Chapter one

Gibbs and Tony waited slightly impatiently outside Ducky's front door. It was half three in the morning and they had tried to call him out to a crime scene but he hadn't picked up his phone so they had come to his house. Gibbs was worried something had happened to Ducky so he and Tony had hurried over. They looked up when they heard the locks being undone on the door, only to stare at the person who opened it.

A man of only about 23 was standing wearing a pair of pyjama pants and nothing else. He was only around 5,5 and had a slender build but they could see runners muscles belied any weakness. His skin was pale white but with a healthy flush to his cheeks, ink black hair was piled into a messy bun on top of his head but tendrils had fallen out to frame his face, he had high cheekbones and plump red lips. Underneath wire rimmed glasses however was his most stunning feature, jade green eyes were almond shaped and framed with thick black eyelashes, the life and pain in them not masked by the sleepy haze in them. He was a beautiful man rather than handsome but the beauty was conflicted by the scars that littered his body, clear to their view. His chest and arms were scattered with various sized silvery scars of different depths, a particularly deep scars ran over his left hipbone, disappearing into his pyjama bottoms and curving round his side. Another was about three centimeters long right above the left side of his chest above where his heart was. He had another about five centimeters running diagonally along his neck, and above the right eye was an unusual lightning bolt shaped scar. But probably most notably was what looked like a brand mark on his right collarbone in the shape of a cross.

"Can I help you?" the man frowned at them when they didn't say anything, looking between them suspiciously.

"I'm Agent Gibbs, this is Agent DiNozzo, do you know where Doctor Mallard is?" Gibbs asked smoothly.

"Gibbs and DiNozzo…you work with uncle Ducky right?" The man perked up, straightening out of a fighting position that they hadn't even realised he had dropped into.

"Wait! What? Uncle Ducky?" Tony choked.

"Erm…yes. Come on in I'll go and wake him for you," The man motioned them in before turning to go up the stairs.

"Wait what's your name?" Gibbs asked causing the man to stop halfway up and half turn back around to smile at them.

"Sorry my manners disappeared. I am Harry Potter," he nodded his head before hurrying up the stairs.

"Did you know…" Tony started to ask.

"No," Gibbs interrupted shortly not taking his eyes off the top of the stairs.

"Uncle Ducky's just getting dressed, he'll be down in a minute. He said you can go on ahead to the crime scene if you want, he'll get the address off the messages you left him," Harry spoke interrupting their silence as he made his way back down the stairs.

"That will be fine. It…it was nice meeting you," Gibbs said hesitantly holding out his hand. Harry smiled warmly at him accepting it.

"It was nice to meet you both too, I have heard lots about all of you and seen your pictures,"

"Really? What have you…"

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs snapped already almost out the door interrupting Tony's question. He shot Harry a pout earning a chuckle before hurrying after Gibbs.

"So Ducky has a nephew?" Abby asked eagerly. Abby, Jimmy, Tony, Tim and Ziva were all gathered in Abby's lab discussing the new revelation. They had a suspect in custody who was being interviewed by Gibbs now so they had hurried to one of the places they were less likely to be overheard, Tony summoning them all to tell them his news. Almost as one the other four turned to Jimmy expectantly.

"What?" he asked nervously.

"Did you know? You spend the most time with Ducky, he must have mentioned something about a nephew," Tony demanded.

"N…no he hasn't said anything! Wait!" Jimmy added excitedly as they turned away causing them all to risk whiplash as they turned back to him quickly. "He did leave two weeks ago early, he mentioned something about having to pick someone up. I thought he was picking up Jordon for a date or something but it could have been his nephew,"

"Wait! Ducky's seeing Jordon, as in other ME Jordon?" Tony asked before yelping when Ziva hit his arm.

"Concentrate Tony!" she snapped.

"Right, yes… so two weeks ago is the likely time for the nephew showing up here. Why hasn't Ducky said anything about him?" Tony frowned.

"It isn't like Ducky to keep something like this secret," Tim agreed.

"You said he was covered in scars? Maybe he's hiding over here! He escaped from Britain and Ducky is hiding him at his house," Abby suggested excitedly.

"Well he's not doing a very good job considering the guy answered the door," the voice made them all freeze before turning slowly.

"Gibbs! We were just…" Ziva paused not sure how to finish.

"Discussing Ducky's personal life?" Gibbs offered.

"Did you know about his nephew boss? Or even that he had one?" Tony asked ignoring the slight glare they were getting.

"No I didn't, now go do some work," Gibbs snapped.

