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Everything just wouldn't stop spiraling out of control. The water all around me is wild and hungry. The ocean wanted nothing more than to devour my whole being. The waves crashed against each other violently forcing my head under the water. I would quickly try to swim back to the surface only for another wave to push me back under. This pattern repeated till my bones ached and my hope of living was slowly leaving my body. The strange feeling of hope is being replaced by the cold and heartless grip of fear.

It's obvious I do not wish to die, at least not again. I died at the age of fifteen only to be yanked into this world. This place doesn't even deserve to be called a world. It's more like hell covered in lush green grass, sparkling clear blue waters, and organic life forms that fascinated me. Fascinated, meaning it's past tense. It is only because of these strange creatures and exotic people. People from my world do not have the ability to control the movements of earth, water, air, and fire. They can not move water from lakes and rivers like I'd seen this woman do. They can't make the dirt of the Earth shift to their will to protect themselves from danger. They can not move the air around and float on circle shaped forms of air and can not make fire do the exact something. Yet when I looked at all these different types of people interacting with each other has I awoke, they can do those things. They did do those exact things.

I ran from it, I ran from all the noises of the villages that looked nothing close to the advanced technology my home world is sporting on a daily basis. I ignored the stares I had received during my attempts to escape the strange people around me. If, well maybe if I was indeed somebody else they may have just stayed there and demanded to know what this is all about. They would probably demand to be taught how they even did those tricks.

Even if it is magical and fascinating, it is nothing compared to the utter terror I feel at this exact moment under the water. I am unable to fight my way back up to the top anymore. My skin feels numb and tingly, my eyes felt strange and cold under water. I closed them out of reflex and my conscious slowly left me as cold, salty water began to fill my lungs.

I groaned in agony. Everything around me hurt when it comes into contact with my skin, everywhere on my body hurt me too.

I opened one eye, which took a large amount of effort just for that. Keeping it open long enough for the face, which is alarmingly too close to my face, to come into focus.

It doesn't take long either. I identified the curly brown hair almost immediately. Brown, bouncy curls framed a caramel colored, beautiful face. Large, round, brown eyes stared down into my own identical brown eyes. Her face, it's like looking back at a mirror, but an energetically happy mirror. I do not mind the fact that my twin is the more dominate and happiness out of the both of us. I do not mine that I take over the role has lazy and uninterested in life. It's true, unlike Advika, who is fascinated with the world, I don't care very much adventure.

I do not mind that she wears the same clothes and the identical bodies we shared on a daily basis. It doesn't bother me that people mistake me for Advika instead of Advik normally. I do find it interesting that people could mix the two of us up. It could seem in our eyes. Mine dull and lacked that excited spark of adventure while Advika's eyes sparkled and shined in adventure and fascination at every little creature.

What does bother me though is her constant need for physical contact with me regularly. Groaning I turned my head away from the twenty-year-old woman leaning over me smiling widely at me with fascination and admiration. The feeling of soft grass underneath my body, brushing against my cheeks is what alerted me that I am still outside. In our parent's back yard, lying down in the grass. I shifted my head a little, it isn't hard to spot the thick manga package lying on the ground in front of me.

So Adivka had broken the house rules in the end. All to just get me this manga called Bleach. Really Mom doesn't approve of my choice in TV shows I watched since they were more violent. Compared to the TV shows Advika watched, mine is basically like submitting myself to the devil. Advika;s current obsession is the childish TV show about people that could fight using the four elements.

Honestly, yeah I would sit down and watch the show, with Advika, whenever I got tired of seeing the brutal anime Naruto or Blood+. If it came down to whichever one out of Naruto or Avatar, I would choose Avatar. Avatar is not nearly as dark as a show as Naruto. While the main character, Aang, doesn't want to kill the fire lord, it seems like it is his only option.

I do see his point, though. I don't like killing, I don't even like injuring an organic life form. Despite my interested demeanor, I am a love at heart, not a fighter. Which explains why I neglect my training every time it comes up. My father strongly believes that me, and Advika, should have an extensive amount of knowledge and power. Knowledge of knowing how to use the power we have and power to back up the knowledge to take action when knowledge can only take you so far.

Well that's what Dad says, but me, no I'd rather stay back and observe the fighting, not partake in it, Unlike me, Advika loves the thrill of fighting. She loves the feeling of superiority and security that comes with knowing you can take a bitch if they come at you. Well, I do agree with her feelings on that part. Knowing you can bitch-slap a hoe, if they start the fight first, and get away with it is amazing. No truly it is, I've done it. The times in life when you know you can protect yourself if need. Those are the moments when you feel like you can rule the world.

