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laughter and 'exotic' creatures dominated the large and manicured courtyard of Tristain Academy of Magic. A prestigious institution which could boast having one of the best successful rates versus all other magical academies for all of noble kind. All type of exotic and normal animals were being cared for under their new summoners, content to serve and live under their new masters.

From cats and dogs to birds of prey and venomous and non-poisonous snakes to more exotic creatures like floating eye ball 'things' and giant moles, they was even a flame salamander which was the closest thing all of the students, who had already attempted the summoning spell, had gotten to anything remotely resembling exotic or legendary but then again what more could you expect? Even their headmaster's familiar was nothing more than a simple perverted white mouse.

"Is that everyone!?"

The voice stated over the excited chattering forms of his many beloved students, Jean Colbert couldn't be more proud of them because the summoning of their familiars was their very first step into the more dangerous magical world. For most it was not just a sign of prestige and honor but also of magic prowess and magic talent, to summon something if not anything was usually taken as a sign that no matter what kind of magical upbringing you had you were at least worth something to have summoned something from across time and space.

"No that is not everyone Professor Colbert! Louise has not gone yet!"

Heads turned and eyes followed to land a beautiful red haired women with amber colored eyes, Kirche Zerbst was many things among the students of Tristain Academy but forgetful was not among them. For as long as anyone would care to remember the Zerbst and the Vallière had been at each other's throats in a heated rivalry for decades or rather more importantly Kirche Zerbst and Louise Vallière had been at each other's throats for as long as the two girls had attended Tristain Academy and Kirche would never pass up a chance to slight her family rival.

And in this very moment Louise wish she could take back all of her insults and slights and redo them in a more vicious exploding manner. Of course she had no such power or desire to relive through that struggle again. Instead Louise merely raised her head up high and puffed out her under-developed chest, ready to once again try her hardest and hopefully come out successful.

"Oh Tabitha hasn't tried yet either!"

The voice was lost in the crowd and so no one could pinpoint who had brought up this very important information but where the voice was loss the girl in question was not. Standing off slightly off, far from where the rest of the current student body was without anything resembling a summon by her side -How Had they miss this?- was Tabitha the brightest of their generation had yet to have even gone. Instead she had been over look as she remained quiet. Content to sit and read one of her many tomes stacked on top of her lawn table.

In the past many had tried to befriend the quiet girl, even Kirche herself had once tried to befriend the seemly socially awkward girl but Kirche along with the rest who had tried made no to little progress in this endeavor. As such many had started to over look the girl because of this despite the girl's magical prowess.

Raising her head from her book, the girl known as Tabitha strode forward past the gathered crowd and stood to a stop next to the pink haired Louise, showing that despite her head being almost always stuck in a book she was always paying attention. Paying attention in class, paying attention to the rumors and offers of friendship, paying attention to the expectations forced upon her.

Jean look upon the form of his last two students that had yet to summon or try to summon their familiars, both young both bright yet they were just both so different from each other. Where one was a noble from a successful magical family the other was mysterious with only the name 'Tabitha' to refer to her by. Where one was strong and silent the other was loud and weak.

Where one was the very pinnacle of magic potential the other was nothing but a zero. So it made sense to Jean when they started the process of summoning their chosen familiar that their incantations were completely different.

"Pentagon of the five elemental powers, heed my summoning!"

"Magic white magic black, magic close magic far, heed my summoning."

All of the gathered students and one professor could feel the large amount of magic being used by these two girls incantations, it easily surpassed anything brought forth before, even Kirche's incantation gathered nowhere near the amount that Tabitha's or Louise's did. The amount of magic being used even attracted other students and professors who were passing by.

"Bring forth my slave, bring forth someone strong, bring forth someone breathtaking, bring forth someone divine!"

"Bring forth my loyal companion, bring forth something compassionate, bring forth something understanding, bring forth something all utterly for me .

By now the magic being used was simple overwhelming for the vast majority gathered and Jean had brought forth a dome of magical properties around the two girls, shielding the students and himself from the ice blue and harsh pink magic produced by the two students inside of it.

"Should we try stopping them?"

Jean turned to answer, a very much 'yes' on the tip of his tongue but before he could answer his wondering student both Tabitha and Louise finish their incantations and brought forth both of their rather unique familiars into their world.

"Come forth my familiar!"

"Welcome forth my familiar."

