Chapter 5: Melody of the Predator

After another annoying attempt of avoiding the cameras around the island Yuri had managed to work his way inside the prison area in Academia. Luckily the prisons had no cameras so he could pretty much do as he pleases. "Especially with Yuzu oh how I enjoy seeing the look of terror on her face every time we met" Yuri thought with a smirk. As he was going deep inside the prison he noticed that Selena was coming from the prison herself. As soon as the two fusion users noticed one other they stopped and faced each other. "My my your back already from your mission" Yuri said with his usual smirks.

He then continued saying "so I assume you and your squad captured Yuzu Higari already?" "Yes we did we just got back not too long ago it was quite easy" Selena said with a smile on her face "by the way Yuri what are you doing here anyway?". Yuri looked and noticed that Selena was carrying a key "must be the key to the prison Yuzu is in" Yuri thought. "Oh I thought I would give our guest a glorious welcome to Academia that's all" Yuri said "also Selena would you be a dear and maybe give me key tied around your skirt?" "and why would I do that are you planning something?" Selena said as she narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

"Oh nothing serious like I said I'm just giving Yuzu a warm welcome don't worry you can trust me" Yuri said with a bit of a smile on his face. Selena was debating whether or not she should give Yuri the key knowing his nature he could easily torture poor Yuzu but then again he knows how valuable she is to the professor so he wouldn't do anything harmful to her. Selena sighed as she took the key from her skirt and gave it to Yuri "fine just don't hurt her alright I'm trusting you with this key Yuri I could get in a lot of troblue doing this" Selena said.

Yuri chuckled "don't worry its fine if the professors finds out about this I'll take the heat for it after all it's a knights job to protect the princess" Yuri said taking the key from Selena. Selena blushed a bit "idiot I can take care of myself" Selena said as she started to walk away from Yuri. Yuri chuckled again "I susppose so by the way I still haven't a gotten an answer about that date" he called out to Selena. Selena kept walking and said "like I said we'll see you have to prove to me your worthy on taking me out somewhere". "Hmph fair enough" Yuri said as he watched Selena leave the prison session.

After that Yuri started to head towards Yuzu's cell "it's a shame if you weren't brainwashed and sided with the enemy I would have like to gotten to know you the real you that is" Yuri thought. "Looks like I will never get that chance sadly but oh well at least I still have my fun doing my missions though I could try to leave Academia with Selena but that's not going to happen my loyalty to the professor is too deep despite me starting to distrust him after what I learned" Yuri thought. After about five minutes Yuri had found Yuzu's cell. He then went up to the cell door and spotted Yuzu sitting on the bench with her hands on her face.

"Hello Yuzu I take it you're enjoying your stay at our school?" Yuri said with a smirk Yuzu looked at the person who spoked to her and she growled and gave Yuri a death stare. "Not you again! what do you want and what have you done to Selena!". Yuri smirked as he opened the prison door and went inside as he closed the door again much to Yuzu horror. "Now now you're not really in position to ask the questions here as of right now I'm in control of the situation here and I would like to ask you a couple of questions" Yuri said with a smirk.

"What makes you think I tell you anything!" Yuzu said giving Yuri a defying glare Yuri chuckled amused that Yuzu was putting on a rebellion act on him. "Oh Yuzu if you don't answer my questions I could do so many things to you for one thing well you're a smart girl you figure it out" Yuri smirked as he eyeballed her. He was bluffing of course Yuri still has some morals he would never actually sexually take advantage of a girl like that "plus none of my dimensional counterparts aren't here to save you so its just you and me without any interruptions " he continued saying.

Yuzu was horrified that she had tears in her eyes this guy was implying he could rape her if she didn't do as she was told."This is guy he insane he nothing like Yuya and the other counterparts he completely twisted and evil" she thought. If she had any hope of getting out of this mess she had to answer Yuri questions. She gritted her teeth in frustration "fine what do you what to know" Yuzu said angrily to Yuri. Yuri clapped his hands in mock appreciation as if Yuzu won the grand prize in a game show "see that wasn't so hard now was it now then I need you answer a couple of questions for me" Yuri said.

He then continue saying "first is how long have you had that bracelet?" Yuzu sighed a bit and said "according to my dad I had this bracelet since I was just a baby and he told me he has no idea where it came from ethier". "Interesting so it seems she had no idea about the bracelet or its power until recently also a bracelet can't just magically appear on a baby's hand so something or someone must have put the bracelets on these girls question is who" Yuri thought. "Alright then tell me do you use your bracelet to separate me from you. "Not really the bracelet activates on it's on whenever you or your counterparts are near me and whoever is near me the counterpart is teleported away expect for Yuya.

Yuzu explained "Yuya huh" Yuri said that guy again the one from standard that looks like him if the bracelet doesn't warp him away then that means he must be an important piece to the professors plans along with Yuto and Yugo. Yuri had picture an imagine with him, Yuya, Yuto and Yugo standing together "I still don't understand why does the professor needs us for does he want our dragons it doesn't make any sense" Yuri thought. "I see it makes sense my guess is your bracelet separates us when we are near each other or about to fight why I have no idea" Yuri said to Yuzu as he about to turn and head back to the door. "I think I do maybe Yuzu is the key to stopping us from merging into a single being and our dragons too it's a stretch but maybe we were once a single being in a past life and we are that person in this life".

"Well I think I got all the information I need I hope you enjoy your stay Yuzu" Yuri said cheerfully and started to open the prison door. "Wait" Yuzu said causing Yuri to stop. "Why, why are you doing using dueling for conflict and war dueling it's suppose to be fun and make people smile so why". That stupid belief again what is it with their enemies believing dueling is just a game no its more than a game its more about proving yourself to be the strongest in the battlefield. If Yuzu would have asked that to Yuri three years ago he would have agreed with her but now her worlds are laughable to him.

"Hahahahaha" Yuri laughed as he turned to Yuzu and gave her an insane look on his face "the reason I'm doing this is because its fun I'm only proving my dominance in the battlefield and being the strongest duelist there is" Yuri said. "Dueling is fun and susppose to make people smile that's a load of bullshit who ever taught you that must have been a shitty duelist and a loser no dueling is a battlefield where the strong survives and the weak dies that's why I joined Academia in the first place to get rid of every weakling in the worlds and make it to where the strong survives!".

As Yuri said all that Yuzu noticed his eyes flashed purple for a second much to her horror. "Now then I must be on my way Yuzu I need to welcome some other guest so I'll see you later ok?". After he said that Yuri opened the prison door and closed it and locked it as he started to make his way out of the prison section. Yuzu could feel tears coming out of eyes streaming down her face "this guy he really means it I was so scared that I didn't say anything when he insulted teachings Yuya I don't think even you can change Yuri he too deep in the darkness that he is beyond help at this point.

After Yuzu said that she put her hands on her face and silently cried realizing that she was totally helpless in this situation.

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