Jethro blinked when he walked into the house and found it in darkness. He had dropped Tony back off at his apartment and made sure that he was going to be ok by himself before heading back to the house.

Harry had been at the table organising paperwork that he had dumped on his for his dual citizenship by the British Ministry of Magic, and Tony and Jethro had both had heart attacks when the owl had landed grumpily on the kitchen table carrying the massive packet of paperwork, which had scrapped the both of them taking Tony home. Tony had been ok with it and arranged with Harry to meet up for lunch the next day considering he was on desk duty for the next couple of weeks.

Tony had been more than ready to go home, as much as he had enjoyed his time with them, he was someone that enjoyed having his own space as well, and he had dropped onto his own sofa with a happy groan.

Jethro had expected supper when he came back, Harry seemed to enjoy cooking for him, but the house was in darkness and he felt a small dig to the gut, he realised how much he had gotten used to Harry being around the house all the time the last three and half weeks as they looked after Tony, and he wasn't sure he would get used to Harry not being here all the time, and having to live at Ducky's half the time as well.

He didn't mind doing it, especially as it meant he had time with Harry, but he had liked them having their home, their bed, their space, which he had not even realised he had been thinking about it that way until right now.

Harry wouldn't have just gone back to Ducky's without saying anything, he had probably had to go deal with something, but the reality was a slightly bitter pill.

Sighing he walked fully into the darkened house wondering what he could put together for himself when a lovely smell hit him. Smiling he thought at least Harry had cooked something that he could enjoy before he had had to leave and walked into the dining room.

"Harry?" Jethro blinked staring around the room. There was only one way in which Harry had managed to get all this done in the time he had been gone, magic.

The dining room had been transformed, Harry had changed it to an illusion of them being on a boat at sea, the ceiling and the walls had been charmed to reflect the open ocean and the night sky. In the centre of the room, there was a raised section where a copy of his boats was bobbing as though it really was at sea, and Harry was standing there waiting for him with a soft shy smile.

Jethro quickly walked up the gangplank that led him into the boat, and stood there looking around in awe, from here it really did feel as though he was on a boat, he wouldn't have known the difference from being on a real boat.

"Your magic is amazing," He breathed out and was treated to a breathtaking smile from Harry.

His younger partner looked beautiful standing there, he had his hair down and loose in a way that he knew Jethro was obsessed with, the inky black hair lying like a cloud over his soft blue jumper, wearing a small pair of shorts that made it look at though he was wearing nothing else except for the part of the jumper he had tucked into his shorts giving him a peak.

"Hungry?" Harry asked motioning to the table that was at the centre of the boat.

"You made...oh you made it!" Jethro groaned happily as he realised what Harry had cooked. He had quickly become obsessed with Harry's chicken and broccoli pasta bake.

"Of course, it is your favourite," Harry smiled as he was drawn against Jethro's chest for a toe-curling kiss.

"Do I get to know what this is all for?" Jethro asked against Harry's lips. Grinning Harry pulled back making Jethro narrow his eyes. "Do not say we have to eat first,"

"I was going to, but I know you and you would out glare me and refuse to eat," Harry laughed.

"You know me so well," Jethro shrugged unapologetically.

"So, I have been thinking about our living situation," Harry started to look a little nervous while hope welled up in Jethro's chest. He ran his fingers through Harry's loose black hair and tried to keep his expression as open as possible, hoping he was going to hear the words that he had longed for, for a while now. "Maybe, we could make the living here, full time? I have spoken to Uncle Ducky and he is happy with it, I think he actually wants his own space back as much as Tony did, but that isn't the point, staying here and being here has…."

Harry's nervous rambling was cut off by Jethro's lips on his own, sweet and gentle, it didn't possess the hunger or fire that their kisses normally possessed, the hint of challenge that came from two alpha personalities, this was sweet and lingering, slow and just enjoying each other in a way that had Harry melting into the arms of the man he loved.

"Yes," Jethro nodded.

"Yes?" Harry hummed his mind more than a little foggy after that kiss.

"Yes to getting to live together, to this, yes. I want nothing more than to make this house our home. I bought it after the last wife, somewhere for me to have for myself, but it has not felt like a home, not properly, not until you, there was just something missing. You being here, I have realised that I have not had somewhere that has felt like home since the house I lived in with Shannon and Kelly. Not with any of the ex-wives. I was worried about losing that. I would like for us to start putting our print on this place,"

"You mean change it? Jethro…" Harry started shaking his head.