Two clouds of ice blue and harsh pink magic ruptured forth shattering Jean's magical dome yet instead of expanding outward the magical clouds condensed around their nobles respectively and odder yet they never mixed, those watching noting that it was almost like the two magical clouds were repulsed by one and another.

Louise's magical cloud was the first to clear and once it did laughter echo out all around the academy's courtyard as those watching laid witness to the sight before them, slightly tall and grab in the wierdest clothes they had ever seen was a boy more then likey around their own age looking so out of place it was not even funny.

"Looks like you failed again Louise the Zero!"

"Louise the Zero!"

"Louise the Zero!"

It hurt Louise to see all her effort wasted for this peon but like all her other failures she had learned how to cope with this and once again fell into her 'mask of zero' it was where she hid all of her thoughts and feelings for any and all of her failures.

Still the least Louise could do was look at what ever mythical beast Tabitha had managed to summon and see just how far she was truly out classed.

But when Talitha's magic cloud finally thinned enough for all to see just what the brilliant girl had summon they was only silence as those gathered took in just what they were looking at.

Tall no radiant would be used to describe the person before them smiling wide for all to see. The tall radiant man seem to clothed in some kind of orange on black silk long-sleeved shirt and rough black on orange thick pants. Also despite his large smile shining for all to see it truly was meant for only one and that one was a speechless blue haired petite girl.

Tabitha was gobsmacked as she stared upon the form of this radiant man and despite whatever she tried she couldn't take her eyes off him and his large smile. Unlike Louise she understood just how much the summer familiar ritual stood for and how you only got one chance at it no matter who you were or what kind of magical talent you had.

"Who are you?"

Tabitha's voice was small and silent and those watching turned their eyes over to the debacle that was Louise's familiar and so most missed the way the golden haired man look over Tabitha's small form with only gratitude and happiness, it was almost like the golden haired man could only see Tabitha as someone to be thankful for.

When the man opened his mouth to answer only gibberish came out but if you could understand the man's language then more then likely you would have heard this.

"Hello my name is Naruto Uzumaki! What's yours?"

Rules, limits, expectations those three words define what Naruto Uzumaki was and how he had lead his life well at least up till now. Rules of his younger days, rules of the ninja academy and rules of the shinobi system. Limits was what made him, the limits of his strength and mind and the limits placed upon him by others. Finally there were expectations of his love ones and enemies, the expectation to live up to the titles trusted to him. To live up to being The number One Hyperactive Knuckleheaded Ninja and the Yellow Sun of Konoha, to live up to being the Child of Prophecy and The Savior of This World.

And for the longest time Naruto was fine to live with these rules, limits, and expectations but it was only at the peak of his power where he was bleeding out with only a stump of a right arm and laying besides his 'best friend' and 'greatest enemy' where something occurred to him. Where Sasuke had fallen unconscious shortly after they had crashed Naruto had remained awake through the entire night with only the Infinite Tsukuyomi forsaken moon to keep him company after Kururma had exhausted itself into unconsciousness and it was in the dead of that night where the boy known as Naruto Uzumaki reach enlightenment or rather just a deep sense of personal clarity.

Naruto Uzumaki was sick and goddamn tired of living with these three things which had bound him down for so long!

And so Naruto decided to stop caring about the rules and the limits and the expectations. Naruto decided to cast off his ninja way, to run of it suited him and to stop letting his promises keep him up or bring him down. Naruto decided to stop letting the rules engraved into by his loved ones and enemies make him who he was and stop letting the rules of the shinobi system decide who he was. Naruto turned away from his expectations and titles, he turned away from the dreams he once had and he feelings he once thought he could call his own. He turned away from his 'loved ones' and 'precious people'. He didn't try to pursue his 'feelings' of Sakura Haruno or his so called 'perfect relationship' with Hinata Hyuga.

He didn't try as hard as to become the 'greatest' Hokage ever nor did he care as much as he should about what might happen to his 'best friend' Sasuke Uchiha.

But after Naruto casted off all of these things which had define him for so long Naruto began to wondered just what was left of him? Was he Naruto the common orphan or was he Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze the son of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze and the Godson of Jiraiya the great toad sage.

The answer however was simply neither and under the great Infinite Tsukuyomi the boy discovered just who he was...

Naruto Uzumaki!

And just like that two years flew by and Naruto started to just be himself or at least he tried. Whenever Naruto tried just giving his true radiant smile instead of his blinding white smile he was asked if he was feeling ok. When he tried telling his friends that he just wasn't ready to be in any sort of relationship, a romantic relationship being the least of his concerns, he was asked if Hinata had not proven herself enough to gain his attention?