"Oh, Agent Gibbs. Hello again," Gibbs looked up quickly at the voice. He was at his desk going over the reports from their last case. Tony, Ziva and Tim were down in the evidence lock up going through a cold case that had caught their attention.

Standing in front of his desk was Ducky's nephew with one of the front desk people. Gibbs motioned the guide back to the lift with a nod of his head before focusing his attention on Harry. The man was wearing a pair of low lying black jeans that were molded to his frame, a black tank top and white shirt unbuttoned over the top of it, his hair was in a high pony tail this time and fell over his shoulders and down just passed his shoulder blades.

"You don't have to call me Agent. Gibbs or Jethro will do," Gibbs said suddenly realising that he was staring. He felt like a dirty old man, this guy was younger than any of his agents and old enough to be his son and he was ogling him…again!

"Jethro then," Harry's smile was a nice one, warm, Gibbs noted absently.

"Ducky's transferring a body to an ME in the city, would you like to wait up here for him?" Gibbs offered nodding to the spare seat at the spare desk. Mentally he was asking himself what he was doing, he had just noted the fact he was acting like an old letch and here he was offering to spend time alone with the man.

"Are you sure? I don't want to interrupt your work," Harry asked worrying his bottom lips slightly as he looked at the reports Gibbs was going through. He was now mentally bashing his head against the desk as he looked at that lip but also because he knew what his response was going to be.

"Its just reports, you'll be saving me from being bored to death," He shrugged throwing the reports onto his desk to prove his point. Smiling Harry nodded and dropped his satchel on the floor before going and getting the chair to put at the side of Gibbs's desk.

"Uncle Ducky mentioned that you were having an unusual quiet patch," Harry said as he sat on the chair and then turned those green eyes onto him intently.

"Very unusually quiet. I'm starting to get worried," Gibbs gave his half smile as Harry chuckled.

"Hm, you do always seem to have cases going on, whenever I call Uncle Ducky your working on something or other. You lot do not get paid enough for the hours I know you pull," Harry shook his head.

"A lot of us become the job, we'd get lost without the long hours. Do you work?" he asked curiously, wanting to know anything he could about the man in front of him.

"I recently quit actually. I was a specialised field agent, my team and I dealt with the terrorist activities in Britain. Spent of couple of weeks enjoying peace and quiet before I decided to come over and spend some time with Uncle Ducky," Harry shrugged. Gibbs read between the lines, reasons weren't going to be offered.

"I didn't realise Duck still had family in England," Gibbs said moving onto the subject bothering him the most.

"Neither did he until two and a half years ago," Harry answered.

"Ok, you're going to have the explain that one," Gibbs said after a moment where Harry just looked at him amused. When he asked Harry laughed sending a slight shiver down Gibbs's spine at the sound. This wasn't good.

"Ducky's actually my great uncle, his father had an affair with another teenage girl when they were fifteen, things happened and the girl got pregnant. Naturally at the time it wasn't acceptable and she was shipped off the have the baby. That was my grandmother, she was adopted. I only found the details about three years ago and tracked down uncle Ducky. I got in touch with him and we started building a relationship," Harry explained.

"Have you been over to see him before?" Gibbs asked curiously.

"Are you interrogating me Jethro?" Harry asked amused leaning forwards slightly. Gibbs's mind short circuited slightly. Was he flirting with him? No, no! It was probably wishful thinking on his part.

"Of course I am," Gibbs answered without skipping a beat despite the thoughts racing around his head. Harry gave that slightly breathless laugh again that caused all his nerve endings to pay attention.

"At least you're honest. I suppose its intriguing to you all, Uncle Ducky's previously none existing nephew showing up and opening his door in the middle of the night,"

"You have my team chomping at the bit to find out information on you. I think Duck has been ambushed by them all at least five times each," Gibbs said allowing his amusement at the team to show in his eyes and another half smile. He noticed that Harry's eyes drifted to his lips when he smiled before he looked flustered.

"We agreed to keep the revelation of our new relationship secret until we both figured out what we were going to do about it. It was complicated enough without outside sources getting involved as well. Thankfully we get on well," Harry explained to the unanswered question hovering in the air.

"Family is important to Ducky," Gibbs nodded.

"To me as well, it seems having some form of relationship was unavoidable," Harry smiled.

"How long are you staying over here for?" Gibbs asked before he could stop himself, it even came out in a bit of a rush to his embarrassment. Harry eyed him curiously, even tilting his head a little to the side before his lips turned up into a more teasing smile.

"That depends," he said leaning forwards again. Gibbs was unable to take his eyes off Harry's face, unconsciously leaning forwards himself.

