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Tristain Academy of Magic was a large and well furnished institution, from private rooms to any accommodations the many nobles attending could want yet it was not just magic accommodations either. From cooking classes for those desiring to dirty their hands by during commoner work for one reason or another to large baths to rest and relax their hard working body and minds. Truly Nobles could find almost anything and everything in this wonderful place.

Sadly for Tristain Academy of Magic Charlotte was once such noble that did find something lacking within the academy's buildings and that one thing was the academy's library. Of course they was no denying that the academy's library was not stacked with any kind of information Charlotte could ever want mundane or magical.

They was just the simple fact that the library was too damn far from where her dorm was to make it worth running back and forth from it. Charlotte had spent too long getting a permit from the headmaster to make her own small library using the large collection found in the academy's own but now Charlotte was glad she did or else she may have never have gotten to see this truly strange magic before her now.

Charlotte's dorm room was bigger than most other second year students and she had use most of this extra space as a place to start her small library as such she had about three large bookcases place along one end of her room.

Besides her bookcases Charlotte had her large sized bed. A couple of dressers, and one wooden room table. Charlotte had never had company inside of her room before so she had made sure that on her way back to her dorm with her new human familiar that they had grabbed another chair for her wooden table.

Across from her sat her new familiar Naruto Uzumaki who was reading or attempting to read the book she had given him earlier that day and around her and her familiar were many identical clones of the same golden haired man sitting across from her…

Charlotte had heard of coping magic before but never had she heard of magic of this scale being used before. They sat around or stood around her room by the dozen and even more were pouring out or into her room after every minute or so and all of the clones had a book in their hands all provided by her small collection.

Books about her world's history, books about magic, books about geography and literature, and books about the languages of her world were just some of the few Charlotte could spot and after a random amount of time passed some of the clones would just go up in smoke but after they did the remaining clones would seem to have a better grasp on just what they were all doing.

"Just what kind of magic is this?"

Her question was undirected but there were really only two people in her room to answer her and Naruto had no problems at least trying to.

"Magic? Oh you mean my clones! Well I guess you could call it that."

Turning to look at the man sitting across from her Charlotte narrowed her eyes at something her familiar had said.

"And what would you call it?"

Naruto just gave her a smile at catching his little intention information drop before answering.

"I would call it chakra."

'Chakra' Charlotte let the word roll around in her head before stopping for now. Later when she was not so exhausted she would try to do some research by herself before returning to her familiar again for more answers.

Charlotte let a yawn escape her mouth before shooting Naruto another narrowed look. He did not answer her question.

"And what kind of magic is this?"

Naruto once again took his eyes of Charlotte's book before shooting Charlotte a rueful grin.

"It's just magic Charlotte."

Shaking her head Charlotte asked once again. Maybe Naruto's language was too different from hers to fully understand her words so earlier into their familiar bond or maybe she had underestimated his cloning magic.

"No. Just what kind of magic is this." This time Charlotte made sure to put extra meaning into the word 'kind'. "Like is it cloning magic or maybe just illusionary magic with mental memory capabilities."

Naruto for his part did not answer like she thought he would instead the answer he gave through her for a small loop.

"I understand what you meant Charlotte and to answer your question," Here Naruto grew quiet for a couple of seconds before continuing. "It's our magic Charlotte, it's cloning magic with mental capabilities."

'Our magic?' Just what does he mean by that? Just how was it theirs? Just how did they share it?

'Oh the bond…' The familiar bond made sure the that the familiar would be molded to best suit their masters but something about Naruto's words felt off like he meant something else.

It was like Naruto wanted his magic to be hers and her magic to be his. Also from what she see seen so far Charlotte did not think the magic of the familiar bond could mold this man in anyway that was not of his choosing.

Releasing another yawn Charlotte decided this could all wait until tomorrow where she would be hopefully fully rested. Raising and letting go of her large staff Charlotte let it float away to hover near her bed and after that she gave a measuring look around her room and at the many clones occupying it before turning to her familiar.

"Can they all leave?"

As soon as she said those words did the dozens upon dozens of clones suddenly start moving to leave her room to join their brethren outside of her room or decided to start going up into smoke. When it was all said and done it was just Charlotte and Naruto left in her room and Charlotte was fine with that.

Moving to one of her few dressers Charlotte started to undress and find something more comfortable to wear to bed tonight unaware of the shock gaze directed upon her form by her familiar.

"What are you doing!?"

Turning to her shouting familiar Charlotte only raised a brow in silent questioning.

