Chapter 3:

Safe? Not Safe? Safe?

He couldn't believe he'd gotten lost on a routine trip. Sighing, Ink brought out the map his brother had given him.

"oh, give me a break, paps!" He groaned at the piece of paper containing various sketches of another AU. While they were good, it didn't help Ink in this situation. Carefully, he folded the piece of paper and tucked it into his pocket. With that done he strode forward through the unfamiliar woods, taking note of the things he saw in this new universe. He could see the moon and the stars, so somewhere on the surface... Had he somehow gotten launched into Overtale? No… this universe didn't have that familiar feeling. And it certainly was, by no means, new. A pocket universe perhaps? One the Creator made before they created Ink and his brother probably, if that was indeed the case.

'I guess that doesn't matter now, though,' Ink's gaze flicked to the shadows in the trees on either side of him, a dark look settling on his face as he reached for his paintbrush. As if on cue, figures melted from the darkness. Surrounding him, Ink noted their appearance. They all looked the same, were made of darkness, and were undoubtedly there to end him.

Sighing, Ink addressed a smaller, grinning figure leaning against a tree just outside the circle.

"this is a bit much, isn't it nightmare?" He tried going for casual, but couldn't quite keep a gleam of anger from his eyes. Nightmare's grin widened slightly.

"I thought all sanses loved their brother, papyrus. aren't you happy to see him?" Behind Nightmare, something moved. Ink didn't need to see clearly to know what it was. Though he wasn't sure how Nightmare turned into this abomination of negativity, he'd been informed that he hadn't always looked like this. That he didn't act like this.

Ink's thoughts were broken as Nightmare spoke again, his voice dark. Evil.

"so, you're FRIENDS with my brother. mind telling me where I can find his little traitor hide?"

Ink said nothing, knowing that lies wouldn't cut it and the truth certainly was out of the question. Instead, he brought out the thing he'd been holding since noticing he'd been followed.

"sorry, night, but you know I don't betray my friends to anyone."

With that, Ink threw what he'd been holding at the wall of Papyrus clones. The thing erupted into a volley of sound and bright light, causing the small army to fall back. By the time they regrouped, Ink had escaped.

Crashing through the underbrush, Ink bit back the curses that filled his mind. Why did he end up here, in this unknown universe, and why was he suddenly being hunted by one of the most dangerous versions of Sans. The answer was most likely just bad luck, and, until he could find a safe place to open a portal back to his universe, he hoped to the Creator that it would change for the better.

It wasn't long before Ink spotted a small house in the distance. Urging himself to go faster, he pulled out a vial of white paint. Pouring it into his hand, he imagined a key to open any door. The white paint made it so, but after using it to open the door to the house, it shattered. Oh well.

Opening the door, tentatively but quickly, Ink realized that this house was most likely lived in. Pulling his scarf and hood up to disguise the fact that he was in fact a skeleton, he called out,

"um, hello? I really don't mean to come in uninvited, but the door was open and I really need some help."

There was a sound to his left as a light came on in the hall. Soon, a young man, barely in his twenties, entered Ink's line of sight…. And leveled a gun at his chest.

"How'd you get in here?"