"On?" He asked slowly.

"If I find something over here to keep me…entertained," The smile was definitely more of a smirk now, and Harry was flirting!

"What type of things keep you entertained?" Gibbs asked spinning his chair around fully.

"Interested in ensuring I stay around?" Harry asked. It was said flirtatiously but there was a real question in there as well. Gibbs could say something now to stop this where it was without hurting Harry too much, something to indicate he was interested only as a friend. He really should, never mind the aforementioned age issue, there was a chance that Harry wouldn't stay in the country, in which case he had a feeling that he would be hurt by his leaving if they spent much more time together, there was also a good chance that he would hurt Harry - his track record with relationships wasn't really working in favour of another going well! And lastly, this was Ducky's nephew, Ducky was his best friend, how was he going to feel about him seeing his nephew, his much younger nephew? It would be bad enough as it was but if something went wrong what would happen to their relationship. There were a whole lot of reasons not to answer the way he did, but he couldn't answer any other way.

"Very much so," his voice was slightly husky as he answered, any chance of putting the meaning off as anything but how he meant it destroyed. A happy smile spread across Harry's face.

"Then I may have just found something to keep me around," he said softly.

"Harry! I heard you were in the building, everything alright?" Ducky interrupted the staring contest they had started. Harry turned with a genuine and affectionate smile on his face to look at his Uncle.

"I thought I would take you out to lunch, plus I wanted to see where you worked," Harry added with a grin.

"Ah that would be lovely my boy. I knew you were curious after Tony and Jethro showed up the other night," Ducky chuckled coming over to them.

"Sorry about waking you that night by the way," Gibbs said visibly stunning Ducky. Harry however just laughed.

"Ah it was my own fault. I unplugged Uncle Ducky's charger by accident and we didn't realise, and the main phone is downstairs so we didn't hear it,"

"Ducky's nephew!" a sudden squeal had them turning to see Abby clomping and rattling over to them excitedly. Tony, Ziva and Tim were hurrying close behind looking curious.

"Erm…hi," Harry blinked at the sudden attention.

"Hi I'm Abby it's great to meet you," Abby said enthusiastically.

"Ah the forensic scientist genius. Uncle Ducky has told me a lot about you, its nice to finally meet you. I'm Harry,"

"Oh my god! Your accent is so hot! I mean Ducky has an English accent but I'm used to his, and he's kind of like an uncle to me so it would be kind of weird to appreciate the hotness factor of it, though it has crossed my mind a couple of times but I thought it was best not to say anything, but your accent I can appreciate and you sound just like a younger Ducky," Abby rambled on.

"And breathe!" Harry said teasingly, though there was a hint of shyness that caught Gibbs' attention. "Thank you very much for your compliment,"

"You're welcome. Oh, this is Timmy and Ziva, you've already met Tony," Abby said spotting the others trying to edge closer.

"Oh its nice to meet you both," Harry nodded standing to shake their hands. "Nice to see you again Tony,"

"You have had them quite in a tizzy," Ducky chuckled.

"Sorry about that, didn't mean to come across as a mystery," Harry chuckled. His eyes flicked back to Gibbs causing the older man to smile slightly.

"Seriously, Ducky's mysterious nephew shows up in the middle of the night! Hell yeah you're a mystery," Abby was practically bouncing. Gibbs was happy to see Harry give her a warm smile. Some people were annoyed by the childlike quality Abby had, but Harry seemed to genuinely like her so far.

"I can see that," Harry chuckled.

"Are you in the country for long?" Ziva asked curiously.

"I'm considering my options right now, but I'll be here for a little while at least," Harry smiled. Gibbs caught the slightly longing look that Ducky shot Harry and knew what it was that his friend wanted Harry to do.

"Are there any more Mallards out there that we don't know about?" Tim asked.

"Two more. My cousin and mother's sister," Harry's short answer and phrasing had their investigating ears perking up and paying attention.

"How long have you been in the country for?" Tim asked moving the questioning on.

"Just over a couple of weeks, though I think I spent the first week sleeping off the jet lag," Harry smiled sheepishly brushing a couple of loose tendrils of hair from his face.

"How about we have lunch here? Order something in, there are no cases and it seems that now they have you here they aren't going to let you leave before they have some answers," Ducky said amused.

"Sounds good to me," Harry shrugged looking back at Gibbs again.

"Everyone pull up a seat then and we can decide what we're ordering," Gibbs sounded as though he was being put upon but the amused smile Harry shot him told him that it hadn't washed with him. Under the pretense of making space Harry shuffled his chair in next to Gibbs' behind his desk and Ducky sat next to his nephew. Finally they were all squeezed into a group around the desk and had ordered chinese for their lunch.

