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This story is fanmade about how Neuro trying to find more about human through Aya Asia.

"Human always exaggerate about it, saying that 'I can't live without him' or 'She is all I need'. In reality, it's not like that. Actually, we, human could live without the one we loves as fine. It's just... It won't be the same anymore."

The demon just stare blankly as if he doesn't listen anything that the woman said. But, Aya know that he is listening. If not, he will just left her already. So, she continue again,"To put it simply, it's like between living for life to the fullest and living just to exist"

"Not in your case, I guess", the demon reply for the first time.

Aya startle a little and without realizing it show him a sad smile, "it is the same, actually. Well, my case is... too complicated for someone like you to understand".

The demon realize that this woman know that something is a bit off with himself, but don't pursue the issue anymore."What about her?", he finally trying to stop going around the circle and go straight forward the main problem.

Aya smile, this time a genuine smile. Finally he spoke about the real issue.

She is a little worried when she saw him come to visit her again. She even went as far to go visit the young detective out of jail to solve the problem between them, so she really worried if something happen and make them drift apart again.


When she appeared, he only asked her to sit politely, after that for the first ten minutes, the assistant's detective just stared at her. Although, she know from the detective's stories that her assistant is extraordinary but, she could sense something is different about him this time. So she tried once again, "is there anything I can help?"

"She said that you can control people mind with your song, and captivated their heart by it"

"Well, not exactly like that. But, if I could make the melody that resonating in their brain then I can fool their brain to do what I command them." She tried to make it sound as scientific as possible, since she know that is what he prefer.

He looked quite satisfy with her answer, so he made another statement, "another thing that could trick the brain and disorder the mind and heart is love."

She suddenly remember what the detective said about her assistant long time ago 'Neuro made a statement that I have to explain rather than asked about it directly' two statement from him is enough for Aya to make a conclusion. So, he once again come to know something about the detective's heart and mind. "Well, not really disorder it. More like, mind can't comprehend what is the outcome of the brain usually do logically. So, people who is in love always walk to where their heart swing"

The assistant looked at her with a bored face. So, Aya continued again, "People sometimes do something too extreme to make sure their heart feel secure without caring what will be the sequence is, which is not usually what the mind do logically"

For a moment, the assistant looked confused while staring at her, but then he stared at her with his normal eyes again. Then Aya understand that this is gonna be her one man show with her monologue about love. Well, if this could help both of them then why not.

"There is couple of case that people die of broken heart, what I mean by broken heart is when their heart is not getting what they want not the literally meaning of heart that broken. But, that is only in some rare case. Even if you do really feel a physical pain in your chest when you broken heart. But, it is only a symptom of complication by brain. It's the same when we see fatamorgana, it's not there but the brain trick us that it is exist." Aya stop and waiting for his reaction, still the same silent.

"Love is not only exist between living things, it can be exist for other things too. Like in my case, I have my love for singing. While I am singing, my heart is full. I mean, I feel satisfied as if my life really has meaning. Ah, but I guess you understand that kind of love."

Because he didn't deny it, she took it as aggreement. She is silent for a while, thinking how she can make him understand about love between human.

"Love between human, can take different form depend of the individual itself. There is love between family, friends and lover. But, the love that usually take disorder of mind and heart in general is love between lover. Because love between lover consist of jealousy, possesiveness, lust and dominating not only caring and affection."

This time, he changed his position into more comfort position as he lean back to the seat. She took it that this is the topic that he is into, maybe she could pursue more about this.

"There are many who try to make definition about love between lover, such as, if the five of your sense direct you into someone; if you can't live without him; she is all you need to keep living; the light in your life; someone who could make you feel at home; someone who make you understand the meaning of life and many others" Aya pause a moment to take a breath, "when I personally think that it is depend of what the person it self thinking and going through. I think the outcome of the love itself is the same."
"Human always exaggerate about it, saying that 'I can't live without him' or 'She is all I need'. In reality, it's not like that. Actually, we, human could live without the one we loves as fine. It's just, won't be the same anymore"