When he asked if he could take a breather and stop with all of the non-stop missions and training to be Hokage for a little bit, his precious people laughed and said to stop pulling their legs. It took longer then Naruto cared to admit to himself that his precious people and friends saw only his mask and not him. They saw Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze the savior of the world not just plain old Naruto Uzumaki.

"Look there he is! The Great Hero of The Leaf himself Naruto Uzumaki!"

"Oh my Gosh it's really is him!"

Naruto held back a sigh as he put on a small grin and greeted the many citizens of Konoha once again over and over. Everytime he left the walls of his apartment or walls of Konoha it was always the same thing, Praise after praise and all the recognition Naruto could ask for was heaped upon him and by now Naruto had kinda gotten used to all of it and so he was able to respond with his bright grin and a small wave to all of his admirers.

Naruto ignored the citizens of Konoha as he continued onwards to Ichiraku's Ramen where all of the remaining Konoha twelve were planning on celebrating with each other before Sasuke left the village once again but this time a non-wanted man.

Naruto looked over the many buildings of Konoha in recognition as he remember fondly just how many years had truly passed and just all he had accomplished in his short time alive. However after a short while it was not the buildings in which caught his attention but a tall blue oval-shaped thing standing in the midden of his path.

"Huh what's that?"

Moving forward to stand just before the blue oval-shaped thing, Naruto noticed that despite the thing just standing in the middle of one of Konoha's busiest streets it was going largely unnoticed and for that matter so was he.

"Well aren't you just a helpful blue little thing."

For too long had Naruto wanted to just disappear from the eyes of the world, to go back to just being Naruto Uzumaki and it seems for a time he could have just that and it was all thanks to this oval thing. Despite the praise Naruto was giving it the tall blue oval gave no noticed that it understood Naruto and instead just seem to start to giveing off a large feeling of attraction, like Naruto had nothing better to do or be besides here and just reach out and touch the oval with his only good hand.

With a grin Naruto did just that and watched how the oval thing greedily tried to suck him in with surprisingly large amount of force.

"Oi! I thought we were good! What's up with the sucking vortex thing?"

Still despite the large amount of force trying to drag him in Naruto's grin only got wider and with the tiniest amount of his unique chakra he easily tore his 'good' arm out of the now fluctuating blue oval-shaped 'vortex'.

"Ok that's not good."

For whatever he did it seem to cause the 'vortex' to collapse on itself as it was rapidly shrinking right before his eyes. Ok it obviously wants to take Naruto somewhere but where? Somewhere far away for here? So Naruto had two choices to stay here in his world with his precious people or to see just where this 'vortex' wanted to take him…

Naruto made his choice faster then he would like to admit as he once again allowed the vortex to take him fully this time and before he realized Naruto was fully submerge inside of the blue oval and falling fast. It was only seconds before Naruto noticed that the light from the blue 'portal' was long gone and he was only falling farther.

Also he felt something very off taking place within him or rather with the 'connection' Naruto had with the toads. This 'connection' has always been somewhat faint touch on his chakra and right now Naruto's 'connection' to the toads was being overtaken for a lack of a better word and where the toads 'connection' was faint this new connection seemed to overshadow much of his chakra and that in itself was a brow-raising accomplishment.

Also Naruto felt like where he was once the summoner now he was the summon…

Was he being summon?

It kinda made sense but Naruto knew for a fact that the toads did not see blue oval-shape portals whenever he summoned them. Maybe this was a different kind of summoning, maybe he was being summoned to fight in a battle royal of epic proportions all for a wish-granting cup?

What? Naruto could dream couldn't he?

Still whatever was taken place was obviously incomplete for despite this new connection covering almost all of his chakra the feeling of it was fainter than the toads by far that and if Naruto was almost anybody else he was sure that this faint connection would be over looked. Also Naruto's falling journey was almost over as he was rapidly approaching another blue oval portal.

"Finally let's see just what this new place has to offer me!"

When Naruto emerged for this portal he was immediately displaced into a large cloud of ice blue 'something' and roughly at that as the portal seemly shot him out at the same speed he was falling.

'And I really thought I had something special going on with that portal.'

Well apparently not as the portal shot him downward faster than a speeding kunai but still this was easily dealt as once again a small amount of his chakra was channeled throughout his body allowing him to easily land, lightly at that in the blue cloud of whatever it was because it certainly not just a normal discolored cloud.