"Advik, come on! Get up it's time for Dad's afternoon training sessions to begin!" Adivka said grinning excitedly.

I waved her off lazily with one hand and turned so my face is now onto the ground. I sighed blissfully when the wind blew my hair and felt cold against the sweat on my face from being outside so long. I must have fallen asleep sometime and let the time pass by. "I don't want to," I said, my voice muffled slightly by the ground.

I heard the scoff from Advika above me. "Adivk, Dad said specifically that we couldn't start this time unless you were attending!" she started to pull on the back of my shirt trying to get me to move. I just put more force into saying in that one spot.

Nice try, but gravity is on my side.

"I am technically attending since I'm already in the backyard anyways," I said not understanding why they need me to stand up. I can still hear them just fine and I'll get up when it's time to actually start practicing the stances. I have good ears, well mostly good. Blasting music into my ears with headphones doesn't exactly improve your hearing.

I was rolled over by force until I was lying on my back down on the ground. I groaned and threw my right hand sluggishly over my eyes to protect them from the sun.

"Get up, Advik." I heard a much deeper voice say, it sounded slightly annoyed. I peeked one eye off of under my arm and saw my father standing beside a nervous Advika. He was staring down at my poor posture-self on the ground with disdain. He must have just been getting home from work. Why? Because he still wore his business suit, plus he had that disappointed look in his eyes.

Wonderful, another day of training with a ticked off Dad on his man period. Great, just freaking great. "Yeah, yeah, I'm getting up," I said, plainly. Sighing in despair from having to get up from my lazy spot on the ground. I didn't waste any time in getting to my feet. I tried to straighten out my clothes to an acceptable appearance. Unlike Advika I don't care much for style, so even if we did wear the same outfit, occasionally, she still makes them look way better.

We share the same face and body, and genes. However, we have two very different personalities. We do agree on a few things, though, an example being we both have a dislike for waking up early.

Fuck early mornings, and Monday.

Dad looked me up and down before nodding his head, acceptable. "Today we will work on your speed," Dad announced walking over to the other side of the yard. It should be noted that we have a very large backyard. For training reasons sourly. There is no pool or anything that would indicate that the backyard was ever used for fun behavior. However, there is training attire lying to the side of the yard, neatly organized.

I resisted the urge to just flop back down onto the ground and start complaining. Instead, I settle for just staring at Dad with a look of disgust, which he ignored like a pro. Advika must have seen my expression because she placed her hand on my shoulder and gave it a gentle, reassuring squeeze.

"Ten laps and then you'll walk on your hands back to the house," Dad said taking a seat in his chair. Grabbing a stopwatch he tapped the red button. Advika and I raced off. "You know where the starting point is." he said a little louder than his normal tone.

"Ah, screw birds and their stupid poop dropping selves!" Advika exclaimed angrily, throwing a rock at a bird in a fit of rage. Yes, Advika may love organic life forms but if such a life form decides to poop on her new favorite blouse, it's open season.

I giggled, highly amused when the rock missed the bird completely. "Your aim sucks." I teased continuing to run. I had to dodge rock thrown by Advika and dodged poop that fell from the sky. It had come dangerously close to actually touching my shoulder. I crinkled my nose disapprovingly.

It's all a part of this stupid route we had to take every time Dad sent us on those wild runs to build up our stamina. The upside of the run is that we run beside a beautiful view of the ocean. The surface of the freshly clean water makes you want to swim in it. I loved the water very much, not brown nasty water.

"You try it then!" Advika said shoving a rock into my hands, sweating and huffing. I don't blame her, though. Dad normally doesn't make us do higher than five laps and that's on one of his bad days. I wonder what got him so angry that he'd make us do so many. Heck, I even looked more tired too.

My eyebrows raised in surprise before I grinned. "You're giving me permission to throw rocks at a bird?" I asked. I slowed down my running to a light jog and Advika slowed down also. We decided to take it lightly, besides we were in no rush to get home.

"No!" My amused grin grew when Advika realized what she had just said. She gasped and shook her head quickly.

"It sounded to me like you did," I said positioning the rock so it looks like I was about to throw it at a unexpecting bird. I wasn't actually going to do it, though I didn't expect to suddenly panicked shove that sent me rolling into the water.

The logical half of me told my mind that it was because she's tired and exhausted. She started to panic so she did the quickest and easiest thing that came to mind that would stop me from throwing the rock. Shove me so the rock would miss. Though since I wasn't even going to throw the rock the other part of me just wanted to hit her.

"Little bitch!" I shrieked angrily just seconds before I hit the water.

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