I watch as each of my comrades fight against the dark mages and I think how such a great can turn into a war zone within a matter of hours. It was just like any other ordinary day in Fairy Tail, Natsu and Gray along with the others fighting, Levy sitting with Gajeel and Pantherlily reading, Erza eating cake, Cana drinking, Lisanna and Mira talking, the Thunder Legion sitting on the second floor talking amongst themselves, Wendy, Carla and Romeo talking at a table, it was like this for a couple hours, until a bunch of dark wizards burst through the doors and started sending strong attacks at everyone. I watch as an attack is sent towards Wendy and I summon Horologium and he encases her inside of him just as the attack reached her and I see her confused face before she realises who he was and sends a grateful smile my way before she gets out and continues her fight, I check on my other guildmates and see Laxus about to be hurt, I grab my whip and redirect the attack, he turns around in shock and the sends me a grateful grin and I grin back as he then takes down his opponent, I then scream in pain as vines impale my body, I watch as Laxus snaps his head in my direction along with everyone else and their eyes open wide in horror as I cough a large amount of blood and fall to my knees and I hardly take notice as my team takes out the last mage that did this to me, I then finally fall flat on the ground, I feel hands push me onto my back and I wince and grit my teeth in pain and look to see everyone but mainly my team, master, Thunder Legion, Cana, Levy, Gajeel and Lily with eyes full of worry and horror. Wendy tries to heal me, but I feel my breathe shallow and my life force slowly leaving me, so I place my hands on hers and push them down and manage to say between ragged breathes "Don't bother…you know I won't….make it" I then watch with guilt as she breaks down into tears along with the other girls and I continue "I love… guys…..thank you….for excepting me…into your family" I give them one last smile before I fall into darkness and I take my last breathe.

I wake up and wince as the sun shines in my eyes and I then stand and look around and notice the place as Crocus, I look around and soon spot Yukino, I run over to her and I say "Hey Yukino" She doesn't respond and I watch with wide, shocked eyes as she walks straight through me and I whisper "I really am dead" I look down at my body and see a long chain that reaches to my knees hanging down from my chest, I sigh before I start making my way to Magnolia to see the guild. After a couple hours, I see the edge of the town and I sigh in relief, I then run to the border of the town and I frown at the gloomy atmosphere, I then make my way to the guild and open the doors and my frown deepens as I look around, the guild hall is completely empty, I then start walking around looking for them, I soon come across a large cliff with all the guild there, once I make it up to the front where Makarov is I can't help the tears that escape my eyes as I stare at my own grave which reads

'Lucy Heartfilia
X784 – X816
The Light of the Fairies
Loved by all'

I then hear someone say "Hello Lucy" I snap my head towards the voice and see Master Mavis sitting on a branch in a nearby tree giving me a sad smile, I walk over to her and give her a watery smile and say "Hello Mavis" she then drops from the tree and pulls me into a hug and says "I'm saddened that one if my favorite fairies have fallen, but I'm proud that you protected your family" I nod my head and ask "Can't they see you?" She nods her head then giggles and says "They're staring at me right now" My eyes go wide and I ask again "Can they see me" She shakes her head and I hear master ask "Who are you talking to Mavis?" She gives a sad smile and says "I'm talking to your fallen fairy Lucy" His eyes go wide and I ask "Can you make it so they can see me?" She nods her head and says "I can, but only for a couple minutes" I nod my head and say "That's plenty of time" She then chants a spell and I watch as many people call my name and I say "Before I pass on for good, I just wanted to say that I love you guys and that I hope you all get over me eventually but don't forget, I want you all to continue smiling and having fun and to pass on my keys to Yukino in Sabertooth. Laxus and Thunder Legion, I don't know if you could tell or not, but we all forgive you for what you did and I personally forgive you and I wish that we could have become good friends and hung out more, Erza I want you to confess your love for Jellal, we all know you love him and that he loves you but he is still caught up in his past, Lisanna and Natsu get together already we all know you like each other, same for you Gray and Juvia, Gajeel and Levy, Ever and Elfman, Laxus and Mira, Romeo and Wendy. Master make sure your brats are over my death soon and get back to that rowdy guild we're all used to and Cana I want you to tell your father already, I know because I see the way you look at him every time he comes through the guild doors, I'll be watching and protecting over you until I pass, so I better see these things before I leave" I see them flushing in embarrassment and crying at the same time and I can't stop my tears from falling either and so I say for the last time "Thank you for everything my Fairy Tail family" I finally walk off making sure to do the Fairy Tail symbol with my hand as I walk away, I stop and turn for a moment and see them all doing it back at me.