"So, how old are you Harry?" Abby asked after a couple of beats of silence.

"I'm 29, a leo, born 31st July 1980," Harry answered with a cheeky grin.

"29? Seriously? You do not look older than 25!" Ziva said shocked before blushing, Harry however laughed.

"I know, my teenage years were a nightmare looking so much younger than I was,"

"Amen," Timmy muttered making them all laugh.

"So what did you do in England?" Tony asked.

"Harry actually did much the same job that you do, he was a specialised field agent," Ducky said proudly.

"Really what type of work?" Ziva asked intrigued.

"I dealt with the terrorist attacks in Britain. Took down the leader 2002, and I have spent the last 7 years playing clean up with his followers. Once we arrested the last follower, I decided to quit and look for something else to do," Harry explained.

"You took them down 2002, you would only have been 22, how long before that did you start working on the team?" Gibbs frowned.

"Ah that's where it gets a little complicated," Ducky frowned looking at Harry clearly concerned at his reaction to the question.

"The leader was the person that killed my parents and tried to kill me when I was a baby. He became obsessed with me after he nearly killed himself when he attacked me. He tried to kill me again when I was 11, and then every year after till I was seventeen, then I became part of the team. By that point I knew him better than anyone else, and he clearly wasn't going to let me live, the safest place was for me to be taking him down," Harry shrugged.

"Harry..." Abby's emotions were all in her eyes as she looked at Harry.

"Oh no, don't worry, that's just my life, I've come to terms with everything that has happened. I got the guy that killed them, and his followers," Harry shook his head after touching the back of Abby's hand. Gibbs moved his legs slightly so that his knee was touching Harry's thigh, this man had been through a hell from a lot from a young age, he had worked his way through a lot of crap to still be standing where he was today. Harry nudged back gently to show that he appreciated the gesture.

"So you have been fighting against this guy for years, its very..."

"DiNozzo! No film references!" Gibbs rolled his eyes.

"So that is my dramatic childhood. Basically I started receiving training early on how to fight and investigate when it became clear that I wasn't going to be able to hide from the leader, a few of my good friends were officers already tracking him down, they started to train me. Now I am here soul searching and getting to know Uncle Ducky better," Harry smiled.

"And I am very happy to have him here and to have the chance to get to know him better," Ducky beamed.

"We're happy to get to meet you too. Oh I can show you around if you like? Show you some different things around town?" Abby brightened.

"That sounds fun," Harry nodded smiling back at Abby.

"Here are your sandwiches Agent Gibbs,"

"Oh thank you for bringing them up Smith," Gibbs nodded to the security guard who was holding the four bags of food for them.

"I had to come up anyway, thought that it would save one of you having to come down for it," Smith shook his head.

Harry watched with faint amusement as the team descended on their food like hungry wolves, Tony and McGee starting to battle over two of the dishes which led to a small chop stick battle over the chow mein. Sitting back in his seat he watched as the people he had heard so much about chattered to each other and to him, enjoying their banter and getting to know them. And Jethro's leg was pressed firmly to his throughout the whole meal.

Gibbs brushed his hands over his hair and eyes wondering what the hell he was doing here, he felt like he was a teenager sneaking around. He had waited till he knew that Ducky was doing a long autopsy, and then he had jumped straight into the car and drove over to Ducky's house. It had been three days since they had had their lunch at NCIS and Harry had left once they had finished to let them get on with work. He had been about to chase Harry to arrange meeting him, but Vance had summoned him to the MTAC and he had had to miss the chance.

Now he had taken the chance to get to see harry again, he had found himself unable to wait any longer to see the man again, his thoughts and dreams had been locked on green eyes, red lips, inky black hair and that teasing glimpse of Harry's half naked body he had received that first night. The man was playing havoc with his mind and they hadn't even kissed yet!

Groaning to himself for acting like an idiot, love sick teenager, he opened the car door and swung out, striding across the yard and knocking heavily on the front door. He heard footsteps behind the door and then the door swung open and Harry was standing there in the doorway wearing what looked like leggings and an oversized long sleeved jumper, his hair was in a messy side braid, and those beautiful green eyes widened at the sight of him standing there, before his lips turned up into a welcoming smile.

Gibbs blamed it on the happiness he saw in those green eyes at the sight of him on the doorstep, and how sexy he looked, but he found himself striding forwards, capturing Harry by the waist and walking him into the house.

