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Joseph's Family Resturant

"How are you feeling Saten?"

The group currently sat a certain family restaurant. It had been two days since the assault before Saten had agreed to meet up with the gang again, though she clearly was still visibly shaken from what happened. The girl managed to smile. "I'm doing better. Thanks for asking!"

However, everyone knew she still was struggling. Uiharu hadn't been skirted since the incident, whether she was appreciative that she wasn't harassing her or down that she couldn't muster up her light hearted nature was still up for grabs. Kuroko turned to her roommate and frowned. "How's she holding up?" she whispered.

Misaka lowered her eyes, shaking her head slightly. Saten's keen eyes spotted their little conversation and rolled her eyes. "Come on guys, you should be drooping because of me. It makes me feel worse that I'm bringing you down with me. Let's enjoy our time here before the weekend ends!" she smiled, tilting her head slightly.

Uiharu watched her best friend, managing to break into a grin. "It's hard to stay sad when you're so cheerful Saten-san! Maybe that's why we just don't feel happy when you're not happy."

"Aww," Saten put her hand to her heart, "That's so touching! Almost as touching as your strawberry printed panties!"


The two Tokiwadii girls observed the pair before turning to each other, smiling. Yes, Saten was back…if only temporarily. "Anyways," Kuroko interrupted the pair, "I wanted to ask you Onee-sama, what did your investigation turn up?"

The two younger girls redirected their attention to the oldest girl. "You were investigating something?" Uiharu asked her sempai.

Misaka shook her head as she waved her hands in denial. "Oh, no, it wasn't anything important. I was just curious on who the First might be. But it was a dead end."

Saten's expression drooped ever so slightly. "Oh, so we still don't know why…"

"Well…" Misaka put her finger on her chin, "The person I was talking to said something about the sixth ranked Level Five ESPer."

"Number Six?" Saten jerked forward, her previous woes forgotten as urban legend hunter mode took over. "Isn't he supposed to be some unknown person who absolutely refuses to give his identity in fear that he will be attack by an army of fangirls?"

"Ehh?" Misaka eyes widened in surprise. "No…where did you get that from?"

"On the forums of course! Number Six is one of the most popular rumors! People are always bringing up a new rumor about Number Six but none seem to correlate. Some think he's a ghost while others think that he's avoiding the public because he's hunting down the executor of ten thousand of his clones! But I personally think he's the one who cancels out other's abilities!" Saten crossed her arms, smirking.

Misaka wasn't sure whether to groan at how off it seemed or how accurate the rumors were. Yeah, she knew pretty much the secrets behind each of those rumors…well except for the ghost one. Besides, Accelerator's information couldn't be true. "Well…" she started, "He mentioned Number Six's nickname: Storm Rider."

"Storm Rider?" Kuroko cocked her head in suspicion. "That's a pretty lame name in comparison to the other Level Fives. You'd think he'd choose a better codename. What sort of powers would he have? Aerohand? That's pretty lame compared to your Railgun powers or Misaki's Mental Out ability."

Saten glared at her, "Hey, for your information, my ability was going to be Aerohand!"

"Ehh, when did you find that out?" Uiharu turned to her friend.

"Heh, heh, back when I was using the Level Upper." The embarrassed girl explained, "I could make small breezes swirl around in my hand."

"Well that figures." The teleporter scoffed, "You only knew because you cheat…" the girl stopped herself but the damage had already been done. Said 'cheater' drooped her eyes in regret.

"Hey, Kuroko, you shouldn't berate Saten like that!" Uiharu protested, but a gentle hand clasped her shoulder.

"No Uiharu," The girl said solemnly, "She's right. I cheated and I paid for it by making you all worry. I don't I ever told you how sorry I am for going off and doing something stupid like that."

"Saten…" Uiharu protested, "We know you didn't mean to hurt yourself. You just wanted—"

"—That still doesn't make it right Uiharu." Saten blurted, "It's been five months since the incident and I still haven't fully come to terms with it. I needed to get this out. Kuroko, Uiharu…Misaka, I apologize for using the Level Upper. It wasn't right and I made you worry. I'm sorry." She bowed.

The girls remained silent, trying to figure out the best way to proceed when

"Saten, don't you understand? We're your friends, whether you're level zero or level five. We've forgiven you long ago and if anything, I should apologize for not being considerate of your feelings towards your level. So, I am deeply sorry Saten-san. Please accept my apology."

