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November 3

Windowless Building

A certain upside down director scanned the screens, displaying the thousands of events, challenges, and experiments that simultaneously occurred on a daily basis in Academy City. Students of various levels from the powerful level fives down to the powerless level zeros wandered to and fro, teachers and professors sat hard at work preparing curriculum for their power development program, scientists scurried around their laboratories noting observations from their subjects and forming hypotheses, Anti-Skill and Judgment officers patrolling the streets looking for troublemakers and people in need, even Skill-Out members were prowling the alleyways searching for victims. Everyone was out and about, just a normal day in Academy City, peace and quiet from the recent crazy events that shook the city. Even a certain misfortunate high schooler found his day relatively peaceful. No invasions, no conflicts, even the magicians seemed lax this fall afternoon. The peace and quiet reminded the director of time long ago when scheming wasn't his priority, a time when Academy City had just barely come together, a time before ESPers were well known and common throughout the bustling city, a time before the Seven Level Fives...now that was a happy memory.

The director pulled up...or was it down? Anyways, he brought out an old Jpeg photo of three children. On the left, a grumpy albino boy grinned awkwardly at the camera, clearly trying to make an effort to look happy. On the right, a shy boy with spiky black hair glanced away from the lens while fiddling with his fingers, clearly uncomfortable with the attention he was receiving. In the center however, a cheery girl with silky black hair that fell past her neck grinned a massive smile. Her arms were slung around the two boys despite her being their junior but they didn't appear to mind. In fact it almost appeared that the two antisocial boys were actually welcoming her presence in the group. The director smiled faintly, remembering the day the photo had been taken. Those had been his pride and joy: the reason for Academy City. The original ESPers, the first Level Fives. The smallest tear slid up the man's forehead as he remembered the events that happened right after the photo...he could never forget that day.

But there were more important things to handle right now. A war was coming and he needed all hands on deck, even if it meant going through hell and back to retrieve his greatest asset. As they say, the calm is always before the storm.

Sakugawa Middle School

Outside the gates of a small middle school, a young girl waited patiently. Or rather, her entire attention was fixated on the small screen in front of her, like many teens these days. She was relatively short in stature and had shoulder length black hair with a flower headband keeping her hair in place. As mentioned before, her attention was so fixated on the screen that she hadn't noticed a familiar presence wisp up behind her before it was too late.


The damage had been done. Said girl felt a light breeze pass through her thighs as realization of the despicable act snapped her out of her daze. "Wow," a familiar voice commented, "Going with the light blue with white stripes huh?"

Cheeks red with embarrassment, Uiharu Kazari turned around and began wailing at her best friend, a taller yet younger girl with long black hair with a single flower adorning it. This girl was Saten Ruiko, the bright, outgoing, urban legend hunting, level zero, also Uiharu's best friend. "Why did you have to do that?" The shorter girl wailed in dismay. "You know I get embarrassed at that!"

"Sorry!" Saten shrugged, "You just were so focused on your screen, I thought some fresh air might help you see nature's beautiful gifts around us."

"In other words you just like torturing me." Uiharu spat back, pouting.

"Aww, don't give me that look." The girl grinned, "You look so cute that it's hard to resist. Anyways, should we get going?"

"That's right!" The shorter girl realized, "We're supposed to meet with Kuroko and Misaka in twenty minutes!"

Before she could continue, she felt a second breeze wizz past her. "Come on, we're going to be late!" Saten called, already running before adding. "Also, keep your skirt down when you run or else everyone else will see how cute your panties are!"


As they ran, the pair failed to notice a certain spiky haired boy watching the two girls. Like Saten had mentioned, the boy had managed to see a certain pair of panties. "Light blue with white stripes huh." The boy muttered as he observed the pair.

"Touma!" The boy turned around to see a certain biting nun. "Eh, it wasn't my fault. Don't assume this Kamijou was intentionally peeking at a middle schooler's panties."

Hence the biting nun lived up to her namesakes. "Argh! Fukou da!"

The pair ran through the district seven towards the meeting point. As they ran Saten glanced at her phone for the time. Her brow rose in surprise. "Fukou da!" She exclaimed, "we're going to be late!"

Up ahead, the taller girl noticed an alleyway veering off the main road. If she remembered right, that would take them near Joseph's. Going with her hunch, she turned at the junction and ran into the darkness. "Come on Uiharu, this is a shortcut!"

