At the same time as Harry was giving a press-release to the greater galactic society, he was also talking with a few tactical advisers in a military LiCaIDR (Linked Communications and Information Distribution Room). He was in the process of finding out that Executor Mittens hadn't been entirely insane with placing a magister colony in jeopardy. He had used his extensive intelligence to come up with a full-fledged plan for a counter attack.

In fact, so extensive was it that Harry figured all he had to do to win the campaign was to issue the relevant orders. That was if everything went according to plan, and considering the plan allowed for flexibility in many parts of it, it was promising. It also turned out that the MSSM had pre-scouted the Batarian Hegemony along with any potential allies to be called in.

He commenced the campaign by ordering the first parts of Operation Truman to commence.

Sitting in their Ivory towers, the higher casts were becoming anxious. It wasn't from the threats issued by the relatively new race to the galactic scene, no; the Batarian Hegemony had been threatened with invasion from anyone between the newly (to them) castrated Turians to the monotone Elcor.

However, what was different this time was that: A) The threat was made publicly; BY) The invasion fleet had been a failure with the newbies' colony; C) Their Relays were being blockaded similar to the Relay 144 incident, and most worryingly D) Their electronics systems were fluctuating and experiencing the oddest of all qualities.

Their electronics were needed to keep the slaves subjugated and broken, and without them, the slaves could get some ideas: they couldn't have that. The heads of the Batarian Hegemony, the heads of the founding families or oldest families were in the process of starting an emergency meeting so as to come up with a response plan.

Then it happened.

They were hearing it, but they were having a hard time believing it.

Belted out from the sky, where invisible enemy ships no-doubt floated. Were some loud sounds. It sounded like some instruments along with a voice or two singing. The words were spoken in a language they were unfamiliar with, or at least their omnitools hadn't been updated with the language yet, but the overall feelings they received from the soundtrack helped them discern the meanings. The shocked silence of the room was broken when those present came to the realisation that this alien music was propaganda to subvert their own fear-inducing media that'd put Joseph Goebbels to shame.

It was the music of revolutions, hope, righteous fury, and happiness from what they could tell of the sounds assaulting their senses.

It did not bode well for the upper casts.

Finally, at the moment, Harry was on a very important mission that he'd given himself. He, along with a team of elites, was on their way to the panic room of the Batarian Hegemony's seat of power. Honestly, it was more of a high-tech bunker than just a panic room, if Harry was being honest.

It was built on the Batarian homeworld of Khar'shan, a veritable fortress in the form of a tower to house the so-called government. Harry and his team were headed towards was the bunker buried some decent amount of kilometres underneath the city. Built into the procedures of the Batarian government was how if there was an obvious threat of aerial bombardment or a similar threat, the high ruling party would retreat to said bunker.

The problem with this was that they were not under any threat of bombardment yet, so the auxiliary seat of power was empty of personnel.

Harry and his team stealth their way passed multiple Batarian guards. They couldn't use any magic at the moment lest they wish to be discovered and instead had to resign themselves to using martial arts to take down any tangos in the way.

Surprisingly, it didn't take long for the small team to make it all the way down to the shelter.

Finally, at their goal, Harry issued the OK for magic use. As such, it didn't take long for the five to gain entrance to the secure facility.

Once inside, two of their number took to securing the entrances. The other three went ahead to clear the facility of any potential hostiles. Once deemed safe, Harry used his to the invading fleet, "Operation Hellfire is a go.:" There was a very quick confirmation from receiving the order, then the campaign truly began.

Harry turned his attention to the display of decadence bought by the degradation of life. The Auxiliary command room was both functional and lavish.

Plush furniture littered the room, mixed with sensible equipment fit for a full-fledged command centre, save for the condensed nature inherent in the name of "Auxiliary". Harry was particularly amused by his soldiers eyeing the furniture enviously. Their policies specifically prevented then from using the furniture because common sense told them that any of the enemies' objects could be booby trapped.

From there, it was relatively easy for Harry to assume the shape of the batarian leaders, and then assume command of the entire resistance. Harry likened the entire "war effort" to playing chess with himself, but being biased towards one side.

It was in the middle of the mock campaign that the MSS had been able to elect Harry's replacement. Despite the fact that Harry was technically the ultimate authority in the MSS at the time due to the automatic declaration of martial law, the MSS proper was still able to function as they were, they just weren't able to act with their nominal full authority. Thus, despite being in wartime, they were able to elect the next MSSM executor.

He was quite surprised that it was one of his own grandchildren as he hadn't been informed of such an interest in warfare by his granddaughter. He resolved to spend more time with his family in his retirement.

It also gave Harry an opportunity to train her in the situation of being at war, in a generally safe manner while Harry was composing the enemy's movements.

After the war effort, the MSS quickly found themselves responsible for billions of newly liberated slaves, from many different backgrounds. Of course, this wasn't a surprise and the MSSM had been preparing for the eventuality ever since Executor Mittens had started on the Batarian campaign, so it wasn't much of a problem. The already-made compounds, fully staffed and stocked to accompanying such an influx of patients.

In fact, one of the eventualities they had set up for was the influx of mail from outside sources from concerned family. Basically what the mail offices were trained to do, was instead of searching for the correct recipient, they spelled the correspondence to find the named addressee via owl mail.

In case the recipient wasn't on that planet, the owl would only take wing to the correct outgoing mail collection to the correct planet. No-one really knew how the owls knew where to go, and their researchers over time were never able to figure it out. It was an interesting oddity, but most were content to just take it for granted.

With Harry's work finally done, he decided to take up his promise to himself a while ago to take his retirement seriously.