"I'm going to kiss you now, any problems with that and you need to say so, right now!" Gibbs growled out, his blue eyes flashing dangerously with lust.

Harry's answer was to wrap his arms around Gibbs' neck and slam their lips together firmly. The noise that Gibbs' let out was purely animalistic as he responded immediately, his arm around Harry's waist tightening so that he was pressed firmly against Gibbs' body, his other hand buried itself into that black hair and gripped it tightly as he hungrily tasted Harry, his lips teasing and playing Harry until he was sure that the younger man was feeling as needy for this as he was.

The dark haired man let out a small whine into Gibbs' mouth pressing even closer to him when his back hit the wall, his legs wrapped around Gibbs' waist as he took a small jump, using the height he now had on Gibbs' to deepen the kiss and tease back just as much as he was being teased.

Though he was playing with fire as Gibbs let out another low growl and shoved his hand under the loose shirt, running his fingers over the soft bare skin, growling again when Harry writhed against him with the skin on skin contact, running his fingers over short shaved hair on the sides of Gibbs' head and up into the longer hair.

"Jethro!" Harry groaned when they parted.

"I...hey," Gibbs said a little sheepishly.

"If that is the way you say hello I definitely approve," Harry smiled kissing him again. This kiss was less needy and more languid, enjoying the press of each others mouths and the taste of the other. Especially after days of imagining this moment.

"I wanted to come and see you," Gibbs confessed without letting Harry down, instead nosing at his neck and breathing in his scent.

"I'm glad, I was trying to come up with a way of getting in contact with you without making people suspicious," Harry smiled brushing his fingers over Gibbs' face, his green eyes taking in the features of the older man.

"Do you mind?" Gibbs asked.

"Mind what?" Harry frowned confused.

"That I'm older, does it bother you?" Gibbs asked.

"No, it doesn't. You heard my story, the very brief recap anyway, I'm not exactly normal in what I look for in relationships. The age gap doesn't bother me, and there is something about you, I just can't resist. Plus you're sexy as hell, so that helps," Harry grinned.

"Sexy as hell huh?" Gibbs smirked.

"What about uncle Ducky?" Harry asked softly.

"That's going to be a little complicated," Gibbs sighed. Harry hopped down and took his hand. "Where are we going?"

"Kitchen, this conversation I think will require something to drink and a little space between us," Harry smiled amused as he tugged Gibbs through the house to the kitchen. He motioned to kitchen island and then started moving around the kitchen preparing their drinks.

"What were you cooking?" Gibbs asked looking around the messy kitchen, he had never seen the kitchen like this, the few occasions Ducky cooked in it any more it was pretty basic, this looked like a major meal.

"A few meals for Uncle Ducky, I am going out of town for a few days, the way he ate before I came here was terrible. So preprepared meals," Harry nodded to the collection of dishes in various states of preparation.

"You're going out of town?" Gibbs straightened.

"Yes, little bit of leftover business, some diplomacy that I have to nod to to stay here in peace," Harry smiled when he saw Gibbs ears practically perk up.


"Yes, I have caught the attention of some interested parties by being here, you know the way that it is, shake some hands, give them the platitudes, assure them that our war hasn't washed over here,"

"They are worried that you are here on work?" Gibbs nodded.

"We have worked hard to make sure that our war didn't wash over into other countries, it was bad enough that it was happening on our home ground without letting it wash somewhere else. Now they are worried that I am here to chase down someone that escaped. I will be a couple of days at the very most," Harry shrugged.

"Are you going to be safe?" Gibbs asked.

"Yes I will be," Harry placed a cup down in front of Gibbs and sat down on the opposite side of the island. "Now, my little trip aside. Uncle Ducky?"

"This is a heavy conversation to be having before we have even gone on a date," Gibbs said pulling his coffee towards him.

"Unfortunately we are in a slightly complicated situation that necessitates this conversation before we think about that date," Harry shrugged. "So I am afraid that you going to have to talk to me,"

"You have heard about my functioning mute trait huh?"

"I may have spoken to Abby quite a bit in the last few days," Harry grinned.

"And has she told you about my previous relationship history?" Gibbs raised an eyebrow.

