that was cover by its mouth and the tongue was out from it mouth. "Also my name is Samael, Ichigo's weilder." the dragon bow to them and then suddenly they saw its wing. The dragon has 6 wings, 3 on each side.

"This four is my comrades, partner, friends and also my wielder." Ichigo voice was cold but as a little protection on his words. He then walk for to Phenex-sama and then crouch to see his eye-on-eye level. Phenex-sama was in fear and scared by this and try to crawl away but Ichigo was holding his mouth jaw tightly almost they could hear bone cracking. Phenex-sama was in agony and pain by this and try to plead and forgiveness for his mistake. "If you want forgiveness from me. You have to apologise to Rias-chan face-to-face and in front of the Gremory family." and Ichigo was waiting for his answer. Then the four people vanish and goes to Ichigo's inner world.

"Okay, I will apologise Rias-sama face-to-face in front of Gremory family including you Overlord-sama." Phenex-sama was relief and also thanked for forgiveness. Asia and Akeno was awe by this from the action and such. They also happy for their buchou because, Lord Phenex protest the engagement and also cut off. But then they realise something.

"What happen after Lord phenex apologies to Rias-chan" they turn to the voice that they didn't know they were here as well.

"After that's happen, I need to see Riser in person. Also Asia Akeno can you guys keep a secret from Rias-chan, I want to surprise her." with his small smile face that was surpise to see from the Gremory's because they didn't usually see Ichigo smile even slightly abit. "Back to the topic, after that happen, I will keep an eye for Rias just incase your son come to see Rias-chan or just to flirt her. I will not keep myself promise to see your son alive." Ichigo turn his head to Lord Phenex with cold and uncare tone that made all of them flinch.

"Also Sirzech-kun, would you please make a transfer students register to my wifes and fraccion." Ichigo let go Lord Phenex who was panting from fear and then turn his head to Sirzech.

Sirzech nod for what he mean and he question for what class. "And for what class do you want them in, Ichi-nii."

"I want you them in my class, but for Yuzu and Karin they will be freshmen, how about my classroom and their classroom close so that I know what are they doing without my presence. Also please make them enter the same club just like I do." Ichigo then turn to his normal human form and then apologise for his action to all the people. But for Akeno, she was getting excited from it and she wanted it more.

"Okay I'll make it happen by tomorrow then." Sirzech then walk back to his family and then a teleportation from their feet and vanish to their home. Follow by Lord Phenex but was stop by Ichigo to apologise to him and Lord Phenex accept the apologise but rather not because how bad he was. And lastly was Asia and Akeno. They didn't go yet but rather to questions about what to do next.

"Overlord-sama, can I ask you a question?" said Asia with curious face on and this made Ichigo and his wifes chuckle by this.

"Okay sure why not, but first call me Ichigo not Overlord okay. You can say my real name in school or in public but when come to 3 the fiction call me Overlord okay." Ichigo then smile to Asia, and she was blush really hard.

"What do you mean by promise to a certain person when we meet at the school?" Aisa was curious by this.

"Let's just say that a after me return back home, I will marry her and keep my promise so that she live happily with me." Ichigo said with truth on his tone with a smile one his face. This made Asia blush more then ever. "How about this then, tomorrow you guys will know what I mean by that, and let's just meet at school okay." Ichigo smile at them.

"Okay Ichigo-san, we will meet you at school as a new friend and new transfer student. We meet again bye guys." Akeno said with a smirk on her face and they went back home by having a teleportation magic on them.

"Now thats done. Let get to bed my Queen and wifes. Tomorrow will be a big day to us with a new adventure to us." Ichigo then turn his head and walk to his room and follow by his wifes. They arrived at Ichigo's bedroom and enter it, and his bed was huge. It could hold up to 10 people on it with a cover on top of it. Ichigo then dive in and also they and went to sleep. Before that, Ichigo kiss all of his wife including his fraccion on his forehead with kindness and warm heart. "Goodnight my Queens." Ichigo then went to sleep. "Goodnight Ichi-sama." they say at the same time with yawn on.