Naruto's eyes Immediately shot around him, taking in the weirdly dressed people and creatures among them that and of course the mocking laughter echoing out around him. It was laughter right? Because Naruto certainly did not understand what kind of language they were speaking.

Of course this was all put on the back burner for Naruto once his eyes landed on the petite blue haired girl standing much closer then all of the other weirdly dressed people and was actually still coming closer to stand right before him. It was slightly amusing for Naruto to see the blue haired girl only came up to his chest then again he couldn't really fault her for that anybody standing at 6'4 would tower over most people.

"Hello my name is Naruto Uzumaki! What's yours?"

Naruto watched as the girl just stared at him before turning to ask or say something to a balding man and after that turned right back to him with the lightest of blushes dusting her cheeks. Naruto watched as the blue haired girl seemly motioned for him to lean down and only raised a brow before doing so wondering just what this girl had in mind.

Lips were soon place upon his own as he felt the girl push forth some kind of energy from her own lips and into his and after that he felt the connection in him grow thicker as well as this connection extend forth and latch onto the blue haired girl before him.

The kiss only lasted the barest of moments but still it was better than the indecent in his final year at the ninja academy. Of course who knows just what he allow the girl to do to him because it feels like he just become some kind of summon. Yet before Naruto could even open his mouth to try to question the girl on just why she had kissed him a burning pain erupted on his forehead.

Of course the pain was barely anything besides annoyance but still it was effort to cause Naruto to wince. Raising a hand to his forehead to feel some type of runic symbols fading from it.

"You know maybe that wasn't such a good ideal."

"Why is that?"

Blinking Naruto turned to look at the blue haired girl once more in his line of sight.

"You can understand me now?"

The blue haired girl nodded briefly before answering in a short monotone voice.

"Yes I can my familiar."

Again Naruto felt confusion along with his curiosity spike at the girl's answer.

"What's a familiar?"

The blue haired said nothing and only nodded confirming whatever thought was running through her pretty little blue haired head. Naruto watched as the girl once again motioned for him to do something but this time it was only to follow her and finding no reason not to Naruto did so.

Turning his head back and forth Naruto took in the people 'humans?' of this world. They didn't look much different from the humans of his own world and from the looks of it both the humans of this world and his own share many of the same features.

They were even fire-red haired females here and some type of energy flowing through them all! Well at least most of them had this new energy all expect that black haired youth wearing the blue hoodie.

Naruto watched as a pink haired student dragged the blacked haired boy away. Was that the boy's summoner or was the boy something else? A servant maybe? Shaking his thoughts free from the odd duo and instead focused all of his attention on the girl leading him to a small table with a couple different books on it.

He watched as the girl pick up one and quickly handed it to him, taken the book from the girl's waiting hand Naruto cast one last look at the book's unreadable cover before looking back at the girl's strangely satisfied expression it was almost like she thought this book would solve all of his problems which was so not likely.

"My name is Tabitha-" The girl who Naruto could now identify as Tabitha look around at the retreating backs of many of the students here oh and that one professor before continuing- "But in private you may refer to me as Charlotte."

Letting a grin once again slip over his features at the doubly named girl -mysterious- Naruto offered her a radiant true smile before speaking.

"Well nice to meet you Charlotte. My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I have something important to tell you."

Raising a blue colored brow Charlotte just stare in question wondering just what her familiar, Naruto he said his name was, wanted?

"I can't read this!"

Do you guys even remember Familiar of Zero? The show was pretty good if not a little too much show service but it had a pretty good story involved.

Ok then don't expect this story to follow Louise's & Saito's plot lines at all also as you guys might notice Tabitha is not friends with Kirche in this story for various reasons one being I just can't see them being friends. Like Tabitha had a lot of shit on her plate and I can't really see her becoming friends with the outgoing Kirche with their differences in both magical talent and age.

For Naruto expect him to be a lot more laid back and surreal in this story. In SOE or Shrugging Off Expectations Naruto will be at the height of his power so yes that means spanning enough clones to upper cut someone into the atmosphere! Or summoning the Truth Seeking Orbs.

In SOE Naruto had kinda forsake his home world and his 'precious people' because of all the expectations intrusted to him and his 'mask' but also don't expect his home world to take this lying down either.

Also on the issue of Irukukwu or Sylphid her role is being completely taken over by Naruto and yes expect Tabitha to 'ride' Naruto…