"Why are you undressing?"

A frown starting to make it's way over her lips at Naruto's line of questioning. Once again had Charlotte underestimated the supposed brilliance of her familiar?

"Have you not finished the book I gave you?"

Charlotte watched as her familiar give just give her a flat stare before reining in the faint red dusting his cheeks as he spoke once again.

"I have finished it Charlotte three times at that but still-"

Before Naruto could finish Charlotte cut him with her short monotone voice.

"No buts Naruto. You are my familiar and as such I will not be afraid to show you my body."

She expressed her belief by setting her hands on her hips showing off her pale soft skin and blue and white striped silk underwear. Naruto could only stare in surprise at the barely clothed girl and without warning suddenly bursted out into laughter causing the blue haired girl before him to shift and shuffle in a bout of sudden nervousness.

Charlotte didn't know why but somewhere deep inside of her Charlotte hoped that her familiar liked what he saw.

"It seems that I slightly underestimated you Charlotte and for that I am sorry."

After saying that Naruto then took the chance to fully look at the girl who had summoned him, who had allowed Naruto to just take a large step back from his old world for something else. She was small and petite thing with light blue hair that fell slightly atop her shoulders. The girl's body was underdeveloped but where the girl had no chest or hips to boast about she had a fit and toned body which showed off the small amount of curves she did had.

"From what I have been able to gather from this book and the many others you have provided for me you nobles are of the arrogant sort. To most nobles familiars are just a means to an end. They are cheap labor and viewed as a weak symbol of talent and for most they are nothing more than just that."

Offering his master a small true radiant smile Naruto continued on but this time with a small note of appreciation coloring his voice.

"But you Charlotte are obviously different and you obviously want something different too and I want the same."

Standing up Naruto moved over to embrace the stiffen petite girl before finishing in a quieter tone.

"Let us cast off the rules placed upon us for the appreciation of only each other, let us toss away our limits for the strength of only each other, let us shrugged off the expectations trusted onto us for only the wants and needs of each other."

Charlotte did not give any type of response to Naruto's request and only disentangle herself from Naruto's warm embrace to move over to her bed and crawl under the silk covers leaving Naruto standing there cold.

Still Naruto needed a response and Charlotte wanted to give one but-

"I can't."

-she couldn't just leave it all behind like that, she couldn't leave her mother like that, she couldn't leave her kingdom like that.

"I see."

Naruto's voice was deathly quiet at her rejection but still he wasn't done yet.

"Don't think I won't end up seducing you then Charlotte. I will end up taking you away from all of your expectations."

Charlotte response did not come right away and it was only five minutes later where Naruto had gone back to learning all that he could about their now shared world that her response did come.

"I welcome and and all attempts my selfish familiar."

Naruto said nothing back and merely allowed his master to get some well deserved rest.

However hours later into the dead of night Naruto gave Charlotte one last response.

"Sorry Charlotte you don't know just how truly selfish I really am."

With two gorgeous moons usually shining bright every night combined with the warm air of the Tristain continent many could attest to loving the late nights of the country. Clone number 64 the last and the best made by their great and infinitely more badass boss could also attest to that.

But he was not created to enjoy this wonderful night nor was he created to start learning about their new world which they had decided to run away too?

'Yeah 'run away too' let's go with that.'

No no no Clone Number 64 purpose was entirely different from the rest of his 63 brethren. He was not made to learn about this new world nor its wonders no the reason why he was created with more chakra then Shukaku and ability to take more than just a solid hit was all purpose of learning about his target and his target's world…

… and that one target was one Hiraga Saito.

Even now he was watching his target interact with a blond haired male student and brown haired female student, being only a chakra leap away from his target's neck. 64 watched how the target moved. How the target breathed. How the target talked.

Soon enough he would be able to stand directly right behind his target, his target's mannerisms his own and soon enough 64 could become his target if the need ever arose. Yet even more 64 could learn all about his target's home world. What it was like? Was it war-torn like his own? Or maybe it was quiet and peaceful?

64 highly doubt that but still it's another option.

'Another option that's all another world was. That's all that the boss cares about.'

And as such that's all that 64 cared about. But what of their new master? What of the one who gave them the chance for this new world? What of her problems? Did they even matter?


Shaking his head at the strong unfamiliar impulse coming from his new familiar bond 64 easily discarded the urge to do anything and everything for Charlotte Hélène d'Orléans that was in his power. Let it not even be mentioned just how vast his power was even if he was never more than a shadow clone of original.

