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District Seven: Higuchi Pharmacology Laboratory 7

"Biri Biri?"

Misaka froze at the voice. No way, it couldn't be him. Why would...that idiot be here? But sure enough, she was spun around to find the surprised face of that spiky haired idiot. The one who she couldn't beat, the one who treated her like a nuisance...but also the one who wanted to protect her smile, to protect her sisters and their individuality. Why was he here?

The boy stared at her in confusion. "What are you doing here?"

Misaka tried to answer but then remembered the firm hand placed over her mouth. That idiot dared touch her right...there...where...it sorta...felt...eh...Swiftly freeing herself from his grasp, she spun around in an attempt to hide her growing blush. Why in the world was she thinking like that? Argh, she hated it. "What in the world are you doing here?" She demanded.

"That's what I was trying to ask you!"

"Answer my question you idiot!" She spat back, adding for extra measure, "And keep your hands off of me!" She was so mad, sparks were flying off of her.

"Sorry," the boy took a step back instinctively, his damned right hand ready to intercept any sudden attacks, "I was curious why a middle school ojou-sama is sneaking around at night."

Cheeks reddening in rage, she spat back "Ehh...what did you call me? I dare you to say that one more time!"

The idiot was about to respond when another voice interrupted her. "Touma, Saten-san is done dealing with guards up ahead, we can move o...what is Short Hair doing here?" Misaka recognized the nun from the battle with those armed gunmen. What in the world were the two of them doing here? Last time they had met, they were trying to save their friend. Could they be trying to save Saten? Then she remembered the insulting nickname the silver haired nun had given her.

"Short Hair?" She glared at the misfortunate boy, "Is that what you told her to call me?"

"Ehh...no, not at all!" The boy shook his head furiously, "She came up with that all on her own biri biri."

"There you go with it again. I have a name you know. It's Misaka Mikoto!" She yelled furiously.

"What's going on here?" The trio turned to see a shocking sight. Misaka literally went dropped her jaw. Standing before her was none other than Saten Itsuwa, armed with what looked like a tri-prong spear. "Misaka-san, what are you doing here?"

"Itsuwa-senpai? Why are you with this idiot? How do you two know each other? And what the hell's with that spear?" She ranted, confused and tired.

"Oh that's simple!" Index began, "You see, we met Itsuwa through the Ama-" Her sentence was cut off as a firm hand clamped over her mouth. "Eheh, Itsuwa-san and I met a few months ago, right Itsuwa-san?

The older girl nodded rapidly, clearly trying to think up of some explanation. "Oh, well, I met Touma and Index last time I was here." She clarified.

"Ok," Misaka frowned clearly not believing them, "So why are you two here? I can answer why I'm here. I'm here to rescue Saten-san. But why are you here?"

"Eh, but she's right here." Touma asked in confusion.

"Oh, she talking about my sister, Ruiko. She lives here." Itsuwa explained.

"Ok..." The boy nodded before an 'ah-ha' moment hit him. "That's right, I remember meeting someone named Saten-san back at the Daihasei Festival. She was your friend if I remember right."

He frowned, "But why are you rescuing her? Nothing's here except for some artifact Itsuwa wanted us to steal."

Misaka cocked an eyebrow. "Artifact? Wait, how did you know your sister was here anyways? I found out through my contacts, but you're new here."

Touma considers everything he's heard, turning back to the black haired girl. "What's really going on here Itsuwa-san?"

The girl froze, then sighed, lowering her head. "I guess I can't really hide it much longer. I'm sorry I tricked you Touma-san. We're actually here to rescue my younger sister, Ruiko-chan. This afternoon, she didn't come home and when I got her message about being chased, I began tracking her down. But when I found out she was here, I got Tsuchimikado-san to contract you to help me rescue her. I'm sorry Touma-san." She bowed in apology.

The boy and the nun nodded. "It's fine Itsuwa-san." Touma forgave her, "I just was confused why you didn't tell me about her in the first place. I would have helped regardless. But for you to make up all that stuff about the Amakusa artifact and Saint-level destruction and a war between science and magic was unnecessary."