Saten gasped in surprise. It wasn't every day that Misaka would apologize for something. Her pride was far too great to apologize lightly. "Err…Misaka, thank you. I forgive you…"

The two locked eyes for a long…awkward…moment. Then Saten couldn't hold it back any longer and broke into laughter, Misaka and others joining in shortly after. "Man…all this repenting stuff is making me hungry. So let's order!"

"Let's!" the remainder chorused.

As the gang began diving into their desserts, Misaka couldn't help but smile at her friends' antics. Aerohand huh? It couldn't be. That filthy murderer would never tell her the truth. Besides, even if he was, there was no way…she could…

Hanate! kokoro ni kizanda yume wo mirai sae okizari ni shite!

Saten reached into her bag, pulling out her smartphone. "It's my mom. Sorry guys, gotta take this! Be right back!" she excused herself.

Uiharu watched her friend exit the café. Once she felt the girl was out of hearing range, she turned to her two friends. "So, any luck on Number Seven?"

Kuroko shook her head. "Nope, not a clue. He's still stuck with this belief that Saten is some imposter of this First."

"My investigation didn't give anything either." Misaka nodded.

"But didn't you say that your friend thought he was talking about Number Six?" Uiharu asked curiously.

Misaka's brow scrunched. "First off," she retorted, "He's no friend of mine. He just knows a few things. Second of all...he said that Number Six was a post mortem title."

The pair gasped, "Are-are you saying that Number Six..." Uiharu stuttered, "Is dead?"

Misaka nodded, "That's at least what he told me. The only they kept the title around was to respect the first ever Level Five ESPer."

"First ever Level Five?" Kuroko tried to imagine him, "He must have been pretty old. I mean, look at Sogiita and Accelerator, he's got to be older than those two."

"He must have been amazing!" Uiharu mezmorized.

Misaka let the pair continue their fantasizing about Number Six as she considered what the older teen had told her.

Yomikawa Apartment

"You're talking about Number Six?" She asked, realizing what he was implying.

The Albino shot her an annoyed look, "Really, are you still thinking in that scale Third Rate? We all know it's just a joke that isn't based off of power but understanding. But yeah, Number Six is Storm Rider, who Sogiita and I once called First."

"Can I meet him?" Misaka asked, curious of this new challenge.

"Can you meet First...no."

"Why not?" The girl glared at the boy, who only stared back unfazed.

"Yes, why not? Says Misaka Misaka as she leans in, wanting to meet the fabled Number Six. Why can't Misaka Misaka meet Storm Rider?" The little Misaka stared into the boy's eyes.

"None of your business brat!" He muttered as he pulled himself up, grabbing his cane. "I think we're done here."

"Aww! Misaka Misaka pouts as she prances around, trying to reinforce the image of a spoiled child!"

Misaka glared daggers at the retreating figure of Accelerator. "Why can't you tell me? Is he that important to you that you won't tell anyone about him? I don't know if you, but your friend assaulted my friend, saying that she doesn't deserve to look like First. This is serious."

"See if I care." Came the mumbled response.

"So what? You just going to run away from this? I can take care of this all on my own, but I just thought the Strongest Level Five in Academy City would actually have the guts to help someone."

"Shut up Third Rate!"

"Oh yeah?" Misaka snarled, "Didn't you say the ranking system was rigged? If so, why do you still call me Third Rate?"

"Shut up!"

"Why are you so afraid to..."

"She's dead alright?"

The girl froze. She had never seen this side of the boy before. His eyes were struggling not to shed tears and his body was shaking uncontrollably. "You heard me! Storm Rider is dead. She's been dead for six years. Do you understand now?"

"Accelerator," she stammered, "I'm sorry, I didn't kn-"

"You didn't know," he shot back, "Of course you didn't know. The board covered it up quickly! The only reason her title as Number Six still exists is because Sogiita and I blackmailed the board into recognizing her as a Level Five ESPer! Number Six is dead, that's why you can't meet her! Get that in your head!"

"What's going on in here?" A purple haired woman barged into the living room. Misaka immediately recognized her as the Anti-Skill captain that helped her with the Level Upper and STUDY incidents. "Accelerator, why are you shouting? Can't you see that you're scaring Last Order?"

The two turned to see the smaller girl cowering behind the table, covering her ears. Upon recognizing the arguing cease, she uncovered her ears, looking up to the group nervously. "Are Accel and Onee-sama done shouting? Misaka Misaka asks, hoping that the loud noise will stop."

Accelerator nodded, "Yes Last Order, we're done here. In fact, the original was about to leave, isn't that right?"

