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SomeTime In The Past

"I got a secret I can't tell, guess I better cast spell. Don't you worry, just you wait, everything's going to be great!"

"You're still watching that kiddy cartoon?" Isobe asked jumping over the couch back and landed beside me.

I nodded my head, watching the TV screen show the cartoon characters move around the screen casting magic spells around the place.

"I want to change it," Isobe said picking up the remote from in front of me, that was resting on the coffee table.

I think not.

I raised my hand up lazily and slapped his cheek. He yelped, accidentally tossing the remote up into the air in surprise.

I caught it with ease and placed it under me so he couldn't reach the remote.

"You seem to want a lot," I said, not even sparing him a glance or even asking if he was okay. Ha, as if I really even cared about him getting hurt. He just keeps coming here without my permission, but Mom thinks it is a good idea to have me hang around another kid other than Taylor.

There's a giant difference between Taylor and Isobe. That one difference just happens to be that Taylor is awesome while Isobe is a complete nerd and freckled faced boy that likes to come over to my house.

"Hey! I don't ask for a lot and besides, you didn't have to hit me!" Isobe exclaimed rubbing his slightly red cheek tenderly. I recognized it as pouting.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit your cheek. I just say hello aggressively." I said sarcastically, not really meaning it. I tossed a handful of popcorn into my mouth chewing quickly, I then grabbed another handful and shoved that into my mouth too.

Hm, this popcorn tastes extra buttery. I wonder if I eat a lot of butter by itself, will I get diabetes?

"You don't sound sorry." Isobe deadpanned.

"It's just the noise in the background." I bullshitted, inwardly giggling at a specific part of the cartoon that popped up.

"That was just stupid," Isobe said, he picked up a handful of popcorn and shoved it into his mouth.

"No, that, that was coming up with a half-assed lie." I snorted out.

"I still can't understand why your mother doesn't notice how much you curse." Isobe laughed out grinning amused.

I snorted, using his lap as a pillow and hanging my feet off of the side of the couch bored. "What Mama doesn't know, is what can not hurt Mama." I chirped.

Suddenly Isobe stiffened up and I felt a fingernail tap me on the shoulder. I looked up and saw my mother standing over me with her arms crossed across her chest.

She doesn't look all that amused. She cocked her hip to the side and started to tap her foot.

I smiled widely at her. "I love you?" I tried, it didn't work, though, Mom just continued to stare me down until I broke. I heard Isobe trying to smother a laugh down his throat from beside me. He was failing, though, you can clearly see his shoulders shaking.

I stood up abruptly and sighed in defeat. "I'll go get the switches."

"Mhmm." Mom turned around with grace, walking towards the kitchen. Most likely to get her gloves so the switches won't damage her pretty hands.

"What's going on in here?" Advika asked walking into the living room, looking at me confused.

"Life, life is going on in here," I mumbled walking past her.

I heard the distinct sound of an 'oh' come from behind me followed my laughter from both Isobe and Advika.

Those heifers, how dare they laugh at my soon-to-be pain?!

After I'd gotten my whopping by Mom, Isobe had left sometime after I'd locked myself inside my room. Let's face it, people, getting whopping aren't fun, they hurt, and you can't be mad at your Mother for giving you one.

It's now the next day, Friday to be exact, and I'm still not happy. One does not simply become happy overnight after you just got your booty hit multiple times with three switches plated together. It's just not possible unless you're one of those really optimistic people. I know for a fact I'm not an optimistic person, I look for the worst things that could happen.

"Don't say anything to me," I growled with my back turned to a laughing Isobe. I almost flipped him off but I thought about Mom and that killed that idea.

"I am assuming that Advik got in trouble again?" Taylor asked, though for some reason it sounded more like a statement rather than a question. Isobe nodded. I pinched Isobe's arm and twisted. He yelped and jerked his arm away, rubbing it tenderly, glaring at me.

"Stop telling my business to whoever! Dammit man!" I slapped his arm again just for good measures.

"It's just Taylor and why are you still cursing?! Do you ever learn?" Isobe asked exasperatedly.

I leaned back in my chair and looked up at the sky. "Some people just never learn I guess."

Isobe shook his head and Taylor just chuckled lightly. I continued to rock back and forth in my chair. It doesn't bother me that I'm wearing the school uniform skirt, which is very short, I'm wearing shorts under it anyways. My school coat was on the back of the chair.

I closed my eyes just enjoying the breeze that came through the open windows and the silence the empty classroom provided us. Sure we may have been skipping class to hang out in here. Okay you got me, I was skipping P.E and Isobe and Taylor just decided to be awesome people and skip with me. I had enough exercise every morning before school with Dad's torture that he calls 'training' as a cover-up.