"But that's all true!" The girl interjected, "Ruiko-chan is a Saint-level threat and her kidnapping could cause a war between Science and Magic!"


Misaka was stunned. This wasn't the first time she had seen this 'magic' side. That lady's golem was definetely not an Esper power and neither was the invader of Academy City. But for Itsuwa-sama to be a magic user was surprising. Did that make Saten-san one as well? But she was a Level Zero! On the other hand, Itsuwa seemed to be calling her a 'Saint' level threat.

"Listen," she finally interjected. "I don't know what's going on. Itsuwa-san, you have a lot of explaining to do, but your sister is here and we don't have time to be arguing. Let's rescue her and I'll guarantee you that you'll be explaining everything to us afterwards alright?"

Smiling fainlty, Itsuwa nodded. "I promise Misaka, I'll tell you everything. But you might not like what you hear. If you're willing to face that, then I'll tell you everything."


"Alright then, let's go! I'm picking up some odd magical fields up ahead!" Index interrupted impatiently.

Misaka entered the room to find a series of black armored figures scattered haphazardly across the room. The girl's face paled as she recognized them as the gunmen she had fought previously. "What happened to them?"

"Oh, I dealt with them." Itsuwa replied uncarringly.

"Oh alright..." Misaka nodded, the realization not quite hitting her yet. Then it hit. "Wait, you did this?"

Index bobbed her head. "That's right! Itsuwa is a trained Amakusa magician! You should have seen her in action."

"Oh please, it wasn't anything special." The girl timidly replied, embarrassed, "Can we please move on?"

Misaka tried to grasp her mind around the fact that Saten-san's older sister just took out a group of trained mercenaries with just that spear. And she wasn't even an Esper!

The quartet followed Itsuwa deeper into the facility. However, other than those Hound Dog members, they hadn't encountered any other resistance. Where were the security guards?


A patrol of armed men examined the remains of the destroyed security robots. Armed to the teeth with IMI Tavor TAR 21 bullpup assault rifles, mines, and combat knives, these were the elite black ops troops of Aleister Crowley. The first soldier turned to his superior. "Sir, they definitely went in this way. Should we pursue?"

The commander nodded only to be interrupted by a cool voice. "That won't be necessary."

The squad spins around to find a girl with red hair standing a few feet away from them. Quickly raising their rifles, the first one demands. "Identify yourself!"

"My name is Musujime Awaki," the girl grins, "A member of GROUP. Now, you have new orders, leave or die."

The first one takes aim. "Like hell we will—ack!" He crumples to the ground, blood spewing from a wound in head. The troops step back in confusion. How in the world did he just die? There was no gun or bullet they could see. "What the hell did you just do?" The commander demanded.

"Oh, I just put a corkscrew into his brain." The girl replied nonchalantly. "And since you've refused to come quietly, I guess you'll all have to die."

The commander pointed his rifle at the girl. "Die you bitch! Open fi-!" The officer never finished his line as his head jerked back, a bullet piercing his skull.

"Sniper!" One yelled as the rest scattered, searching for cover. One Hound Dog found dashed behind a door only to find the barrel of an FN F2000 assault rifle pointing at his chest.

"Bang, says Misaka as she opens fire without sympathy."

The mercenary dropped dead before the teenage clone. Musujime grinned as the rest of the Dogs fell.

"Well, that takes care of that." Tsuchimikado noted, walking up beside the teleporter. "That should ensure that Kami-yan finds her without interference. Good work ladies."

"The Sisters are always willing to help out the Savior. Says Misaka 10032 proudly as she examines her handiwork." The first Misaka sister responds, a heart shaped necklace hanging from her neck.

"This Misaka wishes the Savior could see what this Misaka done for him, complains Misaka 19090, wanting to gain points with the Savior." Another girl drops from the wall, a Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle slung over her shoulder.

"Are they all this smitten over him?" The teleporter groans.

The spy chuckles. "Once you meet him, you'll see why Kami-yan is the Harem King. Anyways; ladies, form a perimeter around the building and don't let anyone in until Kami-yan has escaped."