"Hold on Saten!" The other girl protested. "You can't just go into any alleyway. They might have…oof!"

The pair bumped into a burly figure. As the girls picked themselves up, they found themselves confronted by a group of sketchy looking men. "Well, well, what do we have here boys? A pair of middle schoolers wandering through our alleyway as if it's their own turf."

Scared, the taller girl turned around only to find their exit blocked by other delinquents. The leader, oozing of cigarettes and alcohol, approached the pair, causing the girls to step back in terror. When she found herself back against a wall, Uiharu's eyes widened in fear. Saten however glared at the group. "Hey, back off from us. My friend here is a member of Judgment and she can arrest you for assault. So you should turn away while you can." The girl squinted her eyes as hard as she could, trying to look intimidating.

Uiharu, getting Saten's ruse, nodded. She reached into her skirt and pulled out her Judgment armband and raised it for the gang to see. "Th-that's correct. You are violating our person space and privacy. A-a-a-as a J-j-j-udgment officer, I demand that you give us safe passage through." She stuttered out pitifully.

Saten literally facepalmed. "You could have been more authoritative with that you know." She sighed, shaking her head in embarrassment.

The gang leader grinned. "Oh, so you're supposed to be a big deal since you're Judgment are you? Well take this!" The man grabbed the armband from Uiharu's hand and threw it on the ground before stomping on it with his shoe, soiling the green armband. "You Judgment people are such wimps. You have no true power and think you can just boss us around like we're your minions or something. Well that ain't true here. Now boys, I think we're going to have quite a party tonight, don't you think?"

The delinquents grinned sinisterly as they began closing in around the two girls. Before Uiharu could respond, Saten placed herself before the shorter girl, her arms blocking their way. "If you want her, you're going to have go through me." She announced, closing her eyes as she braced for the worst.

"Saten," The smaller girl gasped in surprise. The lead delinquent merely chuckled. "What do we have here? One friend standing up for the other. What's that supposed to do? Make me feel bad and leave you girls alone with a small apology? This ain't some sort of shonen manga. We'll be enjoying you both, but if you insist we'll start with you first."

Saten clenched her eyes shut, waiting for the disgusting hands to reach her only to feel nothing for a few seconds. When she opened her eyes, she found the man sprawled on the ground senseless. Over him stood a teenage boy wearing a white school coat over his shoulders like a cape. He had spiky black hair and looked only two years older than her.

"Whew, it's a good thing I had so much guts or else I would have never made it here in time. Don't worry young ladies, I'm here now, so leave everything to me!" He redirected his attention to the gang of thugs, frowning. "Now sort of gutless thing do you think you were doing, trying to hurt these poor middle schoolers. That's the most gutless thing I've ever seen."

"Who the hell are you to interfere with our business?" One teen demanded, jabbing his finger at the boy. Another nodded, "Yeah, this is our turf kid, so scram before we spill your 'guts' all over the place."

The savior shook his head. "You don't understand do you? I'll show you what true guts are! You don't need some great reason. A man who isn't twisted or rotten, even if he's a complete stranger, can stand up for some school girls!" To the group's surprise, a series of fireworks exploded behind him, as if the enunciating his point. Boom! Boom! Boom! The boy raised his fist as he grinned. "Amazing Punch!"

The thug flew across the alleyway, slamming in the ground unconscious. The group's gaze went from the boy to their unconscious friend, then back to the boy. "Hey boss," one guy nudged his friend. "I think I've heard of this guy.

"They say there's this guy who goes around raving about guts and being a man. He's got some super strong ESPer power than no scientist can ever understand. What's most important is that he's not any ordinary ESPer, but a Level Five!"

The boy wound up his fist as he charged towards the group, causing many to turn tail and flee. "He's the Seventh ranked Level Five in Academy City: Sogiita Gunha, Attack Crash."

"Amazing Punch!" And with that, the remainder of the thugs flew out of the alleyway, screaming as they went. The boy watched them fly out before glancing at his fist. "Hmm...maybe I should go find them and apologize for hitting that hard. Also they should be taken to the hospital as well." He muttered before remembering the girls he had been saving. He turned around to find the jaw dropped faces of Saten and Uiharu.

The girls had watched the entire fight in shock. Saten was excited to see the legendary Attack Crash in action but after the fight all she could do was gape as her mind attempted to process what had happened. Uiharu had seen the boy in action before once at a Judgment demonstration, but still couldn't get her mind around his unexplainable actions.