"Hey have you two ever watched Cowboy Bebop before?" Isobe asked suddenly. I only half-way opened my eyes to see his arms crossed on his desk with his head leaned down onto them. Taylor is sitting backward in his chair with his chin rested on his crossed arms.

I closed my eyes again and shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know. What's it about?"

"Heck if I know. I was just asking if anyone of you has watched it." Isobe said and I giggled.

"I just assumed that you've watched it before Isobe. Now I'm curious about it, go home tonight and watch it all tell us about it in the morning." Taylor said.

"Hey! I don't want to do all that!" Isobe protested.

"I didn't ask you what you didn't want to do. I told you what to do and when to do it." Taylor said looking out of the window.

Poor Isobe, Taylor must be having one of those days.

"What's the matter, Taylor? Girlfriend being petty again?" I asked him, though I didn't really care. I just wanted some gossip.

Taylor sighed heavily. "Yeah, I forgot my password to my account on Instagram and now Jenny is mad at me because I didn't friend request her first."

I gasped. "What kind of savage animal are you?! How dare you not add your girlfriend first?!"

Taylor threw his arms up into the air while Isobe laughed in the background. "I added my mom!"

"Did I ask you who you added first?"


"Exactly, so stop answering questions I never asked. Learn something from this.

I turned the key in the lock. Stepping inside my home I found that it was quiet except for some sounds coming from the kitchen. "I'm home!" I said slightly louder than usual.

"Welcome home!" Advika shouted. She sounded like she was in the kitchen. I slipped off my shoes at the door and when I passed by the living I shrugged off my school bag. I walked towards the kitchen and what I saw was...average.

Advika sitting at the kitchen table staring at her phone, texting away. Probably to her boyfriend, he was one of the most popular people at our school. Looks, money, brains, and muscle. I scrolled over to the refrigerator, I opened it and pulled out the first thing that looked good enough to eat. Let's face it, we all have those days when just whatever works, as long as it tastes good.

I walked over to the microwave after shutting back the icebox door quickly. I pressed the button on the microwave and it opened up, I tossed the leftover plate from last night's dinner in it and pressed the one-minute timer. I stared at it go for a few seconds before turning around, leaning against the counter, I stared at my twin on her phone like a creeper.

When Advika felt me staring at her she looked up and smiled at me before turning back to her phone screen. She must have read something cute because she started to smile like an idiot and typed something back really quickly. I was kind of curious what she must have read, but I also really didn't want to waste the energy just to go over to her and ask to read whatever it was for her just to say no.

The timer went off and I retrieved my warmed food. Pulling out a chair from the table I sat down and realized that I'd forgotten to grab myself a fork to eat with. I cursed silently before standing up to get myself one but I hit my hip on the side of the table. I hissed in pain and grabbed my hip.

"Advika..I'm not going to make it...I ain't gonna make it girl." I said leaning against the same table that had betrayed me, well it was never technically on my side.

Advika giggled at my behavior. "Tell my mother I love her and tell Father...I never liked his training sessions."

"Do you really want me to tell Daddy that?" Advika asked raising one of her eyebrows.

I hummed in thought before standing back up straight and getting my fork. "You're right, don't tell him that. You smart." I said sitting back down at the table and began to eat my food. Advika went back to texting. "So who are you texting?" I asked swallowing my food.

"My boyfriend of course!" She replied giggling and blushing.

I crinkled my nose. "If having a boyfriend makes people act this way then I don't want one." I stuffed my face some more.

Advika laughed standing up, she walked around the table and kissed my cheek. I half-heartedly whipped it off. "Ew, you could have infected me with Happiness!" I shouted after her as she walked out of the kitchen.

After I finished eating I put my dishes in the sink, deciding I'd just wash them later. I walking back to the living room I plopped down onto the couch grabbing the remote while I was at it. I yawning into my hand, I hit the power button on the remote and flipped the channel immediately to Cartoon Network and watched Adventure Time. I smiled at my luck, the episode was just beginning.

I got comfortable on the couch, which meant throwing my feet onto the couch and laying down on my back just watching. My right arm dangling limply off of the couch side.

If Mom walked in on me like this I wouldn't mind because Mom doesn't really care that I lay like this on the couch unless we're having visitors over. Dad, on the other hand, doesn't approve of me sitting like this at all. To be honest there is a lot of things I do that Dad doesn't agree with.

Oh well, what Daddy doesn't know, is what can not hurt Daddy.

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