Hello everyone! Glad to see that you're still up and reading. If you have not read Word Girl and the growing envy then this will not make sense to you so I suggest reading that first before reading this. Just like the last fanfic it won't just be focused on Becky/Word Girl we will be focusing on a little bit of everyone. I have been carefully plotting this out and although these other characters will make up the rest of the seven deadly sins they won't be completely evil or they might be. You'll just have to read it to find out. Please comment. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************
Theodore McCallister the third could not believe that he had just walked across the stage and recieved his high school diploma, with high honors I should add. He also could not believe that he was still dating the love of his life and longtime childhood crush Becky Botsford AKA Word Girl. He was also partially responsible for guiding Jackie Winchester AKA Envy towards the good side. A lot had changed in that time and he couldn't be any happier. After graduation, he attended a party at the Botsford residence. It was a somewhat small get together that was for his closest friends and their families. He was glad that his father was alive and back in his life but he kept his distance a bit even though his father swore he had gone good. A few months prior, he had gotten the permission to go on a road trip with Jackie, Becky, Bob and Jackie's uncle Sam to reach out to Jackie's family members that she had just recently learned existed. Scoops and Violet would have gone with them but their parents had their own summer ideas in mind and both families were going to vacation in the Bahamas for the summer. The Botsfords let Becky go on the trip as long as she brought Bob. Rex would have been going as well but with villains still committing crimes on the daily he felt it best to stay behind and take care of it.

So in the end the only people going were Sam, Jackie, Becky, Bob and Tobey. Sally and Tim felt that the trip would be a good bonding experience for Becky and Jackie to get better acquainted with one another. Anyways, let's get back to the party. Becky was trying to find Bob. When she did find him, he was drinking punch out of the punch bowl...the adult punch bowl. This punch didn't exactly have alchohol in it, the adults mostly told the kids that it did because they just wanted a different flavor of punch. Bob was technically not drunk but it had a sort of placebo effect on him so he thought he was. Becky facepalmed knowing that she did not like him even going near alcohol because...he was a bit of a lightweight and even the slightest amount could make him do things he would regret later on. Bob then climbed to the top of the roof of their house.

(Hey Becky, bet you five bucks I can do a flip into the punch bowl from up here.) He chirped happily. (I feel like I can fly!) He said as he flapped his arms, pretending to be a bird.

"Bob no!" Becky whisper yelled not wanting to attract attention to him. Just then Tobey walked over. "Hello dearest." He noticed her looking up at something. "What are you.." He saw Bob on the roof. "Oh." He stopped his sentence. He looked at Becky with a serious expression on his features. "He thinks he's drunk on punch again doesn't he?" He asked her, knowing what it did to him. Becky made a mental note of never having Bob go anywhere near the adult punch bowl anymore.

Becky quickly dove under the table using the tablecloth for cover and transformed into Word Girl. She quickly flew to the roof to grab Bob and she set him down on the ground. Unfortunately, her heroic stunt attracted the attention of pretty much everyone at the party. Her friends knew who she was but pretended to be awed by her heroics anyways, while the adults wondered just why Word Girl flew over here just to save Bob. They shrugged it off and went about their business thinking that she must have just been flying by or something. It was just a Thursday and the group would be leaving for their road trip on Saturday. Bob stumbled around for a bit more before he finally just fell asleep on a lawn chair. Word Girl quickly changed back after diving back under the same table. She was thankful to have Tobey and every other friend as her lookout. Becky emerged from the table and walked over to Tobey.

"Can you believe that our three year anniversary is coming up?" She asked him with such twinkling in her eyes.

Becky realized that if someone told her ten year old self that she would be dating Tobey in the future she would have thought them to be crazy. Now, she knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him ; she only hoped that he felt the same way. Tobey could not believe that even after all the weird shit that went on the girl of his dreams had finally said yes to him and he really did want to spend the rest of his life with her. But, like most couples Tobey and Becky had their fair share of arguments whether it be something small or petty to something big they always made up. Tobey held her hands in his and sighed.

"About that..." He turned away and blushed. Becky was confused as to why he was even acting like this. Tobey tapped his glass to get everyone's attention. Everyone gathered around, awaiting what the robot genius had to say. Tobey got down on one knee. He breathed in deeply before continuing. "Before you say yes, just know that I am not asking you to marry me...yet. With this promise ring, will you wait until we are out of college and marry me in the future?"

Becky was so happy at that moment, even if he wasn't proposing marriage. "Yes!" She squealed, pulling him into a bone crushing hug. "Can't...breathe.." Tobey wheezed out. "Shit, sorry. I got super excited." Becky said as she released him to let him gasp for air.