"I will confess to using my interrogation techniques to get a little information out of her, but when she started getting into a little too much detail I stopped her, it wasn't the right way to learn about the important things. All I know is that you have had a few ex wives...and no known male relationships,"

"First, I have had relationships with men before, I keep my relationships private, its not because of shame over being bisexual that I have never told them, there has just never been anyone important enough to introduce to them. It will amuse me to see their faces when I do tell them. The other part I am concerned about. I have had three ex wives, I want...I want relationships to work but...they just don't seem to, they can't understand that work is important to me, they get annoyed that I struggle to open up to them. You're Ducky's nephew, if my normal record kicks in with us, then the damage could be bad, and Duck is one of my oldest friends,"

"Hey slow down. Firstly I have done the job, I understand going into this the time, late hours and everything that comes with it. Second, what happens happens in a relationship, I can't hold previous relationships against you. However there is the risk that this won't work, there is always is with a relationship, you do need to decide whether we are worth risking your relationship with Uncle Ducky. However I would hope that Uncle Ducky would be understanding about this," Harry met Gibbs eyes watching as the older man mulled things over.

"Duck knows my history he's not going to be happy about us being together," Gibbs sighed.

"Then we prove him wrong, he will come around to the idea. Its your choice," Harry shrugged standing and turning away from Gibbs, at least he tried but the Agent caught hold of Harry's hand.

"I'm not trying to back out of this. I want you, I want you bad, and I want you in every single way I can have you, dating, sex, every way. But your relationship with Duck is still new, and he knows my history. There is more than just us that could get hurt," Gibbs sighed. He blinked when Harry pulled his hand away, watching with sharp eyes as Harry rounded the counter to him.

His breath caught when Harry climbed onto his lap, wrapping his arms around Gibbs neck and pressed another kiss to his lips. The sparks between them practically left them tingling, and the fairly chaste kiss quickly turned into something a lot dirtier and deeper, Gibbs searching Harry's mouth hungrily as his hand moved the cup Harry arse when his hips started rolling against his own.

"It feels like we have a good potential here, but how about we make a deal?" Harry pulled back panting and forcefully stilled his hips.

"A deal?" Gibbs licked his lips.

"We go on a date, at a restaurant or somewhere public and see if we get on as well without the...physical side of things involved. We do, then we make a decision,"

"My decision has pretty much already been made for me I think, or I wouldn't have come rushing over here," Gibbs rolled his eyes at himself.

"You rushed over here?" Harry grinned.

"Like a thirteen year old girl,"

"That's cute,"

"I am not cute!"

"Yeah, you kind of are," Harry giggled before yelping when he found himself laid down on the table, and a silver haired fox growling lightly between his legs.

Harry lay panting in Gibbs' arms where they were sprawled on top of his bed, he hummed contently as he stretched a little feeling his bare skin brush against his partners. Their legs were tangled together and both of them were ignoring their joint spendings lying sticky on their bodies. he rolled over slightly and pressed some kisses to Gibbs' panting chest humming again when the older man brushed his fingers up and down his back. He groaned shocked to find his body responding despite having just cum when Gibbs hand cupped one of his bum cheeks and massaged causing small thrills to run through him.

"I would love to be able to take you properly, right now," Gibbs groaned, closing his eyes and just enjoying the feel of Harry under his hands.

"I can't wait to feel you inside of me," Harry admitted breathless.

"How about, a new deal?" Gibbs suggested, tugging gently and arranging Harry so that he was straddling him, groaning contently at the feeling of Harry's legs spread over him, his skin pressed warmly against his own.

"A new deal?" Harry licked his lips as his hips moved unconsciously against Gibbs.

"You come back from your trip, you spend the day with Ducky and then the next day is mines, we go out for a meal, cinema if you want.."

"I'm sensing a but?" Harry frowned confused.

"But, you are leaving for your trip as mine's!" Gibbs slipped his fingers into Harry's hair and pulled him down for another kiss.

"Your's huh?"

"Mine's!" Gibbs nodded kissing him again.

"And uncle Ducky?" Harry asked nervously.

"This, what we could be, is worth the risk, but can we take the time to see where we are going before we tell Ducky?" Gibbs asked.

"Sounds good to me," Harry smiled leaning down for another kiss.

"Everything ok Duck?" Gibbs asked when he stalked into autopsy and found his friend frowning at his phone.

"Harry just called me, he has been asked to help out with some problems the people he was meeting up with are having, and he has gone along with them. He is going to be another week at least. I hope he will be ok," Ducky frowned before shaking himself. "Anyway I have found..."

As soon as he left autopsy he stepped into the lift and hit the button for the bullpen, before flipping the switch to stop the lift and pulled his phone out. It only rang twice before Harry answered.

"You called quicker than I thought," Harry said by way of answer.

"You're going on a job?" Gibbs huffed.

"Of sorts yes, they have requested my help on a job that they are having problems with. I agreed on a freelance base, it could be good to set up as a career option if I choose to stay around," Harry explained.

"Is it dangerous?"

