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Guest – Thanks for your review! Why didn't Touma try to solve things peacefully? Good question…the only thing I really can say is…while Touma is many things, I don't think he's dense enough to not realize that the police isn't going to save them this time. He's already been hunted by Hound Dog at this point and has a certain awareness to the Dark Side of Academy City. So he might be a bit more hesitant to trust what Anti-skill would do to him…plus everyone is sorta a fight fanatic so even if he did want to resolve things peacefully, he'd be outvoted. Plus I just wanted to show off Saten's new AreoMaster powers.

Anonymous – thanks for your review. While I agree with your view, the story explicitly states that Saten's the equivalent of a Majin…or at least her eye is.

GROUP Hideout, District 11

"Hello hello, anyone home nya?" A certain blonde spy peeked his head through the entryway. "I'm back and I brought a guest!"

Saten Ruiko groaned as she pulled herself off the couch. Ever since her 'awakening' she had been have constant flashbacks to a past she had never experienced before. She had seen herself in a laboratory, playing with two boys a little older than herself. One she recognized as a pre puberty Accelerator, or Yuriko, as she called him. The other boy she couldn't quite make out but was sure she'd understand sooner or later.

"Ah you're back Tsuchimikado-san." Ruiko turned to see her Onee-san exiting one of the rooms. "Who's your guest?"

"Ah Saten-san, I brought an old friend nya!" The spy announced. With that, he gestured behind him.

Ruiko's eyes widened as a familiar self-proclaiming hero entered the room. His eyes seemed to be looking over her carefully, still in disbelief.

"F-first?" He stammered out, trying not to show his nervousness.

Ruiko didn't know what to do. Her mind was telling her to run away, to keep away from the creep who assaulted her, but her heart, regaining its past memories, was screaming at her. 'Hug the poor numbskull!' It cried, demanding satisfaction.

"Sogiita-kun?" She managed.

The two remained silent for an awkward moment. Finally, the boy spoke. "So you really are alive..."

"Heh heh, yeah I guess I am." Ruiko replied slowly. "Listen, I don't remember everything...and I still...remember you hurting me..."

The boy shoulder's dropped in depression. But the girl wasn't done yet. "But...I understand it was a misunderstanding." She explained, her eyes still not meeting his own. "Yet something in me...it's telling me that you're someone I cared about...and you cared about me...and for me to suddenly disappear on you..."

The raven haired hero shook his head. "Nah, it was fine. I had a few guts to help me through that..."

"But it wasn't!" Ruiko retorted. "It must have hurt for me to disappear on you. Clearly it hurt Yuriko..."

"Nobody calls him that anymore First."

"What I'm trying to say is that I hurt you guys...even if I don't fully remember it...and...I'm sorry." Ruiko finished, starring at her hands in depression. She didn't expect him to forgive her. She didn't expect anything really. But she definitely didn't expect him to sit down next to her pat her on the head. She looked up into his shining eyes in surprise.

"I forgive you, First." The boy replied, "When Spy-san told me that you really were First and explained the entire situation to me, I knew that you really were the gutsy First that I grew up with. So let this hero apologize for his gutless move against you. Then, let's move forward with plenty of-"

"-guts." Saten finished, giving the boy a smile. "Yes, I forgive you."

The two stared at each other's eyes for a long moment before embracing each other in a hug, a reunion much in the making.

"Aww...look at that. Number Seven-sempai really can get the girl. Nya!"

"Yes, they truly do look adorable."

Ruiko broke away from the boy in surprise, turning to the blonde haired spy. "Ehh! It's not what it looks like! We're just two friends reuniting after many years! Right, heh, heh..." She stammered, waving her hands in front of her.

The self-proclaiming hero stared at the girl in confusion. "I thought it was exactly what it looks like."

"Ehh!" Ruiko stared at the boy in disbelief. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, we were apologizing to each other, then we hugged each other. Hugging is full of GUTS!" Somehow, fireworks exploded from behind the couch.

The three stared at the boy in sheer shock...trying to comprehend what just happened. "How?" Itsuwa turned to her younger sister.

"I honestly don't know. This is new on me."

"Nya, you'll get used to it. Especially if you plan to be with him for a long time. Nya!"

"Ehh! What are you talking about?"

"Ahh, it feels good when a young maiden's heart hasn't been lost to the Kami disease!"

"K-kami disease?"

"What's that supposed to be?"

"Nya, that's when a young maiden has been saved by Kami-yan and therefore has her red string of fate snipped away from her. It's very contagious, though you've been incredibly resistant Ruiko-san."

A smirk appeared on the girl's face. "Oh, so this is the disease my Onee-san has caught."