Still even if he was a clone of his creator 64 knew despite not knowing just what he wanted Naruto Uzumaki did not want to walk along new road with just himself and he was dead start on taking or dragging Charlotte along with him.

And if that meant seducing Charlotte, changing Charlotte, and taking Charlotte away from everything she knows and loves then…so be it. Naruto was willing to do it.

Clone Number 64 let a soundless chuckle escape his month at the thought of his boss and romance before focusing entirely on his target.

Who knows how long he would have to watch this other familiar.

(Days later)

Muscles stacked upon muscles and a horrid stench were the usually tellings of some great horrible creature near your village that would force the village to gather the large necessary amount of currency it would take to hire an adventurer to come and get rid of it.

Sadly the creature or rather creatures in this case were not just savage brawn and smells. No these creatures were monsters of a herd. They traveled together and killed together. They lived and died together. They raped and pillaged together.

They were minotaurs, the perfect mix between man and bull. Minotaurs were not creatures of savagery and blood like they portrayed themselves to be and long ago minotaurs resembled more of peace loving race. At least until they were seduced by the trill of bloodspill and rape.

Minotaurs intelligence was not to be ever underestimated. Many adventurers had fallen prey to the assumption that minotaurs were a dumb idiotic race that traveled in a herd for the mentality that it brought.

Charlotte would not fall prey to this small trick and she would not fall prey to the strength of this large minotaur herd but the reality of her situation was simply that she did not expect to come out of this mission alive but she would be damned before she failed to take every lasted damn minotaur with her.

For too long had she be forced to take missions from her uncle and his sad attempts to end her life and for too long had Charlotte expected her life to end on each and every mission she had undertaking.

But this was supposed to be too much for her and her uncle knew that this was supposed to be the end of her and her life. This minotaur herd had a large and horrible reputation even among the other minotaur herds. Aged and seasoned this herd had survived and killed more than any other herd recorded in the adventure's grimoire.

Still even these ghastly creatures were no match for the monster known as Naruto Uzumaki.

When both Charlotte and Naruto had descended into the bowels of a intricate cave system looking for the base of the minotaurs the creatures had been watching and waiting for a chance to strike against these human fools who thought to end their mighty herd.

They had laughed and insulted the human pair but when they had finally decided to kill the pair they were meant with a confusing statement by one of the two, the golden haired one.

"So the fun and games are over huh?"

The minotaurs did not know what this human meant by those words but it didn't really in the end because that's when the slaughter started. The one-sided battle could be never else as the golden haired one proceeded to obliterate each and every one of them. There was no fast paced battle or flashy magic. Instead the male just started walking towards their 20 strong minotaur herd and raised his hand against one of their strongest and biggest brethren and brought it down.

They was no flash of light or scream of pain from either their brethren or the golden haired male but rather where once their two monsters standing there now however there was only one. One golden haired man and 19 blood-coated minotaurs and of course one small blue haired girl.

It honestly took a couple of seconds for the minotaurs to realise that the fresh blood coated them was from one of their own and a couple more seconds for them to become enraged and attack the golden haired man. Naruto was willing to give them this small amount of time after all they all did not have much left over all. When Naruto had heard of just what his master was being forced into undertaking he had only let a small frown slip onto his features. After all everybody had their reasons right? Everybody deserves a second chance right?

Even if their reasons were going to get themselves a mighty ass kicking and their second chance at living the good life would be painfully short still they deserved a second chance right?

Maybe.. or maybe not.

So here they were balls deep in a damp cave looking to end the lives of some bloodlusting creatures who had squandered their potential away for battle and rape. Naruto had no pity for them. Minotaurs were giving plenty of chances to change for the better and had forsaken each and everyone of them. But even that not be enough for Naruto not to give them one more possibility. To give them one more chance to change. For to at least say that he had tried.

This all changed however when a petite blue haired girl had basically beg him to stay behind.

Barely a day later after he had met Charlotte she had come up to him and told him to stay behind and wait for her to return from her mission and the thing was Naruto had almost done this. Naruto had almost ignored the clear signs of distress and fear thinly veiled behind the usually mask she wore.

Naruto had almost stayed behind content to wait for Tabitha's uncertain return and continue to enroot himself into his new world.

This is what power did to him or rather this is what true power did to him. It provided a kind of clarity that which he could almost never ignored no matter how hard he tried. And with that clarity come a burning sense of curiosity which all but ruled him now. A curiosity which begged for him to try and understand the truly greater things in this reality. To not chose the easy road nor the perfect and simple road filled with love and a happy family.