After he recovered, Tobey placed the small promise ring onto her ring finger. It was a simple golden band with their names engraved on it. To be fair, it did look like they were going to get married. Sally Botsford clapped her hands together. "I propose a toast. To our future son-in-law." Tobey's face turned a dark shade of crimson. To be fair, he did ask for Becky's parents' blessing before he did this and he even told his mother about it so that she would not freak out and think that he was actually proposing to her. Although he wanted nothing more than to marry Becky, he knew that they were stilll too young to get hitched. Besides, what if they broke up before then? He always saw that as a possibility he just did not want it to happen. He would rather die than ever break up with Becky.

Scoops and Violet were a bit different. They had always known that they liked each other they were just a bit too shy to show their true feelings to one another. Until Scoops made the big leap to finally tell her how he felt about her and asking her out. Violet was a bit scared at first but she accepted and they couldn't be happier. They were both artistic in their own way and they would always find new ways to express their love. They did it in pictures, in poems, in songs...they had done a lot together. They understood each other and they were simply meant to be.

After hanging out for so long, Jackie and Rex were officially a couple. It was not easy at first because they were like polar opposites. But, as the saying goes opposites attract. Rex was into math and other academic things, Jackie was into fashion and color coordinating her purses to her shoes. Rex liked sports, Jackie liked designing clothing. Rex liked sunny days, Jackie liked to watch thunderstorms. But it was the little things like shared interests that brought them together. While Jackie and Rex were opposites, Kid Math and Envy got along very well. If Word Girl had to take on more than one villain in a day then Kid Math and Envy would help her take them down. What they had was not a hero and sidekick relationship but they were partners, equals and they liked it that way.

The next day...

It was one day before they were to leave and Becky Botsford was searching around her room to try and find her things that she would need. (Ahem) Bob squeaked in annoyance. Find the things that she and Bob would need.

Becky had made a checklist on her phone to make sure that they had everything they could need. Bob was helping her to go over said list as she read off the items to him.

"Bathroom items and extra toilet paper?" She asked as she held up the list that was on her phone.

(Check) Said Bob as he held up two rolls of toilet paper and her bag of toiletries.

"Clothes?" She asked as she checked off the first item with a swipe of her finger.

(Check) Said Bob, indicating to her suitcase.

"Alright, bug spray, sun lotion, sunglasses and beach ball?" She looked at him and raised an eyebrow questioning as to why beach ball was on the list.

(You never know when we might need it.) Shrugged Bob.

"Feminine items?" She asked as she checked of those last few items.

(Check-a-rooney) Said Bob pointing to her feminine items.

"I feel like we're missing something..." Said Becky as she tapped her chin with her right hand.

(Your phone charger) Said Bob, holding it up.

"Thanks Bob." She went over to grab it from him when her mom called them downstairs for breakfast.

Meanwhile, in the home of Jackie Winchester.

Jackie was already ready but she was super nervous about what was to come. Her father called her downstairs to breakfast. As Jackie went down the stairs she was not surprised to find Claire and Tobey McCallister already there. Even as a young adult Tobey still often wore his little bow-tie. Jackie saw it as a bit childish but she knew he only wore it because Becky found it to be adorable. She was also ok with the fact that Tobey would soon be her new step-brother. She was filled with delight at the thought that when Tobecky get married then Becky would be her sister-in-law.

"Sup, homeslice?" She greeted Tobey casually as she took the seat next to him.

They both turned to Claire who was busy making pancakes.

"Jackie, would you like one pancake or five?" She asked her as she flipped a few onto a plate.

"Five...please." Jackie got up to serve herself. Growing up, her father had taught her to always do things for herself so that she wouldn't have to rely so much on others. For Jackie it felt weird to be just handed her food even if she was a guest it still felt foreign to her.

"Thank you so much for the pancakes, I really appreciate it." Said Jackie.

Claire smiled at her. "You're quite welcome. Tobey, how many would you like?"

"I'll have what she's having."

After breakfast, all four of them went to the mall to do a bit of extra shopping before finally leaving tomorrow. They had learned that they would be driving around the country in Sam's RV, seeing as staying in a motel every night would be costly and...yeah... They were all excited for what would await them on this trip. Dean and Claire hoped that this would be a good bonding experience because when they came back they were going to tell them the great news.


So, I got the idea for the road trip from Philosophical Potato who is leaving for college tomorrow. Please wish her good luck in the comments. I confess, at one point in my life I did go to college but I dropped out. What did you think of this first chapter? The only reason I am writing Scoops and Violet out of this is because well...they didn't exactly play that big of a role in the last fanfic and I feel like they wouldn't play a big one here. Also it's two less characters to write. Do you think I'm being lazy by not including them? Let me know all your thoughts, comments, opinions and complaints on this chapter. See you in the next chapter.