"Harry, I'm not good with words," Jethro sighed sitting on the edge of the boat taking Harry's hands in his.

"You do pretty well," Harry snorted kneeling down at his lover's feet so he could see his eyes.

"It feels like my life everything has been full of so much, but empty at the same time, it feels like I have been waiting for you to come into my life and just complete it, brighten it completely. This place has been a base, somewhere safe for the team to come to if they need it, somewhere to spend time. The only place that really has any personality is the basement. I want to make this place ours. I want to make this a home for us and for our family. I want us to start the rest of our future here,"

"Jethro…" Harry blinked at the sudden intent look on Jethro's face before he got onto his knees as well.

"I really wasn't intending to do this, and I hope that it doesn't scare you away. But...marry me?" The intent, burning icy blue eyes stared at Harry as his own green eyes widened in shock, clearly not even have imagined that that was coming.


"If you need time to think I will understand, and if it is too quick I completely understand,"

"We have been together for nearly eight months…"

"...I know that it is quick…"

" feels right, being here with you, loving you, sharing life with you, I want to marry you," Harry grinned drawing Jethro in plaster himself along his strong lover's front.

"You mean…" Jethro's eyes widened.

"Yes, yes I will marry you," Harry laughed just before Jethro pounced onto him smothering him in kisses.

"I had no plan on proposing," Jethro laughed as they lay on the floor snuggled together staring up at the enchanted ceiling.

"Maybe a little bit of a long engagement?" Harry laughed.

"That I can agree with," Jethro smiled, his beautiful smile that Harry was honoured to be on the receiving end of every single time. Jethro was gorgeous, handsome and dangerous all mixed into one perfectly muscled, frame, and then he smiled and Harry just counted all his lucky stars. "I get to tell Fornell though!"

"Hey not fair!" Harry laughed, rolling onto Jethro's chest.

"You can't have all the fun," Jethro shrugged.

"That is true, I get to tell the Ministry of Magic that I am going to be marrying an American," Harry snorted delightedly.

"Ah, so you are just marrying me for a green card?" Jethro said seriously.

"Yes that is the only reason," Harry nodded back with a straight face.

"Good as long as I understand the situation," Jethro nodded.

"I wouldn't want to mislead you into thinking any differently," Harry shrugged.

"...shall we go eat?" Jethro grinned.

"You and your pasta bake!" Harry laughed as he was tugged to his feet.

"Harry James Potter freeze! Step back!" Molly called like the drill sergeant Jethro used to be. Harry froze in hugging Ginny and grinned stepping back.


"Stop hiding your hands, put them out right now!" Molly demanded.

"Oh, Merlin!"


"Is that!"

"You got…"

"Oh, Merlin!"

"Calm down, calm down!" Harry laughed as his hand was yanked around by his eager family, all of them eagerly looking at the ring on his finger.

"It is so shiny!" Hermione grinned. She and Ron had been the only ones he had told about the proposal aside from Uncle Ducky the week before. He had actually woken his two best friends firecalling them excitedly forgetting the time difference.

"It is brand new. We went shopping for them yesterday, well actually no, we went shopping for a new sofa and walked passed a jewellery store," Harry shrugged.

"Oh Harry, I am so happy for you!" Arthur squeezed Harry in a tight hug.

"We have agreed on a long engagement, we both want to be together and this is a way for us to promise that we are in this for the long run, but now we are happy to take our time and wait for the right moment,"

"Whatever makes you happy, from what we have heard from and about Jethro, he makes you happy," Molly took his hand admiring the ring again.

"He does, so much," Harry beamed happily, and his family descended on him again in a whirlwind.

"Jethro," Ducky said in a scolding tone that did nothing to hide the amusement he was trying to fight back.

"Yes, Ducky?" Jethro said brightly.

"You're a cruel man,"

"I know that, what have I done this time?" Jethro asked with mock innocence.

"What you have done is make sure that production has gone down to zero on the floor and on the others as they are all trying to pluck up the courage to ask you about that ring on your finger, that had better not be a wedding ring, Jacquie will never forgive you if she missed out on a wedding," Leon snorted stepping into the bullpen.

"This thing?" Jethro looked at his hand as though he had forgotten the ring was there.