Tomorrow morning

Ichigo wake up with a groan because he could feel a weight on his chest and he went to his chest area to see Yuzu, Karin and Loly was on top of him. Then he turn his head on the left to see a green hair goddess, Neliel and to the right is the yellow hair goddess, Tia. He then smile on them to see their sleepy faces and try to shove a bit to not wake them up. Then her heard a moan sound that was coming from Tia with her half a sleep and also went to kiss Ichigo for morning kiss. Ichigo return it.

"Good morning love. Did you have nice sleep?" Ichigo said to Tia with a smile on his face and then the sun slowly shine almost bright through the window of Ichigo's room. This gain all the woman wake up with a yaw and half sleepy eyes that almost cute to see. Ichigo then kiss all his wife and fraccion on the lips to wake them up more. "Well good morning to loves. Now lets go to take a bath then because we got another an hour for school. Ichigo crawl out his bed and go to his shower room to clean himself.

The girls then follow Ichigo to the shower room to clean themselves. They arrived at the sower room to hear Ichigo cleaning himself and then they go inside to join Ichigo for showering. They bathed for about 15 minutes and went to their school uniform also was given by Sirzech last night after he finish the transfer information about them.

Ichigo was wearing a white coat with unbutton on his neck and has a black t-shirt underneath his coat uniform. He also has the same colour on his pants and has a white shoes. The tie was loosen on his neck area as well. The girls is also wearing the same outfit as Ichigo but has a black skirt on with black glassy shoes. their tie also loosen on the neck area.

"Well then shall we go." Ichigo said to the girls and then go to the school. 'Let's just see what the Kuoh Academy could provide for me' Ichigo thought while walking to the school. Yuzu and karin was excited to go their new school, but for the Arcanar well they are nervous because they never went to human school. "C'mon guys stop being nervous, okay. And if anything happen to you guys tell me right away or just feel out your reitsu okay." Ichigo said to the Girls and they nod.

After 30 minutes, they arrived at the school ground and instinct they gain attention from the students. They were gossip about the new students and how they compliment them. The boys was angry about how their life could be more complicated because Ichigo was like Yuto Kiba but 2.0 version. But on the other side was they compliment about the girls but in a perveted way. For the girls, they was compliment about how Ichigo body, how he is in some kind of model or something. He is tall so maybe that he could accept, but then they start to sadden when they saw the girls walk beside Ichigo, like saying 'he is mine and dont even trying' walk.

After that they went to their classes. Yuzu and Karin was in the 2nd year and for the other is the same as Ichigo 3rd year. Yuzu and Karin has the best class because in their class they were no boys so Ichigo was relief about it.

"Well it's time to go our class then as a new student." Ichigo said to the Arcanar and they nod and follow him to their class.

Normal pov

Rias was sitting on her place in her classroom at the back of the class. She was in thought about what could these gossip be. She heard about 6 new students and one of them was a guy and the other was girls. She also heard that the girls was walking beside the guy with passion like saying 'dont even try to take him' walk. She also heard that the guy has an orange hair and was tall like 6'4 maybe or a bit less. This make her curious about this person and also the girls.

'Did they said orange hair, if thats true then he must be back then.' Rias was really excited and happy by this but she then heard another gossip about what class they could be in. 'Please be in my class please.' Rias was anxiety for this.

But then the classroom door open and it was their classroom teachers. The made the whole student quite and stood still on their movement and also curious what is this about.

"Class go to your sit please and please be quite about this." then the student went to their sit and then whisper about the new students.

"Okay now please com'in all 4 of you." then the door open and the student was curious and stare at the door to see who it was. Then all of them shock to see who it was. Ichigo and his wifes walking and is beside the teacher. "Well then introduce yourself then." the teacher said while walking to the board to start writing their names.

"My name is Ichigo Kurosaki and also this is my natural hair colour and also please take care of me." Ichgio then bow to the students. Rias eyes wide open.