"Ehh? What are you talking about?" Itsuwa's face blushed red.

"Nya, that's right! It's affected maidens of all ages. Lolis, battle nuns, older Onee-samas, Level Fives, sisters, Level Zeroes. It's gone everywhere and steals all the maiden's hearts from us! Nya!"

"Ah, sounds incredibly gutsy!" Cue explosions.

It had been early evening when the two boys finally left, the Level Five promising to visit soon. The two girls had begun setting up the hideout for the evening meal.

"It was nice to meet up with Sogitta-san again." Ruiko commented as she put out the plates on the table.

Itsuwa smiled in a teasing manner. "Oh I'm sure it was nice...very nice." She cooed, earning her a glare from her younger sister.

"I know what you're thinking. But I don't like him like that...at least not right now." Ruiko stared at her hand. With the tiniest urging, a small breeze began to circulate in her hand. She still couldn't believe that she had powers, much less Level Five powers. She barely had used them since the battle with Anti-skill.

Itsuwa smiled. "I see, you're still adjusting to the fact that you're Number Six. That's fine. I'm sure he'll wait. He strikes me as someone who'd do that and call it Gutsy." The two giggled at the thought of a certain spikey haired hero running up to Ruiko with a bouquet of flowers screaming about guts. And fireworks would be exploding behind him.

"Hey Onee-san?" Ruiko mustered up the courage to ask her something that had been plaguing her mind the entire time.

"Yes Ruiko-chan."

"Did you know?"

The girl stared at her younger sister in confusion. "Did I know what?"

"You know, about me being Number Six." Ruiko stared at her sister, who had froze. "I've been going over my memories, yet for some weird reason, you're not there in any of my previous memories as First."

The older girl remained silent. "Listen Ruiko-chan, I know what you're thinking and I don't think..."

Ruiko furred her brow. "What? That I'm not ready to handle the truth? Well guess what? I've got my memories. I don't remember you ever existing in my life until...after I became Saten Ruiko. In fact, I don't remember ever being Saten Ruiko until...Argh, it's so annoying. I can't tell which of my memories are real and which ones are fake! I remember being First, but I also seem to remember growing up with you and Otouto. So which ones are real? How did I end up with you?"

Itsuwa didn't meet the girl's eyes. "That's classified."


"I said that's classified information within the Amakusa Church." Itsuwa repeated, her voice monotonous. "It's none of your business."

The plates previously held by the girl shattered on the ground with a crash.

"What the hell?" Ruiko yelled, "None of my business? None of my business? This is my life we're talking about! How the hell is that none of my business? I have to right to know! How dare you keep that information from me?"

"It isn't my call to make. That was the decisions of the higher ups!" Itsuwa shot back, "Look, try being reasonable with me Ruiko-chan. I love you and I can't bear to see you so broken but some things are better left unsaid." She tried to explain, only to get blasted back by a high pressure stream of air.

"Shut up!" The girl raised her hands towards Itsuwa. "Just shut your mouth! It's lies, I tell you, everything you've told me is a lie! Why won't you tell me?" She screamed, letting off another powerful current of air towards her 'sister'. "Tell me already!"

"Please understand," Itsuwa pleaded, "You're my imouto and I don't want you to be angry but..."

"Tch, lies, all of it! You're probably lying about us being sisters too aren't you?" She spat back. "Come to think of it, we don't even look that much alike. So what's the story there huh? Huh?"


"What's so hard about saying a few words? Maybe a "I'm sorry Ruiko-san, we're not really sisters", or a "We've lying to you the entire time". Start talking already!"

"Did we really need to buy all these Gekota accessories?" Touma complained as he lugged several heavy bags that should have been filled with groceries.

Misaka shot the boy an annoyed look. "Well, they were on sale and it was a limited time offer so I just had to get them."

"And use my money?" Touma retorted in annoyance.

"Shut up, I didn't have any cash on me and they would have tracked my card back to us so we had to use your money." Said Tsundere retorted.

"...such misfortune."

The two had spent the entire afternoon collecting 'supplies' to help them survive for the week. The current plan was to hold out until the next system scan, where Ruiko could be publicly announced as Number Six, thus protecting her from further harm less the scientists wished to be ousted in the public eye. Thankfully, that would be in a week, so they wouldn't have to wait long. However, Touma had noted out that the GROUP hideout was poorly stocked, mostly just canned coffee and energy bars, and a flashlight but that was beside the point. They needed proper supplies and Misaka had volunteered Touma to go with her to gather the necessary supplies.

The two opened the doors to the hideout.

"Start talking already!"

"Please, this isn't what you want."