"Are you married boss?"

"It is Harry right!?"

"It's a ring!" Abby burst into the bullpen from where she had been trying to hide, making Leon shoot Jethro a 'told you so' glare.

"I thought you were just moving in together!" Tony blurted out.

"And how did you know that DiNozzo?" Jethro raised his eyebrows at Tony.

"I was the one that had to delay you to give Harry time to setup," Tony admitted.

"Yes well, I ended up proposing to Harry at the same time, it is an engagement ring," Jethro shrugged.

"Gibbs is gay?!" The hiss went around the bullpen from the other agents while Ziva seemed set to earn a medal of honour as she threw herself excitedly at Jethro and hugged him tight enough that he was worried she was actually going to crack his ribs.

"Oh my god, this is so exciting!" Abby got over her open-mouthed shock and threw herself into the hug as well.

"Bugger it," Tony shrugged and wiggled into the hug.

"McGee!" Jethro barked seeing the Agent edging closer.

"Yes, Boss!" Tim froze and stood straight.

"One chance for this, get in here!" Jethro sighed as though put upon, but the arm he wrapped around Tim was warm and firm.

"This is going to be so exciting!" Abby squealed.

"Geez, Abby I am deaf now!" Tony whined rubbing his ears.

"Did you know Gibbs was gay?"

"Does anyone have a problem with Supervisory Special Agent Gibbs choice of partner?!" Leon barked into the room pausing all the conversations.

A general muttering went around the room as people shook their heads.

"Good, anyone that does, I will be turning a blind eye to when Gibbs decides to shoot you, never mind what his team does, this agency does not accept hatred or discrimination of any shape or form, and anyone that wishes to express it can find another career because I will ensure that you never work in law enforcement again!" Leon warned before turning to Jethro. "Congratulations, I look forward to getting the invitation,"

"Thank you, Leon," Jethro smiled offering his hand.

"Thank you!" Jethro smirked at Fornell.

"Sir!" One of his FBI Agents spluttered as NCIS took over the scene before the FBI could, the Agents hurrying around and getting into place in a way that the FBI would not be able to wiggle their way in.




"You ok there Toby?" Jethro was aware of his Agents laughing even as they got settled into work. He was also sure that some of the pictures Tim was taking were of Fornell, and would no doubt be emailing them to Harry as soon as they got back to the office.

"But...but...but...THAT A RING!"

"Wow, I never believed that you were actually an investigating officer until right now Toby," Jethro smirked. But Tobias was already pulling out his phone and dialling.

"Harry show me your finger right now! Not that….god!" Tobias sat heavily down onto the back of the NCIS truck.

"Hello dear," Jethro smirked sitting next to his friend and waving at his fiance who had been facetimed.

"You're engaged," Tobias said sounding as though he was in shock.

"Yes we are, Jethro proposed to me, it was very romantic," Harry grinned mischievously, winking at Jethro.

"I think I'm going to faint. Harry, I thought you had more brains than that!" Tobias shook his head.

"I am going to make you regret that!" Jethro huffed. "See you when I get home sweetheart," Jethro laid it on thick.

"See you soon honeybunch," Harry said through his laughter.

Jethro smirked as he left Tobias behind spluttering at Harry while his FBI Agents stood by him looking more and more confused.

"That was perfect," Tony chuckled.

"Oh, it went better than I planned," Jethro smirked. "Now get to work!" He barked, mentally smirking when his Agents jumped and hurried to do as he ordered.

It was good to know that despite the softening Harry was causing he still had it when he needed it.

"You're so talented," Harry sighed happily wrapping his arms around Jethro as he looked at the porch that Jethro had been working away on for the last few weeks in his downtime since Harry mentioned that it would be nice to have something like that for parties for their family.

"I am sure it is something that you could have done," Jethro grunted standing suddenly, making Harry squeak and hold onto him as he was lifted up as well.

"Nope, I can do illusions that will last temporarily, but if you don't know what you're doing and have the skills the same way you have to learn them in the muggle way. If I had done it we would be risking killing our family making them stand on it," Harry laughed resting his chin on Jethro's shoulder.

"I am glad you like it," Jethro said after a moment.

"I love it, it is better than I imagined," Harry sighed happily kissing his cheek.

