World of Rileytown

Hello friends! :) It's been like a year since I've started a new story, but I thought why the heck not? There's nothing else I'd rather be doing than creating new content for the GMW Fanfiction fandom. For those of you worrying about the fate of Seven Years in the Nineties, don't worry lol. That story will still continue (for as long as I live lol) but I haven't found time to write a new chapter yet (I will find time). The prompt for this story is not mine (I took it from a Wattpad contest which this story has been entered in), however, the way I navigate the story is original. So I asked my Twitter peeps what they think would happen to GMW if Maya wasn't in it (I got a lot of wtf a.k.a what the funk answers lol) so I was like okay now I HAVE to write this story haha. So thus this was born. Once I began to brainstorm my ideas, I concluded that this would work out perfectly. At least in my mind the plan for this story will. This first chapter is the only chapter I will submit for the Wattpad contest, but this isn't the only chapter for this story. I have MANY ideas for this. So stick 'round and see what happens! ;)

Summary: When I was a little girl, I used to sit in my bay window, sing happily to myself and hope for someone to come in from the outside world and sit next to me. To the dismay of my little dreamer self, that day never saw light. And still, hope remained within me. What if Maya never came through Riley's window when they were seven years old? How significantly would Riley's life have changed if Maya was never in it? Find out here!

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Prologue: Riley's Point of View

When I was a little girl, I used to sit in my bay window, sing happily to myself and hope for someone to come in from the outside world and sit next to me. To the dismay of my little dreamer self, that day never saw light. As a young teenager about to embark on my first day of high school, hope remained within me. Blind faith, if you will, that one day someone would crawl through my window and become my best friend for life.

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016, New York City, 7:30 A.M

I was loudly and carelessly singing off-key to one of my favorite made-up songs as I brushed my hair in my bay window. It was the first day of school and I would be going to a brand new school with the same classmates since kindergarten. The thought of attending a foreign educational environment surrounded by much older and wiser kids truly did terrify me, as I supposed it did to many, but perhaps that was where I would find my best friend for life. I wanted to take that chance.

One of the only comforting thoughts I had engraved in my mind of entering to high school was that I would be learning alongside some familiar faces. One particular familiar face, I'd known since I was five years old when my dad invited his old nemesis from middle school to a family dinner and there I met a scrawny young boy with glasses my age. His name was Farkle.

Ever since Farkle first laid eyes his eyes on me, it was as if he'd never wanted to take them off me. We had attended the same elementary and middle school since the first grade with my dad being our teacher. Every. Single. Year. Farkle's father made sure we would always have the exact same classes every year. I suspected it had to do with the fact that Mr. Minkus had always considered me to be the 'perfect future wife' for Farkle. I, on the other hand, thought opposingly. Not even in a million years would I ever feel adequate enough to fill in the shoes as the to be 'Mrs. Minkus', wife of the succeeding owner of Minkus International- in shorter terms, the wife a millionaire.

Alas, it was clear that even without his father's encouragement to persuade me, Farkle still thought of me as a pursuit. A romantic pursuit that is. But in spite of Farkle's consistent romantic advancements towards me over the years, he quickly evolved to be one of my closest friends. He was always by my side when I needed him, and always wished nothing but rainbows and sunshine for me. He was the most loyal and caring human being I had ever met.

Just as I had finished combing my hair, I paused my singing voice to rest, got up and settled my brush gently on my drawer top. I clasped my hands together and with my usual big smile plastered on my face, I returned to my sitting spot at my bay window to wait for Farkle so that we could go to our first day of high school together.

As I waited for Farkle to arrive at my window, I began to sing a cheerful tune in my head. Not long after did I start humming the tune through my lips. Humming had always been one of my favorite pastimes as I waited for things to happen.

"Lady!" In entered Farkle through my right window, which was never out of the norm.

I smiled brightly at my flirtatious friend. "Hey, Farkle. Why aren't you wearing your turtleneck?" I asked concernedly, noticing that Farkle was no longer wearing his colorful signature article of clothing which I'd seen him wear since the first grade. His new wardrobe consisted of a black t-shirt, a grey denim jacket with the sleeves and hoodie black, dark blue jeans and converse shoes. I'd say it was what most guys our age would be sporting on a regular basis.

Farkle looked down at his own attire. "Oh, this? I just figured since it's high school, I'd start dressing a little different."