"Shut up!"

The two friends found the two sisters facing each other, the older one shielding herself from the powerful currents spewing around the room. Touma's eyes met Misaka's and nodded. He dashed out, raising his right hand to cancel out the power. Right hand met breezes, causing a shattering sound to resound in the room.

"That's enough." Touma's voice brought the two sisters to a halt. "You two need to calm down and sort this out."

"You're sisters. This isn't right." Misaka agreed.

Ruiko scoffed at Misaka. "What do you know about sisters? The only ones you know you push away and try to hide from us."

"Ehh…" The chestnut haired girl froze, taken aback. The younger girl pressed her advantage.

"You heard me. You always act so high and mighty over us, as if you always know the best solution for our issues. You always try to solve our issues for us and yet you can't even handle your own!" She stomped towards Misaka, jabbing her finger. "You think that you have the right to know things and keep things from others. And why? Because you're our "sempai", you're older than us and you're a higher level than us. Well guess what? Now I'm just as high a level as you. And when I'm trying to find out about my past, you won't let me.

"You're a hypocrite! You 'biri biri' things whenever you wish but then lecture us about our own abilities. Well…at least Kuroko and now you're doing it to me too! Step aside Misaka and let me through or else I swear it won't end well." The girl screamed, jabbing her finger at Misaka's chest.

The girl didn't know how to reply. Touma noticed his friend's hesitation and sighed. "Saten-san, please. This isn't the place or time to do this." He walked up briskly to the girl and took her wrist with his right hand, effectively canceling out her abilities. Immediately the breeze lightened, dissipating within a few seconds. "Now, it's been a long day and we're all tired. We can we please save this conversation for another time?"

Itsuwa gave the self proclaimed hero an astonished stare. "Hai, of course Touma-kun."

"I guess." Ruiko pouted before storming off into her room.

Touma sighed as he watched the long haired young girl march off. "Such misfortune," He muttered, before turning to the older sister, "Are you going to be alright?" He asked, placing his hand on the girl's shoulder.

Itsuwa nodded. "I'll be fine. Thank you Touma-kun!" She blushed noticing the boy's hand on her shoulder. "Ehh, your hand is on my shoulder." She pointed out, her face reddening significantly. "I'll be finishing up dinner!" She cried, dashing out of the room.

"Ehh…what was that all about?" Touma wondered aloud, not noticing a certain sparking Biri Biri.

"Gee I wonder what that might be…" The electromaster asked sardonically.

"Ehh, Biri Biri—I mean Misaka, what's going on with you?"

"Shut up!" Lighting arched towards the boy.

"Such Misfortune!"

District 7

Misaka stomped down the streets, her face red with fury. That boy had the nerve to piss her off at any random time. He would just go in to any random fight head on and resolve to fix it. He even went and took Saten's hand…

Misaka reddened at the thought of the two holding hands. She furiously shook her head, trying to remove the image from her mind. This was all that idiot's fault. If only he didn't make her feel so…angry? Or was it…something else entirely? Honestly, she didn't know, nor did she want to know. All she knew was that…


The girl froze, not daring to look behind her. This was exactly what she had been afraid of…being caught by someone who knew her and might report her and the others to the Board. She slowly turned around, ready to attack anything that might stand between her and Saten…

Uiharu Kazari stood before her, her entire body shaking nervously. "Is that you Misaka?" She asked, her voice quivering.

Right then, the Ruiko x Sogiita ship has just started sailing, the two sisters have their first major fight, Touma shows his abilities to disrupt fights yet remain dense in the situation, and Uiharu get's involved. That's a lot. Next chapter we should be getting some much wanted Accel-kun, Kuroko, and Uiharu.

Btw – which ship would you rather have? Touma x Itsuwa or Touma x Misaka?

Now, today's lesson for story writing: Building a plotline. Every story should have a beginning, middle and end. We call this the Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, and Falling Action/resolution. I'll be explaining them as well as filling in the gaps with the first arc of I am Number Six.

Exposition: the intro – this is where we introduce the main cast and typically the main conflict. #6: Intro to the Railgun quartet. Ruiko was first identified as First.

Rising action: The complication – this is where things start speeding up and growing in intensity as we reach the big moment. Ruiko is kidnapped, Misaka, Touma, and Accelerator begin their attacks on the lab

Climax: the big moment – this is where the big reveals happen, the big fight breaks out, or a key bit of information is revealed. Ruiko is rescued. Ruiko is revealed as Number Six.

Falling action: The end of the arc/story, a resolution of sorts. (index is famous for ending their arcs with Touma in a hospital) Ruiko takes out Anti-skill and they all get away.

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