It's been a couple months since that day and I'm happy to say that many people have gotten together and Cana has finally revealed Gildarts to be her dad, the Thunder Legion dropped my keys to Yukino and she was devastated to find that I was dead along with the rest of the Sabertooth guild. Master also notified the other major guilds and they were also shocked along with the Magic Council. I'm sitting on the balcony of the second floor in Fairy Tail guild hall, beside me is Mavis and we're chatting and laughing, over the period that I've been a spirit I've at least been able to talk to Mavis, our conversation is then cut off by an ear piercing scream, Mavis and I turn to the door and see a large monster with a white mask come crashing through the door straight towards me but before I have time to react or move, the monster hits me and sends me flying into a wall, I hear Mavis telling Fairy Tail to get out and screaming my name, but it's hard to hear as my ears ring, I get to my feet and make a run for it, I bolt out the door and make my way into the forest ignoring the shouts of Mavis, I soon see the forest and start weaving my way between the trees trying to lose the monster, but I still hear it crashing through the trees behind me, I then come to a stop once I reach a cliff edge, I try to turn back and run but the beast has caught up to me and blocked my path, I then watch as he sends out these little slimy creatures towards me, but I duck and they go over the edge or so that's what I thought, when I turn to face the monster something hits my back, I turn and see those slimy things there, I go to pry them off but just as I do they explode, burning me and sending me flying back towards the beast but it then just catches me and throws me against a tree and I scream in pain, he then appears before me and kicks me towards the edge of the cliff and my eyes suddenly go wide in fear as I hear the cliff starting to break and before I could move, it breaks away sending me towards the rocky waters below, I squeeze me eyes shut and wait for impact but after a while it doesn't come and I open my eyes and am surprised to see myself get caught by a man with scruffy white hair in a similar style to Natsu just a bit longer, turquoise coloured eyes, he wears a black kimono with a white jacket over the top with the number 10 on the back, he also carries a sword on his back with a green sash. He places me down and before I have time to thank him he rushes towards the monster and slices its face making it evaporate, he then turns to me and asks "Are you alright?" I nod my head and say "Could be better" I try to stand but my legs collapse beneath me and I fall unconscious. I wake up and look around but I don't recognize the place, I groan as I sit up and look around, I then hear the door open and I look over and see the white-haired man enter, he sees me and walks over then says "How are you feeling?" I smile and say "I'm feeling better. I want to say thank you for saving me and bringing me back to be healed" I then stand to my feet and say "Do you mind telling me where we are?" He then says "We're in Karakura Town" I nod my head, I've heard of this town before, never been here but I at least know which way to go to get back to Fairy Tail, I then make my way out, as I do I hear many voices but I ignore them and continue my journey back to Magnolia. As I go to step out the door I feel someone grab my wrist, I turn and see a boy with orange hair and he says "Where are you going, you haven't fully recovered" I then smile and say "I used to be a wizard, these injuries are nothing to what I've been through, before I died I was kidnapped more times then I care to admit and tortured, I'm going back to Magnolia to look over my guild until I pass on" His hold falters and I take the advantage to rip my arm from his grasp and run away towards Magnolia. After a couple hours again I finally arrive and make my way to the guild hall, after a while I walk through the doors and find Mavis on the balcony, I call her name and wave to her and she rushes over and pulls be into a hug and says "I thought that thing got you" I shake my head and say "No a guy saved me from it" just as I finish my sentence the guy walks through the door and starts looking around, once his eyes land on me he starts walking towards me, then he says "I'm sorry, but your spiritual energy is really high, so those monsters will keep coming after you, I have to perform a konso and send you to the soul society otherwise you'll eventually turn into one of those monsters" I go slightly pale and say "Ok, just let me say goodbye" He nods his head and walks away leaving Mavis and I with some privacy. I turn to Mavis and say "Well. Looks like I'm finally passing on now, can you tell Master about what happened to Aquarius during Tartarus and ask him to tell Yukino, can you do that spell again so that I can say goodbye to everyone?" She nods her head and casts the spell, she grabs their attention and their eyes go wide as they see me and I say "I told you I would be watching over you until I passed and I'm glad that all my wishes came true before I did. I also told you I would protect you and by me doing so the beasts will stop attacking the guild" I look around and see all the destruction the monster caused because of me, I sigh then continue "Remember to always smile for me and don't forget me and I hope for all your happiness and safety in the future, goodbye my Fairy Tail family" I can't help the tears as I turn to the white-haired man and say "I'm ready" He nods his head and I say "Before you do though, my name is Lucy Heartfilia" He smiles and says "My name is Toshiro Hitsugaya" I smile and say "I wish to meet again, Toshiro" he then raises the hilt of the sword and gently places it on my forehead and gently says before I fade "So do I" I smile and I disappear to the world known as the Soul Society.

