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Tuesday, September 6th, 2016, New York City, 9:45 A.M

"With your lab partner, I want you to do research in the public library tonight on the safety procedures and precautions that must take place while in this laboratory classroom. Both of you will summarize your findings and present it to me in writing tomorrow before the beginning of class. After that, no additional admission exceptions will be made if you fail to meet this deadline, thus, you will be penalized with a mark of zero for incompletion for your first ever high school Chemistry assignment. On Friday, you will all take a quiz to show me what you have learned during your research task."

In synchronization, the class groaned after hearing Ms. Silvia's very long instructions, with the exception of Farkle and Smackle of course, who both smiled brightly like children on Christmas morning.

It had been the last five minutes of our first Chemistry class and already Ms. Silva was giving us our very first Chemistry assignment. And not an easy one at that.

Isadora Smackle raised up her hand with a strong purpose to ask our teacher a question. "This assignment will be graded, correct Ms. Silva?"

Ms. Silva nodded towards Isadora's direction. "Yes, Miss Smackle. Oh, and there is one thing I forgot to mention. If you OR your partner fail to complete this assignment by tomorrow, not only will you both receive nothing more than a zero, but your grade will remain on your permanent record."

Was it ridiculous to say Ms. Silva had been looking right at Lucas and I when she mentioned our permanent records? What were our permanent records anyway? It was safe to say this teacher was out to get us. Yup.

When the bell finally rang signaling for us to hurry to our next class and our inferno was no longer an eternity, I tapped my lab partner on the shoulder just as he was packing up to leave in a rush.

My signature welcoming smile appeared on my face. "Hi! My name is Riley Matthews." I extended my hand out for him to shake. "I'm really looking forward to being your lab partner. I know we'll have a ton of fun! I want to extend the warmest of invitations to be my friend! What's your name?"

Lucas Friar had dark emerald blue eyes. At least they turned that shade of colour when he looked at me. He gave me a smirk before dropping his gaze down to my formal invitation of friendship and snickered. Dumping his hands into his pocket jeans, he left my extended hand untouched. The worst part was what he did afterward, though. He reverted his eyes back to mine and with that same smirk still plastered on his face, he said, "you already know my name, sunshine."

My genuine smile subsided. I allowed my extended hand of friendship fall to my side as he gathered his things and exited the classroom. It was like with just one look, I was completely transparent to him. I never intended for my intentions to seem...impure, I simply wanted for us to get along as lab partners. To make the process less painful for him as it was evident that he really hated school and probably wanted nothing to do with Chemistry, but because it was a compulsory class he knew he had no choice but to take it.

It was rare for someone to reject my formal invitation of friendship by snickering, saying some sly remark, and then walking the opposite direction. It had also been the first time that I'd been assigned Lucas Friar as a lab partner, so maybe that wasn't saying much.

My thoughts were interrupted by Farkle's concerned voice talking next to me. "What did he say?"

I'd only come to realize then that I'd been standing as still as a statue while staring at the door since Lucas left with the rest of the class. Even Ms. Silva had left, probably to make sure that there were no students "lurking" outside of her classroom when they should be in their third-period class. Farkle had stayed behind, as he always did whenever he noticed I was in a state of baffle and shock.

I shook my head, choosing to ignore his question and to ask him one of my own. "Farkle, what's so scary about our permanent record?"

Farkle proceeded to let out the information I was seeking like a human dictionary. "Our permanent record is our high school transcript, Riley. Based on the marks we get, it'll help the right colleges accept us into their school."

I let out a small gasp of relief. "Oh, so it's not that bad, right? Like you said, our high school transcript will help the right colleges accept us." I began to daydream about my plans after high school. "I want to go to Columbia and then Oxford-"

Farkle shook his head. "There's just one problem, Riles."

I frowned. "What's that?"

"Ms. Silva expects that you and Lucas will do the work together. So if Lucas Friar doesn't measure up you might end up failing this class."

I groaned. "So my chances of getting into Columbia and then Oxford relies on the school's bad boy?"

I still had faith that I could change Lucas Friar into a better person. Not just for the purpose of keeping myself from failing Chemistry, but also because I knew I had a gift for helping people realize that they're better off being on the right side of the tracks. That was what I had seen from my lab partner when he strutted out of the class today. All Lucas Friar needed was some influence from me.

Farkle laid a comforting hand on my shoulder. "Try not to think about it that way. If you're having any conflict with Lucas not doing his part, I'll make sure Ms. Silva hears about it." His eyes lit up. "Maybe we can even convince her that we're better paired up!"

As I've said previously, Farkle was always very protective of my well-being. Any threats that came hurling towards me, Farkle always made sure I was safe. Like the young scientist he was, Farkle was also very good at predicting the probability that an outcome will either be positive or negative. Taken that knowledge into consideration, it would be wise for me to listen to the scientist, but perhaps my instincts were telling me that the universe had something better in mind?

I smiled at my nerdy friend but chose to decline his offer. "It's okay Farkle, I know what I'm doing."

It wasn't that I didn't want to be paired up with my best friend, but like I said, it was just the good in me that had an impulse to help people starting kicking inside of me. I named it Dorothy.

During the lunch break, I found Lucas out in the parking lot hanging with the football crew and cheerleaders. I told Farkle I couldn't eat lunch with him in the library today because I had to talk to my father about the History homework. It was unlike me to lie, but I couldn't let Farkle worry over me going to confront Lucas about the Chemistry assignment alone.

Easily I was able to spot where the football team hung out at lunch, considering all the football team members wore a dark light blue varsity jacket with the logo of the school knitted on the chest. Each member also had their last name engraved on the back of their jacket, which was why it was so easy to spot Lucas since he (and another boy) were the only two not wearing a varsity jacket. Some members were inside a parked white van while others (like Lucas) were parked beside the white van sitting on the edge of the flatbed of a red pickup truck.