Misaka glared at him, but as she studies his eyes, she no longer saw signs of anger, but of concern...for Last Order. Sighing, she nodded, "Yes Last Order-chan, I was just about to go. In fact Accel was about to show me out."

The two teens exited the apartment, coming to a stop in the stairwell. Misaka's eyes were lowered in shame. "Look Accelerator...you don't have to go on. I should not have been pushy like that..."

"Tch, damn right."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Exactly what it's supposed to mean. You're annoying and pushy just like Last Order." He stared off into the night sky, "But that's also why you deserve to know the truth.

"I never persay knew Storm Rider's name. Sogiita and I just called her First and that was fine. Even though I had been there first, I was still a level three when she came in. The Director had decided to keep all potential Level Fives in one place where they could observe them and try to understand our powers. Back then, the curriculum hadn't been developed yet, rather we were the curriculum. Sogiita, First, and I all lived together in a lab for a good two years before she died. *snort* Sogiita and I were so different back then. I was anti social and awkward and lonely. Sogiita was terrified of everything. But then she joined us. Her cheerful and happy personality seemed to lighten the pain of being alone. We were all each other had."

Mikoto fought the urge to coo at the idea of Accelerator being...well...happy. The albino didn't seem to notice and continued.

"She would get us to have playdates when the scientists weren't testing our powers. And don't get me wrong, she was the strongest out of all of us, yet at the same time...she never used it aggressively. You know, she used to use her wind abilities to flip up the skirts and coats of all the scientists. But make her sad and it seemed as if sky itself would weep with her. But then, it all ended one day when they brought in a new member into the group. A scientist named Gansei Kihara came forward with the idea that Storm Rider's powers could be increased ever further with the implication of some ability crystal. Up until that point, all the scientists had done was measure our abilities and let us practice it in a controlled environment. First was to go first...but something happened. Next thing we know we see a giant vortex consume the entire building. Nobody survived the experiment. After that, we were split up and soon after I began Level Six Shift in an attempt to achieve Level Six without the administration of drugs. Sogiita was never the same...and I guess I was as well."

The chestnut haired girl took in his story, trying to process what she had heard. The fact that someone could die like that terrified her, bringing her back to the Poltergeist incident. Is that what could have happened to those children if Terestina had succeeded?

"So now you know Third Rate. Are you happy now?"

Misaka bowed, "Thank you for telling me. I just have one question."

"What's that?" The boy glared back.

"How old was she?"

"...what's that mean to you?"

"Just answer the question!"

"Fine, she was two years younger than me. If she was alive now, she'd probably be In middle school."

Could there really be connection between Saten and Storm Rider? She didn't know but wasn't ready to make any conclusions just yet. First she needed...

"Hey everyone, I'm back!" Misaka snapped out of her thoughts as the long haired girl had returned. "Sorry about that," she said, grinning from ear to ear. "But that was my mom and she had some amazing news!"

"What sort of news?" Kuroko asked curiously.

"My older sister is coming to visit! Isn't that amazing?" The girl was literally jumping for joy, "I can't wait for you to meet her."

"That's great Saten!" Uiharu congratulated her friend. "Do you know when she's arriving?"

Saten froze, her cheeks reddening.

"What's wrong?"

"Well, that's the thing," Saten played with her fingers, "She sorta arriving at the airport in...an hour."

"Eeh!" Uiharu gasped. "We gotta get going or we'll never make it in time!"

Academy City Airport

Thanks to several quick teleports and a train ride, the quartet had made it to the arrivals terminal just in the nick of time. "Whew, I thought we'd never make it!" Uiharu moaned, heaving.

"Thanks Kuroko!" Misaka patted her roommate on the back, resulting in a deep blush rising across her cheeks.

"Oh Onee-sama! It's nothing to thank me for, though if you wish to thank me you can give me a passionate ki—ack!"

As the pigtail girl crumpled to the ground, Saten spotted a familiar figure. "Hey, there she is!" She cried, waving her arms to signal. "Hey, we're over here!"

Misaka spotted the girl who Saten had been waving over. She looked about two years older than her with shoulder length black hair. The girl wore a pink tank top with brown capris with a large sports back hanging from her shoulder. What really stood out to the her was the significantly larger pair of breasts that were just noticeable under the loose tank top she wore. Saten ran up to her sister.

"Guys, I'd like you to meet my older sister: Saten Itsuwa!"

May the Force of the Lord God Almighty be with you always!