I wake up and suddenly have a sense of de javu as I stare at the blue sky, only this time I'm in the middle of a forest, I get to my feet and look around but I don't see any sign of a town or anything, so I start walking in a random direction. I walk for a while before I hear a familiar screeching noise and I run towards the noise and find one of those monsters standing over an elderly woman about to swipe her, I run over and jump myself in front of her and scream in pain as it slashes my stomach and sends me to the ground and now has interest in me instead of the elderly woman, I get to my feet and yell at her "Get running and get some help or something, I'll drive this thing away" I watch as she nods her head and starts running in the opposite direction which I'm hoping is the direction of the town, so I start running in the opposite direction with the beast chasing closely behind. I grit in my teeth in pain as branches scratch my legs and arms as I run through the forest, I then yelp as I trip on a root and fall to the ground, I try to get up before the beast gets me but I'm too slow and he kicks me into some trees and I scream in pain and get to my feet and try to run but I am suddenly surrounded by another two, one walks towards me and picks me up and starts squeezing me and I grit my teeth in pain as I start feeling my ribs crack, it then suddenly drops me and punches me in the back towards another one and it kicks me to the next as if they're playing a game with me and I scream in pain as one punches me in the stomach where the claw marks are from the beast that chased me, one then picks me up by my hair and I let out a cry of pain as he sends me into another tree and then I open my eyes in shock as it speaks to the others and says "Alright that's enough toying, let's eat her now" I watch as the other two nod their head in agreement and I pale considerably, I watch as it reaches for me and starts bringing me towards its mouth and I close my eyes and wait for it all to end, but my eyes snap open as I hear the familiar screeches of pain and it drops me to the ground with a thud, I look up and see a man in a black sleeveless kimono with three scar lines going down across his eye to his cheek, a 69 under his other eye and a silver strip going across his nose with some sort of pattern going around his biceps and neck, he holds his sword in front of him as he stands in front of me, he looks over his shoulder at me and asks "Are you alright, you got some nasty wounds there" I nod my head and say "I'm fine" I then watch as he takes down the beasts with ease and sheathes his sword back on his hip, he then turns back to me as I slide down the tree with short ragged breathes and he asks "What area are you from?" I shake my head and say "I don't know, I only just got to the Soul Society and woke up in the middle of the forest, then I heard one of those monsters and saw it was about to attack an elderly lady and so I stood in front of her and took the hit, that's how I got the slashes on my stomach, then I told her to run and drove the beast away from the town and eventually I tripped and it caught up and the other two beasts arrived and they started kicking me around as if I were a game and they were about to kill me before you stepped in, which by the way thank you, I'm Lucy Heartfilia" I give him the best smile I can muster and he gives me a small smile and says "Well any other soul wouldn't have survived all that and your very brave to do that, my name is Shuhei Hisagi and I'm the lieutenant from squad 9" I then see black spots invading my vision and I manage to say "Thanks" in a mere whisper before I fall unconscious. I wake up and let out a cry as pain shoots through my body, I then look over and see a woman with short silver hair and a few hair braids on the side wearing a black kimono come in and she looks over to me and gives me a smile and says "Lieutenant Hisagi bought you in three days with you covered in blood, we were awfully worried" I nod my head and ask "Where am I?" She then sits beside me and says "You're new aren't you?" I nod my head and she says "Alright I'll explain everything I can ok?" I nod my head and she starts "At the moment you're in the sereti, where the 13 court guard squads stay and get assigned to do all different things and different squads specialize in different things, for example squad 4 specialize in healing, 12 in development and research, squad 2 in stealth etc. That beast that attacked you with the white mask are called