In all the time that I'd known him, Farkle had never caved into society's rules and regulations. He might have been painted as a weirdo to everybody else, but to me, he'd always been Farkle. That was what I supposed had caught me off guard the most about Farkle's drastic change in clothing preference.

I shrugged my shoulders softly, trying to seem like a supportive friend. "Whatever makes you happy, Farkle. As long as you're still the same Farkle I know and-"

"Love?" Farkle playfully wiggled his eyebrows at me.

I giggled lightly at Farkle's quirkiness. He still had it in him to make me laugh even at our verge of entering young teenagehood. We still had a lot of figuring out to do in terms of our interests and dislikes, and I hoped we would have it all figured out by the time we graduated, but if there was one thing I was sure of, it was that Farkle and I would always remain close no matter where life took us.

"Yes Farkle, love as a friend."

Farkle looked me up and down, taking in my own attire. "I see you're going for a new look too."

I was dressed in a black sleeveless shirt with a style-ish pink and yellow vest. For bottoms, I wore high waisted blue jeans and converse shoes. My look had altered to a more serious teenage girl look, different from the preteen clothes I previously wore in middle school.

"Yeah. Do you think we'll survive high school?"

I was beginning to doubt that we would have an easy time as freshmen. After all, we would be looked down as the scum of our new school for being newbies. Nothing else in our entire lives would probably ever be as remotely bad as being freshmen. Dramatic much?

Farkle rested a reassuring hand on my worried shoulder. "Knowing you Riles, you'll be our green lantern until graduation."

I smiled gratefully at my best friend. I prepared myself mentally for what was to come.

Pointing out the way Farkle had come through, I commanded, "out the window."

As we arrived at the high school building entrance, Farkle asked me if I wanted to hold his hand for comfort. I politely declined, feeling the perspiration sliding down the palms of my hands as I looked up at the bold banner above us which read 'Welcome Abigail Adams Patriots'. It sent waves of cold shivers down my spine.

Farkle and I were abruptly pushed aside by a large group of men wearing a sports team uniform for standing at the entrance for too long. A look of annoyance appeared on Farkle's face. It was a look I'd only seen him wear when he got upset at someone for bugging me. He was very protective of me that way.

Once in the eighth grade, Farkle had stopped a group of college boys from advancing towards me while we were out during lunch by showing them his pet tarantula. He had them running for the hills! It had certainly been a sight to see.

Farkle had a dark gleam in his eyes as he stared at the group that had trampled us. The football team.

I stepped in front of my protective friend. "Farkle, it's okay. They're just being jerks. It's what they do. Let's go find our homeroom."

It wasn't that I wasn't thankful for all of the times Farkle stood up for me, but as his friend, I couldn't let him get himself into trouble because of me. It was also my duty to look out for him.

Farkle agreed reluctantly and we proceeded to search for our first class of the day. It did not come as a shock to us when we had discovered that our homeroom was History and it was being run by my father.

We entered the empty classroom and took the first two front row and centered seats. I slumped in my chair and rested my head on the desk.

I heard a tap on my desk. Lifting up my head, I saw it was none other than my father. "Hey honey, how's your first day of high school going so far?"

I groaned loudly to express my agony.

"It gets worse," was all my dad could find in him to sympathize with me.

"Don't worry Mr. Matthews, I'll make sure Riley doesn't sink to the floor in depression in all of our classes."

I stuck my tongue out at Farkle as I put my head back down on my desk.

"Well, that's over now. You get schedules."

My head shot up instantaneously. I could sense Farkle was thinking the same thing by the panicked look on his face.


My father handed us each a sheet of paper with our names at the top and our timetables in the center.

I looked at my father in disbelief. "That means we won't have all the same classes like in middle school?"

Farkle reverted his eyes back and forth from my timetable to his. "History, Science, English and Gym?"

"Please tell me those are not the only classes we have together," I said, hopeful.

Farkle looked at me sadly. "They are. At least we can still be lab partners, right?"

I nodded. I had to look at the optimistic side of this situation. It could be worse, right? We could have no classes together and never see each other. At least this way we'll be seeing each other for half of the school day every day. And we could still do homework together at my mom's shop-

The bell rung, indicating class to commence, and in the process breaking me out of my thoughts of chambers.

Middle school had definitely not prepared us for the separation of friendships. That was for sure. After my father gave the class our very first high school assignment on the first day (thanks dad) Farkle and I headed to the science classroom. In our timetables, it said it was to be taught by a woman named Ms. Silva.