"You girls ok?"

Uiharu immediately snapped out of her revelry, bowing deeply. "Yes, we're fine. Thank you very much for saving us."

"Ehh, it was nothing. Those bad men had no guts thinking they could gang up on children such as yourselves. And to think I didn't even need to use my Super Amazing Punch." Uiharu froze as she realized that Sogiita had called her a child. Just then a familiar pair of girls dropped out of nowhere.

Both wore the familiar uniforms of Tokiiwadi Middle School, comprising of a tan buttoned jumper and a checkered blue skirt with black and tan criss-crossing lines. The younger of the pair had tawny hair tied up in twin pigtails while the older had chestnut hair falling just above her shoulders. Saten recognized the pair as Shirai Kuroko and Misaka Mikoto, their close friends.

Instantly Shirai rushed up to her comrade. "Are you alright Uiharu, Saten-san? We got worried after we didn't see you in the restaurant and then someone reported seeing people fly out of the alleyway so we assumed the worst."

"I'm fine," Uiharu brushes her friend off, "Thanks to Sogiita-senpai here. He saved us."

Misaka focused her attention on the boy. "Oi, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, hey Third Rank!" The boy greeted the fellow level five. "I was walking down the street when my guts told me that someone was in trouble, so I followed them. It was a good thing I had so much guts or I might have not made it on time."

"Ehh?" The group started at him in surprise. "That doesn't make any sense whatsoever!"

"Anyways, I'll be going. I need to go round up those delinquents and apologize for hitting them across the district." The boy started to leave before a certain voice interrupted him.

"Hey Sogiita-senpaii?" The girls watched as a certain taller black haired girl stood meekly behind him. She bowed, blushing slightly. "Thank you for saving us Sogiita-senpai. You were really strong back there. I only wish I can be as...gutsy as you."



"Ehh!" The trio cried in shock. Not only had Saten said she wanted to be gutsy but she also was blushing. What sort of girl would like someone crazy that?

Whatever the boy had noticed he didn't mention. "Ah, it was nothing. In fact, if you keep working at it, your guts will only grow...though it's a little weird that you want guts considering you're a..." he turned around and froze as his eyes widened.

"Ehh...are you okay Senpai?" Saten managed, her cheeks slightly rosy still. But before she knew it, two strong hands had grabbed her arms harshly.

"Why? Why do you exist?" He screamed, his eyes burning in anger. "How dare you use that face to mock me? You can't be her!"

"Senpaii you're hurting me!" Saten whimpered. She hadn't expected this from her hero. Misaka and Kuroko rushed forward, taking hold of the crazed teen in a firm grip. "Please stop!"

But the boy showed no signs of letting up as he growled in her face. "You're supposed to be dead, so why do you exist? You're not First, you can't be, you damn imposter." The girls had managed to pry his hands off of Saten as she fell on her bottom. Once free, she scurried away from the crazed lunatic. However he still was rambling. "Get back over here so I can get my hands on you! You hear me? You're an imposter, you're no First!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Misaka demanded as she began sending volts into the boy's body, but to her surprise, he seemed unfazed by the currents. "Let me at her! Let me tear her apart! She desecrates First with her very being! She has no right to wear that face!" He shrieked. "I can't allow her to mock me any longer."

"Sir, you need to stop or else I'll be forced to put you down." Kuroko warned, her Judgment voice taking over. But the boy still thrashed towards Saten. Misaka's eyes met her roommate's and nodded. Kuroko concentrated before teleporting the boy in a trash can while Misaka slammed the lid on the bin, magnetizing it shut. "Uiharu, call Anti-Skill and get them over here. Tell them that we've got an assault in progress."

The girl nodded, taking out her mobile and calling the hotline. Misaka gestured to her traumatized friend. "I'll take Saten away from here." She picked her friend up off the ground. "Come on, let's go."

"R-right." The younger girl managed as the two left the alleyway.

"Do you know anything about he was talking about?" Misaka asked curiously.

The girl shook her head. "I have no clue. Something about the First? Would he be talking about ESPers? Maybe I look sort of like the First Ranked ESPer."

Misaka shook her head. "No, I've met Accelerator. One, he's a boy only a few years older than us. Two, he doesn't bear any resemblance to you. But for now, let's just get you to my dorm. I'm pretty sure we can get you cleaned up and fed."