"Yes, but I am good at what I do," Gibbs closed his eyes at the answer. Harry at least didn't lie to him, that was a good start, especially considering how much danger Harry was apparently going to be in. However for being so soon into their relationship the fact that Gibbs felt his heart stop for a minute was not a good sign. "Jethro," Harry said softly into the phone.


"I'm going to do my best to get back, after all I have a date to look forward to," Gibbs could hear the smile down the phone.

"I'm holding you to that,"

"Good, I have even more to come back for then. I have been doing this a long time Jethro,"

"I'm sensing a story in there," Jethro closed his eyes and leant back against the wall of the elevator, soaking up the sound of Harry's voice and letting it sink into his mind.

"You know I said about the leader coming after me when I was a baby, and then when I was eleven? I mean he came after me, I mean he came after me when I was eleven, and the adults around me weren't that great. I've been fighting for a long time,"

"Reckon I want to hear a little more about that,"

"We will get there. So where are we going for supper when I come back?"

"I know this great Italian, does amazing pasta, its a little back alley place but its charming and lovely to eat at," Gibbs smiled slightly.

"Why Leroy Jethro Gibbs, it sounds like you are tryin to be romantic," Harry teased.

"And if I am?"

"Mr Potter-Black, we're ready to go," A voice said in the background.

"I will be right with you. That's my call I need to move out. By the way, if you are trying to romance me, that would make me very happy," Harry said softly into the phone.

"Good, I will bring my best game then," Gibbs nodded to himself.


"I'll look after Duck don't worry,"

"Thank you Jethro," Harry said softly. "I'll see you real soon,"

"Be ready for Italian and wooing," Gibbs closed his eyes again.

"Now that is something that I need to see,"

Gibbs looked up at the footfalls on the stairs coming down the basement, pausing in sanding the side of the boat, he didn't recognise the footfalls as one of his people. Peering around the side of the boat, his hands dropped as he watched Harry walking down the stairs. It had been a week and a half, and Harry hadn't been in contact except for one text letting Ducky and him know about his extended time away.

He had a cut over his left eye and bruising on his cheekbone, but aside from that he looked healthy and well. Harry smiled at him as he stopped on the bottom step, taking of his jacket he threw it over the banister and then walked even closer to Gibbs, watching his reaction carefully as he stepped even closer to him. Gibbs dropped the sander he was holding and made his way quickly over to Harry, tugging him closer and into a kiss. Harry reacted straight away, wrapping himself around Gibbs and sinking into the kiss.

"You ok?" Gibbs muttered through kisses.

"Yeah, fine, little more...than we thought...but good," Harry mumbled, his lips chasing Gibbs, his hands clinging on and pulling him closer.

"Good..was...worried," Gibbs huffed.

"Hang on a minute," Harry pulled away and stared at Gibbs with a confused look making the agent look at him confused and try and figure out what he had done wrong.

"What's the matter?"

"Am I leaning against a boat?" Harry frowned craning his neck to look at the boat that Gibbs had back them up against.

"Yes I build them," Gibbs gave a small smile.

"How do you get them out of here?" He asked confused looking around the basement.

"Stick around a little longer and I might let you in on the secret," Gibbs breathed out leaning closer until he was kissing Harry again.

"Smart...arse," Harry grumbled before he lost himself in the kiss again.

"You know, I like you in your suits, there is something about you in them. But I'm liking this look as well, relaxed Jethro is very attractive," Harry hummed thoughtfully. They were lying underneath the boat, Jethro on his back in the spot he regularly fell asleep on, Harry lying on top of him. It was nice and cosy, and he had finally tracked down the scent of sawdust and wood on Jethro.

"Really, its just scruffy wear, your clothes however do drive me mad," Gibbs groaned. Harry chuckled, he had worn his most fitting and flattering pair of jeans and another over sized top as that had seemed to have a good reaction last time.

"I thought there was a possibility that I might be a little out there for you," Harry admitted softly as he snuggled closer to Gibbs.

"I am very into your 'out there'," Gibbs said huskily.

"Really?" Harry smiled shyly.

"Definitely, don't say things I don't mean,"

"Yes, I have guessed that about you already," Harry snickered.

They lay peacefully for a little longer just enjoying each other's presence. Harry had not been able to relax or unwind as quickly from a mission as he was able to right now in Jethro's arms. The man had a powerful and strong feeling about him, secure and protective, and Harry luxuriated in it, snuggling closer into the hoody under his cheek soaking up the smell of sawdust and pure Jethro.