Farkle and I took our regular seats at the front (sitting next to each other on a lab bench for two) as we waited for our teacher to come in and start the class.

Amongst our usual chatter, Farkle and I were discussing the History assignment when a petite girl with jet black hair wearing a dress with glasses walked into the classroom and sat in the lab bench alone next to us, stopping Farkle from conversing with me any longer.

Farkle gasped quietly. "I wonder what's Isadora Smackle is doing at our high school?"

"Isadora Smackle, as in your arch nemesis Isadora Smackle?" I whispered lowly to him, casually looking over my shoulder to peek at the girl was famously known for having won every single debate competition in the state, always crushing Farkle to second place in the process.

"Yes!" Farkle whispered-yelled." Isadora Smackle as in my arch nemesis Isadora Smackle! She used to go to Einstein Academy when we were in middle school. Why would she bother coming to Abigal Adams High?"

"My parents thought it would be fit for my social life if I attended a school for the... eruditely average community," she said, evidently disgusted as she said those words. "Not everyone in the world is a genius, and I have to learn how to get along with the... less intellectuals."

"Good luck with that Isadora, I'm sure you'll do great," I encouraged, trying my best to break a smile instead of seeming highly offended by her words.

The petite girl smirked. "I intend to. After all, I exceed first place in everything. Right Farkle?"

Farkle cocked an eyebrow at her. "Right, Isadora. But you know, you should learn to be more humble. Not everything is about being intellectually superior to everyone."

Isadora nodded in agreement. "You're right," then her smirk suddenly grew bigger. "And I assure you I will exceed in that too."

When the teacher finally came in and class started, she informed us she would assign us our lab partners according to her seating arrangement plan. That was never good news.

There had been approximately twenty-five kids in our science class. The chances of Farkle and I being selected as lab partners were very slim, if not non-existent.

In the end, Ms. Silva had gotten annoyed by the amount of talking Farkle and I had been doing as she was giving out her seating arrangement orders.

And there goes our lab partners wish.

"Mr. Minkus will be lab partners with Ms. Smackle. Now switch seats."

My face scrunched up as I heard my partner being taken away by Isadora Smackle. Farkle moved next to Isadora in her bench as I remained partnerless for the time being.

After Ms. Silva went through everybody on the list (except for me, of course) she went up to the front board to begin her class when I painfully raised up my hand.

"Ms. Silva, I didn't get a lab partner."

I caught Ms. Silva's eye roll as I had interrupted her class for the second time in a row (and the real lesson hadn't even started yet). I couldn't comprehend why the majority of adults that had a low tolerance for the slightest bad behavior had to become teachers. What possessed them to become teachers in the first place?

Looking up from her seating arrangement sheet, Ms. Silva said, "Mr. Friar is absent. When he finally decides to care about his own education, he will be your lab-"

As if on cue, the classroom door opened. In came Lucas Friar. With a late slip.

"Mr. Friar, what is your excuse for being absent in homeroom today?" Ms. Silva asked strictly.

The boy shrugged his shoulders indifferently. "No excuse. I just wanted to skip."

He moved himself to the seat next to mine and settled his bag on the desk. Thankfully there were no beakers or lab chemicals around, not that he seemed to care anyway.

I turned to look at Farkle. I could tell he was getting a bad vibe from Lucas Friar by the way he was shaking his head at me.

I had heard many stories about the Texas boy. Most were not flattering. Most were about how he got expelled from his old school from a physical fight he got into, so he had to take a year off. His family moved to the city, and he was supposed to start fresh at our middle school. I remember first seeing him on the subway the first day he joined our class. I was too shy to say hi, so I never did. Wonder what it would have been like if I had.

He got suspended from our middle school a couple of times but was never expelled weirdly enough. I suppose the principal thought they might as well get him through middle school so at least he has some form of education wrapped around his belt, so he managed to graduate with our class. I had only experienced one brief conversation with him last year, but nothing grew from that. And now he was going to be my lab partner. Yikes.

I wanted to romanticize this situation. Perhaps I would help him care about school and become a better person. Perhaps he needed a savior. What if in the process he could save me? And yes, at barely fourteen, I still aspired to become a princess. I still wanted to one day be swept off my feet by Prince Charming himself. Perhaps that day had arrived.

My mind was filled with fairytale thoughts, but that was just the way I grew up.

Welcome to the World of Rileytown.

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