Revival Zero

"This is staring to get annoying this is the third time this happened to me" Yuri said with a growl after Yuzu's bracelet teleported him to an unknown location. Before being teleported to this location Yuri had managed to get near the You Show Duel School where students who ran away from Academia come over to this underground duel school. He found five students that opposed Academia and challenged them to a duel and he easily mop the floor with them with Starve Venom Fusion Dragon, Yuri could hear his dragon roar with approval at mentioning him and his latest conquest. After he defeated them and turned them into cards he spotted Yuzu and an older blonde young woman who she was with which was probably another run away based on her clothes.

After a little chat they had Yuri was about to be on the hunt since his prey was in sight however before he could make a move that idiot Yugo arrived on the scene and Yuzu's bracelet activated and teleported Yuri to the location he was at now. This was the last straw normally Yuri always said that he really doesn't give damn about the professors plans and all he wanted to do was to have fun during his missions but due to recent events Yuri needed to figure out what does the professor need these girls for and not only that but his dragons and the others who have the same face as him and their dragons. Yuri doesn't really have an idea either since Starve Venom won't really explain what's going on but he knows for a fact that their dragons are somehow connected to each other.

Like back in the synchro dimension he barely remember the event but during that time when their dragons were out on the field at the same time he could feel them calling out to each other and if it was as they were looking to merge into one single being Yuri remembers himself saying "we shall become one". Yuri pondered a bit at that event but decided to just forget about it and move on to focusing his duties and he was until Yuzu teleported him again and this time he couldn't take it anymore he can't ignore these strange events happening to him anymore. He needed answers and that's what he was going to do.

"Alright but firsts things first I need to figure out where I am" Yuri said as he looked around his surroundings. As Yuri looked around he noticed that he was in somebody office as they had a large desk and computer, a book self that was on the side and a file cabinet that was behind the desk. Yuri then looked at the tile that as a name on it and when he read it and it said Leo Akaba he knew who office he was in. "I see so this is the professors office I never been in here usually I would only speak with him in his throne room" Yuri said. He then went behind the desk and sat on the chair Yuri then smirked at his fortune. "This is perfect I'm sure the professor has all sorts of files regarding to his plans but however he isn't a stupid man I'm sure his files don't give out much detail of what his plans his due to the fact someone could sneak in here and try to find out about his plans like what I'm during right now" Yuri said.

He then sighed "but whatever he must have a lead somewhere in this computer and sometime the tiniest clue is a whole lot better than not having anything to lead on at all". After he said that Yuri then turned on the computer and after it was on he looked at the files and luckily found the arc area project files he found. Once he clicked on it he only found about information about the Arc area project he already knew about which was useless to him and there was some data about the girls and there bracelets which he found extremely useful so he made a mental note to remember that. However something else peaked Yuri interest after he got off the arc area project file he found a file that had said revival zero.

"Revival Zero what the hell is that? The professor never mentioned something like that to us" Yuri said "this could be the clue I'm looking for" Yuri thought. After that moment Yuri then began to click on the revival zero file and it was safe to say he was shocked at what he saw "what the hell?" Yuri said wide eye as he saw a picture of himself when he was eleven years old and a picture of Selena when she was younger Yuri had to admit that he found Selena pretty cute in that picture and it's safe to say she grew pretty attractive over the years but the serious matter is that the professor is planning something with him and Selena but what?.

"The only down side is that it doesn't have any information just me and Selena's profile about our lives before Academia" Yuri with a bit of frustration coming out of his tone. One thing's for certain is that somehow he and Selena are somehow connected to this revival zero and arc area project. If they are involved then certainly the other guys and girls who had Selena and his face are involved as well. Yuri sighed "it would be foolish to comfort the professor at this time I need to pick a time and place to dicuss this with him for now I can't do anything but to continue doing my job and report that Yuzu Higari is in this dimension but I definitely won't forget this not by a long shot.

After he said that Yuri had closed the files and turned off the computer and quickly left the professors office and began walking to the throne room to report that Yuzu is in this dimension however Yuri had slowly started to distrust and have a sense of doubt towards the man he was loyal too from the beginning.