"Well well well hello," Harry yelped when Jethro nearly dropped him, only just catching him in time, both of them turned to see an older man standing in the gateway, bag in one hand, walking stick in the other looking at them with a raised eyebrow.

"Dad!" Jethro spluttered.

"Ah...Hello," Harry waved awkwardly.

"You didn't tell your dad you were in a relationship, never mind that you are engaged to me and living with me!" Harry hissed before slamming a pan down onto the cooker.

"I did have a chance to!"

"We have been together for nine months Jethro!" Harry growled slamming another pan down in the stove.

"I am sorry if I have caused problems," Jackson said slowly alerting them to the fact that he was standing in the doorway of the kitchen, looking between them in the same way Jethro did when trying to unpick a puzzle.

"You really haven't, your son is the moron that did that. I have popped supper on, and I will take your bag up to your room," Harry smiled brightly taking the bag from the older man. "Jethro get the spare duvet and pillows,"

"The bed is already made up in there," Jethro frowned.

"I know, its for you to sleep on the sofa tonight!" Harry smirked before spinning on his heel and storming up the stairs.

"I like him," Jackson grinned brightly.


"Don't you dare sleep in the kids' room!" Harry bellowed down the stairs.

"Kids room…" Jackson blinked.

"It is what he calls the room the team sleep in when they're here. We did it up for them," Jethro sighed. "I had better go and get the duvet and pillows,"

"You're doing as you're told?" Jackson blinked as he watched his son slump out of the room.

"He knows that it will be much worse for him if he doesn't," Harry smiled innocently as he jogged down the stairs and back into the kitchen. "No you must be hungry, I will get supper finished up for us,"

Ducky smiled and offered a handshake to Jackson as he walked into the living room.

"Ducky, this is a pleasant surprise," Jackson said before glancing at the kitchen where the two men could hear Jethro and Harry snarking at each other in undertones, though it did seem to be Harry doing most of the snarking while Jethro was sounding placating.

"Jethro called me in for backup to try and calm Harry down," Ducky shrugged.

"Why would you be able to calm him down?" Jackson tilted his head.

"Harry is my nephew," Ducky smiled and then chortled as Jackson started spluttering.


"Yes, they go quite well together though don't they," Ducky smiled. The two of them glanced into the kitchen to see Harry wiggling his finger at Jethro, clearly trying to hold onto his anger. Jethro was smiling at Harry charmingly, holding his hands up and open placatingly.

"He has Jethro on his toes, though without being cruel about it. It is a fine line between arguing and just not taking any shit," Jackson hummed.

"You're still sleeping on the sofa!" Harry huffed walking into the living room. "Hello Uncle Ducky," Harry kissed his cheek sweetly.


"You explain things properly to your father right now! Uncle Ducky can help considering you called in for backup while I finish supper!" Harry crossed his arms and raised his eyebrow, challenging Jethro to argue back.

"Yes dear," Jethro flopped into his armchair.

"Good!" Harry nodded. "Stay out of my kitchen!"

"His kitchen?" Ducky grinned.

"Apparently I was getting underfoot with my puppy expression," Jethro pouted.

"Puppy expression? I don't think I can remember a time that you have ever had that expression on your face," Jackson blinked.

"You haven't seen him with Harry,"

"No I haven't, why is that?" Jackson had been trying to fight back the hurt, but to find out that not only was Jethro with someone but apparently in love, living with him and engaged to him. Well.

"I wasn't sure how you would take it," Jethro sighed slumping into his chair. "We're only just managing to get something back between us, repair our relationship, I didn't...I was worried about ruining that by telling you that I am bisexual and am taking up with a younger man, who I have every intention of marrying,"

"And what were you going to do? Hide Harry every time I came to visit, give him excuses as to where you went whenever you came to visit me? Jethro…"

"Look I hadn't thought it through, I was trying to work out…"

"Someone who makes you smile like that, even when you're in trouble? Someone who clearly cares for you and loves you with everything that they have? Someone who has brought life and love, a passion out of you that I haven't seen in far too long, who has reminded you of the man you are, the man that you were? Someone who has made you bring to life this musty old house? Who has brightened up your musty old world? How could I not accept someone like that? I couldn't care less who you are with and what they have between their legs! Jethro really, I am disappointed that you thought so little of me. Am I shocked, yes, disappointed that you felt you couldn't tell me, yes. Am I happy for you? Yes completely,"

"I'm sorry Dad,"

"I also understand why you didn't want to shake the boat while we are still on shaky ground, it is upsetting, but I understand," Jackson took his hand with a soft smile.