The girls nod before moving out. The teleporter turns to the spy. "Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"I have no idea." The spy retorted. "All we can do is hope the Superintendent knows what he's doing and follow his plan. Now come on, we've got some bodies to hide."

Back inside

"Doctor Kihara, we've seem to hit a stump in the subject's ability growth." An elderly man wearing a white lab coat turned to face his assistant. He had receding grey hair and had a tendency to hunch. He opened an eye slowly.

"Is that so?" Kihara Gensei asked. "Hmm…so the synthesized networking didn't work this time. It's almost as if Level Upper victims become immune to the effects of the system after being exposed once. Don't worry though, we'll give him a Level Five, one way or another."

The assistant bowed, "Yes sir. We'll get started on the next method right away." He hurried away.

Kihara turned back towards the window overlooking the lab, a single pod in the center. In that pod was his greatest failure, yet at the same time, his first time at a second chance. A single girl lay inside, unaware of her surroundings. This would his chance, his chance to prove that Level Six was a possibility. Well, first she had to gain an ability. So far, nothing had worked. But Kihara Gensei was not one to give up easily. "I'll get your level five. Not to worry." He muttered.

"It seems you are already out of time doctor."

The man turned to a computer screen, an upside down face frowning. "But Director, she's not ready yet."

"Your methods are clearly not working."

"But they will be," the man protested, both eyes opened now. "Give me more time and she'll be a Level Five."

"It matters not. The reason your methods aren't working is because you are dealing with something that simply cannot be explained by science. I wanted to you try to see if you could, but I had no expectations of you succeeding. So it's time to use another approach. You are to evacuate your staff and yourself before my visitors arrive. None of them are particular fans of yours and wouldn't hesitate to put you down. My guide will provide you with transportation."

The man sighed, lowering his head with his eyes closed. "And of Accelerator?"

The superintendent remained emotionless, his eyes observing the screen showing an albino teen standing over the pod, motionless. "Leave him. He'll know what to do." And with that, the screen flickered out. The old man frowned, keying in the evacuation orders to his staff.

Central Chamber

"The power of heaven is always represented by the sun. Even in the depths of the earth where no light reaches, there is nowhere the Lord's power cannot reach. Purify our peril with light as bright as midday!"

"White Explosion!"

The reinforced doors of the central lab blew apart as an explosion of pure whiteness blasted through them. A tall girl with short black hair ran into the room, spear drawn.

"Clear!" Itsuwa called back into hallway. Joining her, Misaka, Touma, and Index entered the silent chamber.

"So that's how magic works?" Misaka examined the remains of the door, impressed. Magic could do all that? "Not bad, but did you really need to chant all that stuff?"

"Most simple spells either are premade or have artifacts used to speed up the process." The nun explained matter-of-factly, clearly proud of her knowledge of magic. "However, Saten-san used an advanced dual layered explosion spell, so she chanted it while drawing the circle on the end of spear to ignite the spell."

"You could have just said yes she did." Touma muttered, somewhat tired of the girl's long explanations.

Index pouted, "Shut up Touma, Short Hair was clearly interested in magic. Of course I needed to go in depth about the mechanics of the spell."

"Actually, I just wanted a simple answer." Misaka corrected the nun, for once agreeing with the idiot. "Yes or no would have worked just fine. And what this about me having Short Hair? Short hair is a convenience."

"Yeah, just like shorts." Touma added, quickly raising his hand to negate a burst of electricity from the annoyed middle schooler. "Hey, what's that?" he asked, pointing to the pod.

The quartet ran over to the pod. Itsuwa peered inside and gasped, for inside, a certain sleeping level zero lay, a peaceful expression on her face.

"Oh my, it's her." She managed, tears slowly falling from her eyes as she put her hand against the pod.

The nun peered inside. "So this is the girl we're saving this time Touma? She's cute."