I didn't realize it then, but it amazed me how quick and easy it was for Lucas to find his "crew" in this new and foreign environment. It was only the first day and already Lucas had a place where he belonged.

It was apparent to me that I had arrived at an awkward time when the football teammates in the flatbed began to play-wrestle each other while Lucas and his friend (who sat next to him) watched and cheered on.

It occurred to me then that I opportunistically had the chance to pull Lucas aside to talk before the others would realize I was there. I neared the red pick-up truck and got on my tippy-toes in order to reach for Lucas' broad muscle shoulder to tap him lightly.

Swiftly, Lucas shifted his body to face me. His left eyebrow raised and his face tensed while he stared at me with a similar glare he gave me before he left class this morning. Noticeably, he was surprised to see me at his hangout looking for him.

Uncomfortably, I backed up slightly realizing that I'd been standing a little too close to his territory. Remembering that I had no reason to fear the boy, both sides of my mouth turned upwardly into a rather big smile.

For the obvious lack of dialogue I offered, Lucas was turning irritable.

"What is it?" he spat at me, his eyes converting into the same dark shade of emerald blue he had earlier. As I stared into them, they reminded me of the way Lucas had mocked my friendship invitation the last time we had spoken.

With that in mind, my confident smile subsided for the second time today. I bit the inside of my cheek before I began to speak with hesitation. "H-Hi Lucas, can I talk to you for a second?"

Before he had the opportunity to answer, Lucas' friend (the only other person without a varsity jacket sitting next to Lucas) nudged the low-tempered boy into his side playfully. "Lucas looks like yer girlfriend is here."

Lucas sent his friend a death glare, threatening to send him to his death-bed before he said anything as remotely insulting like that to him again (as if jokingly calling me his girlfriend was the biggest insult that could ever exist).

I turned to examine the friend who had nudged Lucas and realized it was Zay Babineaux, Lucas' friend from Texas. Alongside Lucas, Zay had also been expelled from their old school in Texas for provoking a fight which had caused Lucas to defend him. Personally, I tried not to believe in the rumors and speculations people had about the two Texan boys. If I wanted to look at the positive aspect of why Lucas was expelled from his old school (which I tried to) I could summarize that Lucas had just been trying to save his friend from getting beaten up and for that noble act, he was a hero.

With just one look, Lucas signaled Zay to turn his attention back to the football players wrestling in the flatbed. As Zay obeyed, Lucas lifted his legs over the edge of the truck and jumped off, landing right in front of me. He stared down at me intimately.

"Perhaps we should talk inside?" I suggested, after an awkward pause. The only other option was talking in the middle of the parking lot with cars and people surrounding us. It was not the ideal environment I had in mind for us to talk privately.

Lucas rejected the idea. "Just make it quick."

I shifted my eyes from his glare and concentrated on the wheel of one of the cars parked next to the red pick-up truck. "Okay, I wanted to talk to you about the Chemistry assignment due tomorrow. I was thinking we could meet up at my mom's coffee house after school to discuss the research. It's just a couple of blocks from here, and the public library is not too far from there. We can do our research there. Have you been to Topanga's before?"

It'd seem like I'd lost Lucas' concentration from all of the nervous rambling I'd been doing. His gaze was fixated on a short blonde standing on the other side of the parking lot. I couldn't quite distinguish her features with the exception that she was a petite girl, but by the look on Lucas' face, he was looking at her like he was familiar with her. Maybe that was his friend? Sister? Girlfriend?

For some reason, the word girlfriend bothered me when it was put in the same sentence as Lucas Friar. Was this me just being jealous? How could I be jealous that a boy like Lucas Friar could possibly have a girlfriend?

"Lucas?" I spoke up, snapping Lucas out of the odd trance he was in. I turned to look in the same direction where Lucas had spotted the small blonde and she was gone.

"I'll be there. That all?"

He didn't even wait for me to answer before he hopped back into the flatbed and started wrestling with his friends. In the process of Lucas jumping back into the flatbed, a varsity jacket fell out of the truck. Hesitantly, I neared and picked it up. In big white letters plastered on the back, the jacket read "Friar".

Had Lucas been there when Farkle and I were pushed aside by the football team this morning? Was he a part of it? Was Lucas just a bully I mistakenly labeled hero?

After this newfound knowledge, my more practical side was telling me that Lucas would not show up after school to Topanga's. But I had to hope for the best because that was all else I could do.

I sighed after looking at the hour on my phone. It was 8:05 P.M, and I knew the library would be closing at 9. I had just the right amount of time to go to the library, do the research and go home before my curfew. I'd promise Farkle that I'd had it all under control, but that was far from the truth.

I had no choice, I couldn't wait for Lucas any longer. The longer I took to wait for him- no, who are you kidding Dorothy? Lucas Friar stood you up! He's not coming. Just go to the library and do the work yourself. Go talk to Ms. Silva tomorrow and ask to switch lab partners. You can't let people walk all over you anymore, it's time to grow up!

That was my inner 'Riley voice' telling my inner-self (Dorothy) to wake up out of the trance I'd put myself in from the moment Ms. Silva assigned Lucas Friar as my lab partner. It didn't happen too often where that inner-voice woke up to tell my inner-self what to do. Alas, I knew which voice I needed to listen to. The voice that would direct me to a better end-result (or at least the one which I really hoped would).

I gathered all of my school books from the coffee table and carried them exiting my mother's coffee house. With every intention in my soul to do what I thought was right, my legs directed me to the library to do the research by my lonesome.

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