They say absolute power corrupts absolutely and Naruto was finding it hard to doubt those words.

But the thing was Naruto didn't care about absolute power and so he found doubt within those words where none was to be found. Naruto decided to choose not the easy path nor the harder one but the one which he wanted to walk.

The path where that petite blue haired girl didn't die and he was not expected to lead the perfect life saving the world. All Naruto wanted was something simple and right now that simple something was to be beside that blue haired girl..

And when Charlotte had told him to stay behind Naruto followed right beside her when she embarked on her suicide mission and listen as she told him the bare minimum about what her uncle, the king of her country forced her to do.

Now here he was ending the lives of these strange creatures.

The minotaurs surrounded him and began trying to end his life with violent overhead swings. The massive creatures tried to use their numbers and large size to their advantage.

Simple but crude tactics that had yet to fail their herd.

Unfortunately For the minotaur herd their tried tactics failed poorly as Naruto dodge ever brutish attempt on his life. There was no elaborate acrobatic feats nor was there any confusing jutsus to impair the minotaurs. Instead Naruto used pure chakra enhanced body movements to simple walk out of harm's way.

To Charlotte who was watching and the minotaurs trying to end his life Naruto was disappearing one moment only to appear always nearby standing in the spot of where a minotaur once stood. To Naruto however he was just merely walking pass their sloppy violent swings and ending their lives with just a simple chakra enhanced tap.

It honestly took the minotaurs a couple of dreadful minutes to realize that everytime that Naruto appeared one of their own exploded outward in a shower of bloody gore but in those few minutes the twenty strong herd was now just three scared shitless minotaurs covered in the blood of their own.

Charlotte watched as her familiar ended the lives of over 17 strong B-ranked beast and didn't even break a sweat. Just what had she summoned? Still the fight was over in a matter of minutes and the remaining minotaurs were rushing towards her and the exit behind her. Fear had broken their minds into shells of what they once were and the only thing remaining was this loose sense of fight or flight.

And that sense was screaming at them to grow fucking wings and use flight to get the hell away from that blond haired monster behind them.

Maybe if the 3 minotaurs were of a sounder mind they may have noticed that the blond fiend behind them was not given chase but rather letting them ran towards Charlotte. But they didn't and so all they noticed was a small blue haired human blocking their way to survival and not the true threat that she actually represented.

Naruto had barely know Charlotte a full 5 days and yet he already recognize that under her cold calm facade was a girl that had grown up and lived with the pleasure of combat but not just any combat either but combat surrounding life and death.

How scary. Was it the power of the familial bond that granted Naruto this insight into her mind or was it just his natural perception skills?

"As quiet as possible, as sharp as possible, as deadly as possible. Rend my enemies Vicious Wind."

The chant was short and perfect. Tested and trusted to end her enemies no matter their natural magical resistance. And despite the short verse for the spell the power behind it was staggering giving hint to the true magical talent residing within Charlotte.

The Minotaurs oblivious to anything but their survival paid no heed to the dozens of bleeding scratches that suddenly appeared over their blood-soaked bodies with a strong gush of wind, testing their magical hides strength only to find it lacking and so when the second gush of wind rushed over their bleeding forms they fall to pieces literally.

Legs were taken first, robbing the beasts of their chances at escape. Next were the arms and horns in a nasty way to pay them back for all the lives they had stolen and finally Charlotte ended their lives by shredding the rest of them into little bloody chucks.

Letting out a content sigh of both disgust and satisfaction Charlotte turned towards her familiar and wondered if he still wanted to beside her? She who was so cold and blood-thirsty. She who was so flawed and lost. She who couldn't just leave her kingdom and mother like they had left her behind.

And yet Naruto looked at her just like he had always done. They was no disgust or pity but still the same gratitude and happiness lining his eyes.


"Ready to go?"

Nodding Charlotte collected herself and followed beside her familiar as they started to trek back to New Niya to report her unlikely success to the Adventure Guild. Timidly Charlotte eyes shot downwards to the hand close to her belonging to the amazing person besides her.

'Would he mind? Would he care?'

New and confusing thoughts clouded her mind as she walked along her familiar wondering what she should do?

'He's mine right? I can do what I want with him?'

Charlotte stiffened as she felt something nice and warm inclose around her hand and noticed it was the hand belonging to the man besides her. She said nothing as a warm feeling suddenly boomed within her chest causing her to smile slightly.

Why? Why would a person so brilliant like you ever stay with a frozen person like me?

Sorry for the delay for all those waiting.