Gibbs awoke with a small groan, shifting as his brain realised that he must have fallen asleep on the boat again. He was just shifting to try and sit up when his brain and body registered the warmth and weight of a second body lying half on top of him, half against his side. Then his brain caught up and he realised that he and Harry must have fallen asleep together last night.

He opened his eyes and blinked blurrily before focussing on Harry who was curled up looking soft and content in his arms. Thick black eyelashes rested on his cheeks, making him look even more beautiful. God no one had caught his attention like this since Shannon. He lay quite happily watching Harry rest knowing that he probably needed it, just soaking up the image of the younger an lying in his arms.

He knew that things were going to be difficult for them, should their relationship work out they were going to have to tell Ducky, and he knew his friend he was not going to be happy about this. Between the fact that they were friends, the age difference, his own relationship history. Yeah Ducky was not going to be impressed with him at all. And then after Ducky was going to be the team, there was no way to hide anything from the group once one person knew about something, and they were like bloodhounds when they sniffed out that something was wrong, if Gibbs and Ducky were fighting the others would figure it out what was going on.

But looking at Harry, looking at the younger man in his arms, he knew that no matter the outcome, no matter how this went he couldn't stop himself from perusing this relationship, and he honestly thought that it was going to worth it, again no matter the outcome. God he was getting sappy, but just this morning getting to hold Harry, wake up to him in his arms, was more than enough for him.

"Are you just going to lie there all morning watching me?" Harry mumbled with a small smile forming.

"Yeah, think I am," He rumbled tightening his arms as Harry moved. However he just wriggled a little and settled his head more onto Gibbs' chest so that he could see him better.

"That could get boring quickly,"

"Don't think it would,"

"I see what the others mean about you being monosyllabic, I haven't seen it before,"

"Glad it amuses you," Gibbs snorted.

"It does," Harry smiled lazily, stretching a little and then curled into Gibbs' body.


"Hmm a little," Harry yawned a little.

"Come on, you can go shower while I cook breakfast," Gibbs cupped Harry's chin and lifted it to kiss him. The kiss was slow and languid, lazily with the early morning and sweet with their contented feelings.

Harry leant against the wall as he watched Gibbs' moving around the kitchen with ease. He was clearly a good cook going by the easy flow he had in preparing their breakfast. The scent of the food was pretty good too, mixed with the rich scent of coffee. Stepping forward he wrapped his arms around Gibbs' waist and leant up to press a kiss to the back of his neck and then his cheek.

He grinned when Gibbs groaned as he saw what Harry as wearing, at least before their lips joined, then he was kissed deeply. Gibbs' head was spinning with desire, and he wanted nothing more than to have Harry again, he looked delicious dressed in a pair of NIS sweats and tshirt, seeing the younger man in his clothes, and seeing how they swallowed his more slender and smaller frame.

"Breakfast," He grunted tearing his mouth away from Harry's before he decided just to tear his clothes off.

"Spoil sport," Harry pouted.

"Stop it!" Gibbs growled. Harry smirked and dodged forwards to press a kiss to his lips before he turned to pour himself a cup of tea.

"Anything I can help with?"

"You could put the toast on, its nearly done,"

They worked together with ease, Harry took over the frying pans while Gibbs got out the plates and cutlery. They served up their food quickly between each other, and then carried their plates to the table. Gibbs enjoyed the peace of sitting eating with Harry, they didn't chatter or talk, they just enjoyed each other's company while they ate. Harry stretched his legs out under the table and tangled their feet together, but that was it.

Honestly Gibbs was both relieved and had an impending sense of doom. He didn't like chatter during the morning or while he was eating that just wasn't him, most of the people that he had been with hadn't respected or understood that, they had just chattered on and he had grown more and more annoyed as time went on. Harry however seemed to have no inclination to need to chatter, he was just happy sitting and enjoying the company, their feet tangled together. And he felt a sense of falling even further for the younger man.

"What's the matter?" Harry tilted his head curiously before taking another bite of toast.

"I keep hoping to find something that will convince me that our relationship won't work, but I find nothing," He answer honestly.

"I'm not perfect," Harry blushed, but something like annoyance crept across his face making Gibbs consider his words carefully.

"Not perfect no, no one is, and I would not be interested in you if you were. You are perhaps perfect in my eyes for your imperfect perfection," Gibbs' blue eyes met Harry's green when he looked up wide eyed, and Harry smiled softly, and he could see the same reflected back in those eyes, understanding and the exact same sentiments.

He moved so that their feet were more tightly tangled, answering Harry's smile before they turned back to their breakfast, silence once again falling as they enjoyed each other's company.