Misaka couldn't avert her eyes from the sleeping face of her friend. How dare the higher ups of Academy City impede on the life such an innocent young girl? Saten was always so cheerful, happy, and full of life. To see her in so quiet and pale was appalling. She clenched her fist in rage. "She doesn't deserve this…"

"Let's get her out." Touma decided, the rest consenting. Misaka ran over to the nearest console she could find, hooked up her PDA to it, and with a bit of electricity, hacked in. Within a minute, the pod hissed as its translucent cover recoiled.

Itsuwa rushed forward, hovering over her sister anxiously. "Ruiko-chan?" she called, desperately searching Ruiko for a pulse. She sighed in relief when she felt one, but the girl still remained asleep.

"Let me try something." The electromaster decided to intervene, placing her hand over the sleeping girl's forehead. Focusing, she streamed the slightest amount of electricity into her brain, just enough to jolt her system. To Misaka's surprise, the girl jolted upwards, slamming head first to Misaka. She fell backwards until she suddenly felt a pair of strong arms catch her. She let out a sigh of relief.

The now awake girl rubbed her forehead in pain. "Aww, that hurts like crazy." She moaned as she rubbed her eyes. "What's going on? Where am I?"

"Ruiko-chan!" Itsuwa cried in relief as she wrapped her arms around her younger sister.

"Onee-sama!" the sister replied, "What are you doing here?"

"We're here to rescue you. Do you know how worried I was when I got your call?" Her older sister moaned as she squeezed Ruiko tightly. "I'm just glad you're alright."

The girl's eyes lit up as she smiled. "Thanks Onee-san." She grinned until she realized the rest of the people in the room. "Ehh, Misaka-san, Kamijou-san, what are you doing here? And why are you holding each other like that?"

"Ehh?" Misaka asked until she realized who's strong and muscular arms were holding her. Her face lit up in embarrassment as bolts began to cackle around her.

"Ehh Biri Biri, why are you streaming volts like that? Ah!" The misfortunately dense boy cried as he pushed her away before he could get electrocuted.

"Get your hands off me you sick pervert!" She exclaimed furiously.


The boy cocked his head behind him to find a certain biting nun. "Eh, this isn't what it looks like Index, trust me, this Kamijou is by no means a per—Ack! Such Misfortune!"

Ruiko giggled as she turned to her sister, who was blushing furiously at the sight of the pair. "Onee-san, is that the man you were talking about?"

"Ehh, oh no not at all. Nothing of the sort! I don't like Touma like that. I mean he's alright and all but at the same time he's such a strong and caring hero and…" Itsuwa quickly responded, raising her hands in a vain attempt to show innocence. But her words were not lost on the observant young sister who grinned. "Oh is that how it is?"

Then the thought hit her. "How in the world did you find me?"

Misaka returned her focus to her friend. "I found the mercenaries who kidnapped you and with Dr. Kiyama's help, I figured out where you were being held." She explained. "But that doesn't explain how Itsuwa found you. In addition," she glared at the older girl, "Itsuwa-senpai, I think you owe us an explanation."

"What?" Ruiko turned to her sister. "What is Misaka-san talking about Onee-san?"

Misaka jabbed her finger at Itsuwa. "She knew you were taken and how to find you. She knows something we don't about you. And I want an explanation, now!"

Ruiko was stunned. "Is this true Onee-san?"

Her sister lowered her head, unable to make eye contact. Ruiko gasped, appalled at this betrayal. "How could you Onee-san? You're keeping information away from me? In fact, why in the world was I taken? This doesn't make any sense! I'm just a Level Zero. I'm nobody special but people keep treating me like I'm some sort of big deal. First Gunha-senpai attacks me, calling me 'First', then I'm getting kidnapped by some crazy scientists. What's going on? Onee-san do you know why? Please tell me!" Tears streamed down the girl's cheeks as she raged.

Misaka sighed, clenching her fists. "I have a theory, but I don't know if you can handle it."

"What do you mean I can't handle it?" the girl in question blurted, "How can the truth be so bad? I just want to know about me, alright? People are hiding things from me and I hate it. You don't know how it feels to be desperate Misaka! I want to know, ok?"

"Saten," Misaka cracked, trying to maintain eye contact, "I think you're a Level Five. You're Storm Rider; Saten-san, you are Number Six!"

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