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"What about her?"

"Is the detective in love with someone?", Aya has smile in her eyes when she said it.

Neuro let out a sigh before say, "as I thought, this is impossible" he stand up and almost leaving, but Aya stop it "wait!"

"Is there something happen again between both of you?"

Neuro pause and turn around "what do you mean again?"

"Ah, once in the past. You also come to see me, after that I found the detective in the slump"


"I mean, she was in really low energy. She didn't eat anything, and when came to school she only lean back her face to the table all day."

"Oh, my... what a sight it was", Neuro say it with gleam in his eyes.

"Maybe she would stay like that if I didn't come to see her"

"You came? How?"

"Oh, my song could control people now, I thought you already know about it"

"Well, I don't know it could effect human until that degree", once again Neuro amazed by Aya's ability.

"So, I kind of worry about her"

"Ah, it's nothing like that." Neuro waver for a moment whether to tell her or not, "She said she loves me"


"Ah, to be precise. She said she think She loves me, and she said it while she was unconscious"

"Was she drunk?"


"Then why she was unconscious?"

"...lack of sleep", Neuro answer it after a long pause.

Aya found something is suspicious, but don't want pry to much, "She is a warm and pure heart girl. She is loved by many people, that's why She could be like she is right now."

Neuro is starting to get bored again, but bear it a little when remember that this human woman could control another human with her voice.

"I think, I could understand why she could in love with you."

Neuro come back to his seat, she finally gain his interest again.

"The detective used to talk about how she wanted to get recognize from you, how she was afraid she would fail your expectation, and when you're gone, she said she want to keep being detective because that was you left for her, so that when you came back both of you could be together again."

"Well, I think my training is worth it" Neuro said it with smile behind his gloved hand.

"But, I don't know whether it is romantic love or not."

Neuro's smile is disappeared as he looked at her sharply.

"You know, love between lover, some called it romantic love."

"What's the different?"

"Well, include of what I mentioned before, romantic love usually be together much longer than family or friends. Usually people choose lover rather than friends. Children also leaves their parents to live with their lover in general."

This remind Neuro when she was dating Higuchi, she often met with him. He usually doesn't care about what is she doing, but if it become hassle to his meal it would be another story. Well, I guess the one who have the answer is the the person in question it self.


Neuro came back to the office and find Yako still in her position where he left her before. You have already rest enough. Neuro take a staple from the nearest table and throw it to her head. That staple wake Yako up, "aw! It hurts, Neuro!"

Neuro is smiling when heard it, Yako has already developing habit to blame him every time someone or something attack her suddenly. There was a time when she got attack while walking alone, her attacker grap her hand from behind and twisted her arm, and she shout like automatically, "Neuro! It hurts!" When she found out he is not Neuro, rather than panicked and frightened, she feel embarrassed for called her attacker Neuro. So she kicked him and run as fast as she could. She arrived in the office with red face and panting, and got forced to tell Neuro the incident while got tied upside down and knives threw at her.

"Geez, can't you wake me up normally?"

"That was what I am doing normally", Neuro said it with the smiling face Yako come to hate so much.

"Did you mean romantically?" Neuro take Yako's head so that they face each other closely.

"What?" Yako is not even fully awake, so she is thinking that maybe this is dream.

"You said, you love me before you passed out"

"No, I wasn't"

"Yes, you were"

Neuro bring her face even closer, demand the explanation. Okay, the next headline title should be the former high school detective dig her own grave. "Well, what's wrong if I said it?"

"Did you mean it as romantic love?"

"I, I, don't know", usually Yako didn't have a problem to face his demon's eyes directly, but this time for some reason it's hard to keep staring at Neuro.

"Tsk, if you don't know! Then, who would?!" He released her, and she is crawling to the couch and catching her breath secretly. "Why you got angry?"

"You, and your words are bothering me"

Yako is thinking a while, then ask him, " what do you think?"

"Are you seriously asking me?"

That's right, he is the demon who don't understand human. "Why you were asking, then? I mean, it doesn't impact you in anything"

After a long pause he say,"would you leave me?"


"Some human do something extreme to make sure their heart in secure, and you, human rather choose your lover rather than friend"

"I am seriously don't have any idea what are you talking about"

"You! And your unbrain head" neuro trying to smash Yako's head with his hand once again.

"Why I would leave you?"

"Because you love me...?"

"Then, I supposed to stay near you right?"

"If it is romantic love then, you would demand me to love you back, slug! But if you acknowledged that it is impossible then you would leave and found another to secure your heart. If it is not romantic love, then you would leave me when you find your romantic love" Neuro no longer smash her head, but still hold it to make her face him.

"First, I don't understand why I speak my feeling for you with you." But, there is nothing normal when you get in touch with creature from hell after all. "But, just get real. Would you just leave me alone if I leave you?"

"Keep on dreaming, Yako. Of course there is no way I would leave you alone."Neuro tighten her head a little.

"See? There is no problem right?" Oh, great. Now I am saying that I do willingly become his slave and prisoner.

"But, I would much appreciate it if you are do it happily than being forced to"


"It irritated me when you are unhappy" neuro said it while tighten his hand.

"Well... right now, I am kind of, unhappy"

"No, you should be happy when I do this, disgusting masochistic sow" Neuro smiling at her cheerfully.

"Now, you just irritated me more!"

"So, you will leave me?", Neuro asked her with his scariest innocent face.

"No, I won't!"

"...seriously...?" Neuro bring his face closer and searching trait of lying in her face.

Yako stop breathing when Neuro's face only about a few centimeter from hers. "Yako, answer me..."Yako even could feel his breath through her face, it's smell like leftover cigarette's smoke. Well, at least now she know she could breathing just fine. Now, if only she could thinking clearly then she could answer him. "Yako..." now their face already past each other and Neuro's breath and low voice right now go straight to her right ear. "I... I, won't.. leave..", Yako is trying hard not to lose her mind and catching her breath.

"Oh, good then." With that, Neuro leave Yako who has red face, weak legs, and breathing hard.

"Oh, by the way..." Neuro talk from behind Troy, "I think it is romantic love, from the symptom you are having right now it is clearly that you are lusting for me."

"Wha, what..?" Yako who luckily fell down into sofa back then still can't think clearly.

"It means you are indeed a disgusting masochistic sow", Neuro once again show her his cheerful smile.

"I, I'm not!"

"Well, if you do a nice job maybe I will satisfied your perverted thought of me once in a while", Neuro has already got back to his reading. While Yako who is still confusing about the whole conversation just keep curse herself stealthy. Stupid! Maybe I am indeed masochistic for in love with this bastard.