Tokiwadii Middle School Dormitory

Saten lay on the comfy mattress, fast asleep. The girl's eyes had been red from weeping and honestly Misaka couldn't blame her. It must be heartbreaking to be saved by someone only to be assaulted by him minutes later. Especially of she had been admiring him.

"Are you sure she's going to be ok?" Kuroko observed her roommate. Misaka nodded. "She'll be fine for now, but I fear that she's going to be traumatized for life, you know? These sort of things don't go away and she'll probably remain hurt for a long time."

She clenched her fist. "I can't believe Number Seven would do something like that to a girl. It's not in his nature. I mean, sure he's insane, but he has morals. His guts has always been what drives him to do good and protect the innocent. I don't think he's ever been convicted of assault, much less towards a middle school girl like Saten." Hmm...someone who doesn't need a reason to save someone, sorta like a certain idiot she knew. If they ever met and worked together, they might solve all of Academy City's problems. Maybe he could stop Attack Crash...

"I must agree." Kuroko nodded. "I've read his records. He's been considered for Judgment several times, which is saying something considering they tend to be reckless and wild."

Misaka glared at her roommate. "Are you implying something?"

"Oh no Onee-sama! I wasn't saying anything about you being childish and wild and destructive...ahh!" Said girl crumpled to ground as the electricity buzzed through her.

"Anyways, I'm still curious about his accusation."

To anyone else but Misaka, they would have been shocked to see the electrocuted roommate get up as if nothing ever happened. Hehheh 'shocked'. Misaka shook her head, trying to erase that thought. She clearly had been spending far too much time around her Sisters. "Yes, he was accusing her of being the First. Who do you think he was referring to?"

"Well, I don't know. He wasn't talking about Accelerator, that's for sure."

Wait...if she remembered right, Accelerator and Gunha had grown up together...what a traumatizing childhood that must have been. Perhaps that monster knew something about that...but, he wouldn't just tell her off the bat. She'd need a way to convince him to tell her...wait...didn't he live with one of her sisters now?

"Onee-sama, I know that look in your eye. You're going to go investigate it now aren't you."

Misaka stood back in surprise. "Of course not! Why would you think I would do that?"

The younger girl shrugged. "All I'm saying is that we're here to help. Uiharu and I are Saten's friends too. You're probably going to be gone again like you always do. So I know the routine. I cover for you to avoid the Dorm Manager and you go off on your little adventure. Just remember to include us when you're ready."

Misaka raised her eyes to her roommate's, smiling softly. "Thanks Kuroko, that means a lot to me."

As expected, the roommate's eyes shined at the compliment. "Oh thank you Onee-sama! I will treasure your love forever...in fact I will kiss you as a...ugh!" The girl once again crumpled to a swift chop on the head. "Ugh, your whip of love kisses me yet again."

"Shut up!"

Yomikawa Household

"Misaka Misaka is so happy to see you again Onee-san! Says Misaka Misaka as she jumps for joy at the sight of her Onee-san."

"It's great to see you to Last Order-chan."

A certain albino haired teen slowly opened his eyes in annoyance at his nap being disturbed. To his surprise, Last Order, the control tower of the Misaka Network was happily chatting with the third rate original.

"Hey, what the heck are you doing here Third Rate?" He complained.

A spark popped off the girl's head as she glared back. "Is it wrong for me to visit my little sister?"


"Aww, Misaka Misaka was hoping Accel would be more friendly to Onee-San. Misaka Misaka whines as she pouts cutely." Last Order pouted cutely.

Misaka, upon hearing the nickname, snickered. "Accel?"

"Shut it Third Rate!"

"Anyways, I actually came to see you...Accel." The girl couldn't but abuse the nickname for the juice she could get.

"What do you want?"

"You grew up with Attack Crash right?"

"Ehh...what does a Third Rate want to know about that? My childhood isn't exactly a kid's tale." The albino hobbled towards the girl but froze at her next remark.

"He was blabbering about some person called First. I thought you might know what he was talking about."

"You wanna know about First eh...that's a laugh." He chuckled softly. "You thought he was talking about me? Tch, Attack Crash would never call me First. He might call me Accelerator, but never First."

"Then who is First?" Misaka demanded, eager to know more.

"First, that's Storm Rider, the First Level Five ESPer in Academy City. Probably the most powerful of the seven Level Fives."

Misaka froze. "You're talking about Number Six?"

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