Harry sighed to himself and rolled out of bed, pausing only to pull on a pair of Jethro's sweat pants just in case he bumped into Jackson or Uncle Ducky, before padding down the stairs to the living room.

Though the sofa that he and Harry had chosen together was far, far more comfortable than the old beaten up sofa he had had before, it was still a sofa and not that comfortable to sleep on. Jethro sighed to himself as he wiggled a little to get comfortable, pausing only when he heard the soft patter of bare feet on the wooden floors, the footsteps familiar.

He opened his eyes as the sofa dipped when Harry sat by his hip.

"I was upset and hurt," Harry said.

"You thought I was ashamed of you, that I wanted to hide you away in a cupboard the way that your relatives did," Jethro said softly. He had been racking his brains and had realised the answer to his question.


"You know now why I was so silly?"

"Yes, and you were silly Jethro," Harry sighed.

"I know. It won't happen again," Jethro promised.

Smiling gently Harry leant down and cupped Jethro's face, pressing their lips together as his dark hair fanned around them to hide them from the world. Just the two of them.

"That does not look comfortable, even if Harry is small, two grown men sleeping on a sofa together," Jackson chuckled.

"They look happy though," Ducky smiled looking at the two tangled on the sofa together. "Harry can't stay angry with him for long,"

"That makes a difference from the ex-wives I think," Jackson looked curiously at Ducky.

"The difference is, where the ex-wives would use anger and get bitter, Harry just figuratively beats sense into him and can out stubborn him, or at least match him," Ducky said, starting to put on breakfast.

"They go well together I think," Jackson said thoughtfully looking at the two of them.

"Scarily well," Ducky nodded.

"You aren't worried about the age difference?" Jackson asked.

"You know that Harry has a similar job to Jethro's, he needs someone who can understand, the age doesn't matter, the person does. I am not his keeper, and I can not order him around, the boy knows his mind far too well for that. As long as Jethro makes him happy, that is all to care about," Ducky smiled as Harry yawned loudly from the sofa and then started trying to wiggle free of Jethro who seemed to have turned into an octopus.

"Five more minutes," Jethro muttered.

"I am not your teddy," Harry muttered back. He yelped and then started laughing when Jethro yanked his smaller body underneath his own and snuggled further into him. "Jethro!"

"Four more minutes,"

"This isn't a countdown,"

"Four and a half,"



"Jethro!" Harry was laughing hard enough that they could barely make out that it was his Fiance's name he was saying.

"Mmmm I smell coffee," Jethro hummed.

"Yes, and you shall only be allowed it if you release my poor nephew!" Ducky said placing the coffee cup just out of reach.

"Mm….coffee or Harry. I am keeping your nephew,"

"That took longer than it should have for you to decide," Harry snorted poking him in the side.

"But I did decide," Jethro grinned.

"You're lucky I love you," Harry shook his head, drawing Jethro down for a kiss.

"Harry! I need your help!" Ziva called rushing into the house.

"They're your kids before 0900," Jethro yawned, unlatching from Harry.

"Ziva, what has happened?" Harry gently shoved Jethro as he got off the sofa but hurried over to the slightly frazzled looking Agent.

"They have brought forward my citizenship test and I don't think I am ready and…"

"Ok, deep breaths, we will just have to study for it, Jethro will sign you off work on holidays and we can spend our time studying and making sure that you have everything," Harry smiled.

"All to care about," Jackson repeated Ducky's words from earlier.

"Exactly," Ducky nodded, throwing extra food on considering their extra guest. Or guests he reconsidered as the door opened and Tim walked in looking a little lost.

"McGee?" Jethro asked from the sofa, catching the attention of the Agent and drew him over.

"My dad called…" Tim said, and that was apparently all that needed saying. Jethro patted him on the shoulder.

"Best call Tony and Abby," Ducky said, reaching for his phone. Jackson sat and watched as Ducky summoned Abby and Tony for Sunday morning breakfast, Jethro was patting Tim on the shoulder, neither of them saying anything but apparently it was not needed, Harry was calming Ziva down and assuring her of helping her pass her test and how much she already knew.

Jethro had a home once more.