Thus, he decided to move to a Systems Alliance farming colony, under the guise of being a simple farmer of potatoes in a completely different body image so as not to be recognised. Since it was only a simple guise, Harry had a lot of free time on his hands in his retirement, and he dedicated this time to spend either with his family, relaxing on beaches, or tinkering with different trending passions of his.

When John Sheppard woke up that morning, according to the ship's clock, he was hoping that he wouldn't have to deal with another attempt against a human colony by the collectors. However, he was still unsurprised when the Illusive Man had contacted him on the QEC to tell him that another human colony in the Terminus Systems was being plundered for the biological commodities.

Or whatever the humans were being used for.

Looking on the bright side, it allowed for John to test Mordin's solution to the seeker swarm problem. He was slightly surprised at the speed at which the doctor came up with a solution as based on Mordin's own estimations it should have taken much longer than it did. Nevertheless, John was happy for the opportunity presented to him. And, if what the Illusive Man had to say was correct, John would be able to possibly find the next member of his team on the colony.

When he had gotten there, however, he was surprised at how inactive the scene was. There were the usual buzzing noises from the swarms still floating around, but there were no colonist pods scattered around the place. He and his team briefly entertained the idea that they were a tad too late until they saw the prominent collector ship still towering above the young colony.

Quickly adapting to the situation at hand, he had ordered his team onwards, in search of the cause of the odd phenomena. It was when they were coming up to a park's centre in the town that they heard the distinctive symphonies of war. There were explosions, screeching, and the angry crackling of fires.

Finally, at the centres of the source, Sheppard was surprised to find the visage of an elder man firing an unrecognisable weapon at the collectors. It was to great effect, too, as it appeared the only shield the Collectors could use against it were biotic barriers, and even then it was only partial resistance. The old man fired jets of fire against the seeker swarms that came too close to him, as well as at the husks. Powerful green jets of energy shot out to meet the Harbingers, stopping their reign immediately, while simple bolts would pierce a collector's carapace and continue into a second.

John wanted one.

His and his team's awe was interrupted by the arrival of a few bullets lighting up his shield. Quickly snapping out of his reverie, he returned fire with fervour.

The old man looked over towards him, and yelled to him, "Good! You distract them, and I'll continue rescuing the humans!" John had to raise an eyebrow at the man's wording. Wasn't he a human too?

But then, suddenly, the man wasn't there anymore. This only really meant one main thing, that the man was a magister, and that his age would, therefore, be drastically unrepresented by his physical traits. He looked to be about fifty, but for all John knew the man could be closer to a hundred fifty.

Either way, John stayed true to the "distract them" order, even if he didn't really understand what the man meant. Really, Sheppard only had to work on his original objective to say that he was distracting the collectors.

Normally, apparating in a combat situation was generally reserved for the stupid or desperate. It didn't take much common sense to realise the fact that, when there were a lot of flying projectiles around, disappearing and appearing somewhere else was generally not a good idea. It's simply from the fact that you could be appearing in the path of a projectile or with the projectile within your own body.

However, the only thing that made it different from then and now was that Harry was apparating to a place where there were no fighting. The alien invaders were not firing anything before Harry had arrived. Thus, it was fairly easy for Harry to appear amongst the working flashlight heads and cockroach-erectus bastards.

It took a considerably small amount of time for him to work his way through the first wave of enemies that were in the area, especially since his personally modified hand cannon used magic to nullify any of the flashlight headed ones before they could get anything in edgewise. Harry quickly collected the colonists that were locked in stasis and then deposited them into wizard's space.

Harry repeated this same process until the invaders had inevitably worked up a defence against it. When he had found the invaders in another potential combat site prepared for his arrival, even though it was slight, he had quickly abandoned the original repetition and switched tactics.

Instead of appearing among the enemy, he had quickly apparated into an ideal sniper's nest. He took out his wand to cast the necessary chameleon spells he knew of, took out his own modified military-grade MAMSR (Magister Anti-Material Sniper Rifle) from his back, expanded it, and sighted his first target.

It didn't take long for him to clear the new area, and then it didn't take long for him to collect the civvies either before moving on. By the time that Harry had cleared the colony of civvies, he hadn't needed to change his tactic any more than he already did.

He decided to find where the marines rocking Cerberus colours went off to. He accomplished using the same methods that he used for finding the podded colonists.

Essentially it was a device that used the principles of the point-me spell mixed with an exactness of a way-point on an Alliance soldier's HUD. It helped that it was an addon to his own glasses with some synergy with his own mind to instinctively know what he was looking for. It was a blessing for anything between military logistics to finding your wand before you leave for work.

The military-grade ones also helped in knowing what was around the area in order to give a semi-safe apparation point.

Thus, Harry apparated to where the supposed "rescuers" were. That was also how Harry had almost been another example of both friendly fire, and why apparating in a combat zone was generally a bad idea, as the loud pop from Harry's quick apparation brought fire upon him from some twitchy fighters. Thankfully, Harry had anticipated such a thing and had already had his draining shields online beforehand.

It was very difficult to apparate with shielding, however, and the shield itself had only been able to be extended to the contact of his skin and clothing in order to be apparated. It was also why it looked like he was bulletproof, as his skin looked like it was the one shedding the accelerated shavings and not a shield.

The firing immediately stopped when he was recognised as an ally, tentative as that might have been on his end. Harry eyed the odd assortment of combatants, considering the Cerberus armoured humans standing next to the clearly non-terran people. Harry considered them for a moment, then asked with a roguish grin, "How d'you feel about nuking that ship?"

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