hollows, they're unsaved souls but when we kill them, they become the soul they once were and live here in the Soul Society do you understand so far?" I nod my head and she continues "Each squad has a captain then the lieutenant and so forth, it's our job to save souls and bring them to the soul society before they become a hollow but even if they do, well you already know where they go, unless they did crimes when they were alive then they go to hell and well that's the basic rundown anyway, by the way I'm Isane Kotetsu and I'm the lieutenant of squad 4" I nod and say "Nice to meet you and thank you for healing my wounds, my name is Lucy Heartfilia". After a couple more hours I make my way outside of the sereti and make my way to the town that they found me at. I soon find the town and enter and I start looking around for a place to stay when I run into the elderly woman I helped the other day and I say "Hi there are you ok, that hollow nearly got you the other day?" She looks at me with surprise before her face brightens and she yells "Hey everyone this is the young lady that saved my life the other day" I hear the town cheer and I can't help the smile that forms on my face and I say "It's no problem, my name is Lucy Heartfilia and I'm new to the Soul Society" She grins and says "I'm Haru Hitsugaya, but people just call me grandma Haru and for saving my life you can live with me if you like?" My eyes open in shock but I nod my head and say "Are you sure that's fine?" She nods her head and says "Of course it is, besides ever since my grandson left home it's been awfully lonely" I nod my head and say "Well you won't be lonely anymore Grandma Haru, wait did you say your last name was Hitsugaya?" She nods her head and I say "Do you know someone by the name of Toshiro Hitsugaya?" She nods her head again and says "Yes, that would be my grandson, what of him?" I smile and say "He saved my life back at the world of the living" She smiles and says "That's nice dear, you're in luck he visits regularly, he should be here sometime next week hopefully" I nod my head then wince in pain as I feel my stomach wound throb and place my hand over it, Grandma Haru notices this and says "Let's go back home and you can rest some more my dear" I nod my head and follow her back to her home, after a couple minutes we arrive and she shows me to Toshiro's old room and says "You can have his old room dear" I look at her in shock and say "Are you sure?" She nods her head and I give her a grateful smile and say a quick thanks before I close the door and lay down and soon find myself asleep once again. I wake up a couple hours later with the smell of food lingering in the air, I swing my legs over the side of the bed and make my way for the door when I hear a familiar voice ask "Do you want me to wake up your guest?" Grandma replies "No dear, I think she's already up" I than take that as my que to open the door and walk out towards the kitchen, I then see the familiar spiky white hair of Toshiro and my face immediately lights up, he then notices my presence and turns around and I see him give me a small smile and I smile back and say "Hi Toshiro, Grandma Haru said you wouldn't be here till next week?" He shakes his head and says "She got it wrong again, my visit is this week" He looks at his grandmother and we sweatdrop at his antics, we soon get over it and we sit down and eat, once I'm finished I kiss Grandma Haru on the cheek and say "I'm going for a walk, don't worry about me" She nods her head but I can tell she's worried so I say "How about I take Toshiro with me?" She smiles and says "That'll be better, you're still injured as it is" I nod and I see Toshiro giving her a confused look but before he can ask I grab his hand and drag him out of the house and we start our walk, I let go of his hand and we walk in an awkward silence until Toshiro broke it by asking "What did my grandmother mean when she said that you were still injured?" I look at him and say "Well after you sent me here I landed in the middle if a forest and I heard a hollow, so I ran towards it and saw it about to attack your grandmother so instead I jumped in the way and it slashed me across the stomach" I stop and lift my shirt along with the bandages and show him the now scabby claw marks, I then pull them back down and continue "I told her to run while I drove it further into the forest, eventually I tripped though and fell to the ground I tried to get up and run but it caught me and started hurting me, then to make matters worse, two more hollows showed up and they all started beating me in different ways before Shuhei came and saved me and was healed at squad 4's barracks, then eventually got sent back here, found Grandma Haru and now I live with her, also sorry for stealing your room, but she insisted" I rub the back of my neck sheepishly and grin, then he chuckles and says "That's alright, I'm glad she won't be as lonely anymore and thank you for saving her, she means a lot to me, she's the only one I've been close too since I became a soul reaper, everyone else slowly distanced themselves from me" I frown at the last statement and say "Well you now have a friend, so if you want to talk to someone other than Grandma Haru, you can come to me" I give him one of my brightest smiles and I hear his breath hitch before he smiles and nods and says "I'd like that, thank you Lucy" I nod and we then continue walking and talking for a while before we make our way back to the house, after a couple minutes we arrive back and notice that Grandma Haru has gone to bed, so I turn to Toshiro and ask "Where are you sleeping?" He looks at me and says "I'm just going to sleep on a couch" I frown and say "Are you sure?" He nods and says "Don't worry, it's a futon so it's folds out to be a bed" I nod my head and smile and say "Ok then, well I'm going to go to bed as well, I'll see you in the morning" He nods his head and I go to bed and fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I wake up the next morning before anyone else so I swing my legs over the bed and make my way to the kitchen and decide to cook breakfast for everyone, after a while I see Grandma Haru walk out with a surprised look on her face and I giggle then say "Good morning Grandma Haru, I woke up early so I thought I might make some breakfast for everyone today, is that ok?" She snaps out of her shock and nods her head and says "That's fine dear, just wasn't expecting anyone to cook" I smile and say "Well, from now on I'll cook sometimes too" She gives me a warm smile and once I'm finished I notice that Toshiro is still not awake so I walk over to the futon and I crouch down in front of him and poke his head and say "Hey Toshiro, breakfast is ready" I giggle as he groans and swats my hand away and slowly opens his eyes and I give him a grin and say again "Breakfast is ready, my thank you to you guys" I smile then get up and make my way back to the kitchen, when I walk in I see that Grandma Haru has finished everything and I say "You didn't have to finish this Grandma Haru, I would've done it when I got back" She chuckles and says "That's quite alright dear, you did most of the work anyway, I just dished it for you" I shake my head and see Toshiro walk in and he takes a seat with us at the table and we dig in. After we're finished Grandma Haru asks Toshiro to do the dishes but she protests and she scary if you don't listen to her, I get changed then when I walk out I see that he is already done, I then walk over and ask "Hey Toshiro, how do you become a soul reaper?" He looks at me in shock then says "Well for starters you can only become a soul reaper if you have spirit energy and you have a high amount, then you have to wait for your zampacto to make contact with you and that's when your training will start" I nod and walk out the door but not before yelling "Going for a walk I'll be back soon" and with that I spent the day meeting new people and exploring the town a little more, I then notice the sun setting and decide to head home for a while before going star gazing. I arrive home and open the door, when I enter I'm not expected to be tackled into a hug by Grandma Haru and I say "Are you alright?" She nods and says "I was worried, you were gone the whole day" I giggle and say "I'm fine, I was exploring a little more and met some people around town, I'm sorry for worrying you and Toshiro" She waves her hands and says "It's fine dear, don't worry about it. Anyway dinner is ready" I nod and we head to the kitchen and eat along with Toshiro, after I'm finished I do the dishes and head out back alone and lay on the grass staring at the stars and I can't help but let my mind wander back to my Fairy Tail family, my spirits and my dead parents, I didn't realise how much I missed them, I turn onto my side and curl into a ball and I start sobbing thinking about the memories I created with them and all that we went through what I didn't notice was the pair of turquoise eyes that were watching everything and I eventually go to bed.